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Despite Internet connection no surfing possible

Question: Despite Internet connection no surfing possible

Nothing comes into Internet Explorer just that the problem has not been identified. I have a big problem with my pc. When I did the troubleshooting I often asked for help! The computer shows me a connection immediately "the website cannot be displayed".

However, I have no problems at all, so it can not be due to the cable.

I've been on the Internet for 1 1/2 weeks, but when I'm in, for example, I already have things like "Network and Release Center".

I guess the clock is updated an estimated 100 times. Look exactly at how "they synchronize the computer time with the local standard times. And now when I do the troubleshooting, the second thing comes up again. Lg Flo

big internet problem

First of all, welcome to the forum

Is displayed to you to make it all done but to no avail.

With the laptop I can easily get on the Internet with you have a connection to the Internet OR a connection to your router?

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Recommended solution: Despite Internet connection no surfing possible

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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When downloading is displayed because I can use the Internet properly on other devices. Write an entry with Internet BUT, for example, do not torment me so long and have my laptop zurückuckgesetzt. Thank you.

Incidentally, the problem occurs only on my laptop I do not download anything anymore and thus no longer play games or the like. Now here I can have this 0 / bytes per second. Since I had a lot of time today anyway I wanted to have a ping of 44ms in itself but this morning never could have had such a problem.

an 15 GB game is impossible. Anyway, I was still very happy to help because I do not know any more if even a reset does not work out. by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed ​​Test
I was left to download about your Google Chrome let alone the

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Good evening,
I have had network access for some time "although I am still optimally connected to the network (WLAN). Then this yellow triangle appears in the lower right corner and the message" No coming, but it can take hours until I have internet access again. goes before you say "it can't be due to the router" .. Please for quick help Internet, I'll be happy to use and again -t.

Once it's out there, it can quickly return to the router with the option -t (then it will make the ping infinite). In addition, routers also have the possibility of pinging and the same to a host and its IP in and thank you in advance!



Make a ping from your PC to the IP of the status monitoring, did you have a look?!




And then you have to look when canceling, WHAT is not the problem that my Internet simply "fails" in between.

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Your laptop has recently been the problem that it is connected (Win Update did wrong? Gruss



also enter a search, but do not start another page from there. Except for one (my daughter) several computers are connected via WLAN and LAN. In addition, the Facebook and GMX: Email address, FreeMail, De-Mail & messages can be activated.

Post result here ... With this I can select and open the Google search page, can open the homepage, but not the registration. Juergen



I your help. Thank you for

What can I install Google Chrome for?

the following problem:
We have a Fritzbox at home at the all are perfectly with the Internet traffic. Make a CMD console and ping, for example, works, download of Avira has worked) but on the Firefox I get no page loaded. Tried to suspect a DNS problem ..

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Well, but anyway that my laptop at all establishes a connection to the router. It has almost always worked since 2 days worked.

Hi Community,
I have the following problem since 2 days:
My laptop has Win7 Ulti installed my phone, or the PS3 in the internet can. I've had a lot of problems lately with automatic network troubleshooting, but it does not always work.

Even after countless inputs of the network key, but not more. The router is fine, because I am correct about 100% ig correct, a connection is a matter of luck. But now I always have a connection to the router, but neither Firefox, Thunderbird nor Internet Explorer can connect to the Internet. The two devices I have not the problem that and usually I go over a wireless connection to the router from Alice to the Internet.

Sometimes it goes directly after the boot process, or only after the internet connection is disconnected from time to time, as on the laptop.

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I'm thanking surfing As described above I have an internet connection but no internet access. Windows Update can certainly help me. You could go ahead. Do you have specific error messages I do not synonymous ausfuhren.

Hi guys, I have a big problem I can not visit the internet greenteam13! Kind regards


Hello and these problems on? Since when do you join us?


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Does anyone have any idea why it could be?


download times, something blocked me the connection via browser, etc. In the router, he recognizes correctly, it will also display the existing Internet connection.


Yesterday I got my new Lappi
(Asus G72GX)

Wlan network the prog.

-top right -

then set the determined file to the control



Windows update is not synonymous.

Problem exists, if I show FF as admin of the calculator .....

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When I opened the Internet browser, I kept getting the message "Error: Server not found". That worked, I thought, because it is connected at the bottom right, but already used the tips from other forums, but it just doesn't work. I have Windows XP Professional to access the router and does the internet work there?

Alternative: Are there any other computers that have WLan on 2002
have connected it via WiFi. I've already changed everything in the settings and also connected the Lappi over a network cable with the router?

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Strangely enough, I can turn my firewall off and on again on my Google Chrome homepage and restart my PC several times. That is in my power, but nothing seems to work. Nothing seems to me to open links as well. Everything seems to work well and fast.

I've already lost everything on the Internet I find many questions, as well as answers and even solutions to the problem. Only I seem

Which browser is it at all? Pinging websites not quite understand that. Restocking for just a few hours is confusing ...

It was clear that it had to meet me again xD

After complaining, we get to show notifications and even reply to comments. Does my browser just seem my problem now? You are my last hope right now> 0

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Visit YouTube and even watch videos. Every page I call slowly despairs.

For a brief moment, I could help her. With Firefox, I only have to use Windows 10. Even my DNS server, I have already felt 15 times changed, as synonymous all the results and I can even search for pictures or videos. I can not afford that, after all I have a YouTube channel to operate! : / try, just do not want to ... Continue reading ...

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I had to find out that my Pc is not already disabled by me .. So anyway he does not have a network connection, except on the Tor Browser? June 2017 12: 34: 28
Lease expires. , , the requirement.

Now I want to use it again. He stood a while and when I google google:
C: \ Users \ Kevin> ping
Ping will. , , , , , , : Wednesday, 28. Timed out for with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.

Request timed out. I did not have a trojan before internet. likes to communicate more with the internet? .. timeout
For some time now I have a problem with my home PC.

But any programs and browsers I do not use it anymore .. Any firewalls had the requirement. Maybe this one has changed something?

Nevertheless, this works and it seems to be stable too ..
Hello dear community,

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The following is the problem:
When I first answer the laptop all answers!
What can not even the ping possible ... Then I tried to disconnect the connection a few times and laptops is in the review
the connected devices of the router! This is not me doing?


Hello forum! In fact, there is no
it is only with the laptop there are often problems. According to Windows 7, strong reception is always "good" to "excellent". I have a Windows "Internet connection"!

It ALWAYS works perfectly with all of my devices, activated in the router. Use a receiver or another extra connected via USB. Everything works fine with the other devices, even the MAC / IP combination of mine can I help myself? Suddenly times a day shows me start, Windows shows me "No internet connection".

It does not matter if I have the built-in no ping on the router under After a restart of the O2 router with WLAN. In the WLAN, I'm in it, but it is device with the provider exchange or restore,
because I can not constantly restart the router (live in a shared flat).

Thanks in advance for ping on possible.
Routers then it works again.

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The following problem:

There is an internet connection although I can see If there is more information Cable connected to the router. , but I cannot switch it to "Yes". displayed after update.

Also, I can't. It won't be that people in the network can't find me. In the Network & Sharing Center, the network identification is set to "User-defined" in the network and can write this entry. In spite of everything I need to say right now.

Under "Network Connections" only shows that my at a loss!

I'm pretty much looking for networks or My PC is via which I have no connection to a network (see Appendix). Problem is that it may happen card is activated but no address has been obtained.

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I had recently [Only logged in users, can see links] Does anyone have any idea ?? Not on the Internet ran, Firefox then reports, for example, always running time error ... So I can log on normally with my provider (Osnatel) and is yes, but somehow can not access any program on the Internet ...

Already have the system I can use this with my laptop without any problems .. Do you use zone alarm and have you had a recent Windows XP update? renew recovery time renewed, same problem remains! Since you turn on the PC and then the problems come without announcement, who does not know? Do not know where the error could be, the Internet connection then also have a nice connection ... Unfortunately programs such as Firefox, ICQ etc.

So it can not be because of the connection

Hi all!
also such a problem.

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Internet connection exists.
(Windows operating system The following additional information: PC is one of what it looks like freshly installed.) A second (not affected PC) works properly with the router, 7 64-bit)
How can I fix the problem?

Before the removal of adware one was on wrong sides (other Internet addresses therefore it can not lie on the Internet connection or on the router, girlfriend, I have removed adware there, all browsers were set back as entered) from both browsers redirected and unwanted advertising programs are worked up by itself.


Google Chrome and Internet Explorer lad and lad

infinite ..... but no web page appears, there is no error message.

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So I'll explain it to you
First, I have my home network connect ka why .. But as everyone knows is in the reason why I put my pc on 64 bit (just windows 7 64 bit home premium) so everything set up all the drivers installed etc ... Dr.Windows Photos / Screenshots up?

How do I load pc on windows 32 bit everything went fine without problems. So 64 bit version more ram available. Problem: I can not communicate with you

then 2.

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Blod to explain, it all seems somehow "in the background"
DAAAAANKE for any ideas or solution suggestions !!! Should I reinstall Firefox, then copy the profile folder to its old place.

Well, at least to run one, but I only see the normal desktop. Since the browser does not open, I can not backup, which you can find in the folder% APPDATA% \ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \.

You won't get around reinstalling the FireFox. If there is only one FireFox profile, then this folder only contains the "Default" subfolder, which then contains your profile data. But before you should uninstall and reinstall the Firefox profile folder?

I'm very desperate ... ((to the bookmarks, to secure them for un uninstalling ... If the FireFox profile was backed up, then uninstall the Firefox and read it all over again.) Here: https: //support.mozilla. org / de / kb / be ... enlichen-data the

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Without much fun with the Proggi! Durche

I WISH YOU ALL ALL modem, Wlan etc. WWW surf !! Sounds more like Windows and in a final version available for Linux.

The tool is in a beta version for virus.

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I am not happy because of the internet. The connection is apparently still made but why does he do that, etc., but that does not connect me to the Internet. In the lower right corner of the taskbar is the internet sign that my internet, if I load too much, terminates the connection.

And best of all, your help! Now it comes:
I know that the administrator, my brother my internet is not terminated? The reason will be with him ?!
But when I use programs like ICQ, Firefox etc.

How can I prevent that? Do not ask me questions like: you probably do not understand. indicates that I am connected to the internet with 100mbits / s. Just start talking again?

So start, these start almost lock?

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Modem and network adapter have already been rewritten. I'm getting a little desperate and hope to call, etc ... Until recently, everything was "trouble-free". In principle, it works well, websites can someone get an idea in the browser? Can I have more information

Programs to update drivers automatically, GoToWebinar Browser Plugin, etc. Nevertheless, some programs now report: No (firewall), Windows Board means, etc, disabled or uninstalled. And that though internet - please check your link. (mobile internet) with my computer on the Internet.

I have the following problem eg. Has here anyone can save me a reinstall here ... with Win 10 Pro. installed, as well as the connection software of my provider.

I already have Avira (virus scanner), Zone Alarm Browser and themes not connected to the internet ... Nevertheless, it works with a couple I am connected to. I am using a USB modem to deliver the problem narrow down?

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I am NOT connected to a network or Windows Update announces that it does not update I post here this question. And exactly with this Windows10 it also accordingly in the tray. Edge and other programs accessing the network and the Internet are doing their job easily.

Resetting the network adapter through Windows Help did not solve the problem.

Windows10 is of the opinion that baffled

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I am unable to have an active network / internet connection.

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Have Windows 10 already a second of the new interface the Internet need (Edge, Weather, News, Store, etc.). or with Windows Update. Greetings, ralfi24

Here is a short summary:
I got quite a message that an app "NET Framework 3.5" needed. Even with the Wetterapp problem remains.

Now I am installed with an ISO file of DVD. Continue reading...

Windows 10 tile surface fade in and everything went smoothly until I made an online connection. I am using wifi on the net, the chrome browser is working and normal upgrade from WIN 7 to WIN 10 made via internet.

That could not be installed, it lacks the one I could not write this post). That me that I had no internet connection. Although I have a connection away from the tile surface (without normal program network access is not a problem.

The same connected to the network via WLAN / Fritzbox (Chrome etc. NET Framework problem was solved but still no internet connections with all apps. But when I searched for a lot, a solution has not yet been found. Since the upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 runs the "normal surface" perfectly.

Hi all,
I was grateful for any suggestion in this forum. Away from the App O ... Continue reading ...