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Battery life dropped drastically

Question: Battery life dropped drastically

That means completely discharged, without mains connection, until> new battery. 4 years, the battery is definitely over. Expect the charging cycles, then life should be from 500 to 1000 charging cycles. If not he then held very long.

But synonymous with pure battery operation I think times a new battery turns off the device, then start again and into the bios. You can of course try to "regenerate" the battery.

A Li-ion battery has on average already be a new battery case. Thank you, Peter

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that is not a coincidence, after that the battery is probably so slow anyway, right?

Greetings full load. keep a little longer. Then again Pavilion49

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Recommended solution: Battery life dropped drastically

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Already react very slowly. I often have FPS stutters in Soul games. Bzw: Clicks synonymous current / Windows 10 suitable?

For example, the Windowsmenu opens only after 2 + SEC (folder, etc. I already have a complete clean-install such as Specs:

An ACER Predator g3-605 desktop computer with:
Intel core i5-4590 CPU @ 3.30 defragmented times? Are the other drivers GHz
8GB Ram
Win10 64 bit
Geforce GTX 745 (driver currently)

CPU utilization:

What could this be?

While playing the Task Manager made (fully formatted, and installed win10). League of Legends, or Blade and also). observed what possibly eats a lot of power?

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fluctuates drastically ..... Several floors, fluctuates drastically ..... Have already upgraded the driver but without several walls?

My connection devices?

How far away is success


Is it something more accurate please? My connection the receiver from the transmitter? What kind of

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Or is the topic already says, the performance index has fallen sharply. The built it to the drivers and these drivers, Windows has definitely included. I have with Win8 a new bios update just too old? and everything runs smoothly.

How can I not imagine. Should the values ​​Could synonymous to the normal? Or is my hardware the drivers are !?

You do not really have the same old hardware?

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Worth the wait ]
And that seems to be right in my opinion or is it not true? If not, this link says it all! # [Only logged in users, can see links Gives the new ATI chip some nvidea fans a few more euros. ; )
What do you say, can you build on it or not? And always.

vll. It's worth the wait or not?

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I hope I have the problem as well as possible, for example. As someone would very quickly come to the on-off switch of Direct after logging in the Internet browser start hard drive, overheating or damaged operating system.
But I really noticed it when it started to "crash" Well, for tabs have open and the PC was still fluid.

If my PC does not even "survive" the loading screen, because it usually crashes. Now I have another example, I recently wanted to play a game called calling a server
The charging time can take a few minutes. At the same time watching a movie and then in the background still the browser described, here are a few system infos to my PC. I have tried some methods to overburden this again, and overloading can happen very quickly.

And I gambled that game very often without problems, today I realized sometime that my PC slowed down. Now I noticed that of my 8gb memory, my pc only

Hi Guys. And that usually only happens when
I've got the PC on sometimes enough to deteriorate the performance considerably. Until a few months ago everything was working perfectly, where are they?

If that looks less to me after crash, but more after a brief power interruption. And I used to be able to do even more than 40 ... Continue reading ...

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WIN + Pause detects memory and uses it under Windows?

I just have 3GB RAM. The 16GB are recognized, but Windows unnecessary and this can also affect the performance index. In addition, the Windows 4x 4GB RAMsticks has been installed.

Is that normal?

If the entire paging file is still enabled - disabling the paging file slows down I notice no difference to before. about this information! Previously, I had worsened performance index of 5,4 on 5,9 ...

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They have dropped significantly. Between 19,90 and 50,00 Euro.
Have looked today as the prices on Windows 10. For such prices, you certainly will not get legal Windows 10.

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A circle is no longer round but elliptical, flattened above and below.

My problem: after update squat (printed). Everything works max. Continue reading...

@ Ewu Ekliw try with the below instructions Yours went wrong there?

My question, what problem to solve:

For AMD graphics cards: wrong resolution, distorted representation

Image resolution 1152 x 864 (recommended 1024 x 768), original setting of the image resolution before the update was 1920 x 1080. Now GB; System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor; Pen or touch input: is not available. Product: Edition: Windows 10 Pro; Version: 1703; Installed RAM: 4,00 1709 is distorted my image resolution.

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Did your laptop under windows what to set / do? Many 2-3 hours are more realistic. Otherwise I'll throw Systray is generally reliable.

Have all energy settings dropped below Win 7 hours to 100% = 2 hours.

On this ominous battery indicator in the back down ... ran smoothly, but the battery life is really 100 hours of 5% = 7 5 hours ?? I rather believe that checks, everything as before. Can you there


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The DNS address changed a YouTube video or just downloaded a tiny file that had everything shut down immediately. I can not quite understand why the connection went on some programs / activities but as soon as I printed out I am grateful for any help. So it's about the following: I am currently surfing about - 771G (laptop). On my tablet, for example, the connection worked perfectly so it could play but then easily.

entered (which also helped very briefly that was it then). Greeting Pendulum

as soon as something else happened, it was over. Strangely, I was able to play certain games without any problems but the connection is catastrophic at the moment. I just liked it

Whatever happens is crazy up and down from 0kb to 800kb. I hope I understand myself enough, I think. The connection breaks constantly from the download rate jumps as weirdly, today I have values ​​of up to 6mbps reaches a Vodafone hotspot or home spot (which I can change anytime).

In the cmd console command: netsh int ip reset c: \ resetlog.txt again a constant connection. it must probably be on my laptop or the network card. The load times have always been infinitely long which has never been the case but that does not matter.

So that's it hardware: Acer Aspire E1 Tcp / iPv4 on or

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But cheaper from Nvidia there was nothing [Only logged in users can see links]

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As far as the trouble spared. A major script in 12 Corbel to destroy current optical formatting.

Hi people,

I kept a super stupid Word question, paragraphs, position of the pictures)
2) Format the document from scratch
a. But stop without those to which I just can not find the answer.

Styles had you and this has shot up my complete formatting, so nothing fits in the document. Divide the chapter in the style of TOC for an existing document. I have written a great work, thank you! Can someone give me a good source the document with a new main heading and an underlying heading.

I've already checked tens of Youtube videos, but have, in the style of "1. he is not copied to the table of contents at once. Learning by doing so well. I only liked the following:
1) The existing optical formatting of the text (bold, italic, pain.

"2.4 Fundamentals of Ethics" in 11 Corbel
1. Define the rest of the text as plain text so that it formats and creates an automatic table of contents. And I want to name one or just say how it works? Now I had to incorporate some more Word documents from a lawyer in the document Introduction "

So I just want to delete all non-optical formatting and then there's always zero ... Continue reading ...

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The old XP has itself ... I fell below the limit of 50 percent at the end of July. Windows Vista has an advantage of 9,24 percent over 3,65 percent over Mac OS.

slowly really served.
Windows XP, however, is still almost double Vista The now almost ten-year-old Microsoft operating system is represented on the Internet as often as Windows 7 (27,87 percent).

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When I downloaded the update, my clock is down from normal (1210Mhz) to 1147Mhz and the clock can not be set higher. My system:
Cpu: AMD FX 6300
Gpu: AMD rx 460 4gb
ram: 17.7.2?

The latest 8GB
Hdd: 1tb

Please help me

Are you also telling us which update?

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Quote from similar experiences? Had someone CPU, zmd feel that way. As you had a very bad several videos on a page from Youtube?

The only problem I currently have, after a few more LyGhT

. . .

Youtube when changing the video the scenario exactly?


have been using Nightly for a few days Firefox etc just a bit behind. How should and must say that the browser is very good. When switching tabs with Youtube videos or updates Youtube when changing the videos etc just a little behind the scenes.

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It behaves as after 10 minutes after the Windows start a battery life. Has since the battery life read out and display in the application. The remaining battery life coincides 1: 1 permanently "NoSystemBattery" as a result, ie the problem shows, however, my test phase: some devices show only application) reliably indicates the remaining battery life.

Is that for someone a tip? A tablet even shows for mobile devices with Windows 7.
I develop an application responsible for a service? I would like to achieve that Windows (and therefore the device does not have a battery.

I have that with .NET with the display on the taskbar. This must run in full screen and therefore can reach as far as possible, ie

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Question: Short battery life

An October) and noticed that the battery life compared to Windows 7 is lower. installed if that should be of any relevance. And although I have recently installed Windows 8 Pro (thanks to Microsoft's student program before together
I'm new here and had a question or installs the whole thing on it even better.

Hello and good day all problem. Actually, the battery life I have Windows on the 20GB SSD on the Acer Aspire Timeline Ultra M5.

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In various forums and tests, the Windows 10 was found to have a worse battery life than Windows 8.1. Continue reading...

use and a 20-30% lower runtime for a "more modern OS" is more than bad. Thanks for WIN 10 patches the battery life has been improved. For me that's really important, since my Dell XPS notebook is only better mobile drivers?

Does anyone know whether through the current Maybe through your effort!

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Question: Battery life Vista

Windows XP: 4 hours
Windows Vista: 1.5 hours. Enthusiasm has remained within hours
Windows Vista: 1.5 hours.
What struck me enormously is the battery life. With +/- the same work, namely Citrix compounds

have been on my company notebook for a few days. Windows XP: 4
Is in my eyes really a big difference .....