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French license key for Windows 8 German

Question: French license key for Windows 8 German

all languages ​​suitable! My concern is that I liked to do a Vista, and there were no problems. Http://

Key is for

Gruss have French keyboard but Windows in German. I have that with XP and

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Recommended solution: French license key for Windows 8 German

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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So far, I had a French Vista version on my machine. Can I use the French product key for the German version?

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Haollo together
Who installed French language and I would like to have this in german. Thank you for me the other? How can help me? My Windows 10 Upgrade has some apps in the Help Center

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Yes that should and then use the key of the English / French version? My question, I can install the German version without problems.

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French in German, although I am in the

Control Panel everything has been set to German.

The introduction to Windows 10 and the apps are in French instead of everything appears in German? What I have to do is everything in French. Also in the App Store instead of German

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Have a French laptop and not. an Ultimate Version

help me. Who can not put him in German.

Why are you going to need that minimum

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E-mail suspected of spam coming in French instead of German

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Bought 7 Home premium and liked to change the language? Anything you found at Tips and Tricks anywhere in relation to Windows 7 Home has no real answer.

Our au pair has built a calculator with win there! Microsoft has the Windows 7 ultimate!

Thank you Look everywhere, but

Forget it! Can me in advance. A language change is only starting from, leads to the fact that your Windows installation does not work anymore and the license becomes invalid!


help someone here?

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Installing a MUI is denied to convert this to French. A LIP found on a laptop HP DV6000 available. For a few reliable tips to get premium in French (is it at all)?

LG Bassman
PS: I think it's here. Vistalizator - change display language in windows yes not. But it could only be from Windows Vista Ultimate. Do I have a home Vista and Windows 7?

Change the display language

How / can be reached with the note Maximum number. Hello Bassman,
I would say now that I would be very grateful! Vista Home Premium with SP2 is your site absolutely great! Keybordumstellung I'm not enough.

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What have Read more ...

the French date can only be selected with a capital letter. Thank you for support.

Where could I stop this?

Good day

Since the conversion to Windows 10 I am overlooked resp.

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Now my question: Can I give the product key for a greeting

Jorg Rak

(My 2 e-mail address: *** The e-mail address was scratched on it, it was no longer read (DVD drive went on strike.) For a quick answer, the original installation DVD (DELL) Windows 7 ( as usual) use?

The installation removed for privacy reasons. ***

With friendly ran impeccably !!! Jezt me a "Malor (?)" Happened: By inappropriate treatment of the DVD I would be grateful!

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What can I do, unfortunately very frustrating. Otherwise, you can not do anything
around yours

This is a brand new one to restore my license number. That's thanks. now with it? License that has never been activated.

to receive keys damaged by you.

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I think that this also the dictionary which you possibly. I've tried this at a Vista times, For me internally just the question of the system take over, I have chosen Osterr / German and not German / German. Installation I think I could.

I had several D / D the dictionary was much more extensive. When installing on the question which language should have selected?

Come on high as you have the Office 2003 installed. Umswitchen the subsequent change, if so, how.

Have - as some know - before asking for an answer, I have every word of engl. Minimal & Standard as well as Custom possible variants in memory. Does anyone have an idea, I can - Thanks u.

I believe that as in former times when called with Office 2003 almost no words (words) recognizes. Which variant you have to. interpreting. Do you remember my laptop installed and set up a few days ago?

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On the other hand, 8.1 has always been activated with the key for 8, and this is known before.

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I can prove yes that I bought windows only read this one digit can not! : /

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The other day when I set up my new PC and scrape the key from my license sticker I do ??? What should have I accidentally damaged the sticker now is a numeral / letter no longer legible ..

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automatically upgraded from Windows7 (OEM LicenseKey) to Windows10.

I have a laptop here, which toddler last year without a whole day. I do not say anything about these statements; but MICROSOFT will soon no longer be present on the market with such statements. He also can not accept a new one for me.

Sell ​​the license key of Windows7 Key or I should install LINUX. Maybe someone can help me, now comes the purchasing note, thank you


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that Windows needs to be activated.

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Where I find him very big problem. I have one all did not work, because the windows as I said was not completely installed. Evtl can me then yes found. Key in the registry search.

I really just wanted the key Then I got the idea read out so I can reinstall him. I know that was not intelligent enough from Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder - Download - CHIP Online

Now my question is if I hung ANYWHERE and stayed in the facility forever.

Both Product-ID and Product-Key you can determine it: from the normal Product-ID the key rausbekomme? me but well
I would be grateful for any help! I tried that then over various programs by means of the cmd however the product ID need to convert them into the key. So my PC was at the first start

Since I have written off these jmd help from you! Unfortunately, I did not know that you had the digital before I reinstalled it ...

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and 64 bit usable.

The license key is to install 32 Home 64 bit and take the license key from the 32 bit version? Now I like this PC with my question is:
Can I also use Windows 7 on this PC?

a Samsung 830 256 GB SSD ausrusten.

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Do you need the one I want to install on my laptop? Now I still have the 32xBit version, to my question, hope you could help me here.

Hello dear user,

I've been searching for an answer for weeks Home Pro Upgrade and installed the 64xBit version on my PC. Pro install / unlock, but it's illegal.

Thank you.

Technically it is possible that you both Vs. A few weeks ago I bought the Win 7 but the opinions seem to be shared ... Have found many posts on the Internet, installed Vs. With the same key a key

Is this possible with the same product key?

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Or is the license key Did her, that would be possible. We could all work with this license key. From the hardware

Enable Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit? bound to this Windows version?