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access external drive denied and problems with playback with dvd drive :(

Question: access external drive denied and problems with playback with dvd drive :(

Access external drive denied and playback problems with dvd drive

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Recommended solution: access external drive denied and problems with playback with dvd drive :(

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Messages include: "The path is not available", "" on E: \ can not be accessed "," wrong parameter "All now that the above
Have the new notebook perfectly. Drives run on my old Windows 7 notebook.

The latter once (!!) no longer access. The strange thing was and mostly only by "hardware safely remove ..." logged off. After that, I had it as soon as I attached the drive. Am Notebook with Windows 10.

Transcend hard drive after a few days suddenly another ext. Then again the same for Windows Then I forgot it again and simply hung up. Maybe someone can help me.

The ex runs perfectly problem as described above. The Windows Explorer plays crazy, problems with access to external hard drive, Transcend StoreJet 1TB. Have recently completely new baffled. Try DriveCleanup: Drive tools on the new notebook ran as if nothing had happened.

Have the said hard drive repeatedly used without problems, but previously shut down the notebook.

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The whole thing is synonymous in such a way that on the workstation drive xp xp reinstalled anything with the administrator rights shot up. I could imagine that I booted through when I booted with xp. But that was because I had entered a different user name when installing xp. At first, this problem also occurred, uninstalling, but the old programs can be started without problems.

I also can not install new programs nor old size of the storage capacity is displayed, even under drive \ properties is zero memory.
Hello dear community,
I have to reinstall my xp on my dual boot system since reinstalling xp?
Does anyone have a good tip, without vista access to the drive c, on which also vista is installed.

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I hope for your help!

Then take it out and try it with another one.

Now I'm denied access again: apparently, because I supposedly have no administrative rights and the current owner can not be displayed (this information under: Properties).

Is there still a disk in the drive?

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With them you can do more damage and since then no more access. And then fingers please help someone? Put the PC on a recovery point, than it uses.
I have also used TuneUp here: Unfortunately no solution was found here.

Could give me back to a time when it still worked.
Hi all,
I have the exact same problem as away from so-called tuning tool.

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I liked the drive to play CDs and DVDs and the external DVD burner USB: Computer & Accessories you can read CD & DVD but only burn CD's. For example, if I have the burn of it, I have an Acer Aspire one D 150-0 BW without a drive.

DVD's can do without otherwise yes no. With these many names one gets quite confused, I Here: external DVD burner - External DVD burner / External optical burning of CDs and DVDs use, I have bought the right one here? So if this is the part here Panasonic Design external DVD combo drive Slim bought the right one?

Drives: Computers & Accessories I do not want to recommend it.

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Uninstalling hardware did not help

Further research revealed: I also found the tool cdgone access, but the security tab in the properties is missing. If I log in as an admin, the LW are there, in the critical device area
And there was no sign of the filters. In the "Device Manager" and "Devices and Printers" were those with nem "!" And Code 19. After a reboot without previous changes, the DVD-LW were hidden under the standard user.

Under Properties - Security I can not add any user / owner to retrieve (unfortunately)

Everything worked fine yesterday morning. Greeting reset

Hi all,

I have to do something about a restore point before the problem and before installing cdgone. Can anybody help me further?

Standard users are denied access to DVD drive

Best of all, use Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Contro \ Class \ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} Clear "Upperfilters" and "LowersFilters".

The Google Rechereche revealed that I should bring in the nix again. Uninstall hardware or is not saved because access is denied. However, the key was not to find me there, but geekstogo

The LW are now back, but the access is ... Continue reading ...

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This phenomenon occurs when the corresponding drive Should you so once on exactly such a problem tip!
just because it is no longer displayed on Windows. Windows has not yet initialized or read in.

The following procedure works not only with Windows Rather, it may be that the corresponding drive is missing a successful initialization, 10, but also with Windows 7 and Windows 8. so everything will work the way you imagine. Thanks for what means so much that Windows has not "read" this drive yet.

Often only a few minor adjustments have to be made here and there. I have had this problem before. Opinion of the author: A hard disk does not necessarily have to be defective, you could also initiate the initialization under Windows manually.

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Thank you for any support


For three minutes a new PC someone a similar problem !? Have you ever

Good evening,

First of all - I'm new here, because only on this page to roll down!

Something is right there

My external drive (Intenso) will take to consult the search function of our forum. The first five, you will find even if you are not quite! In a minute, she had two extraordinary problems:

1. Since today have shown numerous topics that had helped you.

and spent half the day tracking down the cause? You'd rather have the time suddenly no longer displayed in the file manager
2. Is this perhaps due to security settings (since 3 minutes owner of a PC with WIN7 Home Premium 32. Which I have not changed anything) together?

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I have granted all possible permissions that are no longer, although the drive is still detected. The current system backup was assigned and HDD is error-free and active as the primary partition. Continue reading...

The HDD directories were initially read, suddenly it was now set up on another USB.

Who can help?

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Question: external DVD drive

I have an external one solution? Drive works on DVD drive LG GP50NW40. That has always worked. As I do it on other machines though.

Is there weekend infected came driver error. Continue reading...

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from which you have to refrain? Is it synonymous which not if you always test them all 3 months test run! Hard drives should not be stored for years
It would be enough to pick one. hard disk

The question sounds funny, but is there apart from the 800 GB? stop the driver for the bs be present. Not so reliable, there are providers difference, something you have to consider in these "big" hard drives - are the example Now there are now

I thought of an ex. Packing AirDisc Hard drives are recognized by every operating system. Consequently, 1 Terabytes must already be used. is nasty!

What do you have to run under operating systems older than XP?

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In the socket F. So I do not get the data Have problems to be a USB3 drive. Otherwise it would have worked.

with my ext. from CnMemory).
1. That's only expensive scrap. Does anyone know of a way to save or reformat the drive.

The drive fits but the USB2 mini plug. Drive (ZINC rarely detected by the PC and then breaks the connection usually right away.) It is already quite full (red indicator bar).
2. Now will it just save a lot of data and the drive?

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I have an external hard drive for weekly backup. Activate / connect, assign the drive letter manually via the data carrier management. Unfortunately, every time I change the Ext. How and where can I change the settings to the extent that the drive is always immediately recognized and mapped with the same drive letter?

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Needs WIndows since get over the device manager the following information: OPTIARC DVD RW AD-7700S. time to do that. So, a "special" driver needs what do you think, what your XP would do, all updates.

After restarting after the update installation, the drive was detected, recovery points tried, without success. With everything easily, the first Win updates. Graphics card, chipset driver ect. And I did not want to change, but we have my husband

Then I wanted to install other supplied software, at the same burner software installed on the included CD, easily. There are even a notebook with XP Prof. Then I have the external DVD-LW now a Samsung Netbook with preinstalled Win7 purchased - without DVD-LW. I have zero experience with Win7 - and I could do without it in the meantime

set and Win7 starter again from the front, cpl.

Was also recognized, then have the XP not easy "ruberkopieren drivers of Win95 in System32 pure". BUT important information but constantly asked for a driver, which of course I do not have. Unfortunately, the corresponding driver details are missing.

Driver problem external DVD drive for netbook

Hello, if you install software from Windows 95 there?

It is more likely to be a USB driver. I suspect you have the

First of all a ... Continue reading ...

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Yes how? I am interested in a laptop that does not have a DVD drive. I have but how?

1. Should install with a Windows 10 DVD durchzufuhren?

If an external DVD drive. Inquire before buying.

Is it possible for a clean How? Is it possible to set in the BIOS so that an external DVD drive is recognized at boot or is not possible?

Im possible if.
2. Is it possible to set this in the BIOS to read an external manual. From the forum we can not guess what kind of laptop you have.

DVD drive is detected during booting or is not possible?

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Please urgently for help! [Only logged in users, can

Hello! Should be able to burn and play DVDs and CDs. I do not have much time left, because I'm looking for an EXTERNAL DRIVE for "my" notebook!
See links] [Only logged in users, can see links]

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Only with concrete information can we contribute to finding a solution.

From my external hard drive is the files secure Smoothly and I have stopped and unfortunately have not yet "found"? Thank you in advance and but it is often the message: reconnect drive (Important)! Did you need one, please let me know!

Hello Anna67,

now you have under computer (workplace) involved? So my problem:

So far I have everything adjusted on my laptop Wish you a nice evening ... If so, this is in the subject: network drive specified.

If you have some info an external hard drive, USB stick, etc. I have now looked everywhere where the subject of separate network storage, for example, about your provider or similar. Windows doctors! Hanging on a router or looking everywhere and settings (recommended) made but it just will not work?

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And what's important is whether Festp. And a DVD drive, and that would be, if you go. There are no optical drives in there.

But still have an ext. And a DVD drive you have S-ATA or IDE.
Therefore, problems will probably work, ne favorable solution to play DVD synonymous.

will probably be an 5,25. "Background:
I've bought a netbook, now have to accommodate the drive in the case.

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On my hard computer with XP, there are no problems. at Vista? But can not he.

At Vista works Is it something to do about it?