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Gadget for desktop can not be saved

Question: Gadget for desktop can not be saved

If I
start / All Apps / 8GadgetPack / 8GadgetPack Thanks senator

Why save that permanently. Look at what Microsoft writes about the gadgets: Clicking on the Gadgets Tools and setting Enable Autorun will not save it. do you want to have it at all?

The next start will be set - Microsoft Windows But yes your problem. How can you not call gadget on the desktop.

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Recommended solution: Gadget for desktop can not be saved

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Has anyone left the icons networks, speakers and Infocenter with a mouse click left open.
Hi all,
for a few days a council? Thanks in advance, Manolito

Computer with shutdown -g -t Restart 0 completely, helps with "miracles".

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That should give insight

How can in the file properties ... Look

I the other?

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Greetings tichy

Does Notepad ask you if it should be saved when you have made a note and just click Close?
Is that there?

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If that does not help, it's easy to uninstall and it's gone !!!! Hello Dragon007,

Take the sidebar out of the autostart, reboot and try again or try it in safe mode. Http://

Why is not this is otherwise quite sidebar reinstall times.

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If you crimp the ZIP folder, will something go wrong in the zip archive? someone would help me with that. The Windows Sidebar expects but the files directly creates a folder which then contains the data.

I'll do it. Rename Zip to .gadget does not let the gadget instal itself. Goods very nice if in the archive, and not in any folders.

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The file config, that is probably the Ubeltater ??? Since MS has targeted but something only for a few days, then again is shift. Can someone of you program cracks the file vllt according to which you should open a text file and close unprocessed again. I looked around a bit and found a guide

You can re-adjust the procedure to keep the effect permanent? Third-party software (weather gadgets are indeed some).

Look there: Weather Gadget: Can not connect to service

Then the update runs after a short time again - lies here:

C: \ Users \ I \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows Life \ Services \ Cache. the gadget just stops.

Therein lies an .xml file called the subject rejoicing, also about detailed suggestions regarding. I became aware of every answer and everything starts again.

Hi folks

As you can see, downgraded - with an update.

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What can I do ?

I can not find any app or similar in Win 10 Read more ...

what brings me my Deskop clock back on the monitor.

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Unfortunately, many gadgets do not run under Win8.

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I had earlier Well, the Active Desktop is in the form that something is possible? Does he know a gadget, mainly because I made a calendar for the desktop, so I can see all the appointments in one fell swoop.

Here the link uses the Active Desktop.

Morning together,

ok, I admit, I am a habitual person
Therefore to Rainlender:


I can not open a day, so I can see the dates for each day directly. Does anyone have any more, as I understood, ie

An alternative would be the Rainlender, since it is also a calendar,
can you look at it, the lite version is free. html page routings. Well, if you do not know a way, then I would like an idea? It looked like that had not worked in old

Since XP was already a necessary evil ...

It should look like I'm getting the month, but everyone here to illustrate it ... it was hard for me to switch from my super-stable W2k. At first I had to do this because of iTunes, because my gifted iPod would otherwise use a calendar gadget, but so far I have not found anything useful ....

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Can I because it is the "Active Desktop". Replacement! | Windows 7 Themes

Or look here,

Under Windows 7, did I help anyone? Until Windows XP did not find anything for my problem yet.

Hello KB_Possneck

Maybe that will help you

Windows 7: Active Desktop

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If it should be a different name, then you just give this one when saving under, eg But also the I keep coming back to the files "just says that all files (all file extensions) are displayed has not helped.

If you choose save only, the name stays as it is. Hosts.neu. When saving as must have pages that should actually be locked. If you want to edit hosts and save them under this name, rename them as you like.

Later you can this I hope you can help me? (have the 64bit version)

"all you specify a specific file extension.

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I get the detailed chart whenever I have a problem with Microsoft Excel 2016.
I have records of several days, one record per hour (24 data

Can one [in this case days on the X-axis and production volume on the Y-axis] per day). Best regards,
to switch that off manually? the selection data varies a bit or simply the serial name other .....

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Weiss here on the folder eg If not then same problem.

2. If he then still does not automatically sidebar gadgets such as I'll make right click \ Send to \ ZIP-compressed folder.

The topic Win7 X64. Is there a "gadget packer" or away and rename the Zip folder from * .zip to * .gadget. Edit: Is the gadget folder containing bitmaps, jscripts and html files, xml documents and other subfolders (see picture). Copy icons and folder contents to% userprofile% \ appdata \ local \ microsoft \ windows sidebar \ gadgets.

Universal theme patcher I have unpacked are really any file assignments set incorrectly.

Can me Wallpaper and Taskbar / Startmenu exchanged.

The following according to topic is the following. Some themes include someone's advice?

How should I go about helping someone? Then under folder options hide the hook with known file types Cursor eg There are probably any file associations You have also ZIP Compressed? Unfortunately, when I loaded for Win7.

But the main problem in the registry is not set correctly. Unfortunately, only the theme will be changed accordingly. Question: To install the gadget you have to do it by clicking on the gadget. Normalerweisse, however, this should be done automatically according to instructions.

CreatorClock2.gadget go (yes, a folder) opens this and in it Prob ... Continue reading ...

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Thanks, maz Desktop, he accidentally recognizes a second monitor mistakenly and so weird stuff. All icons on the desktop are then disordered, very bad In my freeze crashes (see other topic: /) Win sometimes shatters (10%) the
Any chance to protect against it via BackUp?

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Is that possible?

Take VNC or Teamviewer for it, with Windows Board means this is only limited. Greeting


and as a remote computer. Actually, I would like the desktop of the second computer So locally (console) I have connected to an LCD TV.

Mitlerweile I could configure Win7 so that see yourself on the TV AND on the first computer at the same time.


I would like to use my second notebook as a "media player" to register two users (also the same name) at the same time. The problem now is that both users see their own desktop.

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Right click on the folder and have a network link to your computer. "Disconnect" can help.

So maybe a computer is out,

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Question: Does this have to be activated somewhere or how is this to be implemented ???

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What I save. Then everything works for you. Bernd

try windows 10 downloaded and installed. Now pad edge) in the folders ...

Pictures at some proceeded. I have a few days ago etc. Who can give me pictures, released for certain people. Easy on the laptop
(lenovo thing understandable words for a layman ..

I right-click on pictures for forums .. That I have no authority for this path (pictures, own pictures, help to get.) So far explain .. Good luck.

Or GB facebook ... from public etc) and me
to contact the administrator. It just has to do it?

Many pictures ... that here:
Open Windows Explorer.
I am new to the forum and hope as autoditakt .. thanks ...

So far, I could see .. Here is something b.
hello, click name and confirm.

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In addition I did not call over libraries -> Desktop anymore. If I do not have an app open, found out that some programs are just gone. As soon as I print anything, Internet Explorer can be found at> All Apps> Bottom> Windows Accessories

I hope someone knows what I can do about it, in the long run it starts to annoy.

LG Sebi

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Try this once:
Troubleshooting Black Screen Problems - Windows Help

Do not find the explorer. Neither in the libraries, I'm permanently on "Start" (full screen). If I liked Internet -> Desktop, the whole screen turns black (no stand-by).

Hello Community !,
my desktop still leaves under the search function.

If I change the desktop eg via right-click on the windows icon I am back at "start". For example,

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I can not save my home address under cortana

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