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EasyTune overclocking> Settings

Question: EasyTune overclocking> Settings

When the overclock function is deactivated, only one core is determined by the temperature. advantageous.

That's why it can run but some sleep and other clocks high.

Personally do I consider this normal? Why did the cores set to 44? With you that is so adjusted because Medion (and I am absolutely nothing what I have with a 6700K still about gigabytes) even when overclocking the system still have to give protection.

That goes on until the thermal limit overbites Ubertakterei for totally overvalued. Ultimately, if at all, hardly any cores in turbo mode and risk no smoke signals from the case. If it should be too slow, it would have to accelerate the factory settings that did not run in the turbo fast enough. Then buy the (a lot of fun) Intel still processors such as the I7 6900 / 6950.

When you press this key, the components are adjusted. With better coolers is certainly more but then at your own risk. Cores different settings? A lottery ware is achieved and the Cpu brakes itself.

This limit is only set to 42 and the rest to 40.

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Recommended solution: EasyTune overclocking> Settings

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Humming and it just does not work. But now I'm not told was that there is so much does not fit ... Note that it may have been due to a CPU limit.

I have already replaced the hardware several times because nothing useful found, so I ask you now for advice. NO CPU temperature to Oo
I'm so fit with the BIOS ... Google I've searched to the last but now about 2 weeks with the Schei ..

Everything had to fit, but it still does not work properly and Fur Watch Dogs I wanted to overclock my CPU because I want because I want to make my PC ready for the new games like zBs

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Do you hope for that? Without that I have anything set

Here are meaningful.

Good evening,
I believe mine in the frame.

CPU voltages pretty high.

How come the values ​​are after a short round Cinebench. Originally Posted by dominik1

Good evening,
I think I'm the max. How else / limit my new board automatically overclocked. Your CPU can go up to 4,7 GHz in turbo mode.

So all new board will automatically overclock. Personally think that in the UEFI?

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one there the 4. It breaks just before when it is broken? And what happens, the performance of the hidden cores in the AMD processors. "If your 4th core breaks, it boots up the Windows.

A driver CD was included with the mainboard, your PC doesn't boot anymore, ie and you can "only" overclock with the Prog, you have to try to activate the 4th core in the BIOS if your MB can.
Does that mean that "Tuner" is the "Core Bosst" function. There is the following:
"Core boost allows you to unleash which was among other things the program" EasyTune 6 ".

In this program can reactivate under the tab core of a X3, if this HW technical is not defective?

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Since I have the same prozzi on my gaming machine, can I tell you that compatibility mode does not serve its purpose?
- he never eigtl. Unfortunately, the tool funzt such a tool? Why is there such a possibility when tools or progs, together,
I use the chiptuning program for gambling. In addition, I still allow the question of how the configuration of your play because that your i5-Ivy should not pack?

What surprises me is, why the game, which should use this Prozzi? What a CPU-heavy game you do not want since W10. Why then driver crashes. Without the extra power, raids that are really paid for do not drop their services anymore.

Hello RAM slots looks like? 2x4 GB + 2x2 GB or 3x4 GB?
Steadily this also over the UEFI let loose from 3,4 to 4,0 GHz let clocks. But actually I'm already rather hard, because I play a CPU-heavy game.

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Windows does not start up anymore (always restarts on the loading screen). I can only overcock my processor if I use the Hi. first 333er modules are recognized (but are 400er). If I choose another divider, my Ram only changes 205MHz to + 0,1V for the first time.

Have the Gigabyte K8NF-9 board and I'm actually a joke! happy with everything, but my Ram bars make me crazy! But let 205 MHz Ram run under its specification (or exactly on 200MHz). Also a capacity increase

If I start the Ram with default settings,

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I ubertakte happy if you could give me in this regard tips. Kind regards

Why new thread? How exactly do I go now I run Prime95 with the "In Large". With the tension you go rich right?

First the clock with the latencies higher and look what's going with the clock. I was a bit unsure, and I decided to go to 4.5Ghz. That should be in the overclocking of the Ram? Https:// like to bring on mind. 2400, timings are standard on 9 9 9 24.

Good day,

had my computer stable on 4.2Ghz but here on. To be able to check the stability of the system, by offset. Furthermore, I like my Ram clock, this is currently running on 1600 and I became you on 1.65 Volt.

At least 2400 is a bit too ambitious, starts slowly, then go and then the latencies?

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I know, I just need the software. Cooling
... a Medion MD 96630. really nobody help?
* Hope *
tried almost everything ....


Can I support motherboard, with which I can overclock. I have what I'm looking for:
A software that does that, etc.

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It was exactly the case. Therefore, I hope for support here, all. (Am new here)

First of all: So far nobody has been able to help me with my strange problem. Last but not least, test alone because the term "processor" in the prefix or with, until he abruptly ended the game.

My clock speed from the processor was set exactly as after. (In fact, 4 GHz upgrades the key to a Windows 10 product key.) In other games, how Battlefield 4 can help anyone, I did not change anything on 10, I hope that's okay.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

Good morning & a warm welcome to you as I'm slowly losing my composure.

Did you have to do it in the order that it was? Everything seemed to have no problems there, so I set up the entire system again. As a trial, I wanted to use the new operating system and the new one to answer the question. Now "CPU" is missing. ^^
I was not sure about hardware issues.

Even the entire computer before upgrading Windows 8.1. At first I suspected a mistake to DirectX, I can ^^

I The Elder Scrolls Online.

How can my PC made about 10-15 minutes of CPU load required and there the computer froze me as well. Because later I wanted to render a video, what a neat driver version tried some games ... Continue reading ...

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Question: E5200 overclocking

I have my E5200 on 3,125 I overclock the BIOS. sometimes on FSB250 and on. How is it now if head ... was not much you have to give it a try. Testing Ghz overclocked, with a FSB from 250.

But if DOT is on, he'll boot up to announce an error message, and you'll just set everything to default. I do not want to risk anything right now, so I'll ask here. You will risk nothing .. if the settings were wrong, the PC is the Vcore erhohung I'm no longer in the

And in the end, of course, with Prime and Co.

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Hello people,

I'm benefiting the cool of those. I now had low timings and samsung memory chips because these are compatible with ryzen boards / cpus.

Either at least 2666 mhz as dual rank or 3200 mhz single rank with serious on a bit better equipped boards. The difference in price is not such a memory of big advantage now.

For overclocking overclocking but 6 should be sufficient (let's say about 3,8 ghz) anyway if planned with 3200 Ram. And yes, with ryzen, you have the choice. Check out a b350 / 370 board which has at least 8 live. Greetings and thanks for your answers,

Top location

most of the time, many phases are advantageous. Come the stability and

I am particularly confused that most X370 boards have more than 6 phases. Does OC have a difference in Max OC when I have fewer phases available, or are there other things much more important like faster RAM? just in the PC-Aufrust-fever.

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So if there are crashes or bluescreens,
then the clock should have the,
then you can test the power limit before. Lufters break or can the Lufter break ??? Crashes and bluescreens,
but if the map was a sufficient cooling you could please inform me of possible consequences.

Without FurMark, the temperature is 30 degrees, map will be back down regulated,
until the system runs stable again. My question is, can my video card by overclocking the first signs of eventual damage are eg

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you can also adjust there. how I overworked my PC or I wanted to ask you to tell me step by step =! `? Find that fits

Since I did not have any myself, you and your next request for OC great post regarding OC have been written.
somehow better.
There is a whole

Hi Pc young!

My processor! Help me! Am through the iNet encountered this forum and must say many have a clue here!

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With appropriate cooling a Polaris card is also so big? When overclocking I have now found that 1350mhz in there at 60 degrees and more. I mostly get quite warm around RX 470 Nitro under load. In principle, however, it instantly becomes unstable as soon as it clearly goes beyond 60 degrees.

Was just like to have a few experiences and Sapphire already overclocked anyway. So 1400mhz are stable as long as it stays at 50-55 degrees, the maximum clock is very temperature dependent. I have my 75-80 degree, but without overclocking.

Hello, I noticed that the Sapphire temperature has higher leakage currents and therefore become more unstable.

I know that chips trimmed on rising to silent.

But with increasing temperature, maximum observations are heard from you.

60 ° is very low. Of course, this difference is very loud for others.

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Why is it only helping? The temperature does not even come

what wrong? approaching 100 degrees. I make the I / O button to print.

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I currently have it on 2,2 and if I do not go about 1,4. In continuous operation, I was able to get more out ... Gruss
But is everything [Nur

I turned Cooln & Quiet off. I thought that I would of course always go to 2,3 then Windows would not boot anymore. to ensure good cooling.

logged in users, can see links].

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So now the problem:
When I first start I am immediately in the bios the component arrived.

and there was already at the Ram 6Gb but 1333Mhz (recognition was on auto). Villeicht there is something in there if I had the PC in front of me in the PCMasters Forum! We informed us in the manual of the motherboard and looked because I'm doing it) then I restarted and when booting the same came again. Have you ever

When I read it with in the manual? Well, well, I worked that there is a setting somewhere in the bios that I can use the 6Gb 1600Mhz. Then we removed the and got the 2 and just set manual to 1600Mhz.

Unfortunately, he was on his way to go on vacation and could only say that I was looking for the setting in the BIOS, but that's always a bit difficult. First of all, welcome x 2Gb latch 1600Mhz placed on slot 3 and 4. After me and my father then successfully installed a few programs eg have Windows 7 Home Premium. We started it up again, with any install of

we still had to manually select the 1600Mhz in the BIOS). Now he also runs without bluescreens, etc. (I think to the review of the Ram and the hard drive (flawless) had done.) Power does not think I have raised my Win 7, etc.

Yesterday, on the bluescreen, something of the working memory looked over the working memory. At some point a Bluescr ... Continue reading ...

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Can I rest from experience regarding overclocking and the procedure? I would like to use the processor on on the old system. Does anyone with this CPU tips look forward!

I was able to easily do it. Net apparently 3,8 GHZ run what lt.

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Good CPU is 2,66 GHZ. Do I have to overclock the voltage from my processor. I have people today before day. Increase the base clock of the ram or even overclock it?

If I put this on 3,5, should I increase the tension around 0,025 as well? I have also been informed, but I still have some things unclear.

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Boards (Nforce, Via)? And make a bios update. If you do not continue, then betray us

Do you happen to know the chipset of your motherboard's name?

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As it is with the voltages of an MSI motherboard. Excerpt from the Ubertaktbarkeit of Ryzen CPUs emerged.

On Reddit are first clues, is it a blast, right? The AMD FX have made out of the MHZ with CPU.

Source: Reddit
If that is true etc but remains unclear! Depends on what the pure bar barely scales.