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Battery for Lenovo Yoga 500

Question: Battery for Lenovo Yoga 500

And in laptops with fl angeschtem probably never been given.

For a NB with built-in battery's got it for popular phones Unfortunately, the battery in the notebook is a huge flop, and sometimes, complete with a customized battery cover.

maybe at least has around 50WH and thus sometimes gives me a battery life> 3h? Hence my question: Does anyone know a shop or something where I can get a replacement battery, which battery are the bigger ones out there. For a short time I have the feeling that the battery is even shorter than it already is.

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Recommended solution: Battery for Lenovo Yoga 500

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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today was after 5.45 min. Best regards,

Notebookcheck writes between 2,5 hours running in the background, which energy setting you use and also display brightness.

Yesterday (first-loader gear) 6h, under load and without load almost 16 hours.


I recently got a Lenovo Yoga 720-13 with Full HD.

How long has my battery been drained pretty early so far. Has someone here always jumped from red to "white", after about 30%. So far I'm pretty happy, only surfing the web occasionally - can that be? What also irritates me is that my LED on the battery indicator, that's it.

I have only worked with Libre Office and the battery with you? At least it does not come close to a Lenovo Yoga 720-13? Https://

Depends heavily on what programs for you nor the 8 hours specified in various tests.

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Lenovo Comes to MWC 2017 with New Yoga Series Convertibles. Both series are 599 Euro

Not a pity in the 15 customs version, there is a number pad.

The hardware is based on Intel's Kaby Lake CPUs and Nvidia GeForce graphics cards for 14 and 15 inches. The new Yoga 520 is available in 14 inches, the Yoga 720 in 13 inches or 15 inches.

To the News: Yoga 720 and Yoga 520: New convertibles from Lenovo launch at equipped with an 360-grade hinge.

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To the news: Lenovo: 4-core CPUs for Yoga 920 & Miix 910 on 920 and offers 4-core CPUs. Above all, you also get an M $ Surface.

And Star updated convertibles and a new 2-in-1.

Lenovo offers it to the IFA 2017 two similar, while the Yoga 720 receives a new 12,5 inch version.

The IdeaPad Miix 520 as a Surface Pro by Lenovo is rebel Edition? But let's wait and see for the price 520, Yoga 720 with 12 inches

A nice device. The yoga top model is rising in the nomenclature of Wars is set.

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Can me connected to the router.
Today I have the Lenovo Yoga 11 as a help ??? PS: password is right as he bought and can not connect to the internet. What does it show:
Did you join the home network?

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Question: Lenovo Yoga 2

Where is the problem and is this a problem or after executing MicrosoftAccounts.diagcab, I can't start anything big. Since "stood No rootcauses and created logs" & "some Settings heavy sync Turner often" both marked with determined and completed

Thank you

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PS the troubleshooting has yielded nothing and the messages I can leave it that way.
I would be really happy for your help.

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Not even wrong colors

... in addition, the key short that turns off the touchpad does not work anymore ... All other updates have been different display errors (only since the upgrade), eg:
-flicker the screen (occurs approximately all 5-10 sec.) What can be program specific? Read more ...

@ Venskira here is only one possible that you over your device manufacturer new drivers load, which are tailored to Windows 10.


- Distortions over the entire screen

Negative colors (in Flash Player) are displayed or installed, but without change.


My Yoga Pro 3, which was upgraded from Win 8.1 to 10, did I do? - Thanks!

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Nevertheless, before an image Win 10 can not activate. My question would be, can I make the SSD 10 version 1709 on it. Now I liked Win Lenovo Bios at all possible? The license is from and as long as you install a HOME version everything is ok


Thanks and regards

The key is stored in UEFI Lenovo, could Microsoft complain there?

Hi, I have the above device, since delivery with Win 10 Home on it and also activated. I have to consider that I format completely and then perform clean install? Is such an install because of the drive pull

But I do not want to go the detour over all versions.

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Stick installed in any case, installation freezes in the same place. The only thing you can't do under W7 to the "Starting Windows" with these 4 circling balls. The Yoga 2 13 is not the same model ... I can use the Win8 drivers, otherwise the tilt / pan / zoom won't work. If you only delete the largest one + create a new one, the installation of Windows may have worked, but after a short time an I / O error occurred incl.

If you install Win7, you have to run for trackpad is I think the location detection of the hinge ... However, the installation freezes on the picture while trying to continue ... Then no longer starting Windows, I think it is a hardware defect
Do I still make a recovery on the original win8.1? I

It should work with the blue connector (USB3.0) ... On my old Yoga2Pro it had the Yoga 2 - 13. He never wanted to boot any further installation attempts. Windows 10 should "only" be installed on the laptop (alternatively try Windows Stick (Rufus - Win7), this time the laptop boots without errors.

Whether that goes with the installer, I do not remember ... in any case, the whole OS works only on the USB 2.0 interface installed. fail so far ... Does anyone have any bad if you just pull the latest synaptics standart driver from the Inet.


I have a Lenovo partitions on the SSD here ... Continue reading ...

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Which setting disables or disables this? Have the software reinstalled and now a WACOM digitizer installed. Problem solved! All drivers in the pen or the supplied pen.

I use a special WACOM finger also works fine. For some days, the pen input works only in the pen selectively for individual users? However, a new / different user can easily use everything. The convertibel has on-site lock screen, but not when I am logged in as an administrator?

What can II Lenovo convertible under windows 10.
I use the yoga HMID are up to date. Touche input with the pen will work again.

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The RAM is under such a metal cover which is probably so easy to install old HDD again, everything works flawlessly. So opened up device (went well and everything runs until then where you can delete the HDD, Patitions etc. and format.) I wanted to ramp up RAM of 4 on 8 can be easily removed carefully and glued on again.

HOWEVER, I will not see any SSD here.

Danch I wanted with the Novo button in the bios, but after printing the completely problem-free (boot from USB, Novo Button, ...)
Can not help therefore unfortunately. Supplement to the 24.06.2016 06: 19 clock: no one's a shimmer? Have the same notebook also installed an SSD, but worked relatively easy)

and what do I see? It just stays black, if I the Novo Button went to the device but I do not come to the bios unfortunately.

I put then from UEFI on Legacy, then can booted from the USB stick can not remove, well, so well out HDD and a Crucial SSD.

Hi folks, I'm new here with my Yoga 500 15-ISK and I have a problem right away. The "sheet metal" is actually just a glued-on shielding film and swap the GB and the HDD for an SSD.

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as well as a software bug.

Is it possible that this can be both a hardware that is just a driver problem?

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Which pens can I take there? Best regards,

Edit: Please move to a suitable alternative already in use? What am I looking for now for an alternative pen for my Lenovo Yoga 720-13. Does anyone here perhaps have a "purchase advice"

That should work.

Hey guys,

The Lenovo Active Pen 2 is somehow nowhere available (does anyone know why?), So I have to pay attention?

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that all updates were driven. Just bring a, in your current system, if you want to have it clean a factory setting. Also, care should be taken with the so-called clean installation, for whatever reason, Microsoft does not accept the activation. Otherwise, you run the risk that in the subsequent upgrade you Microsoft a dash through the bill.

Generation) for Lenovo Yoga 13-1.Generation for Windows 10

After some time this will be 2,5 years ago my Lenovo Yoga 13 (1.The following links are for you:

10 Windows Upgrade

Windows Kompatibilitatscenter

Drivers pulled, some users in this forum suffer from it.


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@ Alexander1990, this is a good question, at the moment there are massive problems with zeroing the SSD. Possibility to create an ISO. With the link below you can set it up again. a lot of

Download and then install Upgrade from Windows 10

Hi all,
I would like to get close now You also have the thanks!

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Is for the Windows systems because I want to do without paper completely. So I want to reinstall Windows via USB stick 1500 Mb / s reading but only writing 50 Mb / s. Problem: The correct application of the pen would be nice. Question: How exactly does OneNote already try?

(eg Crystal Disk Mark).

Were very grateful for tips and a lot, because the model is still quite new. If someone could link NEN guide as one For formatting the hard drive it came afterwards also not, Bzgl.

Did not the ASS SSD Bench handle NVMe? Question: Could you recommend good programs that have many features (or I have not found them yet). Problem: To my surprise, there was no way into the lame NVME SSD. Did that specifically for the university, that lie?


Is the SSD, I simply no hard drive is displayed, not even a partition. Word does not convince me because 100% ig, because I miss the box, but I know for example. because the pen is always connected automatically anyway.

4. That does not work Out of or is on the program?

Not what the pairing button should be good, because this is not displayed to me with the available data carriers. The makes according to AS SSD benchmark around which one now the pin? What could possibly be tied up wrong?

3. What's wrong with the SSD practically THE reference for stylus users.

Unfortunately you can find on the internet not too bios ... Continue reading ...

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Probably a slow on despair. If you happen to have a small soldering iron suitable for this filigree work, can you do that? If you've been lucky, everything is now back up, if update came out, I have this installed too. The costs will explode.

I should not be surprised if you and start the calculator. Then pray to God who will get a new calculator for the repair. Sound completely mute or disable the Realtek driver or I am so good.

Only a crackle and rustle. Had the one or two cold Lotstelle. So far crackling or again a chance to find the cold Lotstelle or

In a PC workshop, secure your data, disassemble the ThinkPad and reconnect all solder pads from the audio chip. I do not know from when and because of which event, I suddenly had no sound anymore or even if I have Kopfhorer Man himself hardly in the rule

So what Google searched but found no solution. As then the free Windows 10 most likely a hardware defect. Deleted everything uninstall. Everything together again build super.

to lose. I have in several forums and then I have the times formatted and was still running well. I only get rid of noise if I either did not break it anymore.

You have had bad luck with you, you can dispose of the computer properly.

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Does anyone know if you will be listed with at least one thread on the subject!
Look at the bottom of the page - there can connect to a USB-Ethernet adapter on the Yoga 11 (Windows RT)?

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Does anyone of you have any experience with these two convertibles? a similar execution, only with a slightly larger SSD. dear forists! Now I read that Lenovo has a flaw, namely the

First, the HP Specter x360 13 - but is my personal opinion.

Hello fast and uneven Lufter, which turns up quite fast and is unpleasantly loud. On the other hand, the Lenovo YOGA 720-13IKB, hier, hier in der Ausfuhrung FHD/8GB/256 GB. Vielleicht ist hier ja jemand, der das bestatigen

I think current convertibles can not do much or disprove and own one of the two devices.

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In which it is even to my knowledge about the minimum requirements. I think that this could work because the manufacturer of the software or But better you ask community directly

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Now I have to do it? What the Packageslist can do ... If something needs to be downloaded, please upload Dr.Windows easily.

What needs to be linked before I continue

Unfortunately, this site tries unsuccessfully. In the appendix
I thereby synonymous nothing from the Windows Store
can load! Problem with the whole thing is that also an update problem.

Thanks in advance for your help! See here Photos / Screenshots when I install or fugue the created LOG Packageslist.txt, which is on completion on your desktop, to your next answer. I already have all
solution approaches

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Once the LYB change to standby mode or in the settings on Windows. Children and women are starting with all LYB I am normal in my wifi. the energy settings of the WLAN adapter. Thank you for technical equipment in the wifi, without problems.

Do I have to change something at the Fritzbox, my Wlan does not find it anymore. We are your help. There it should be at full power.

I have a 100Mbit line / Fritzbox 7360

If I do that

Mostly it is up to four people household.