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GlobalFoundries: Plan for manufacturing processes leaked discussion

Question: GlobalFoundries: Plan for manufacturing processes leaked discussion

which shows the manufacturing processes for microprocessors which are expected in the near future. So while the graphics department at the time quarter not at all.
This time around is a schedule of the GlobalFoundries,

The only argument behind Nvidia is that the new 32 Nanometer SOI (silicon-on-insulator) process is heavily behind ... the 3. As many will know, AMD has outsourced production to this company some time ago, which implies that the next generation of processors will be directly affected. But at least, better than paying will probably be the price.

If you believe our source and schedule, then 2010 has been moved.

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After that, Globalfoundries Inc. included Doug Grose, CEO of Globalfoundries, Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of Saxony, and several Arab representatives from Abu Dhabi.
"The dimension of the project underlines the clear ...
The foundation stone for the construction work was laid today.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can view Links Mobile], a small manufacturing process designed primarily for mobile device SoCs. Globalfoundries, known as the owner of the former AMD factories, now introduced 14XM (14 nm eXtreme see)

On the one hand, the 3D transistors save space in the chip and also lower the leakage currents, so that Intel's Ivy Bridge processor was able to benefit greatly from it.

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You can see that, as well as sub-notebooks and the A-series for desktop systems and all-in-one systems are already known. Intel takes a little too much money. So the Fusion will play HD streaming material, as well as serve with DX11. AMD Fusion combines CPU and start to serve the popular tablet market better.

Especially GPU in a so-called "APU". The entire Atom series is too widespread, and the merging of processor and graphics unit saves space and energy. The G series for embedded systems, the C series for tablets, the E series for netbooks, the first models have already found a place in netbooks and tablets in particular, AMD graphics cards are far better than Intel's .... I'll leave Nvidia uncommented.

recent fall in prices for atoms. The fact that larger partners are now obstructing AMD is great news, especially as their family is divided into five series. So should the Z series smooth Flash and Now but parallel to the C series nor the Z series should ...

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Donan owner's colleagues today posted encouraging news for all AMD enthusiasts, which should also make Intel fans sit up and take notice. high tempo AMD wants to specify again, at least in the mainstream, ... Equipped with the new Bulldozer architecture, larger caches and

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The smaller model AMD Phenom II X6 1055T with 2,8GHz, 9MB cache and also 125 Watt TDP should come into the stores for 199 $. Now it comes only to cache and a TDP of 125 Watt should come for 295 $ on the market. Supposedly it should be So the top model competes with the performance.

to trade official statements from AMD. of the retailer Advanti first prices leaked. For prices over 200 $ the X6 were really worth considering. The top model Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition with a clock speed of 3,2GHz, 9MB with the Core i7 860 ...

Now it has been on the Facebook page

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I'm looking forward to "independent" tests. The first benchmark results for the 1055T model have now been published. (Unfortunately it will take a while.)

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Read more: [Only logged in users, but are good links? Although the app is only in the preview phase, the user interface should be "clean and simple". Now the software magazine has seen a leaked beta version of the]

In addition, the upcoming Skype is based on an upcoming Skype app for Windows 8 get in your hands. Simply put, it should already work without any crashes. Also chatting, similar to what you would do in the user interface called "Modern UI". As the editor Brad Sams reports, Facebook chat or ICQ is known to be a good experience ...

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Vantage realizes that there is not always the performance in it that one hopes for. Had they ever before announced that the weaker, it would be so wild ...

So the XFastest colleagues have 3DMark 06 and 3DMark in the two benchmarks

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it's just a fake well wait ...
say about 1.500 - 2.000 points. But perhaps she was also overthrew and villeicht

And not just short, but around

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[read more] [Only logged in users can see links

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The colleagues of the German hardware magazine ComputerBase have now been leaked to end CES 2012 in Las Vegas. The slides are in the context of just recently Read more: [Only logged in users, can see links]

released some well-released AMD slides on the new APU generation.

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should sting from the crowd especially with their greatly increased clock rates. [read more] [Only logged in users can link to these models. These models are the powerhouse of the graphics card line ups by EVGA and

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Thus, the emerging graphics cards are to be compatible with the new PCIe 3.0 interface, which allows bandwidths of 8 GB per second in both directions. This will not only win those who are interesting for current recompositions as well as for newcomers. So you could get some interesting details about the Radeon HD 7000 series ways to develop ...

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an idea? Will there be something like this "affordable" alias i7 920?


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After all, iTunes lists this already currently there is only the already known version 2.2 on iTunes. However, a new version of iBooks can not yet be purchased, reworked MacBook and many other news, CEO Tim Cook seems at 23. It's a strange thing to present Jose with a new version of Apple's iBooks apps at the same time.

October 2012 at 19 Clock at the California Theater in San as a prerequisite for some eBooks. In addition to a new iPad Mini, a new version of the iPad 3, a short time the comic Largo Winch ?? only ... Read more: [Only logged in users can see links]

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Read more: [Only logged in users can link Windows Phone 7 to version number 7.10.7720.68. version damaged or blasted, if flashing ... First, the update for the HTC Mozart was available, see before] The individual manufacturers will soon

Due to the so-called flashing of the smartphone, there will now be the first version for the HTC HD7. In addition, the smartphone while flashing the top you can advise against currently. From Flashing, the mango update should officially be available for download.

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Stay so probably only detail improvements. In addition to the very fast connection of DDR3-2133 MHz memory, the ... The Brazos were apparently allowed Bobcat cores. Nevertheless, the most interesting price-performance ratio, worked sparingly and yet can easily cope with most tasks.

The second generation of the APUs, code-named Trinity, is not even on the market, as there is already information about the successor. Be a newcomer.
They score with both manufacturers and end customers with a good one

New details have now been leaked about the third generation of APUs, which will be launched in 2013 under the code name "Kaveri".

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If GF is not directly with Tesla nm

Unclear rumors like the one with Tesla should perhaps be left out. Now the semiconductor manufacturer allows a necessary half intermediate step at 12 nm, behind which, as with the other foundries, an optimized 14 nm production is hidden. AMD disagreed and Global Foundries said "and denied Jha said that the company was working directly with Tesla". To the news: Globalfoundries: Now an intermediate step at 12 nm to 7 to change directly from 14 nm to 7 nm.

Globalfoundries has always been campaigning for omitting 10 nm manufacturing and working, then working with AMD.

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