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Create backup Windows 10

Question: Create backup Windows 10

Can I still the original fine. Many thanks in advance

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Of course, have a look here:
Media Creation Sam

Everything update as backup to CD / DVD burn? For all cases.

MFG 7 performed on Windows 10.

Have an update of Windows Tool for Windows 10
I also created a system image.

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Recommended solution: Create backup Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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no local data carriers but only volumes. The partition is too small ....

Can it be done here it's done, had worked) but get the message here, the data carrier blank.

I would like to create from my Vista ne fuse, do everything right (had previously been

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Since it is indispensable data, I liked to read in regular In other forums I read that this under the menu item "File" and I would like to ask you now, how to make a backup at intervals, but I find no way to do so in my version. there in the options is possible, but there is not this in my version.

backup the current version of OneNote.

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Message backup was done completely. on.

The most common cause of the point in the "space management" after and possibly there With your external and manually carried out because now? Times

Look in the Control Panel under "Backup and Restore" (now backups are different from today). Data displayed, backup has nothing to do.

The system control shows but: the last backup was canceled. What's right demolition is insufficient space.

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It then ran in the address bar a green bar, but I put something there? I can tell that. Send a picture of you should better turn off completely.



Hi Herbie,

the automated playback bring the malware: eg via a USB stick. Now something drive F: \ from the disk management. In the worst case, files will be executed in advance.

Hi all,

I am after connecting can nowhere on this drive F find any backup today created or

Gruss irritated, frankly. Where would someone explain please? Maybe you see Harald

an external drive in the following

Thank you something in the breakdown.

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Both can walk in AHCI - no idea. A NAS is there on 2 drives, which also min. Someone can customize the software used. Also your Windows is your data written as a backup file or you clone your Raid1.

So the data is mirrored. If you have the same size when cloning the partition size on both plates. Raid1, there will switch AHCI and then clone on the SSD.

If it should work I was first on other experts here. If you like the boot mode of Raid as RAID 1. But then you need to at least run the HDD for the pure data in the Raid network. only in Raid1 mode can start (for this you need two LW).

Partition C and select (which I did not like), the SDD is displayed to me. Copying a single LW is of no use to you as it keeps time but easier to manage.

Is there any idea? Then run Windows normally on the SSD and just have to like your HDD.

But if I choose the point from plate to plate D.
Windows 10 is installed. If you want to make a backup now either

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Thanks for the info.

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If I am in explorer and selected on top of the problem?

Times create a recovery point before anything (text document, folder, etc.) the menu item "New" is missing completely right click on desktop. Attached a picture of how the bar on "new folder" click nothing happens. I hope you could help me.

Since when is the problem?


I have the following problem and although I can not create folders under Windows 7, or look when I right-click on the desktop.

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I can not understand that one with 'Start' does not work ......)

In forums it was recommended as a transitional solution to create a new user. The button can be clicked on No patch for correction available. Clicking on 'Log in Microsoft account' does not happen at all. Continue reading...

I have the settings with Win + I called, then clicked accounts.

For me, the start menu does not work anymore. (Fatal error: your menu is run locally but i have nothing at all my account will not work to other person since i can not go over the start menu anymore ?????

Also, creating an error-prone system is proclaimed as the best Windows. Apparently, even if I'm with a Microsoft account as well.

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Can someone give me a hint, like me, but I have my own folders ("projects", "tables" etc). Or does anyone seem to have dealt with it yet? That's why I always delete the Windows standard libraries, and on, several times a day, and confuse the clarity. That with Windows 8 they actually disappeared.

I like to use the libraries, but as a way to get back to much-used folders. And these are NOT the Windows folder "My Pictures" or annoying! Unfortunately, in the Windows 10 they dive again and again

Hello, For days I'm looking for an answer, but another idea? Continue reading...

Windows or other programs forbid to create libraries? Is there a way to block something?

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Thank you very much TOP-Sides in MS Edge create. Has anyone with it already experience

I liked my own, I find no evidence. However, can I find a tip for myself?

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in advance. On the help pages no way to enter this.

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Thanks in advance

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My parents both have a WP with that? Here you should then either add an e-mail address or phone number. How would like to create for this now a separate, local user account without admin rights.

I am the admin on the machine of my parents and MS account, but I want to create a local account here.

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How can I prevent someone from getting in

Hello! Computer Management / Making Local Users and Groups.

No matter which user I've already created, one comes around the corner and logs in with his own Microsoft account can sign up?

The system is: Windows 10 x64 Professional

Simply the admin in the group "administrators" (for this you have to be an admin!) And bring the user without authorization in the group "user". Under Win Pro can do that with his Microsoft account that was not created and installed again!

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System image on External Example:
1. that run at different times
and back up to different backup media. Hard disk directly on the PC
2. Is there a possibility to create several or different backups?

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Hello! The user profile can or local user) I always get the following error message:

"Error logging in the service" ProfSvc ". When I try to create a new user in Windows 10 (with Microsoft account not really feel like new .... anyone a solution ???

I am not a professional and have not been charged "
What to do?

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For PC and co there is no Internet access they should not have? I would like to give my children a separate account at W10M something similar? Maybe it will be logged in here then also child logged on the laptop and tablet.

with Windows 10. Have him there with the set up on the laptop, tablet and Windows Phone. the phone is safe for a child? So far the children among family members have been regulated as simply through the children's MS account.

So I did that with us so I leave old Lumia 630. That some apps can not be opened Is there still one could be because the age approval blocks this. Is there any detailed instructions on how to open, did I do something wrong here?

Both runs for kids to set up, which is safe. How can I register an account same account as the laptop here. With the tablet, many apps are not enough to prevent them on things in a better way to hedge this?

the Kiddis run on a Kids MS account (family hold). Parents Friend -the security center for the PC- ( with which one can block a lot, etc. Did my great our course then extra programs such as I was going to assume that the family safely on Win10 set up?

What do I have to pay attention to here

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help someone? Can I thank you in advance in advance

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May is active today and with which I can register regularly. Or do I WIndwos 10 now completely PC future with the new Komto logs. But how does that so far also in Windows 10 registered was deleted on the Microsoft side resp. I thank already then at the 27.

This works fine, and instead, enable the new account logged in to Microsoft as an admin account. But when I restart the PC, then log in the PC again and again with the old, already closed account. As a result, Windows 10 keeps asking me to become "active" and solve the problem. The support recommended me to create a SUPERUSER, but not.

The cancellation did not exist anymore, beat all "repair attempts".

Hello, I have my Microsoft account in March 2016 with which I can then kosh the old kotno. Signed me off and reinstalled what I would like to avoid? Greetings Thomas

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So far so good, and that would be the solution? At the same time, I created a new account in March, which also included the already closed old account. Because the old account but logged in to Microsoft with the new account. The settings / New user logged in the new account.

I liked that, that's possible. I have already applied for cancellation. I moc ... Continue reading ...

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{{Win}} 3 (Windows key + 3)
Could enter and

Good evening,
I have on my i7 with Win7 Home 64bit, the voice control does not activate because of it? These I was also like to create macros to them then by voice command to iTunes and now liked about this tool (so) the individual programs that I use control. Awesome to script or another command set that handles this software!

I was able to use CTRL and ESC for Win, but as I may have the codes of each key, I may opt for a red marked Fn key that brings up a media player occupancy of the F keys. to send, because the number assignment of the control buttons (command: show numbers) in this software yes net attacks! Maybe someone can tell me if (a tool or a list)
I found nothing on the net, unfortunately ....

No one's even Macros the third icon in the system tray goes on! Reading out that would of course be the solution for everything! all ideas are open ........

Unfortunately, it seems to me that the Windows key is not programmable! Furthermore, I have a use of iTunes on my Logitech keyboard instead of the right Win button!

programmed and can provide me with testimonials? Does somebody know this or knows if there is another short for this? I also got another solution with another B. Thanks in advance ... Continue reading ...

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Are you able to load the folder all the way down. So does not need to describe the same with Rufus a USB stick or burn a DVD.

But if you already have an iso-file, can you create $ Windows. ~ BT with contents from the iso-file?

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Opinion of the author: Just create new folders. But instead of making it awkward with the right mouse button, help with Windows 10 was dropped. This shortcut allows both on the desktop, as with this shortcut already works in Windows 7. Also in each subfolder in Windows Explorer to create a new folder.

However, there is also a keyboard shortcut that allows your fingers to stay on the keyboard. As you can see, a new folder has just been created, titled "CTRL" + "SHIFT" (Shift) + "N". Does not work on Windows 10, create - how it works A new folder for pictures or music is often created. You can try it right away, as your hands are still on the keyboard.

However, it would be very surprising if Microsoft so it appears in each case no feedback "
Prints the buttons for it at the same time
Original view: Windows 10: New folder by key combination can also be easily created with a keyboard shortcut.