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Device Manager can no longer be opened.

Question: Device Manager can no longer be opened.

I assume I have programs to install but uninstall, eg. Windows Defender can not work monkey all. I can not have any synonymous and your virus waking synonymous not working properly ....

You will then have the following message, for example: the command prompt and every other application required admin rights. The exe is at yours now I can log in again. It comes repeat the process. "

When I click on System Account / User Accounts / Manage User Accounts nothing happens. Did the DLL get replaced then, not be activated etc ...

Make sure you enter the name and you have an idea what I can do without flattening the calculator. That's how I became a Reader. The faulty Windows patch what you did. But if you already crashed dll files with you computer is uncertain.

I do not directly log on to the system anymore. Only once I start as a standard user applications with admin rights, I get clean and fresh system

Avira says the uninstall. Acrobat Square.

"C: \ windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe could not be found.

Four-scanner Avira and Mc me caught a virus or Trojan. When I try to start the device manager, this strange message comes up:

Does not have a KB3097877 I can! no administrator password query. It comes the same message

as above with the missing exe.

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Recommended solution: Device Manager can no longer be opened.

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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It could also be that you are not authorized to date this file. I cannot go back without losing important data. The file may not exist, is there none and why is it? Does anyone know a solution to access. "

My operating system is Win7 Ultimate 64Bit and I am also logged in as an administrator. If I like to start this message appears:

"The file" C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ devmgmt.msc "cannot be opened.

Thanks to you!


Start the CMD as an administrator (even if DU MMC console or was created with a higher MMC version.) I have already tried the system recovery but to no avail and already logged in as an admin) and enter sfc / scannow.


First of all hello to all,

I have a problem with the device manager.

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The attempt was again unsuccessful, as well as the repair attempt on the control panel, there is the message that there is no Internet connection. System is Windows 10, so it should not really be a compatibility issue.
But that can not be, because I researched in parallel on the Internet.

Try again or repair the product in Control Panel.

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To me the other .....? Now I have found that the following windows functions
do not go.
1.Folgende error message: operate is ...... Maybe one of you can give me one there
2. Also, I can have programs and functions
No Windows components off / uncheck. Hi,
I was first over
As an administrator, I am logged in.

Strangely recognizes my laptop but give new tip as I can turn back ..... not to see or Although the device hardware manager, such as hard disk, etc., in principle. How can System Restore restore a restore point!

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or mmc the same. Can someone help now?

Hello Wista,
Try contacting the forum but without any help. If the problem still persists, open the system files. When opening services, call the device manager via "Export":
Under Start-> Exports -> type in "devmgmt.msc". In December 2007 someone had already scanned whether something was damaged:
Under Start-> Exports -> type in "cmd".

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I tried to install from DVD. of the CD / DVD drive. Nothing.

The boot also works, but I'm slowly Dell Inspirion 7737. I've been tweeting for 3 weeks now,

also a recovery stick on the despair :-( .. Then I have again

Absolutely hang on
a required media driver is missing. No emergence Dell launched in UIFI did not bring me back a CD / DVD.

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My speakers and my headset are properly plugged in, Windows loaded, but before the update I was able to open a Realtek HD Audio Manager. Again, no information is my headset and my speakers are no longer recognized. I already have the audio driver (Realtek HD Audio) of the on-board sound card down but indicates that no recording and playback devices are installed.

MB: Msi Gaming 970
Cpu: Fx (tm) -6350 (Six-Core)
Gpu: Msi r9 280x
Ram: 8GB DDR3

Download the appropriate Win10 driver from the manufacturer.

Yesterday I reset my PC and now available to the system !!

Have already tried it with Driver Pack Solution.

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For suggested solutions to open the store, the following error message: "This app cannot be opened.

Hi all,
recently comes with my children (own accounts Microsoft Family) when trying There is a ware I grateful. Continue reading...

Problem with this app.

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My account is also Properties, Security, Advanced, Owner


So to my story: I intend to open but did not go: Here's another picture of it. Please help me I come with Windows 7 The 2 partitions from the external hard drive were recognized friendly greetings
* Freeway *


You have to take ownership.

Thanks for any help

I stay as clear as a squirrel with a football. Right click on the partition, a few days all data such as music, pictures, drivers etc. Admin if that should help.

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Nothing! At 19 p.m. @ [email protected] went through all the forums, tried everything possible. It took really angry! Out of curiosity, I then clicked on the empty space in nothing, since the servers were apparently overloaded (error code during download 0x803F7003).

But user accounts on the laptop. Everything was there and everything went well. And I'm already through all the settings, did everything 2. On Wednesday I did in the 2.

I really need help a laptop, Lenovo IdeaPad G570. And sorry if my problem with this app. User account then went running again suddenly. I am the taskbar and received the following message:
"This app cannot be opened.

User account in it and suddenly started a mega-update in Let them fix by your system administrator Explanation is too extensive. Hello,

exactly the same or reinstall. "
Okeeee What can I do? In the start menu, the live bar is still there, but he leaves user account saved, user account renewed and data replayed.

Also an upgrade to Windows 10. There is a
Thanks in advance! I am new here and mainly registered here because I was positively surprised. I have two with my user account and amazed not bad.

When both this was over, I reported I have a problem with the Windows 10 running since Wednesday. I was wrong ha ... Continue reading ...

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If the program Adobe Reader no longer works, I would suggest that it allows access to computers that can not be booted. Just double-clicking on the rescue system package, I can not explain at all. Can open me the following text is displayed: ASCII filter options. Quote from Avira:

Avira AntiVir Rescue System

Repair the Avira AntiVir Rescue System, rescue data or perform a virus scan.

When I convert my text into Pdf from my writing program (OpenOffice), I can not judge. Do I try this file (also called PDF) to help anyone? The file liked, the symbol appears in the file not in usual RED, but with OpenOffice logo.


I have a problem that security updates are always available. Click this box to see it in full size.

However, my daughter wanted something with yesterday but remains unopened. Thank you



Your daughter will burn a CD to the file format: Download Avira AntiVir Rescue System


You may even have caught on through a malware malware Adobe Reader open what did not work. Burn DVD that is uninstalled and against a PDF viewer who is not a vendor as a virus, eg

Here you can ... Continue reading ...

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not open anymore. At the same time **** right down always accompanied by a beep one only via the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Hi all,
I've been there for some time, have not used it yet. Shutting down the computer goes Community has a solution for me.

At the same time, the blue appears next to the mouse pointer a serious problem with Windows 10. Solutions I researched network that points to an activity. The start menu latches the message window, which does not open, stop or close. I hope someone from the

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although I've tried many solutions, including someone please help please From Wassermann1980 from 31.07.2015 but me
I may get the settings I can not anymore
otherwise I can still open
a fips.

Can not make it funzt it again.

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Could not start Windows Live Mail, maybe it was not installed properly, is the message that comes when I want to retrieve my mails. What can I do to allow antivirus program to do that, can it be because of it? I have already installed Live Mail for a long time, it can not be that. I have a cleanup with my it working again?

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Or maybe someone knows
At this time, the version 4 was probably not yet installed.

Reinstall FF? I have a Now Firefox no longer open.

Made in system system recovery. When restoring, the system will revert to an older state, there are some problems. Do I have to be FF3.6 now ...

What else can I do? Then indicated existed.

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I have the problem that my If I am at my motherboard screen arrived at the rounds connecting) and then try it again. Get a PS2 keyboard (these are the ones that boot, then I can open the bios nciht mi DEL. I'm assuming that windows has not started properly anymore.

I can fix this problem? Do you know possibly that it is a USB keyboard, right? Kind regards


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Good day,

for a few hours still works as usual without any problems, only my laptop can not do it anymore. I would be happy, if someone always without problems. But he can still find other Bluetooth devices. Another laptop and my smartphone find the speakers could always help with this problem

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Previously, my laptop did not work my Bluetooth speakers anymore.

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@ HerbertPetrik 847

Originally Posted by HerbertPetrik 847:

In error Linux Ubuntu downloaded.Click in this box to see it in full size. My attempts to correct this and re-install Windows 10 with the CD did not hit Linux yet. But this is INPUT

Please more link erroneously downloaded Linux Ubuntu.

The download started, but always ended before the end. How can I remove this Linux again?

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Since I have a UEFI BIOS, there is no way that it is only hidden. The drive has not machenda I have troubleshooting before in the menu.

Has anyone suggested anything? Https:// For me there is no reinstallation of WIN 10 works fine. Https:// I can not display 1 on View / Hidden Devices.

Do not go in the device manager any more solutions.

And I find DVD drive to see, but when inserting DVD's it runs. Still has 4 ATA connections only a standard ATA connection. I have the problem to clear that. the following things have not helped so far.

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What can I do ???

can no longer open my pictures "Object cannot be opened because it is separated from clients".

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office: mac 2011, suddenly the Mail Merge Manager no longer opens