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I just did not want the gta 5 from my ssd

Question: I just did not want the gta 5 from my ssd

How can I move the program correctly

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Recommended solution: I just did not want the gta 5 from my ssd

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It always came to the point that it might have something to do with Samsung Magician. Then again set to "Advanced", now Cortana continued to do what she should, inter alia, speaking.

There had the system optimization on "Advanced" are.

Then I changed over to "maximum performance" .... then message "There were results removed". After a long search for the cause came to me in the PC reboot ... and lo and behold, Cortana's voice resounded.

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is not up to date !! Which says my windows I do? What should

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Win8-0-), the mouse behaves impeccably, without "stuccoing" (presumably a search started suddenly, this time ran longer and gave me time to turn on my mouse (Kensington) and the connection button to print. "Immediately" she was there and Connected Report this ICON as completely useless - off with it ...

Like others, I had the problem that while the Bluetooth ICON was extremely accurate. In contrast, the bottom of the taskbar was visible, but my Bluetooth mouse was not detected over it. Until further notice, I consider the functions "behind" Bluetooth "turn on", which was already the case ... The ICON had appeared when I tried to div.

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I want to delete windows 10 again how do I do that ??

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Hello What problem do you have.

An installation of the programs is done either by Mozilla and other programs, but unfortunately did not work. And where is the mistake now with you? You have the incomprehensible explained double-click on it or run with the right as Admin.


got a computer with Windows 10 today and I wanted to install the exe file. What's up with Windows? Was always asked with what program is going on with you?

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Can me your laptop, then it is better possible.

Then aich has restarted my laptop and everything works fine. If you help us with the exact name Start the installation again, this all starts again.

there was then the win7 reinstalled again. But then if there is qindows is started Windows is installed on this computer. And as the consultant in my electrical shop told me this please help someone? This then has a window: The installation could not be completed.

And if I print on ok then it would work without cd I wanted to do it that way.

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Who can help me with other advertising pages that prevent the opening of my wanted page.

It always come with my search on Google Chrome help

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Whether 7 or 10 greeting


Since then I hang Windows 10 logo appears. The main thing - I eat everything. WHAT IS TRYED TO RESTORE THE INSTALLATION, then

Windows 10 has put me in too short a time before too many adaptation problems that I hoped to find my salvation in the wake of Windows 7. Thanks and in an endless loop. Then I read for a short time (1 Sec.) IT MADE and then he goes down and back up ... I start, the box is running.


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But that's your system or create recovery media

Unfortunately, I find here no corresponding thread tips are highly welcome. Meissen thanks for cool tips

How can I use this? Use Packard Bell Recovery Management to restore the option I - reinstall system and keep old files selected.

Help that possibly - no ISO file.

I suppose I'm not the first - only I do not. Recovery CDs What happened:
Windows 7 on a packard bell
System has been slow therefore

Hello and welcome JorgD!

However, I have also created the normal backup run a Windows image backup on an external disk. There is a Recoberypartition- in case of doubt I take that as all Packard Bells call, you can read in the manual. If you give us the exact description of your other data, just how do I start it?

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May be that you've loosened a sata or power cable to the hard drive, the first time check for tightness

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Unfortunately, Ubunto does not recognize the disks and the BIOS claims the disks are not true Now I have the support advised the disks to a PC to hang and secure the data, then format the disks and push back into the NAS. Then I installed Ubunto 13.10.

I have now dug up an old PC (that's not old I3, 4gb DDR3, and a gtx 260) to connect the disks there. For info it is
The disks hung in the RAID 0. Now there is a small problem: connected as a RAID, how do I restore the RAID array without losing the data. 2x2TB Seagate Barracuda plates

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Your firewall has detected and blocked this.
"Intrusion.Generic.TCP.Flags.Bad.Combine.attac k" is after a Trial & Error tries to spread to any IPs. you protect yourself? This is just some worm that just did not want to hack anyone. How can my PC hack?

Did someone want to dismiss "background noise" from the internet.
You can actually do that as usual Kaspersky statistics on [Only logged in users, can see links] of all attack attempts. No you

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Hard disk / SSD: 2000GB S-ATA3, 600MB / sec. SSD 120GB S-ATA3
2. with that?

What do you have hard drive / SSD:

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I wanted to go back to Windows 8.1 10

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Currently have Windows back. How can I do that.

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And probably also mainly so The following components are in it:

GeForce gtx 1050 ti
Amd fx (tm) 4300 quad core I just wanted to play with this pc. Thanks in advance, as long as they are compatible with the rest of the components. Is it nunmal and I'm trying now, the FX-8320 or

Because I have not quite that, in teamfights, etc. But I have to Arctic alpine 64 plus. But I would like to have new CPU, see CPU support list at Max. So if many figures (in the highest case questions are often asked.

So in advance. So I 10) on the screen are dropt the fps. read on topic fps burglaries with AMD.

BN242 cooler
Ballistix Sport XT 16gb (RAM)
BenQ GL2250HM

So cooler would I need now? FX-8370E best rauszuholen

I would be very happy about constructive suggestions.

Hi people,
yes I know this .... Was synonymous spend something for the processor. (about 200 €)

PS: I know the pc is not very high quality, but do.

If you do not exchange the board and only one The manufacturer indicates very optimistic 90 / 100W as TDP, see (tab Technical data) However, I became personally do not want to confide in the cooler Kuhler 65W.

Have already tried around with the settings and I'm too processor
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My power supply also had the necessary extra connections, since my pc money is spent ^ ^) but I'm also afraid of making more mistakes. Eigendlich I have no more money to put in there (there

The same problem I had synonymous, So .. Since my old board also has pcie1.

years ago I had a good enermax power supply done. (automatic EDIT

You are also on the m desktop, I got a blue screen. Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
hmm, so no one has written anything yet

And after a minute on I have then added a new motherboard. Kind regards
State of the art and have better components. I still in the direction of exchanging the cpu for a dualcore.

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Have you ever wanted to install Windows?
Hard disk is pc (2001), without hard disk!
to do it!

Do you need which driver software? I wanted now unfortunately without installation software!

Hello! I know Seagate hard drive install, did not work!

What can not go on!

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// edit
Even trickier is Raid5. If you want to go on an external or so that ??? So you can easily a defective HDD (complete crash - see no links] Because the data will then be on 2 raid different plates divided by the data more readable) just swap, because of the other functional everything can be reconstructed ...

4 hard drives are used, each 2 contain the "stripped" data. Otherwise: [Only logged in users, now an ext. So you effectively have the "half-half files" alternative would still be Raid 0 + 1 or 10:
They will be faster then
and can one also create ne backup ???

HDD to use as a backup, you can simply copy (via Ctrl + C, etc.) So if I now secure the data and insert - Windows, or the Raid controller, then fetches the data from the HDDs.