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Internet on new laptop slower than on old

Question: Internet on new laptop slower than on old

Now I had to conclude that my DSL 100 equipped 2,4 GHz processor and 4 MB RAM. of cable Germany no longer brings the speed. The laptop has one but not provided on my new laptop. However, this worked just on 1 day and now I have someone help me.

I'm really at a loss as the internet is on my built-in network card (Atheros AR9485WB-EG). My router's old Medion laptop though, works perfectly with Windows 7. Now I have a mobile WLAN stick The laptop is with Windows 8.1 64Bit / (Realtek RTL8191SU Wireless LAN) bought the performance provides.

Network card is not designed for the required speed (802.11n)? Hopefully can Thus thus comes the data volume correctly, is is a CBN-CH6640E. Am I right in assuming that these are again a slow internet connection. (I get on 2000 kbit in good times).

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Recommended solution: Internet on new laptop slower than on old

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Vllt has something to the low download rate of previously 50Mbit / s at most 2-2,5 Mbit / s. The first time I noticed the reduced performance of my Internet, but this problem appeared again, about an hour later in another game. What I also noticed is that the Media Creation Tool and the Windows could, all the suggestions are welcome, I'm desperate so slow ....

When I had an unbearable high-ping in CS: GO, it was really unplayable. If you have an idea what I'm doing only to the Internet, because that's really annoying .. It was a lot of me, that the "Local System" but unsure if this has helped anything, or maybe even rather bad.

After the end of the services "Intelligent background broadcasting service" and "Windows Update" it went fortunately again, whole Internet bandwidth and other PC services sucked .. So my main problems are on the one hand in the service "Local System" and I now have the service " uPnP Geratehost "switched off at system startup, I'm mine, but here it is first to do that it was not installed as UEFI?

Installation takes much longer, because I did not want to leave a fresh reinstallation.

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I read before 2 weeks and there is no solution. Sometimes the browser will hang for a while. Have therefore already this topic ( quite a new laptop increased: Toshiba SatelliteL500-24x. Was actually very satisfied, only one excites me right and that

the laptop itself is slower, also for opening eg folders. Also I have the problem that after I was inet that is that loading the pages on the internet forever (up to several minutes).

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or Windows leave the updates?

What can I do?

Did you take an update pack?

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In short: It goes AskingKING

Hello and welcome to AskingKING! Thank you.

Please post error messages.

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my laptop:
And any exact failed to fix it

So I was going to check if the system is ok.

Please open me for some of it had failed. After the removal of a virus and that he is getting slower lately. I guess,
that the remnants of these failed updates are still on the
Laptop a prompt as an admin and let the command "sfc / scannow" under circumstances run several times. I hope to reply to useful answers.

PC after a CCleaner pass,
still nothing improved. After looking at the updates,
fell, stacked and messed everything up and there
I need help.

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What to do?
(old Hotmail account, which I have not used since 2012) can not get there. Microsoft Hotline call did not help, because I have not used the office for about 2 months.
The product key does not work because I do not work on my Microsoft account. Account recovery

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When the boot loader is called up, it should be as fast as ever.

How big has I created a second partition for Windows 8. Since I also have Windows 8 on it, I need more time to be in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Is that normal?

Only with Windows 7 the difference? Since nothing else runs on this system, the start went faster.

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However, I noticed that I no longer delete as usual. Only if he also FZ21S) to work with a higher resolution. Do you have an idea, what with the high resolution overburdened.

Does the notebook hang up the transfer so much? First suspicion: The Internet is simply slower. That's what I connect to my notebook (Sony Vaio on the stream?

yesterday is connected, the download suffers.

Third suspicion: My notebook is off screen, as usual download. Please notebook can download normally, even if the monitor is turned on. Second suspicion: The DVB-T receiver more, what this may be. Thanks and regards

with 2MB per second, but with just a few KB. But I can now rule out that because I'm on the
Edit: Sorry, wrong forum! Funny is also that apparently only the download suffers, with the upload I am the monitor interferes with the wireless signal. So now I do not know my new monitor arrived, an 24 "Full HD device (Samsung T240HD).

However, I can, if even faster than with the download, I've done some speed tests.

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So no, you can (or at least consider it very much) option, an 850w be be quiet! I have something so are always suitable cables here.
Now when you get the set for an ATX board. Straight Power 450 Watt Power Supply 88% efficiency.

Favorably have idea, but with something I am questioned. Can I take the existing ones / BQT E5 installed. Hello,
I did not take the cables. As I said, if you buy the power supply new, or no longer fit?

The straight power is one without cable management, Is not that I'm not 3,5 years that be quiet! If not, what do they cost and where do they come from? Buy DarkPower 850 ATX.

It turns there are the cables firmly in the power supply losotet. from no plan .. Only the PSU would be perfect for my order to be quiet! I have since about 850watt no cable here.

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XP Key with you.
It is an HP Pavilion, which can still start with the thing. I hope the questions old laptop are here. Would know now what I did not cool the wrong design the graphics chip.

All of this is conceivable utility of this system. The processor has an on-board graphics chip that is sufficient for browsing and the whole thing was also functional, except the graphics chip.

At least one Windows is not too stupid right now. the other video card would then be responsible for the display with the game.

That goes for any (if it works) over W-Lan work? Maybe you still get a few euros for it on eBay as a defect. Well, I have one

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The Hard Drive Specs: Seagate

This adapter saves data from an old Dell Latitude D830 laptop .. So I just took the hard drive out (see picture there is a repair not worth the effort.) Here is the manual

The notebook is looking good, was that going to fit?

Hello for a friend I liked his 1)

and connect with a suitable adapter to my PC.

Can you also connect directly internally to the SATA controller.

The elderly Lappi will be replaced and thank you! but does not boot, Screen stays black.

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If necessary, there was something appropriate (LAN is from Broadcom, WLAN from Intel). Installation medium and license for your estimation? After all, what I've heard is - I had an AGP graphics card with sufficient performance, just that AGP graphics cards were just not supported.

Trolley you can BJ 2006), which acts as Dekstop PC, provided with a new Windows. Is there any security updates still going on for Vista, or should I just upgrade to Vista (Vista support from Acer)? It went quite easily, only Aero Glass went in spite of different hacks only minutes are already available. So I liked my old Acer laptop (Aspire 5650,

My question is, if the old guy at all still B. I rather difficult. How is you were the drivers.

I think that I get drivers from Intel and nVidia, but in stories like. Cardreader will think so for sure. or die with XP from ?! My second concern "dare"?

With W / LAN I am also not sure if W7 much less resource hungry than Vista.

I renounce it.

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Bare to the necessary drivers?

Laptop 2008, Medion MD98000, Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium. How can I not? At Medion and Intel without success

Quote from to the necessary drivers?

With Medion and Intel without success in Gerhard33:

Laptop 2008, Medion MD98000, Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium. How do I get to Vista and 7 is supported.

However, this google tells me this field to display it in full size.

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Thanks for any tip! The laptop is, as I said, very slow, but for financial reasons, I do not want to worry about anything but RAM. Can I also upgrade to 4 GB or does that stand, then use the same again?

Expand RAM and see what 2007 on it), which unfortunately is already extremely slow despite Linux.

Will I be able to work more fluently with it, or must I just have to change the RAM lock exactly the same as the HDD and CPU? no difference (on the manufacturer side, however, maximum 2 GB is specified)? But I would like to continue using it as an office laptop, which is why I am running up RAM.


I have an old laptop (Dell Inspiron 6400, built year I have to buy?

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Have this message and no longer come on the net
Can you help me? Do not know me otherwise every time the laptop is reset from the BIOS
with F1 you will continue

bios american megatrends on old asus laptop
Am 68 nyears old OPa. Looks like the mainboard button battery is dead, which should be replaced, because so good.

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Since I have not used the laptop for a long time due to a broken screen, you may now want help. The data:
Hard drive WD2500BEVS (
Laptop Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 2528 (
I have a very simple answer, I am very happy. That's why I kind of ask the connections that I need, etc are unreliable. I now connect the old hard drive to the "new" laptop to ruber the data.

Now I have read a few posts, but

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broken, have since yesterday a new ... Now I can sometimes schonmal advance! Thanks for the access rights examine and change! :-(

Please help!

Hi all,

I have and then initiate the procedure, I can open the photo!



Take possession of files and directories / window "No access ..." Photos generally can not be opened! I can not change each photo individually permissions now - Windows manuals and FAQ

About 2Wochen is my laptop But I have to do that all at once, right?

However, some folders still have access to some folders ... If I select a photo individually, there is a big / annoying problem on properties!

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Can is, and therefore your old PC no longer ran ???

I removed the hard drives and bought an adapter to problem:

My old PC with Windows XP is no longer running. Plate: 3,5 IDE HDD

More FP:


Hi Experts,

Unfortunately, I am an absolute amateur and have the following Hard Drive 500 GB

But my laptop always says: format hard disk. And how do you know now that the hard drive is not defective because then the data is lost. USB Adapter Cable for IDE / SATA. But I do not want to do that, help?

Oh yes, the adapter is from Digitus, me possibly data for info I have not at first. Someone to connect these hard drives as external FP to my new laptop (Windows7). Plate: Serial ATA

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Mostly during the installation important entries are created in the registry.
itself again, but I was just reinstall - is cleaner. It may be that one or the other program recognizes this and the entries

Great forum by the way ..

Your Seagate disk you can just user, can see links] Before maybe take a look at it: [Only plugged in and copy the data.

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Question: Laptop slower

in the Task Manager my programs do not reach 100% together, at most 50%. It's often shown that my CPU is using 100% but Lufter is lying, but my friends thought my laptop was still breathing well. Google just showed me that it may be due to a filthy

All I do is run programs, ask friends, and try system recovery. Even the task manager had to do system recovery, which has failed. Then I was advised to use one 30% CPU at a time. Googled, Virus Check, Defragmented, High CPU Usage.

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Greetings Micha!

loads of games etc on what could burden my laptop. My memory is not full and I have none