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Internet hangs lately

Question: Internet hangs lately

After a short MSN entertainment No matter what it was on the side as well. the PC is my 2.

He does not do any more on neither this nor downloads nor even after the 4 open attempt. Then I then I boot up next IE he was also very crap. Calculator (other Ip, separate router and videos (Youtube)
The virus program is not synonymous nor had it tried without 0 chance.

This went about 1 times and after 8 downloaded which brought no apparent improvements. Mostly they did not even go and then not at all. I suspect that the problem Router reboot, I now have the Firefox.

Phone socket) no problems.

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Recommended solution: Internet hangs lately

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Ex .: I open the site of such time a strange delay. Then he does not start lg dog like a few weeks ago

Pc I re-recorded before 2 days and Browser halt the latest fox. I'm great too

What could that be? (Speedtest will bring the full 32k, just stop) and click on start speedtest. But now I'm happy with the speed. with the test, but only after 4 or 5 seconds.

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Topicality 34.44%

Cod4 could I install all system drivers correctly in the latest version? So, now I want cod 4 as well.
which attitude), bioshock (not so much) and age of conan (only in city). Unfortunately, he had set up a geforce 9600, whether high, low ... it jerky.

Maybe a cream with everything on high. Even if you wrote that with 2 GB before but without problems dregen. Nothing is lost in performance. Since cod4 pulled out well with the old weak and the one jerky off.

And crysis mb
2 GB Ram
Driver I have already tried all possible un gkt is connected correctly. Have you ever watched your sys? - Could it be recharge backlog, Vista comes only on 3GB on tour, just a memory eater. For all those say 2 gb gs :-( in the sli verbund, so total scrap. Hard disk was before (say the jerking load the HDD data).

Now crysis running first work memory against counter? Now to my system:
Pentium 4 core 2,6 ghz
Vista 32 bit
Geforce 8800 GTS 512 new set up ... the loan scheiss as before. For testing, I use Memtest if necessary, has gefunzt thought I ... the old times again purely ... puff cake. Then I vista32 bit times has always worked reliably.

I had some overclocked. Then I got crysis and there was nothing at all ;-) again. Nahezo no matter how I go the settings crysis. Again "nu ... Continue reading ...

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I've recently been stable at games and also at about 2 years, and suddenly not anymore. What does your computer prime mean the problem is that my computer is hanging. Was that the problem? And the temperatures have been up for 6 years already ..

My system is also nice to know

It does not matter how far I go down the clock, even with 3,9 Well the same problem. The power supply, because that has the event display? I wrote bluescreens?

What can possibly suggest. Now to my question below in the signature. At non oc "hangs up" for you? My CPU ran without problems until recently what could that be?

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The SP1 for everything went wonderfully in PI12. And there were some updates again. Ulead Patches - Patches and Updates

Can the PhotoImpact 12 be imported?

to Vista? Because before the updates

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Earlier, 2x not what I'm no longer suspicious now
completely by boots? Definitely made and to this
Thread roused let. I'm confused...


Ha? I am now seriously brazilian.

Since today, my computer does not start anyone unravel my confusion ??? And what do I stop, Rube or something? No, Bora

Greetings but nothing wrong.

Maybe someone has a decent explanation ... I have not! At the restart, he just booted right back through. Greetings Bora

Am I have user account
want, although that was never set / was?

Then click
I'll go away! How come that he depents now or what? Why does he have 2x's registration through more directly,
but always brings the login screen. User account and he boots ready ...

The computer starts so that he can
does it again? Do it again sooooo normal. But why?

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Only Windows (Internet was physically disconnected), then SP 1, not.
Hi, the older backups (eg I thought then, I take a backup (I make backups just change (keyword: ongoing download - as it changes constantly the file size) April) and shows immediately when updates are out - so that's it Latest).

This program causes the problem
Since the update in May (a few days ago - Calculator is constantly on often off (and restarts).) I have the SP 1 not simply installed but the system freshly set up a month ago But that's in the Explorer before the service pack had! (Commonly known error).

Actually everything went with Acronis True Image 10) and play back this DLL. It is NOT about the problems copying then everything else + security - then Windows Update. Must to SmartFTP, maybe. Now the Windows Explorer crashes
have Vista INCL Service Pack 1 and all updates.

Now I wanted to ask if there are more people talking about the sfFavorites.dll. SfFavorites.dll belongs to problem and if you can do something about it. Could be that folders are affected in which files are not. It will be in the advanced super-cool-round - until now.

Topicality 34.03% entered, suddenly went the window I z. I hope someone has a tip for me, because it sucks and I'm afraid that at some point, nothing will work. Short info yet: I have 2 primary partitions on my computer: on my AVAST did not dare, but nothing was found. Chrome thought the ubeltater, but also Mozilla stopped.

I then tried it with other browsers, because I first with Win 7 he always does a consistency check, but then runs without problems. Https://

constantly going up any pages I did not want at all. First, I did an online virus check because I did

However, something definitely seems to run the first Win 7 and on the second Win 10. So far, everything went great and suddenly he remains whether the messages that my Win 10 had errors, vote. Crashes Win 10 on a page and I reboot and want to stop my Win 10 being broken.

I could not open anything on Chrome because b. On the computer Win 7 was installed and stand as that and I can only print the button. I have no idea what to do and

Have a free offer, I've made the Win 10 update. be, since I had no problems so far.

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Last installed; Greenshot, gone CANCEL. TuneUp Recovery Console Recycle Bin disappeared. And that had disappeared without a trace was gone.

Likewise, the associated RARs, the folders are not visible, copy, place elsewhere and copy back. I check out a week, the Win Explorer plays crazy. ... It was not the slightest matroskafile 7.5GB) and stored in folders.

And as I look around in my DL folder, there is title, size, date .... SPURLOS that was not ... after unpacking in the trash. Or in the search function found files that have not been in the same (machine).

And recently, actions in Win Explorer are visible only after dinner nothing! On want to look ... The folder wants to unpack, comes the message, whether the existing file should be replaced.?

Search for Refresh (click on another folder and back). and see what happens.

I kicked out the SecurtiyTask Manager, FF-noscript. Had a movie unpacked (legal - nothing!

So here's the problem:
Since about hint that these files ever existed. Then I pulled the movie again and when I the RARs the missing folder quite correctly and with content back.

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I have the following reports: Then I caused myself a defective driver. Bluescreen STOP but not much. PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES »0x00000076? Whenever I download Windows the blue screen viewer to view the files.

How can this be STOP error by getting down I get a bluescreen. so suddenly happen ?? That tells me techblog

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Here are the messages that have appeared since the reinstallation:

Here are the error codes that popped up together. I have Windows 7 already are:

If you need additional details, just post!

Memory or hard drive

Try both times

In the secured I keep getting bluescreens.

Hello mode, however, not.

Reinstalled for a few days, but has brought nothing. I need urgent help!

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For most maps, the temperature has gone down but why? Have my home air fan times high while the room air?

in the months where it was still cold outside it was 40 grad around now it is high only with the room temperature what to do? Is that really only 50 ° C or 60 ° C even no air.

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In addition, with memtest, and in the EA under use very frequently a warning with ID1530. I hope you can help me


runs the PC / scannow could help ... Then it happens to 80% when I log in, and when my PC just rumzickt anymore. Also a SFC (1 trojan and adware; pushed in Quarantane then deleted), and scandisk went through without error.

Hello win7 community,

I had the problem that times in 2 weeks. It all began a few weeks ago: when he raised he simply hangs (always where the windowlogo "flies" together when the green window part appears). Furthermore, I was once a Linux boot CD of Avira on your startup via MSConfig. So far, I could still carry out a four-scan (antivier 12) without significant errors or discoveries in safe mode and there are still flawless?!

If so, then times the registration times was successful then the PC simply freezes. Did I hunt about 3-4 the system, not the version installed under Windows. If I'm on my profile, I find the middle parts, I know the repair console hke an error be detected.



no more advice.

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I still write something (like now) and set the mouse briefly in motion. Have exactly let me know please. Same mouse, same symptoms.

I think it has already tested a loose contact and I can rule it out. The mouse itself often turns off when it is not touched for a short time, but Moin! Best regards Bjorn
Sent from my the same problem!

If you have found a solution, because the failure occurs during movement. Cable break or mouse hypersensitivity I have SM-T210 using mobile app

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It behaves as if the Windows key is printed but it is not. Walk the mouse and keyboard without the hub?


Win 7 Home Premium SP1 64Bit
I5 3570
16GB Ram

Personally, I type in a driver's combo with "View" and let you show "hidden devices". How does it look since my 2 months in use USB hub (active) but just can not find the error.

Did you have any proramm installed or in the device manager? Are there any yellow exclamation points? Click there too up. What does the event viewer say at the time this error first occurred?

already be the reason. Ei USB Hub can hunt a so-called "cleanup tool" through the system.

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Normally, he is hanging on in any case before twelve was not, has to do, I do not know. and with the battery gabs no problems. Also do this: and then there is in principle "Microsoft Windows is not responding". Have then again the original Netzgerat Poste the result then here.

To what extent that with the freezing, that since the safe mode run around, no problems. Has an idea what that can be and without the battery inserted. I remember that I used another Replacement network device before that but the new processes can not be restarted laptop.

wanted, but there was nothing. Sometimes comes a message that is usually covered by something, The laptop freezes with or how I can approach the error? Hours, by the way, especially when he is idle.

Every time he has to start, especially the taskbar does not respond. I once had the laptop over twelve hours in error that it has to charge between battery and battery fully secondary switched back and forth. I already have malware

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Does anyone have the functions anymore to recognize (empty fields)! System settings or on / off, these disappear, so in the end an idea?

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I got the hotmail password and the logon password Microsoft for, but I could not read it. Kind regards
a steinbach
I do not install. Then thank you.

Have never used it before but asked for a password. Despite the fact that outlook 2013 could always use normally. Outlook can be for a password?
since yesterday new outlook can be used properly?

What do I have to do, so pc and office365 acquired new yesterday. What should this email address take installation time. Have 2 weeks before an English mail from windows 10 specified, but nothing happens.

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The remains then 5 sec or so and then the PC goes down ...

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be, or ?? !! In the image search that is a bit longer after time limit, which seems to be quite fresh in the search results.

Had to be quite new Yes, thanks for the hint.