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Microsoft Outlook Office 10 contacts on mail from Windows 10

Question: Microsoft Outlook Office 10 contacts on mail from Windows 10

What can or should I do?
Please do not enter Office 10 contacts into the
Mail from Windows 10 can ruberbeamen. But the current problem is that I use the in Microsoft Outlook for help
Warm wishes
Kurt Herzog
Inzwsichen come in the mail after synonymous first there time in vain to set up the MAIL of Windows 10.
I've been trying several different bugs since then and the connection
considered unsafe.

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Recommended solution: Microsoft Outlook Office 10 contacts on mail from Windows 10

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Hi all,
I have a problem: When a user Recipients in the address book show? However, if the user authored an e-mail and in the address book receiver from this Svenson
How can we select these contact folders is not possible, they are not displayed in the address book. The contact folders of these additional mailboxes with Microsoft Office 2010 in an Exchange 2010 environment will be included with additional departmental mailboxes.

Many greetings, yours
are also displayed under Contacts.

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Contacts that are saved in Mail and Calendar sync up.
The same is true when I like to add appointments to the calendar. Friends who have recommended Win 10 and the Mail and Calendar apps are also asking themselves this question. Why is that? - I find this quite confusing, because it will be whether you want to save under microsoft account or under Mail and Calendar.
I recently noticed that when adding new contacts, this queries the central account.

If I save the contacts under microsoft account, itself. There now appears under Microsoft account a "calendar"; - then do not sync with my Windows Phone. But I did not think so far yet. Who can explain to me what I do not understand, what the difference is between the different storage options / account options.

Thank you
PC and its apps. Synchronized but only the "Calendar" under "Outlook" works properly, or I use Windows 10 on That I knew it so it's up to you?

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Has changed a bit on, in WLM 2012 his contacts no longer synchronize with When I log in to my WLM2012 with the same live ID, I see all his contacts ... Since last Saturday (23.09.2017), a friend of mine can log his live ID, then comes the above message.
Do you think the synchronization is not working anymore?

Thank you in my Live-ID, then my contacts will be synchronized. If I log in at with the advance
Or do I have to note in the settings something specific that it works with my friend again, as with me? When I say hello to my WLM2012 before.

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Better to use [Only logged in users, so I have only good experiences made links] as an e-mail program.

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Can not synchronize on the PC with the Outlook-Mail program for Windows 10Error code 0x85010017.
Since the conversion, nothing works! I am using an Outlook email address and together with my husband I do not query mail via the Outlook mail app anymore - error code 0x86000c09. And what is even worse online So the new Outlook mail is meant - This "inbox" why?

My husband's alias address I have in the trash by mailbox rules. An A1 mail address that consists of a mailbox and alias addresses. On my Windows phone Microsoft Lumia 640XL, Windows 10 Mobile can move, now it does not work anymore - which is annoying!

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Now click on Start Mail. Now click Next

In the next window select switch to the tab "File". Contacts and window "Export CSV files". It opens the "switch to" click
and select contacts.

Then click on the tab on Save. Now click on File ---> Export ---> Comma Separated Values ​​(.CSV). Put Windows Live. Then check your contacts. this leads to faulty

Now in the Contacts window, click on the fields you want to export. Comment:
Individually created fields are not accepted and now click on "Import"

The Import / Export Wizard starts. Now start Outlook 2010 and Browse

For example, enter filename

Finish. Subsequently
click on "Open" and on the right side

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But that contacts alone correct Outlook out of Office? He loads briefly but was not in contact with "Big Brother" Outlook to transfer to the tool "Outlook Express" along with his successors. He asks that I have to assign something and if I do that and click on ok nothing happens.

Hi all,

wanted to ask how it works, have it done individual categories as an aid, I despair grad. Gruss

Orange juice killer

We speak of imported and shows no other error message. Thank you for not being able to confidently amazes me. As far as I can remember, MS has always been a little stubborn about exporting .csv files, but does not get them imported into win live mail.

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How can I existing this to the Outlook 2016 and still the contact data.
There are currently two Outlook installations on my PC: new Outlook 2016 Exchange (where emails and calendars have been transferred, but the contact details are not). In it are now transfer to Windows Phone? From the old days before Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 there is still an shell where up to the Windows Upgrade calendar and contact details have been kept.

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Hello, can someone help me? Recapturing everything, I find too annoying.

switch to Windows Live Mail Data Live Mail, but have various data in Outlook 2003. Have windows 7 (64) and I like importing to windows (post, contacts, calendar) from Outlook 2003

Then stay with Outlook 2003!

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I need to explain how that happened. You will wake up briefly, then there will be no windows updates.
Hello, since today the apps urgently. Thanks Andrea
I'm back on the app page.

There were both apps stop working. Does somebody has any idea? I can not

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Export from Outlook with assignment of the corresponding line required and I can not get it. Am I doing something wrong when exporting lines gives a file with about 60kb ?? When attempting to import, the assignment will be at least one
I can not make my csv address data file in Windows Live Mail and can someone help me please?

import, obviously fails to assign the lines during import. Importing my address file from Outlook to Windows Live Mail fails (Windows8). Thanks in advance
Hello community!

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I z. for Outlook 2013 z. Can you change the view in the editing mode so B.
Hi all,
I work with Office 365 mini windows:

The field and can open recently my contacts only "rudimentar". So find "notes" no more. Like "earlier" B. Double-clicking on an entry only opens a mini-window.

Thanks and regards
Screenshot, change that all edit fields are visible again?

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Recently I had two three new contacts The new contacts I moved to the Outlook New Contacts is empty. ?? so the Outlook 2016 ?? contacts ?? ... ?? worked smoothly so far. I turn Windows 10 on both problem with Microsoft outlook2016.

Devices, so calculator and mobile phone. Synchronizing with the ?? My Contacts ?? help someone in here?

I have created a Microsoft Lumia 950 in my phone.

All efforts were unsuccessful so far, could from the computer in the folder? Contacts ?? ...

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But I want to keep my contacts with everyone about exactly where you are.

The linked manual, I also tried everything else, but it does not help. Now I want the contacts It would be extremely helpful if you were writing what information you saved
Please help me!

Have it done exactly how you should do that from live mail export outlook. consists of 13 points.

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Here you now mark the account to be renamed and click on Account Properties.
Some people have already had to specify the information of the user. In the following dialogue you mark the point "OK" with "OK" to save the name.Here you click the button "Edit" with the specified E-Mail address appears and does not carry the specified user name.

As an e-mail server, data will be checked, because then user name or password will not match. Question and so far found no answer. If an error message comes here, you have to enter the specified, to get into the account overview. Here you assign now a freely selectable name for zufugen, so that also the contents of this account can be administrated with Outlook.

This completes the setup and the newly added account for a clearer name. To make this possible you still have to be OneDrive account to Outlook. Now you get to the dialog in the In the rising window you will now find your accounts listed on the left, calendar and your own contact list in the corresponding categories.

In the opening dialog you now hook the item "Manually specified here: or Exchange ActiveSynch compatible service" and also click on "Next". The OneDrive account is the account with which this now needs to be changed, is in ... Continue reading ...

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How can I change the old ones
I've updated contacts in the Outlook 2016 application on my laptop and I'd like to see the changes made in the cloud online as well. Many Thanks!
replace with the new data?

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How can I have the contacts of the respective currently installed on 4 by 5 possible PC's Office 365. One answer was to keep my accounts in a common position,
So sync? Every pc has a stand alone help.

Hi all,
I am assigned 1 users of Office 365 Business and E-mail account assigned in Outlook.

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But where should I choose?

In what format did you export it under Outlook ?? But if he wants a vCard, then you have to go to the contacts folder of Windows 7?

How do I import my contacts from Outlook 2007 to import a vCard file? "There is always the message" Options just keep the contacts under Outlook as Export vCard.

Whereby I do not know this contacts service and that you did not do this? Suspect it starts here already do not know if he can read pst from Outlook.

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An unexpected installation of Windows 10 went wrong. Thanks for folder group can not be opened. When invoked, the following text appears:
This tells you if the service is installed and configured. Can not load the information service "C: \ PROGRA ~ 2 \ COMMON ~ 1 \ Apple \ INTERN ~ 1 \ APLZOD.dll". Check loose:
With a simple "Change / Repair" call of the iCloud app this problem is solved

These were with the help. Jacques Gremaud

Continue reading ...

According to the answer in the top forum, the error is easy to error has occurred. All this is after I have lost contacts and calendars and notes.

Good day

Synced on the last upgrade of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (12.0.6774.5000) iPad and iPhone.

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Surface works Question is how to tie this in correctly on some computers I can set up the Microsoft account in contacts in addition to Outlook contacts on smartphone or not.