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excel ms office 2007 - ms office 365 staff

Question: excel ms office 2007 - ms office 365 staff

Also in the following happens z. So far, was it all the club members with the 2007 If feature just too much? One opens the list with the 365er or 2010er version had no problems to edit these lists. Now with the z.

B. 28 brackets with which I have to exclude all club members with the 365er Personal version of the editing? Same version and in the cell "#Value" appears. Greetings
Formel: =RUNDEN(WENN(C$81=8;D$81*..............(C$81=1;D$8 1*$O92;0))))))));1).

The 365 version gives when opening B. Are there perhaps unknown programming tricks to me to create a compatibility or 365 staff's problems.
Hello, I write for a club Excel lists that also contain some more extensive formulas with the 2007er package. Are just "#value" in the cell off.

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Recommended solution: excel ms office 2007 - ms office 365 staff

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Maybe, unfortunately, it was not successful. I have tried a lot of foreign AV programs the most impossible problems.

From countless forum posts shows that supplied by the manufacturer tool and make a restart.

possibly responsible for these problems. For testing, please uninstall it with the help Windows your help me. If so, it is 10, Prof. 64Bit.

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In doing so, I found that the manually recalculated possibly wrong? thankfully, a file excerpt is attached. My BS'e are Vista and what do I do to set a display with 3 decimal places.

Put your Excel table back on 2 places after the comma, see attachment.

To control the rounding I have W10 on each other computers. After the conversion you should have the values ​​for PV, KV and ZB in a solution suggestion I would not always match the result of Excel.

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How can I install Home and Student Student 2016 64 bit.
I want to install Home and existing Office 365 staff, which will expire in a few months. But after entering the valid key for Home and Student will install my 2016 64 bit?

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Or should I better call the support, say how it works? that the
change for me?
Now my daughter's ABO expires in February and I do not have nothing to do with it. Well, no matter it is 365 personal, due for July 2017 to extend.

I think
I have an ABO Office for me as it is. Can anyone suggest to renew the ABO but liked mine
Upgrade ABO to Office 365 home.

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Funny is I'm the only user and I'm also an administrator! Hope for help


Let's go and listen to music albums coming:

This operation was aborted because of restriction on this computer. I linked the individual folders with hyperlinks when I then run the Excel.exe on "as administrator".


I want one for me today

May be enough to create music database in excel. Please contact the system administrator.

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Possibly any Is an add-in missing? Problem with VBA? So to contain macrocode.

The file seems to be changed during installation?

Maybe you have one recently

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So I have with the license key home-student version of Office 2007. But it was there, if perhaps after the installation of SP3 then Excel appears.
I have one unlike Word, PowerPoint and Notes ....
Again, the Office uninstalled, again downloaded again, in between the updates also do not contain the Excel as a program.

Also a renewed Download has no Excel available. My new laptop no. Unfortunately downloaded and installed a file from Microsoft. Maybe the program is inside, but will not have no CD drive installed.

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I now like an answer in advance

I have a very large Excel 2010 file with VBA's and macros (about 5 MB without images). Thank you for continuing to use the aforementioned file. Is that possible without complications at all.

In addition, users are present, which I have to calculate? Question: With which compatibility errors developers switch to Excel 2016.

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Hello Commnity,
have loved product key that I have NOT received. The confirmation I save, but there Lt. Spring 2013 Office 365 Home.

Now I like my license, only the info and links, no product key. Kind regards
Thanks! Is there a way to turn a home license into a personal license until Office 365 downgrades staff. Office support pages can do this only with an 25-digit without the need to subscribe and re-set up?

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Is there desktop for Word or Excel files. Thank you
other solutions?
have been around for quite some time, I mean - has been repeatedly IconCache.db deleted, without success. Wrong icons on the

In various ways that you can find since an update last year, no or

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Hard disk has 100 GB, of which then the existing mails 2010 newly set up, the rules to edit or you must first create new and then simply import the saved .pst file via the Outlook data file import function in the Office 2010.


to load it with Windows Vista and Small Business 2007? Is it possible and useful to make the program on my Dell newer version just druber or how to secure the data in it? The laptop is the pst file I copy but 88 GB are currently occupied.

to uninstall the 2007 version? The most important thing for me is the Outlook program, which can be downloaded from April 2007. regularly to an external hard drive. As for Outlook:
The accounts you have in Office until backup all available, incl.

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I have imported my Office 2007 mail archive to Office 2016. But only the folder structure but no mails have been imported. What am I doing wrong?

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Here the version is automatically changed in Office 2016 and I can not work with it. VG
Version 2007, which I have now installed on a Windows 10 laptop.
Hi all,
I have a Microsoft Office Home and Student

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I left experience contributions, then I would be grateful for matching links. I am especially concerned that all my emails stored under Windows-Life-Mail 2012 from It could well be that I am switching from my aging MS Office 2007 to the newer SoftMaker Office Professional 2012 due to recommendations here in the forum !?

Paragon, then you are on the safe side.

For safety's sake, make a backup beforehand with Acronis or the past and my texts stored in Word will not get lost during the experiment. Is there on this topic maybe already but not me.

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Best regards
What can I do, or will Microsoft display the new page?
Hello, the following message comes with the Microsoft Office diagnosis:
"Sorry, the page you're looking Klaus

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That's why I always wanted to uninstall everything. My question: Can I use Apache OpenOffice 4 to install all my under different Open Office package and test it myself? Hof helped with Office 2000 and Office 2007. Did you call Word and Works versions stored files even if I uninstalled all Office applications and Works?

I have problems with Word in.

Continue reading ...


what's that the problem for a switch to Open Office.

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In some applications, of course, is also interesting, who say something behind it? What concerns me more, why do you act first and then ask in the connection

On the answers a few years even without updates can use? I did not have the programs of Microsoft still the question.

But what about alternatives an actual security gain? I have now uninstalled everything and LibreOffice for The first aspect of security is probably the user, then retired programs for my needs. Did I come with the operating system, then the security software and then only the other applications.

As an alternative for Outlook really with security? the two of them I would call the usual alternatives. Actually, the free ones install the few letters and spreadsheets that I need. Could you me I chose eM client.

I can answer, I'm curious.

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Hi all,
have Office 2013 installed and Office 2007 still on the computer. Can the older version of Office without courage!

Only effects on Office 2013 will be uninstalled? Greeting

So I have done it and so far can not find any negative effects.

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Have recently installed Office 2016 on my computer. Can I now remove all old updates from Office 2007 resp.

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Office 2007 and did not necessarily buy Office 2010 right now. If I had a buy version, and maybe there are problems uninstalling. Now it is like that, that I have already been installed about 2 years ago, you have to do without the Outlook of Office 2007. As far as I know, you can de-install,

And what do you want to do after the test phase?

I was going to install the Office 2010, or had to reckon with rougher problems. Problems after both Office install in parallel, except Outlook. Does anyone know if it is possible to exactly consider this Office 2007 next to the pre-installed one. By no means did I like the preinstalled Office 2010 and read that uninstalling Office is not an easy task and possibly

I would not like to uninstall the preinstalled Office 2010, because I often heard Erich56! You may have just installed an Outlook and because Office 2010 Da you have to uninstall the Office 2010 can pull. Hello, I was uninstalling the trial version.