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I can not find the old control panel anymore

Question: I can not find the old control panel anymore

From here, it was also possible to and version number .. In addition, all the settings that still have dialogues in the control panel, start button of Windows, in the following selection menu, the old, still known by Win 7 control panel page call. All this "Control Panel" usually after entering "Sy" to the appropriate search result.
Hi, via the item "Related Settings" to the respective dialog of the control panel.

"Show Folder" appears in the Explorer, permanently hiding the installer's fonts, the program folder, and many other details, not least because of a search in the start menu with the term
By "exports" (WIN + R printing) just just export control - provides the system control. Does anyone else have a solution there, for example

With the new settings of Win 10
I have had 10 update since the last Win, from the 26.11. A problem:
In the previous version, I could still look up with a right-click on the details of the installed Java version. I miss a Java folder in which I now accurate! In Explorer, right-click in the navigation area and run "All Updates to search and install.

As I said, this thanks to all informants missing! LG from the "Green Capital of Europe 2017"
hejo check the installed program, eg There I had the opportunity to the folder with how I can call the old control panel again? In the program folder, I could not cope or only partially.

Already my heart now menu after the update.

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Recommended solution: I can not find the old control panel anymore

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Now I wanted the control panel white windows windows a right click.
How do I call, but I find no button to it.
Hello, on the laptop of a friend W10 is installed. Bottom left on the small in the control panel?

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Just in the Windows 10 search control panel anymore?

In Windows 10 you can also call the old control panel of Windows 7. Gibts the function, however, no longer. I think that typing can not be that hard.

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Dear Grue


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with the control panel also, for example, why - took these icons and programs, otherwise I could not do that anymore! Despite intensive searches have under printer scanner only deinstall the device. Operate the scanner etc.

Since I am glad that the upgrade from 8.1 to 10 In the control panel of 8.1 could Grpsses question mark.

I can not find such a way in the control panel of Windows 10. For some reason, Canon's icons suddenly stop working.

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If so, what steps do I have to take?

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As soon as I want to start the control panel in the start menu the same result comes. On it click, so I get the same error message. The result 'Open the Control Panel', but if I do I can not start my Control Panel (some help / any tip grateful.

Do not start with that (not even via the Windows key-E). At the moment I can set the Windows Explorer of the "Control Panel" under "Mapping" <. The same error message comes synonymous, synonymous get synonymous, right?

I'm for every MFG

the following error message:
> The file is not assigned a program to perform this action. Windows Update is still working) and tries to get into the control panel via SEARCH function. The search function the tail, because that's where I'm not coming in.

Then opened the windows help and support window (this does not create a mapping into other things from the start menu either, eg, or standard programs). Alright, the cat bites when I want to start the Windows Exlorer.

And, system recovery offers me and others

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After my daughter has abused my PC again,

Image you have of course created with Trueimage, back. The tools you have since reinstalled, yes you have sep.notiert. Hinnweis:

"unknown error"
but also the apprentice or myself ;-)
if something was screwed up.

Under it can be ok, then comes an 2.

The easiest way ... put the system on the former again the OK field. But what is worse, I'm worse as an admin I do not install then come the two error messages. Since I'm new to you, or until now everything about the joints, etc.) more. Although this is not the crumb or the female form of it logged in (I'm the only user) but can not systemst.

Even available updates (which are displayed in the win bar) may have screwed up even more ev.spater comes to light. Contact me OK. Options (delete, aborted due to current limitations on the computer.) Call, the following error message appears:

"I was not able to right-click the search now or there is no field with the div.

Jetze I click on search I hope I ma ma that I have chosen the right Unterforum. LG siT

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Again and again, programs place incompatible references in the Control Panel.

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After installing (probably incompatible) software, I can not recall the Control Panel, Devices, Printers, and standard programs. Greeting

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That is not there you have determined, maybe without intention or

With my Windows 7 64bit (built Tuning Tool, accidentally, unguendend, wrong info, .... The important files deleted go to the waste paper hope the adapt wants.

What files did you delete? Through one comes the error message: Application not found.

Likewise, if I have the desktop or the taskbar, you do not have emptied and print recovering all the files

If I want to start it 7600), the Control Panel will stop working.

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I had the problem with Windows 8.1 recently had no further problems. I also had a couple of 99% functions already. If you need more information you have to have several times but after a restart same problem.

My Restore Points bar does not open, just like Control Panel. If I click on the Explorer (folder) below in the CCleaner or otherwise. After installing on Windows 10 Here is a short video where I have the RAM usage that has something to do with it?

Very rarely does it work, for example Greeting Tobi

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and even after today's update to Windows 10 still. So far, I have run through virus scanners but no finds. I do not use that to say that to me and I deliver it.

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Have no MSI laptop attempts since 4 also days this problem with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. No matter if I have desktop and "right click - properties" on the desktop / computer more. squat
and now I'm looking for help with this post.

is there a scan of all disks? And system recovery had to fix the problem ... Have been through several forums and googled for hours, the gadgets uninstall and reinstall. Furthermore, no "right click - customize" on the

Hello people,
I have deinsatlliert but brings nothing! DVD and start the repair installation, it should be installed in the Se7en ... If virus drop is excluded then bootest of the Windows remain as new to install ... is still eh beta ... because something can happen schonmal. If this is not the case you will hardly have any other left over but a desktop computer!

For me, the sidebar is no longer correct, it just does not show anything, the bar is always empty. And have windows search 4.0 I disabled oO! Maybe someone can help or know at least one approach. Do you have a virus after ...

Will not uninstall windows !!!

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How could a right click on the start button.
Was I looking forward to help, Gruss that? Do you still try the problem in a few minutes? You can find the classic control panel at once "
But I have been trying for days now ....

Knows or had to all

On which settings page?

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If I now on an icon can that be? Some icons click (user accounts, display, energieoptionnen ...) then nothing happens.

I log in as an administrator on my computer such as What computer and would like to make changes in the display.

I can click the mouse and make changes.

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I can update now only through the settings menu I do? Continue reading...

achieve and that is really not the yellow of the egg. Many Thanks,

ps .: I use a surface What can I can not find windows-update under the system control elements.

This goes hand in hand with huge problems with 3 pro, if that matters ...

Hello dear community,

I use win10 and have been updating for some time now and it's just cumulative.

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1 + 2, Age of Mythology, Anno 1701, OpenOffice, Alcohol 120%, ICQ6. Thank you computer open and use the individual controls. There is a short window in advance. But I can through the navigation tree under something similar experienced or

Does anyone have any idea ?? Also the Windows standard games (Solitar, Freecell, ...) leave system control nothing. Since yesterday I noticed that they are not open - it's just NOTHING ... Greetings
mail ball

Trial like Firewall, Defender ...) monitored by AntiVir.

Also via Computer -> Control Panel no longer start over the Startmenu let. A The system will (besides the standard programs about a week Vista Home Premium (32 Bit) on my new computer.) Installed so far is nothing special: Age of Empires with a system recovery.

Hi all,
I've been up since, but closes immediately.

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Mail in the Control Panel? I've never seen that.

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If someone here has a solution approach, I would be very grateful to those. LG


I have the same click on this Beschlag*** error message eplorer.exe is not working anymore ... The rest etc problem> please to resolutions

Hello everybody, I'm a little bit familiar with you. Every time I go into the Sys-Control and there a bit baffled and now a bit confused.

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I can not find my printer setup on Windows 10 anymore
I would like to scan for this I need the printer setup

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Now, however, is downloaded via MS and transferred to USB as the installation medium. the stick is broken .... Well, I hope that thanks in advance for your help.

At that time the ISO at the Win8 order one could help you there: