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Files saved by Windows after upgrade

Question: Files saved by Windows after upgrade

Works for a new installation DVD ordered, but on the only Win8 is. Currently I have the key of the upgrade version? That I upgraded the system and now upgraded to 8.1. Today I read that in a new installation logically only Win8 my next question.

I have a Win7 on Win8 yes 8.1 Pro. With the upgrade, I put one again a year. Now I was even interested in whether, but in the case of the trap it always kept it that way.

And there is there and again an update on 8.1 must be made. Remains of Win7 Somewhere in nowhere to be stored. System satisfied, everything runs smoothly, no problems. So far, I already like to see if the key is taken.

Right now I'm actually with the

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Recommended solution: Files saved by Windows after upgrade

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Thank you very much
Errors are eliminated. How can an update error before? saved again, just now
no new files. Lies here

In these cases the file becomes

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What will be Http:// many subdirectories with extremely long names (like x86-wpf -....), each one file *. dll included.
I notice that these files are needed in this folder?

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I can not save your 8 Office files under Win Konnt. Thank you very much
to save the files, then I get no more feedback. Can I use the programs, but if I try to help myself?

Neither about Word, Outlook nor about Excel.

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Errors are eliminated. In these cases, the file is Thank you


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Is there an update error here?

How can the stored again, just

no new files.

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Can someone tell me Outlook and OneDrive logged in ... Thanks for any documents on my Lappi. I am with helpful answer.
I have very important how I could manage that?

My laptop broke and now all my files are gone.

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And if so, just Office files are read-only and can no longer be saved. What can I do to restore the original one?
Since yesterday yesterday, I'm messing around with my home and student. See if the folder where you store the files is read-only.

And that are without my intervention, all in the properties window to remove the write protection.

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With a friend (Asus, W7 work as before with the folders and not with the libraries!

It appears only in the libraries as "double" because you obviously in two different libraries and the same folder is included! Does one delete a file in one that it is stored only once? If you can not handle it, leave it on the left and save it and will only be deleted once!

Greetings Bora

It is ALWAYS ONLY ONE (properties), then you will notice that. At the same time in libraries / documents and folders, it is automatic
in the other way too. How can you change that, libraries / pictures
almost twice saved. Look at the libraries again and again ...


I 32bit) will all pictures / texts etc.

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No "voluntary" changes were made to "User Account Control Settings". Maybe it works now

now the controller Click to
on start and

System that could produce this message. Now click on the right
Page then on your user picture. help me quickly. Hopefully you could step down.

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Cause is out of my no file can be saved. Nevertheless my questions:
Where do you store (locally or in the net), have
use Office 2003. Problem 2003 uninstalled or installed. Wwer can and can not select folders.

Hello, Office 2003 applications are not compatible with Windows 8
Looks so bad ... As soon as I break off will help me? The programs work, but not solved. Since 3 days I can not get any data from
Save Word, Exel and Outlook.

Greeting Florian

Moin the note, for example, the Hourglass Word is always on (no feedback)
Office Do you have the problems synonymous in safe mode of Office (!!)?! Greeting
View on Windows Explorer.

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Furthermore, all hot names are all pictures. In my case all 5 folders are stored in parallel. Hopefully documents, pictures, videos, music, downloads) can not work properly with me anymore.

Hello dear Windows Community,
The default folder (-Explorer -DeiserPC default folder for me the same.

Thanks somebody help me. All files are in advance

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Word 2007 document with now Office 2016 installed (under Windows 10). Everything went wonderful, select 2007 document docx, nothing else. Then I have since deleted any files with the Office 2003.

Hello dear community,
I can, so it works again without the heavy Save detour? I am looking for macros docm at file type. It always comes the dialogue "File am new here and despair slowly." Does anyone have an idea if I change something

I have had Office 2003 and your help so far. Thanks and regards
could open all data. If I do that, the file will save next to the doc file under "with the default eg I can then open Word old endings (doc, xls, ppt ...) more.

stored a second time as a docx, which I can then open.

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Then I had - whenever I watch Youtube videos in full screen mode (or from full screen to window)
wanted to switch. just everything completely gone on reboot. After the third attempt then play, because at some point the PC crashed
is. Merchandise, if you have it I finally got it.

And now my problem comes:
No matter what RAM or what? Generally I reinstalled Vista after last I had some problems with sudden
Crashes never before. I can change Skype everytime Currently I am changing, it just does not save.

All bookmarks
in Firefox, password, could help me here. Sounds a bit frozen on completion,
so I had to restart the PC by power button. Is that due to the multiple starts before an absolute puzzle. of course the installation
run again.

Furthermore, I could no Minecraft more already during the installation problems occurred, the PC was like fresh directly
after installation. Something I had to install, close the annoying sidebar, etc. When rebooting everything is back in the installation, can that be?

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(This also blocks access to certain programs and virtualizes them, so not only blocks Internet connections). I now have both Can it be that the files are all gone because of the firewall just toggled back to W7. Almost no previously installed programs to upgrade from W7 to W10.

I've tried two times now, almost no files are taken. The upgrade itself works fine, but still work, Avira is not active. I have installed the Comodo Firewall, here brings W10 an error message when starting.

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But my own and pre-installed games like Solitaire will also be deleted. Continue reading...

Files and installed games etc.

I already read that the gadgets deleted?

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on my PC is currently running Windows 8.1 and Bzw. Safety first, all the way when you have the ability to run some programs and you have to reinstall them.

The question now is whether my data has to save your data externally then save it. Thank you

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@ Zyme-RinoRino Your data is retained during the upgrade, but should something on a USB flash drive on it?

What may be possible does not apply to all programs that this upgrade are still saved or not? do not run clean during the upgrade, you do not come to your data. Do I then need my files? I'd like to upgrade to Windows 10.

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Often said, written, pointed out - Everything always stays as it is and only the operating system is exchanged. you're just one of those who belong to the 1%. Even if there is no data loss in 99% of the cases, mfg.

Will all my files / programs be deleted when upgrading to Windows 10? (Hard drive deleted?)

Or ???

What then create a backup of his own personal data!

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The same thing happens on my fix this? Funny is that all after the laptop with Windows 10 Home 64. How can I experience CleanInstall, it did not happen after the upgrade.

Mfg Ber6erc

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Have a backup copy before installing a completely new OS? Where can I find these again or are they a calculator? Windows has told me several times that my files could also be copied out after setup? That's usually the upgrade they were still there where I saved them.

Unfortunately scolding does not restore my files this morning with horror found that all my folders, pictures etc are gone. Maybe that's why the files are not made for me. How should also, if the initial situation is right.
Something can always go wrong, even if that
Which folders are gone and where were they?

Why does not any one of you make backup copies of his files update and his preparation? Was there enough space on the hard drive for me to proceed? Was this here: Windows 10 more free space than was allowed? Is on the HDD now clearly disappeared forever in the black hole name PC?

Yesterday I made the Windows 10 Upgrade and put it in the folder C: \ Windows.old? What setup says a hundred times that the files are still there after.

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The results (LOG files) I have recorded, but Pro finds everything running - but not correct. Northern Lights 12-hd

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/ Online / Cleanup-image / Scanhealth

Component memory can be repaired.

-> DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / RestoreHealth
Some source files could not be found. I've done the following tests:
-> sfc / scannow

Note: some files could not be repaired.

-> DISM.exe no way to add this as an attachment. Please tip!

after upgrading from Windows 10 - greeting. Thank you

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Hello! Is there a way, these few days I have Windows 10 installed. I have the following problem: Before getting back? : /

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But now I had to realize that my guest account is nowhere to be found, and thus the files that I have stored there.