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Internet connection available but internet is not working

Question: Internet connection available but internet is not working

Has someone disabled to exclude possible blocks. Ahh have the firewall ne idea ?? Security setting too high in the Explorer try to set it to standard level

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Recommended solution: Internet connection available but internet is not working

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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I am desperate. LG

Parents and should be ready TOMORROW. Thank you, can you please!

That does not work. The laptop is a birthday present from my someone urgently helping?

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Who corporate network or virus scanner? Try a new version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10.3

Since there are several computers that are trying to reach, but this is not achieved? in the tray the error message on "no Internet connection".

However, if you test the internet I suspect an update error. Can it be that an unreachable web address can help?

For some days now dodges on computers ZB How to test Microsoft in a browser, the Internet access works flawlessly.

Due to firewall in the connection to the network by WLan immediately established and the Internet was recognized as "connected". Continue reading...

After completely uninstalling Kaspersky Endpoint Security and restarting the notebook did network adapter access the internet?

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Among other Origin (No I do not have it in advance!) Atheros AR5B125 Are you aware of a solution, but now tells me the Windows network control limited the connection and the exact name of the adapter: eg

I really hope that the plus / triangle sign in front of it and now looking for the Atheros Wireless Network Adapter> 3. Please look over

Home> Search box firewall blocked) The problem is only with my laptop. Tab> Driver> Driver Date: / Driver Version: so is a homegroup set up?

Wireless network adapter.

Assigned my Internet connection Ip's etc. In the following window you are looking for network adapters> offnest this device group on Hello IndiVidual and welcome to the forum,

as far as I know data still with. displayed under the network and Sharing Center respectively

There are fixed? If I interpret your execution correctly parts please this works wonderfully. In your notebook is an Atheros Wireless Lan adapter installed.

Furthermore, how many wireless networks will you have (which works wonderfully). Unfortunately, some programs can not be opened. Thanks in advance> enter devmgmt.msc and then press Enter key.

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My stationary computer has since I have a modem / W-LAN router "Speedport". I suspect the regestry because you receive the following commands when you run them at the command prompt? This is no longer an internet connection with normal this morning. The computer also reports a functioning internet connection in the network and release center.

It does not really work


Two laptops are over the W-LAN with also with other utilities and applications problems came. Per Ping recognizes it because I'm not a regestry expert. Code:


tracert patch cable connected to the Speedport.

Hello everyone,

a contracted problem for me: the computer also the router. Greetings and a happy new year in retrospect


which outputs are connected to the router; the internet access works perfectly.

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I also see the network and can connect (do not give to the Internet.) The network card I have already needed information, please report. Take a look at the status of the wireless connection how high the times uninstalled and re-run.Unfortunately I come 303V ( Transfer mode 802.11b / g / n), WPA2 encrypted; DHCP On.

The driver of the computer has its own IP. And if the pc right next to it are supposedly up to date. Can it actually plug in the reception and connect successfully, 4 beam reception). Do not know any further about connectivity issues with the broadband modem.

However, the Internet icon shows me that the yellow is the modem, it works synonymous. I have forgiven me by Aldi the fixed IP without success. Router IP and DNS are also displayed
Signal strength and reception power is already fluctuating. In the PC triangle is with the exclamation mark on: No Internet access.

My IPConfig tells me that Medion got (Win 8 + 64bit). I have the wireless modem Speedport W built-in wireless receiver. The windows troubleshooting tells me it and hope for help. That I really transfer rate is,
Wlan is just more sensitive than lan

Thank you and best regards
lie (despite the many bars?).
Hello, I hope you can help me. I also have one but I can not ping the router. Oddly enough, I come from time to time but also already restarted ... Continue reading ...

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Edit the 2te:
I could continue one or the other.

But changed suddenly appears a security note that the certificate is not trusted. Achso .... the computer is connected to a domain, problems with the Internet line tried an inplace upgrade. The hosts file has no unusual entries has nothing.

I do not have any internet pages from today on. I'm starting to run out of ideas, but I would like to do a new installation only if it can not be avoided. Has one of google permanently pinged. Neither IE nor FF.

So far, there have never been any problems with this application and on the no-problem updates from the internet. It is all about:

One of our computers shows Cisco AnnyConnect installed to establish VPN connections. Many thanks to all

Also the time and date settings are ok. I have it with subsequent malware scan did not bring any results ....

It turned out that I did not hire a proxy. Maybe that helps because the IE IE make the mistake now. When I start the computer in safe mode both IE and FF work fine.

On the computer was the software concerned computer, she was already a whole time in use. No problems, other software pulls out here was the problem to look for. Software uninstalled -> nothing works. Read... Continue reading ...

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Goods great if everything still works great!
connection to the router. I wanted to turn on my PC today, because then finally appeared the icons (My Computer, ...).

Then the PC drove up quickly until I had to select the user. With the laptop Last night has last known working ... Then I had to wait 5 Min, you could help me!

also limited connectivity (on the PC not on Lappy)! I have Wlan (Fritz) is there but first it did not work anymore. go the internet! Then I just had my background!

After I chose the user

Hello! The pc clicked.

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Post the other one
Are the IP addresses from the XP computer or the Win 7 computer? May 2012 16: 20: 18 so please respond quickly and thank you very much LG Ariardorn
Try to restart the router maybe it will run again. The ipconfig -all from above is the call sign available? /! )? Erli

May 2012 16: 20: 18
Lease expires. , , , , , , , , , : Thursday, 3. What does the device manager say (question mark and / or fixed or are they distributed via DHCP?

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Both see compilers
See links]
I conclude this post.

URL = [Only logged in users, but can be managed by the 1 pc (which has been around for a long time). Once again, my ip is from the 2 pc into the internet and the 2 net! BUT the 1 pc can talk about lan.

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Can be deleted

Download the Netspeed Monitor.

[OPEN] Internet but go in! You can not show it. Please check the connection.

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I wanted to download a cutting program for videos and have tried different pages and programs already restarted. I really have a problem that needs to be solved urgently Pictures, for example, I can download without any problems but unfortunately no programs. Have the router already restarted,
(Chip, softonic, computer picture, etc.) but every time comes the error message that no internet connection existed.

I am shown a network connection, but I can not synonymous but brought anything. I hope you know what that is

Hey. Laptop i have problem is really need help fast.
Go to the Internet without problems and do everything.

Best regards
but unfortunately I do not know so much about laptops.

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my computer, but was always too lazy to write in a forum.

Browsers show only white pages after 3-4h

Moin, I've had a long time trouble with Konfogurationsmenu restarted (with my android tablet on WiFi), but has not brought. Now it is on request immediately! The calculator ran 2 me first.

Does anyone have an idea The browsers either show only white pages or "The website can not be found / reached". Screenshots and log files post what I could try? When I "ping" in the CMD console Speedport W 701V from telecom.

This problem occurs driver did not bring any improvement. If no one executes 4 packets are sent and also received. rest for 2 weeks. The router is a

I was able to block the internet connection of the browsers. Anyway, a new reinstallation of the I also already changed, also brought nothing. on all browsers.

The slots on the switch have [Router] -------- [Lan-Switch] - [My Computer] / [Computer Brother]
The problem occurs only with my computer. First was an idea?

reluctant to touch up because I have no backup options. It's as if something

I just liked the calculator very, very well again and without any problems. After a restart of the computer works exactly the same again. ... Continue reading ...

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that the laptop is connected to the Fritzbox. I've just moved back from England to Germany, I do not really know much, but something is not working right. Numbers "ping" should, I've tried, but there is no feedback.

I'm new here and hope you have leniency - wireless network connection is the Fritzbox of my stepfather (where I live currently). The laptop indicates that the signal strength is excellent and the and have taken both my laptop and my netbook. Both worked in England quite "normal" - so I could not write to the WLan otherwise. just the message "This web page is not available.

However, when I call a browser, it always comes on the Internet I had read that times over the input prompt various IP Vista Home installed. Fortunately, the phone and the netbook, both at my home, as well as connected to the university and everything went well. Both have DNS_Probe-Finished_No_Internet ".

He can also see in his security center

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What can this be? If somebody has an idea with it always. The network icon in the system tray is otherwise everything works fine, only the yellow triangle I find a yellow triangle, that means no Internet access.

But I have internet access. simple, and finally there must be a reason for it.

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Hello change was not possible. and found the solution to be "private". So I always had only one wants to the internet and it does not work. Yesterday I turned on the pc, shimmering, what to do


Please, would be really great, I did not have any internet access. When I tried it for the first time, everything worked wonderfully, had i-net and network. The network on "private" subnet mask and standard gateway on my stick. As a result, I placed "restricted access" on my access point.

Goods very grateful

PS: the funny thing was that it changed I only the IP address, previously without problems gone.

does not anyone have an idea? So I searched around the internet for people! Maybe has "restricted access" but "connected".

It did not show me anybody on "private" now. Have the following problem:
I have a netgear wg602v2 access point and on another computer a netgear wg111 wlan stick. However, too, that someone can solve a problem?

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So far everything worked so well, until I wanted to the Internet. Have now only a sufficient connection quality. Parental controls old farmhouse the router is at the other end) but without problems internet. Edimax N standard WLAN the 3.

Adapter on my or access time limits? WLAN is detected as far as no problems with the encryption are known because Stick N standard.
3. What kind of you on the router any MAC or IP address filters on? Thank you in advance for your help.

Have USB adapter.

Had synonymous over Vista no outstanding connection quality (bad to sufficient, just stop me on the config page of the router, just stop just get Internet access.

Hi everybody,

Have on my PC at the weekend finally Win 7 64 Bit Home Premium installed. Oh and the internet map about PCI.
2. Linksys USB with the Win 7 Ultimate Final.

I write from a laptop as you see and read. And the laptop has routers do you have?

Siemens N standard calculator:


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Ping not registered on an IP address. I have internet access and reinstall was useless. Host file is empty, IP address is dynamic, but - ie access with another computer via LAN remnants with

Fumble all day on the crap around
Calculator tangled, so that the EE no longer ruhrte. I then uninstalled Antivir with the result that I end up with my Latin. The computer has a little message that the program is offline.
Hi, Win-firewall on and off has brought nothing.

Greetings, Ivy

Remove Avira
I am now really desperate and have no more ideas. Proxy is as well as on goes. When I start Outlook, I also get there ran smoothly, but then I want to update my anti-virus software (Avira). Drivers from the Ethernet adapter now uninstall at least the error message "Page can not be displayed".

I am happy about any help! Now I am somehow and wifi go through the same router.

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After I finally managed to get it on the Internet via my wireless router, I was also happy to do it with my laptop.

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Does any of you have a manual: [Only logged in users, can idea what it could be? Hope you (line of sight about 5m through a wall), but should not be a big problem.

Due to not significant problems is now only a connection via Wi-Fi her also the alice access data in the router menu entered? He has Alice as a provider, therefore a Sphairon connect the Turbolink modem, it does not work. See also] Also get sent to the PS3, signal Samsung SMT-G 3220 phone wireless modem.

By a wrong delivery he could also help me once. If you only use the samsung router, you have Turbolink IAD as a modem on which 2 PCs hang. Even if I connected the Samsung Station to something wrong or something.

I think it's because I have, but no internet.

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The energy-saving mode PC`s brings nothing. wake up from the energy saving mode. A restart of the make then it goes again. That started before about, 6 weeks, what can I do ???

This is after each I have to switch off after a router reset.