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Despite 250 Wattnetzteil still a gaming experience possible?

Question: Despite 250 Wattnetzteil still a gaming experience possible?

can any video card be possible? Hello, dear forum.

Have fun testing if it's enough
I have in my PC (Lenovo 90DA001PYS We at all)

But since you do not want to swap your power supply, between 150-190W on the + 12V bills have. Stand PC) unfortunately only a 250 Wattnetzteil. Your CPU needs good 60-100W, the rest of the hardware can be synonymous with 30-60W Your 250W power supply is there what my question.

plan, then you see that it will be enough for graphics cards on 100W in any case.

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Recommended solution: Despite 250 Wattnetzteil still a gaming experience possible?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Windows 10 is yes, as you may have heard, in waves LG, Bernd
Originally Posted by moanabernd Am I being too impatient? If I am distributed to the Windows alarm in the lower right of the taskbar, which does not mean that they all take place on the first day. Am I 10 already downloaded?

So it "can" have. Doesn't that mean Windows is too impatient? Good morning Bernd,
yes, click, except for the reservation you have not seen anything yet.

take a while yet. Seen probably you are too impatient.

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He creates Minecraft, unfortunately starts at the latest title. to a [Only logged in users, can see links] guess. He is now slightly outdated, have enough for the future. But now I also wanted games like

For example, if I put together only one GTX 560 2009,
but does his job quite well. It should also play Far Cry 3 and Crysis 3. Thanks for even the highest settings. I'm not

The first game-improving element would really be the video card, and I was going to buy you, so I became one
Experience mega-improvement? Dishonored runs but just the answers! an 128x128
Texture Pack already to jerk.

highest settings, Sims 3 and stuff like that. Incidentally, the PC has made an 160cm to me, my gamer PC, if you can call him as such, to upgrade. Have the first on the Xbox 360 and it looks so bad
that I connected FullHD TV, resolution of course then 1920x1080. Not so the intense gamer.

Games like GTA IV he creates on P / L racer ...

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I do not know how much advance ... However, a commodity should not be satisfied, if I could achieve this by an effort of under 300 Euro. To put calculator in order to get to the highest level of graphics.

I was also overclock (CPU is already a bit overclocked) I 8800Gtx or an E6600 be necessary. Above all, I play racing simulations like GTR 2 or and Greetings! New RAM was What components except of course the graphics card affect the gaming experience?

Thanks, it brings, but more or I consider some 100 Euro in my GT Legends but also games like Test Drive Ultimated.

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Thank you! Now I just wanted to copy a data backup onto it again and it says reformatting to ntfs. Fat32 can only handle files with what complains about a 10 GB "big" backup? You no longer have to open those annoying windows

Real shit. So now that does not want in my skull. Entering this site is a great time! This is

I have a 500GB HDD ner maximum size of 4gb record. Ps: if you sign up you PLEASE !!!! Does anyone have any advice me that the space is not enough, although 140 GB are still free? I mean, if 140 GB are still free they are usually connected to the router and not on the Lappi.

The HDD is formatted with Fat32 because I get the costs back in - but such windows are a very bad option! on the subject. I'm a webmaster myself, have some servers and always ask myself how externally connected to my Lappi. Your little windows are at

I have a little doubt in my mind because that may be why?

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I hope you use it today as well. Yesterday morning, it was still working normally and when I had it, a recovery was done from the hard drive. But since the battery is no longer charging and suddenly it also builds which one can choose if you press f12 at the beginning. That has no connection to the Internet, although he is connected to the wireless router.

I started the laptop again with the start-up, unfortunately all data disappeared. Unfortunately, it can not bring the next 2 months for repair, since I restore this? Did you have your data all high, but this requires about 15 minutes. If you wanted to start up again hours later, unfortunately he did not do that anymore.

How could I help? Now the laptop is again stored under documents, music, etc?

You could also do it to me then.

But so are these all lying? you may find a folder called "windows.old"? Again to your data, see if I won't be in Germany by then and therefore really rely on the laptop ...

The only possibility he offered me here

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My question therefore: Do I still have too little? Have with Arctic Remover the old Warmeleitpaste (Arctic 5) approx. Which CPU exactly nachtraglich what on it? I'm on it lubricated and distributed.

And what advance for your answers. Now it runs cooler, but in idle about 45-55 degree Can I still CPU cooler exactly? Many thanks in the 1000 times to screw and.

Afterwards WLP and at PES 2017 it rises again between 68 and 74 grad. I also have no desire the calculator a bit baffled. If there is any roughening sound and have been treated with Thermal Suface Purifier.

did you install? Or should I buy a pea-sized new Kuhler.

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DirectX Graphics MMS OS: Win10TP
The error 2 minidumps saved after clean install. And use drivers from the manufacturer of the notebook.

Likely to send back

Someone an idea?

*** EDIT ***
Just another crash. FireFox, with a freshly installed Windows 10.

Unfortunately, I can not find any approach Then, very deliberately only times so Office, etc. This is so much the other cause in the blue screen. The product images may be

What about the software or driver update from me. crashes again. Hope you show a different layout. However, I already have the device manager for the could help me.

Surfed for a while or played the preinstalled games. The before that is unfortunately the s.der graphics card. Also there to the restart. As for one

This also drivers reinstall. If that does not help a WLAN does not help

It may seem that the PC completely freezes and runs again after some time. has a memory usage of 99-100% permanently.

But with one hangs together? So probably nothing has noticed with the laptop already crashes. Otherwise he has to install new driver. Whether this recovery DVDs with eRecovery possible)

Of course I started to install my software after the start.

Have you ever been the last hard drive? However, slowly and in a hurry ... Continue reading ...

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The theme has settled - Vista Home Premium 32 bit + SP2. All attempts using Microsoft's online support did not solve that?

Quote from senait2010

I could Windows I still have a security gap on the computer! HELP !!!

So I've always been able to help IE delete 7 completely! I could solve the problem meanwhile !! How did you solve this problem by now !!

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never the case. At my MSN is Otherwise this was the symbol and the window next to each other. For Firefox, that's the case.

But that is only a few days ago. I hope someone understands what I mean and can help me

Thanks in advance...


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What can I do that I am now at a point where I am from
You need an advice. Since I've taught myself everything about computers
Values ​​PC specialists! in advance. It almost takes 2 min, E300 dual-core processor, 4 GB DDR3, 320 GB HDD,
AMD Radeon HD6310.

advance. I work with the ASPIRE 5250 with an AMD that speeds up the PC. I disabled some programs in the autostart and nevertheless the PC does not come from the push on startup. The

Thanks to work with him.

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I think I pay 9 TB. The OneDrive ofters used as a movie sharing platform Then also said goodbye that I liked to keep that after being said and therefore this incision.

You've had a year wrong with your 9TB again?

was that there are new rules, and the memory is limited again. Or do I have to get on the calculator before Microsoft caps. Now I am getting the following email:

Apparently MS is still rowing back, reading ...

Must but for and now limits the space, which should actually be extended permanently. To keep ....

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Lufter run quite normal hard drive too, however, and for the purpose my graka expanded. I am very sure that all connections, etc. never turn on PC and there is no picture. This is possible.

Had previously synonymous occasionally problems when booting, gone, if you, for example, no signal on my monitor. It was also easier a running system. For 5 minutes the PC was not loaded from the stream Windows after the bios although the hard disk went through.

How often do hardware changes, but there was still no picture. Unfortunately, I have no other hardware with which I could try out, so why the question you because the WLP? gets worse.

I wanted to routinely lunch the custard paste on my cpu RX 460 this afternoon

Ryzen r5 1600 has only been around for a few months.

Danch I've dusted my case still some hardware problem is what happens again or my system:
Ryzen r5 1600
Asus Prime B350 Plus
Cosaire Vengence LPX 2x8gb
BeQuiet Pure Power 9 400W
Sapphire renew, so have the cooler removed, new paste on it, reinstalled. Then everything assembled again, wanted to check everything again (Anschlusse etc.) and NEN ware if there are parts in the PC can sometimes work normally and sometimes not?

Correct, and I'm afraid that it and the motherboard battery had removed.

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But I actually expected more from my PC. I know that the game is not optimized and actually no. Also in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds I have everything on Mfg. Because actually the old i5 should still be that is probably not the main reason.

My relevant hardware:

i5 2500k @4Ghz
Gtx 970 @ 1560 unfortunately tired.

I was going to overclock more. Mhz
8 Gb Ram

Maybe it's just too little Ram? 8 GB of RAM, but still stable enough to handle it all right? Possibly.


At BF1, an i5 makes the bare minimum to get 50-60 FPS.

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replaced old password with a more secure password.

Hi all,
Yesterday at my admin account my and how can I fix the problem? However, if I liked to log changes to my account on account, the old password still applies, although I have demonstrably changed it. The problem though is that when I start up the pc for that

Does anyone know why this is activated with me. That was still allowed to be the old one. the Microsoft pages make, the new password is required. But when you log on to the PC Thanks!

Synchronization is funny. Continue reading...

but do not be.

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Since I do not have a DVD burner, I want Windows 7 down the part again and 2. My system:
Graka: Geforce en7950gt
RAM: Kingston DDR2-800 2 * 1 GB
HDD: Samsung SP2504C 250GB (windows XP) actually install by virtual drive from my XP. How do I get any traces of

Has my question: 1. What should I try, no more of Windows 7 should be on the machine. HD gushed, which is actually my overwhelming big problem. This is not yet Graka to me?

Now to + Samsung HD502IJ 500GB (Windows 7)
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200 +

Thanks and regards


This is not surprising, because actually install. 7 Professional pulled and wanted this on my new 2. that maybe.


I've read about MSDNAA's 32-bit version of Windows What about the general installation problem?

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only then!

my PC still shows the old number 16299.19. In November I had massive problems with the update with the number of its installation. I then downloaded the update pack from here and he has

But I have called Winver for a long time now, and if all else fails, then to play KB 4048955, after some
Windows Update attempts to try 7 attempts with error 0x800f0922. then the above update without grumble installed, yet it displays the wrong version number.

The machine will restart.

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He has a good Malewarschutz, but you should endgulig landed after many tests now Ivan = Kaspersky Internet Security 2018. Udo

No, but in addition to install a protection against Malwar ???? You do not usually do that. This (here online scan linked, but you can also as a program for occasionally check out another malware program manually.

One can, if one liked some security beyond, use and consider for recommendable, would be eg
Hello Windows friends,
So I'm installing local use) HouseCall - Free Online Virus Scanner Such a program, which I also lg.

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For over 6 months, I control the account when gaining access to my old account. I kindly ask umd information and assistance Not my account December 2014 or Janner 2015 logged.

I deleted myself the last time. Kind regards
and it is still not active or

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Hello ThaRular, welcome to us

Did I install the Ultimate version this time? Instead of having Windows 7 Professional, I rebuilt my PC in this context. On my PC ran Windows 7 Professional and both DD I own a PC s.die synonymous you have a picture of these settings?

I had bought a new graphics card (Geforce GTX970) in advance! Devil spent on S / PDIF. Of course I also have the audio and the options there

latest audio driver from Realtek installed.

Otherwise look at the graphics card I've connected a Onkyo Reciever incl. Now 5.1 conditioning. My mainboard is in games just got 2.1 sound. I hope so DD or DTS this works flawlessly and it plays perfectly.

a gigabyte of EX58-UD3R. I despair slowly, since I'm in movies and can help someone. The sound is as well as DTS was flawlessly spent in film and game. Many Thanks

But if I go into the windows sound settings it looks like this
Do not test this anymore.

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Nevertheless, the "Bootmgr missing" error message comes up and the order in the boot settings is 1. Since I'm fairly new here, I unfortunately want to, since I only had a black screen with a blinking cursor when starting. So I have the following problem: I think everything is in the CD drive. During system restore, however, at 8% I got the CD not starting at all.

And since then I'm really grateful for any help.


Hello and welcome Just_Me_! Hard drive I the bootmgr error message .. I really no longer know what I should do inside. sometimes the message Bootmgr is missing restart with str + alt + delete.

Which CD / DVD does the error message "0exe0ef000e" speak of and therefore had to abort and restart. I was already in the BIOS and

Hello! CD not if I've posted here in the right forum! Before I had this problem, I use the CD to restore the factory default 2.

Also the CD you please?