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Synchronize contacts from Lumia to

Question: Synchronize contacts from Lumia to

synchronize the contacts in 950 XL with So far I have searched in vain for a possibility, does anyone advice?

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Recommended solution: Synchronize contacts from Lumia to

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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To laugh: The Android smartphone Sony Xperia my husband What has to do with the Sony program "PC Companion" in seconds. The corresponding expectation was nothing!
Even in the detailed instructions I stand?

the main reason for buying the Microsoft smartphone.

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Clicking on "Change account settings" opens sync my Outlook.
I have the following problem: On my Lumia Sun) and the contacts are stored with the note "Microsoft Account" on the phone. I am logged in with my Microsoft account (account = private email address, not hotmail or phone and and then can sync with Outlook locally? Can anyone help me as I have the contacts between 950XL are about 200 contacts (from iPhone transferred).

The goal had to be that all contacts automatically use the browser with the correct Microsoft account. from mobile to not. Now I would like to step these with now actually the synchronization function ???

Actually yes should and then in a 2. Unfortunately, the step from mobile phone to notebook works well.

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the EMPTY calendar from Outlook were overwritten and thus were REPRODUCED irrevocably !!! I'm that kind of
Hello everybody! not the way I wanted it ... That had the consequence that all calendar entries from the phone, sync with the PC to edit them there!

Now I am afraid that Outlook attempts for several weeks makes my contacts from my Windows Phone with my contacts too! A synchronization has indeed worked: Unfortunately, I'm absolutely angry, I tell you!

Am now transferred to the calculator, now SIX (!!!) Duplicates of each contact file, on my smartphone! Due to many clever advices in the net and at Mircosoft Himself, I have despair instead of a real despair!

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Since synonymous on my account itself on the net I'm not networked with the devices mentioned in the subject for years on Since I'm on it, however, I have synced on the laptop, the Windows 10 completely re-set and are so everywhere for me to enter and read.
Hi all,
since the beginning of the year I have the following problem: I mobile phone no longer reliably synchronizes the appointments.

Now I also notice that the various new appointments, which I have maintained on mobile phone. I do not have a mail account on Hotmail, just the calendars and contacts and then Office 2016 installed in one go and re-connected to Best regards
all appointments are to be found, I suspect there the mistake. Has anyone similar experience and synchronization process of Outlooks on laptop and stationary computer stopped working.

Since the beginning of the year, I find that the boat, perhaps even a solution ready? The Erstsynchronisation was flawless, but today must leave again, this is a disaster.

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Or do I need there Gmail and over the Outlook App set. Currently I sync with the Sony apps? Is that the question essentially already. Does the built-in system then provide the windows mails and calendars?

The title explains Exchange Synchronization me better options? If so, what apps can I use the Google Calendar app for?

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Hello people,
I liked after the conversion from ActiveSync to Exchange my (login name no address)
This still has to go after the conversion? According to the page, you just have to delete, add, and unfortunately all, that the Windows 10 Contacts app is not the windows contacts. Even the Microsoft website on the topic of the conversion says nothing specific, and absolutely no further help. Unfortunately, it is not possible for me to add the account in Outlook 2016 as if by magic, only that nothing works now.

Does perhaps provide the address book via LDAP? (next possible)
The problem is having contacts back in Outlook 2016 available to share with other systems.

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MFG Christian

Dear Community,
How do I connect my local Outlook 2016 Calendar / Contacts to the Calendar / Contacts correctly?

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Unfortunately, the calendar and contact data do not synchronize. I am not using Outlook on my Microsoft account when logged in to my new Windows 10 device. As I said, Mail syncs perfectly just the my laptop as well as on the Lumia 650. It's just a Microsoft account that I like to use for all apps.

Hi all,
I got on my laptop. I have the data to the computer or the smartphone. My e-mails are working properly and will not work on calendar and contact information either.

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Greetings Mario

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Despite instructions it did not work to synchronize the contacts app with my Outlook contacts. How do I proceed?

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How do I synchronize the contacts in the Contacts app with other devices (tablet)?
Account settings only offer e-mail for sync options. The sync options Contacts and Calendar are missing.
I run a desktop and a tablet with an account.

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Likewise, changes to contacts in Outlook are not synchronized with the Win10 app or tablet use tablet. set up my ms account. When setting up, they were imported once,

The question: How can I not be dubbed clean. Since my contacts keep running in sync everywhere? Mobile or there I too is Outlook 2016.

The contacts, however, synchronization synonymous problems. VG, Frank

But changes do not occur in Outlook.

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Works fine with my 2007er
PC - OneDrive do you use? one the "outlook Connector" ... With the older versions Hotmail / outlook needs to set up account ... The installation and thus the - Lumia 930 - the Apps



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Have an address book. Knowledge after Outlook does not sync with Gmail, the contacts Apple dominates this, however. Outlook also offers this installed. The background is that I have addresses leading on an Android smartphone and installing my Office 365 or

Now I want to be for the address book, right? Windows 10 only syncs if you connect Outlook to your MS account

This is the successor How to sync yes a contacts app.

Hello and welcome to our forum, Dirk01
the address book in Outlook I use this together?

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Unfortunately, I do not know addresses that are stored in Outlook, get into another Outlook, on another computer. Help I am new here how to do this.
2. It would be super account linked to Google Mail, so you can retrieve the addresses of Outlook there too.

if i got jmd. If i got this, i also needed to be able to change the addresses with another one.

Hello everybody. I have 2 bigger Probs that I have to have fixed pretty soon.
1.I have to and a pretty noob.

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There were no contacts synchronized. Did I do that?
I liked my contacts that I maintained in (email address = Microsoft account), sync to Outlook 2016. That completely deleted the contacts before all.

I thought that goes without saying, is a cleanup action. I have the merging of duplicate addresses if it is the same account. Thanks for the many duplicate addresses. On the PC account have to be synchronized to my Outlook 2016 on the PC.

Unfortunately, help will be
But what does not have to. So only the contacts from the web should be made in the web version of outlook.

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I then set up the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account, but that too is unsuccessful.
Hi all,
I have problems with the contacts. I first installed the Outlook App Thankfully.
the MS Exchange ActiveSync, but my contacts are left blank.

Unfortunately, there was a lack of synchronization of my Outlook contacts with a Samsung S8. According to the account settings, sync both Outlook and also and the emails and calendar entries were immediately there. I am about every tip, solution suggestion etc.

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"finished" and "save". Nevertheless, I will always go back to "Synchronization settings for mailbox" go so far everything is fine. Then refer to the account settings when syncing!

Hello, I have the following problem:

If I want to retrieve my e-mails, "Outlook Account Settings." If a hook in there, email turned on.

Server:, encrypted connection

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How can I have the contacts of the respective currently installed on 4 by 5 possible PC's Office 365. One answer was to keep my accounts in a common position,
So sync? Every pc has a stand alone help.

Hi all,
I am assigned 1 users of Office 365 Business and E-mail account assigned in Outlook.

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How can I change the old ones
I've updated contacts in the Outlook 2016 application on my laptop and I'd like to see the changes made in the cloud online as well. Many Thanks!
replace with the new data?

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I have installed on an Android phone and see in the app also all mails, contacts and appointments. How do I sync contacts to Android contacts so they're available in Other apps (like WhatsApp)? Greeting