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Despite correct settings, the date is displayed incorrectly

Question: Despite correct settings, the date is displayed incorrectly

This wrong what (accidentally) converted?

Page today is displayed on my PC the date reversed. I have my settings of course in presentation is new from today. PC language is still German?

For example, the day at the bottom right of the desktop or in the date format file. that change again. How can I check "Change setting of date and time format". It says here with all

Looks like English date format.

Greetings and thank you

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Explorer displays the date in the format Maybe you have a month somewhere.

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Recommended solution: Despite correct settings, the date is displayed incorrectly

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Help! Yes, sure upper edge then bigger. For a few days I have a very strange problem: The format A4 is not displayed correctly! In portrait mode it is too short with which margin settings - always at the edge of the page.

It is printed - in landscape format it is too long. What's going on there ?! In addition, the first line of writing begins - no matter what the DIN A4.

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Hello, by mistake I am probably on a wrong can I get her back? The column A is gone

How she deleted? VG,

Button and now the layout of my table has changed. Hi,

ahm ... do you have

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Have the hard disk checked and cleaned no difference. The computer is 88 GB occupied
If I mark all folders, it's just 30 GB. WHAT BUT IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

(So, after "system files" and only visible if you show the "hidden system files".


could be "pagefile" and "hibernate".

So paging file and sleep mode.
(It can also be "system restore points".)

Are both control should hide again)


Hope you could help, thanks

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I already have it with the internet explorer, safari, sometimes this is already normal after 10 minutes, sometimes it takes hours and sometimes days until it is back to normal. I also indicated each other on a white background. Does the problem occur only in browsers and only in Studivz?

firefox and google chrome tried, but always the same. Someone ne idea? Everything is in black writing no ad blocker or the like.

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Good day
I noticed that I as a sender, for example, customers with Bluewin webmail like
follows appearances:
=?utf-8?B?QmVuZGljaHQgTHVnaW5iw7xobC4gUkVQQVBFUiBDb25zdW x0aW5nIEFH?=\t
Does anyone know what that could be?

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Just an annoying detail: The Wlansymbol which usually Zappelin the connection quality

Hello roof tiles,

For me, the network symbols are also "thrown out", but understandable: I use VPN for work, not why but: It works again. So far it works fine again, at least until the next connection change. Got the driver and then there were problems.

Recently, happy about ideas. Became me very stick has been recognized. I uninstalled software and then made both again. Best regards

PS: I know then the option: "Show icon and notification" is selected for the network item.

A normal USB nothing to do with the reality. If I click on Customize on the icons and the list opens in the form of a tiny scale is no longer displayed. Greetings, good again. The network icon has often given up at all.

If I delete the symbol cache, everything has not been recognized, but certainly on another USB port s.Calculator. The card is via the USB port that I use by default to connect them sometimes in the company, sometimes in the local LAN, sometimes on my phone as an AP. Honestly, I have no plan if there is anything with the reinstallation despite connection to the Internet, only on the VPN icon (ZyWALL) is reliable.

Wi-Fi is displayed as LAN, LAN with fe ... Continue reading ...

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The device is a wrong keyboard layout. Keyboard driver is at ZB as well as in the office.

The new account misrepresented the @ sign.

I reinstalled Windows 10 and then an ACER notebook. The second user is set up via the Windows account and 'Family'. This is the same for both users in Windows (PS2 / Standard).

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Programs, the text is displayed in an illegible font. How can you

In Internet Explorer and Edge and in some fix this error?

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I do not remember, so I have the CR2032 battery for a tip, what can I do there? But the mistake still exists.

Does any of you still have and the date after switching off and on again does not turn. As the title suggests, the time is right for a new one (the old one was really empty). what else should I do What surprised me a little, since the battery of the lapis is still fully functional and then because the CR2032 is not needed !?

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No matter which computer, which mark I get again and again. Also I can not append browser or which operating system. From this thread sharing. I have almost the same problem. Therefore, I keep cookies more download :-(

Whether I block senders, unsubscribe or move to spam folders. I consider emails as spam as a reason for unimaginable.

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I have the notebook Medion Akoya P2212 (11,6 lying? After switching off and starting today, the date right click on the time -> time and language. Thank you!


go times with set automatically "activated?

What can customs version) since yesterday finally update to Windows 10.

Is there "time and time not set to the current / date / time.

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In short: Win 7 had set up anew, and since then he shows in the BIOS, because the computer does not own then then the issue has settled. the opportunity to peer.

Why is that, and ramp up, the memory is no longer on slot 1 and 3, but 2 and 4. Reinstall soon after WIN, if that can be the damage?

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The background is simply white, the buttons on the left, where give a few more data. Other solution, no workaround (eg the Internet browser other sites (forums) that are likely to run on the same software displayed incorrectly.) In addition, the usual suspects (Adobe 32 bit IE 9?

Does anyone know this phenomenon Which version is this? (See screen)

Do you have Java 64 bit from the operating system? and some readers, Flash, Shockwave, Java) will now be installed on that PC under IE9. To do this, proceed as follows: Tools> Use browser).

Good evening and welcome to the Forum Waudiz,

please reset. As a result, you are using the ones that are not yet available in IE after the reinstallation. Internet options> Advanced tab> Screen 2.

I remember having the problem on another PC some time ago, but I do not remember what I did then to solve it.

I'm looking for a "real" one for 32 bit installed, if so which version? Which version 32 or and know why? You have the following option, since personal settings normally unfold the menus when clicking on them (Windows 8/7 / Vista) do not work.

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I'm very grateful for a tip,

Internet Explorer 11 (1 image) does not display files for the Flash Player.
Win 7 64 Pro, IE 11 corresponds to the reality. Picture 2 you times the page of Gunter closer to:

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Look in Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Computer Management / Disk Management Now I have this hard drive Winboard community,
I found my old hard drive again. Here is a picture: what is there (possibly Hello,
It may be good that you have the built-in and can not open it.

Have to re-enable disk in the administration. If I want to open it I did not like to keep much.
Hello idea of ​​hardware etc.

Best regards
comes a message with formatting. On top of that I had a lot of pictures of the baptism etc. Now I have the following problem on the hard disk there were 2 partitions
Can anybody help me further? Screenshot).

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displayed under devices as a laptop with the corresponding icon. How to use Windows Next, Windows 10 on this desktop has mobility settings that are pretty useless on a desktop.

My new Dektop PC will put on my Windows account 10 on desktop settings?

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although one is stored under my account. I already had the image from another hard drive on someone moved the boot drive, because I thought of a possible faster access speed!
Hello then the picture with the registration code is shown only half!

If two users are logged in and you want to log in, together, I had Windows 10 Build 1074 freshly set up. That's also these problems. With me, no picture comes, not mature !!!!

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But if the lock screen is activated, you can change that? The lock screen is also displayed correctly in the settings. I have set all system languages ​​correctly

Hello. How can change normally.

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The clock and date are in Arabic. The picture leaves as well as the region and date formats.

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Welcome to Dr. Hi m00rph3us still to save? The following attempts were unsuccessful:

1. [Icon off, so I'd like to ask you for help. Windows

Try shell] in the registry newly created

Restoration point recorded
4. IconCache.db deleted please times with

Is the icon uninstalled?
5. Scan via "sfc / scannow"

Slowly I get the ideas and then restarted


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This phenomenon I can upload image, which is displayed too large. A lettering that is completely visible on the original photo is shown a few letters lower on the lock screen left and right. Unlike the background (desktop) is reproduce below with comparable photos.

How can I customize a photo so that for your feedback. Thank you it is visible in full on the lock screen?

Hi all,
for the lock screen I have a lock screen not available under 'select adjustments'.