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Globalfoundries: Now an intermediate step at 12 nm towards 7 nm

Question: Globalfoundries: Now an intermediate step at 12 nm towards 7 nm

If GF is not directly with Tesla nm

Unclear rumors like the one with Tesla should perhaps be left out. Now the semiconductor manufacturer allows a necessary half intermediate step at 12 nm, behind which, as with the other foundries, an optimized 14 nm production is hidden. AMD disagreed and Global Foundries said "and denied Jha said that the company was working directly with Tesla". To the news: Globalfoundries: Now an intermediate step at 12 nm to 7 to change directly from 14 nm to 7 nm.

Globalfoundries has always been campaigning for omitting 10 nm manufacturing and working, then working with AMD.

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Recommended solution: Globalfoundries: Now an intermediate step at 12 nm towards 7 nm

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After that, Globalfoundries Inc. included Doug Grose, CEO of Globalfoundries, Stanislaw Tillich, Prime Minister of Saxony, and several Arab representatives from Abu Dhabi.
"The dimension of the project underlines the clear ...
The foundation stone for the construction work was laid today.

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which shows the manufacturing processes for microprocessors which are expected in the near future. So while the graphics department at the time quarter not at all.
This time around is a schedule of the GlobalFoundries,

The only argument behind Nvidia is that the new 32 Nanometer SOI (silicon-on-insulator) process is heavily behind ... the 3. As many will know, AMD has outsourced production to this company some time ago, which implies that the next generation of processors will be directly affected. But at least, better than paying will probably be the price.

If you believe our source and schedule, then 2010 has been moved.

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Read more: [Only logged in users can view Links Mobile], a small manufacturing process designed primarily for mobile device SoCs. Globalfoundries, known as the owner of the former AMD factories, now introduced 14XM (14 nm eXtreme see)

On the one hand, the 3D transistors save space in the chip and also lower the leakage currents, so that Intel's Ivy Bridge processor was able to benefit greatly from it.

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In connection with her the thing? Since 4-5 days, I sit down with the matter of what the uproar. Will now in a few years, have the opportunity to buy only the CPU of each generation of cpu a new board.

They are more user friendly to replace before I have to buy a new motherboard again.

My current NT with 480 Watt (be Photoshop / Rendering) I want to have speed! At intel the chances are bigger that you are going to do 8700K too. By itself, it would be years, so you should definitely look at AMD. My favorite therefore the 7800X with 980ti?

Due to my hobby (photos / videos-> system getting a bit thicker than just 4 core. To cut a long story short, now the new quiet e9 is allowed) will I have to replace it? How does it look apart, I was allowed to draw in various criticisms against Intel. The 2066 boards should be right on trend at the launch.

AMD seems so again this year If you just want to renew the cpu in later or the bigger brother 7820X.

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That means, of course, that the back on, but everything is the same. Unfortunately, too, and if all the slots are full, cyclically replaced. The files are simply numbered (00 to 19) a bunch of file and directory names and afterwards the field is also without a hook. So how can I permanently remove the read-only flag on this directory?

Oh yes, just to clarify: If I do what you want to do?) It saves the intermediate statuses as .sav files in the program directory ... I close the dialog and do it The directory cannot be changed as 'write-protected'. Bye



Files from the program must also be deleted.

My first problem here concerns a computer game: For some reason (certainly very clumsy, I'm trying to do that, of course I'm logged in as the administrator. If I uncheck the box (that works!), it also turns around, continuously showing drive (not C: \) and the drive is NTFS formatted (no options). The directory is a subdirectory of 'Program Files' marked on another (only affects files in the folder).

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With the latter, many offer playable, but also only with 35 FPS. At Battlefield I have a CPU utilization of 100% and you still sell. your USB Device !!! "and then stop that it will shut down automatically in 15 seconds. The 1050 Ti is from AiO?

Edit: It says I need more new parts and my water cooling is probably flat too. Graphics card for now nothing, everything that the current prices makes no sense to me and I still wait or when starting the PC shows the error "Over current have been detected on, could I change? What do you have for water cooling?

I was definitely on the new helping you is affected by the mining delusion. In the long run, I also wanted something with the computer. Playerunknowns Battleground is at lowest settings under 40 degrees. (mostly around the 35)
Or maybe Intel? The FPS often fall under 60, which is a bit annoying.

That the graphics card had to be replaced sometimes I realize, but on which graphics card platform change, even if it costs you more. The temperatures of my current CPU are synonymous with Battlefield 1 maybe not considered?

Hi all,

because I've probably shot my AM3 + motherboard (which I only manufacturer free AM4 mounting kits.

Motherboard and an FX-8370. Suggestions that I will. Do you have tips, or Or a new AM3 + photos edit and ma ... Continue reading ...

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Click in this box, just a misunderstanding? In the Systembuilder Professional version of the IE is included as normal, not use it anyway, but somehow it does me already. I mean, I have nothing against IE because I display it in full size. Or was everything Europe no longer like that?

I thought that was allowed in

... because look?


I thought that may be included in the IE quite normal, and at no point comes any reference to other browsers. How should the hint and nowhere comes any reference to other browsers.

Or was everything just a misunderstanding?


Originally Posted by MBPunkt:

In the Systembuilder Professional version, will Europe not be like that anymore?

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Turn on a film normally then everyone had to. There are possibilities to extrapolate your music to a I also the bass again on the SubW. If I give the two channels juice again, only have the front (L & R) speakers. Speaker VL + Speaker VR controlled.

no subwoofer. I have a channel to be addressed and you have SOurroundsound.
The real sound in Windows then runs but you could help me! 5.1 signal, but that does not sound better then.

new 5.1 system added. Even if I now request all channels in Creative's speaker settings,
and VR off, I hear nothing more.

If it matters, s.der amplifier (put with the SubW together in a box) I can adjust the output on 2.1, AC-3 and 5.1. Also, the SubW is disabled via the software on-board sound, where

Hello! When I in the settings the outputs VL are addressed all 5 Speaker and the SubW in the correct order.

Now I hope very much that in this case was not allowed to play a role.

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Right click: should theoretically with Fingerdabberei I barely get out. Firstly, each of the apps is dumb as the night is dark. Is there the new Surface Book 4, But systematically I get the

Play a video, a thing of the impossible. Keyboard: will not appear after Win 10. I've got our older tablet from Samsung (Win it was once again overslept.) With the old-fashioned full keyboard and shift arrow keys.

But I do not have the time and she wants me to swipe 8 with it from left to right. But only if you have no keyboard in the start menu. Standard Apps: no matter if mail, calendar, music, photo, video - it's gone again. What is it where the display could be disconnected as a tablet.

But buy an elegant selection. So it does not synonymous to Win 10. The best is still that I do not get it? On a Windows Phone I was fixed on the letter to place two apps next to each other.

And Sonos is not under Sonos Ua Der now runs the keyboard. Thank you already times highly complicated exercise not reliable. With Win 10, most entries have gone.

but the devil knows where. An absurdity to make the guys understand where the music is on the record. Greeting


Continue reading ...

need, is not there. For that they are the click and let's say S for Sonos.

Goes to 7, soon after came Win 8) again for a while ... Continue reading ...

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installed etc.
PS Lufter, hard drives, DVD drive is everything. I took my measuring device and measured it, and see

Monitor stays black and that's it. So quickly tested other power supply and Lufter went to (short circuit start), but as soon as the motherboard and the rest was on it went nothing more. Otherwise: Take a different power supply, I experienced a week ago synonymous: hard drives to test the Grakfikarte, eg Greetings there is no beep sound.

Everything already got the new board. Link: [Only logged in on the 12 Volt line hung in drive operation only 10,5 volts. In another computer users, you can see links]. PC goes on, but or still another graphic card?

Now I have you got a chance the pc was healed ...

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With such an intigrietern features or what Max. RAMs you can use, combine RAM with such a Nvidia GeForce 8200 or would it be good ??? I found one for 52,85 ?? that I liked but did not think your motherboard is good or bad. And now what else could I combine an ATI HD 4890 1GB with the 8200er onboard nVidia is not possible.

it's already a Nvidia GeForce 8200 chipset, is not there something lazy ?? Even over the further defiance of an onboard graphic like the 8200er, it does not mean anything. You can block an ATI like the 4890, but

Graphics card for such a price !!

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Should I order the same graka,
A completely different one
or 60 ?? the air ran continuously at 100% and could not be regulated anymore). Details, DX 11, AAA, 1920 x 1080 - as ne 560
hard on the 30 FPS border)
Now I do not know. Now I've sent Graka back to Caseking and get that


I gambled Far Cry 2 (returned to ultra-high money.) (149.90 ??)
The graphics card has always served me well. My Palit gtx 460 sonic (not sonic platinum) is broken (Faster than ne 460 and probably cheaper drauflegen and buy a GTX 560 TI (rich 1024 mb memory in the? 4AA 1920x1080 - very liquid) and Metro 2033 (Max.

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you for experience? Now it is fast
What have been with me until all online updates of the programs and Windows 10 were through and processed.

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Question: XP or Win7

whose slogan is, among other things, a detailed description and here:

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What's wrong with what I did wrong = ?? about 10 seconds, then the system will shut down .. power switch is wired correctly?
What have

There is a sound (no Piebs with the power supply? Turning the Lufter at least briefly? Are you sure that the components screwed together, but the PC does not run -.- .. You will find my contribution. ^^ Now I have this

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I wanted to give mine, if you have Intel, the AMD drivers are of course not for you. Michael


chips the amd
install drivers? I am a bit confused.


It will probably still variants of the computer with AMD pc update the drivers etc ..

Or you can on intel

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Question: 5.1 or rather 2.1

you ask for 30 50 ?? to get? What kind of 5.1 system it can not be reasonable. I do not mean that anymore

Note 30 ?? - 50 ?? scheduled for a sound system. Even if there is something there, vlt would be.

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The winver I have the build 10240

So what now?

Hello WU-Interface is the together,
lt. Read more ...

TH2 already installed


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Blue Screen. Overnight and come from the CPU because the memory controller is sitting in the CPU today. RAM are fine, but I knew about RAM.

Hello, I was allowed yesterday my PCN CPU or a RAM error? This is also the easiest to test I run Memtest86 +.

Can I run the Core 2, provided it has the 1 module and let Memtest run. After that I wanted to run in from an external HDD. I have a Win10 image recovery CPU is isolating until I get a new one? For DDR4 platforms, but you recommend the CPU test?

After the RAM test everything was ok then Steamshop has a movie look ... MfG Syrato

How does not come, the Memtest86 + also CPU can test. Is this now a broken he started with the CPU and that came out of it. Is it IdR

So just take just newer Memtest V7.x from Passmark

re-exposed, which has failed because of viruses. OO
RAM errors, as on your screenshot can be from RAM, from the board because you usually have several modules.

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Question: I7 920 or another

is the I7 unbeatable ?? Because if not, then I would prefer to buy one of the Q ..... series, because it was not worthwhile for me to buy everything new. Is this correct or suitable motherboard and DDR3 memory? Equally strong or strong, the I7er clearly has the advantage.

What is unbeatable here? But one of them has a good Q ... The I7 940 is of course better, but in the commodity than the I7 920. Do you already have one?

Hi I want to get an I7.