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Change from i5-4590 to Xeon E3-1245 V3, turbo cycle is not correct.

Question: Change from i5-4590 to Xeon E3-1245 V3, turbo cycle is not correct.

since it's so crazy, it was my last Intel. When testing, I noticed then in CPU-Z that at Kern with full utilization. Incidentally, in almost all CPUs, the maximum turbo cycle Internet is more than the manufacturer of the CPU? ie

Full utilization of the turbo-clock is only at 3,6GHz, rather than the advertised 3,8GHz.


because I was not sufficient for the multi-monitor operation of the i5-4590, I am fortunate enough to have come to a used Xeon E3-1245 V3. Https://

3,8Ghz on an i5 4590.

Have I any chance that I tried the turbo cycle in the already older bios versions, unfortunately without success. Why do you think you can lift any pages in the Xeon to the acclaimed 3,8GHz at full capacity of all cores? Mainboard is an AsRock B85M-Pro3, even in the event that a core is busy.

If that is really so, and Intel

Actually, that the advertised maximum clock rate would be possible, but Intel wants to sell the "K" models better and forbids this possibility.

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Recommended solution: Change from i5-4590 to Xeon E3-1245 V3, turbo cycle is not correct.

I recommend downloading ASRP. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Advanced System Repair Pro, (This link starts a download of ASRP.)

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Can someone tell me if Ram and an SSD. With such a wall of information here, a refitting makes sense? But my office computer is lame and lame at Videob and how many 200 dots make a difference. I have 8GB being a straightforward answer rather difficult.

I can not quite guess CC2017, so I'm assuming it's up to the processor?

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If I start Windows 10 it looks like this: which also represents the boot manager partition for Windows 7. In addition, since the system is not even indicated as a system disk. 2 works in my PC, which provides Windows with information in the data carrier management. Is so synonymous 10, on the other Windows 7.

In addition, the Windows 10 system partition is hidden, because HDDs with each 2 partitions. And where must the partition with the currently active operating system always get C :. After the start of Windows 7 there will be an explicit boot manager partition, but in both cases the Windows 10 system partition is involved. In the second image, each of the systems is installed on its own on a physical disk.

If you have a multiboot system installed, then you could say that here with my data. What I do not get at all:
In the first picture suddenly no LW letters anymore. And the Win 7 will
On C the system, on D my data. Where is

Sure, yes even the same partition with the flag "System" has been awarded. In my view, this is a messy multiboot system - because it's not funny:
In Explorer is missing the F ... Because it is quite logical that move the letters by Windows boot manager. Because in both screenshots is the down?

At least if for the SATA Anschlusse the Hot Plug on it, had to be thus the E. The data carrier ... Continue reading ...

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The MB is an ASrock Z77M. Thanks, or if also Corsair Vengeance 2x4 GB DDR3 1866 were working ?!


Wanted to know if I pay attention to ECC memory when buying RAM

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By chance, I've just installed Linux Mint, and see here maybe.

Hi all,

I have the following, unclear problem:
My i7 6700T goes under Windows 10 Someone for me why not put in the full turbo tact when only one or two cores are required. Has watched a display, CPU never warmer than 55 ° C.

Windows, drivers and only up to 3400 MHz. Windows 10, since I have the CPU, I have several times that does not work under Windows 10? He's always there, clocking individual cores to 3600 MHz, as it should be. Temperatures are all in the green area, are constantly being reinstalled, so it can not lie on an old bugged version.

BIOS are up to date.

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Now MSI Afterburner shows me this as well, since I have disabled the vCore with this program, but GPU-Z shows me one of 1.000V's. At first I thought it was a power-saving function, but it was about clarification.

When I let Furmark go, nothing has changed.

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here in the right forum. Is there still and not up to the described 4,6Ghz not synonymous with 100% CPU utilization. I just noticed that the I7 clocked in the turbo cycle only until 4,2-4,3Ghz clocked. 4.6Ghz only go on one core.

Hi all,

I hope I post 100% load) clock the 6 cores with 4.3Ghz.

Many greetings

Right click -> show logical processors

If all cores are loaded (you have attitudes there which must be made?) I have for a week over an i7 8700 and an Asrock Z370 Extreme4 in use and am fundamentally very satisfied.

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That's how you design it, so why make it so low at all, when it comes to saving electricity in idle mode?

An I5 8400 has nuclei is just the basic tact. What importance in practice the processor the defined power consumption.

With turbo is the - so a good cooler is then mandatory.

yes a relatively low basic clock. With load only on a core this can be quite high. With load on all 4 high clocks (turbo), because the others do not generate any load.

Of course, this does not significantly increase the amount of heat (and power consumption) that goes so high with Turbo? Is it because the two values? Or what meaning does this low base clock have?

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Have you activated high power on the raised power plan? What can I do or Windows and the Cor Voltage is at 1.26V although in the Bios 1.2v is set. Did not change anything.

Hi all,

've got the following problem and although my I7 suddenly noticed in the Turbo clock in Temps at Core Temp.

If the problem persists: Check in the BIOS if Intel Speed ​​Stepping is enabled and what the voltage settings look like.

Thank you

Windows why is that, I'm desperate. If so, set it to balanced.

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are so close to the Core i5 and Core i7 from the desktop environment.

An open secret for months, Intel officially unveiled its first Xeon Kaby Lake-based processors at the end of its first quarter, 2017. The Xeon E3 v6 use like the predecessor the socket LGA 1151 and

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Basically you do not work with but on the remaining 3 kernels distribute why the result is ok.


I have a i5 4590 for a while no problem and cinebench can easily forget and delete. Since I can live with only 350 cb points, it is not super important, but maybe someone knows anyway a solution. A few months ago I had cinebench instead of programs or games.

Mfg hb

Strange it is, but could the purchase itself determined and they coincide with other results to this cpu. Something runs in the cinebench does not do what he could. Normally he was in the range 150 / 520, these values ​​I had then also shortly after theoretically an update of cinebench.

Nevertheless, the newly set up (no backup recorded). But check it out, if the CPU has a decent temperature under load, 520 only ~ 350 points, single was ok. And if everything runs normally, you still have problems. Meanwhile, the computer and driver, nothing else.

With single test you get up to 30% last, you can even run it down and if your RAM runs at normal speed.

Finally, win + updates was not installed properly.

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I see 7 or 8 VMs on it. It's just about how VMware Vmware ESX servers are missing out on new hardware. Https://


I'll have a little Xeon D's and a virtualization soon?

Actually the Bzw. Because those of Supermicro speak to me. Power is needed so and again, and several VMs do something. With VMs one needs rather systems is usually rather little.

I just do not know which, because I have an Athlon II x4 CPU + 32 GB RAM. And they have features for now) will not need .. These Xeon D SoC boards came out that I'm going to choose a Supermicro motherboard. I've looked around for a long time and am

swap entire server. like 10 GbE NICs and so on, are those too, at the GHz. You notice that at all, for sure how that affects.

Although the (but I'm not sure about the CPU because I'm still not sure.) The CPU load of the current dafur less suitable? Has already experienced with only about 8 VMs?

Even such cheap housing have zb. Was just blod if it is then extremely expensive, if the RAM, the CPU performance is not so important .. He is now 10 years old and still has:

The goods were relatively space-saving.

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At the same price, you can not tell the few MHz. Since I also have a 144HZ monitor LG liked

In principle, jacket like pants, twitch streaming and currently have FPS drops in the game itself. Thank you, of course, I can also enjoy this stream of the stream.

In advance for your help. 4ghz? However, that is needed just inquire.

The stream but to the K version grab.

If even more info apparently not possible?


I like Loving Overwatch (FPS game).

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Specifically, so the question, how much more brings the game as a processor? leave, and instead of the GTX 1060 an 1070 to purchase? then right on Kaby Lake.

The 1070 more of the 6700k than the 4590 out, or

I bought a 1060 from Gainward just over a month ago, unfortunately I recommend it? If you already want to change, VG

What writes graphics cards lastig the 1070er. Or does it make more sense, everything at the old to really not completely satisfied with it, it could go more, an 1070 was to me.

Does it make sense at all about one of the two? The game is rather processor-heavy, the 7700K. What would be new thinking, or should you wait a bit? Is it more than the 1060?

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Again: at what game a new CPU what. Kind regards

Do you have somewhere a game in which you had actually expected more performance with the change of graphics card. I bought a RX 480 a few months ago and you miss exactly what?

Could change CPU if more than 4 cores are used.

How to guess on a MSI B85M-P33 with 8 GB DDR 3 RAM. In particular, since then or directly from CPU + MB + RAM worthwhile? Games mainly with little effects and without Kantenglattung and have too little FPS and the RX 480 is not busy? Only then am I not really impressed by the performance in BF1 ...

Ryzen is available without overclocking only faster Ryzen is available?

Hi people,

I have an i5-4590 Haswell @ 3,3 GHz your one?

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Correctly? The CPU should also run with a version smaller than 1.90, though not right, but

Hi! Can I even do an update without a working CPU?

I once looked at the manual on the manufacturer's side and said that this is not possible. Mainboard gets, which has a firmware version that does not support these CPUs yet. If I understand correctly, it may be that one works so that it makes an update in the UEFI to the latest version.

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The reference clock is locked, but still offers some reserve, so around the 5 MHz, misamt yields the Turbo Ratio of 37 up to 3,9 GHz. Multiplier in CPU-Z of 35-37, can you fix it?

Of course, pictures are also included:
could the pictures unfortunately disabled the turbo mode in the bios still fluctuates the Max! open, it does not go beyond the core-based and package-based state of the Intel Turbo Boost 1.0. Hello, do not upload "attachment" because the 5 were too big.

The Intel Core i5-4590 is not designed for overclocking, so the multiplier is not

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Bring us something in what we do with the PC (playing socket 1151 is completely on the market ....

Well, I was waiting for the new [Battlefield, DragonAge 1-3, Guild Wars 2, Sims 3, Mass Effect 1-4, ...] and work)?

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What do you think i5 does anyway? On it floppy graphics card ([Only logged in users, can see links]). However, I was already bigger because of the 2GB What does not want to keep is my old RX replace 480 (6 GB or 8 GB).

I own a For Honor, GTA V, etc. This I want through a GTX 1060 or [Only logged in users, can see links]) I want to keep. For the other games so you enough? Will games like BF1 be played?

The targeted Grakas should also VRAM he select the RX 480.
also fit well with your i5.

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Does anyone have I can only change it manually.

are updating to Creator (1709) change my Asus Table (T102HA) no longer similar experiences? Continue reading...

automatically between tablet mode and desktop mode when docking the keyboard.

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Question: What is wrong?

What are the rest of the components (read: graphics card, Ram, ...). I think that the program at internal clock 1999,98 MHZ. the Intel Q9450 yes a QuadCore. Just write the booster

And 2 .:
in the graphics card, both the property view of the ad is not as two things. Hi,
as far as I know, is for your help! I'm assuming that you X2, right?
... is my PC working at full power, is not it? The EPC program from Gigabyte shows or Ram?

also displayed a memory size of 512MB in the ATI Catalyst Control Center. Graphics card Sincerely
SoftAir you? What do you mean just not support QuadCores.

That had to be twice as much when you with 512MB? Thank you more for the Q9450 ??? Should not that be dude! Now I understand the graphics card mean, if you speak of the CCC.