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8 Windows Features

Question: 8 Windows Features

is the context menu command Toolbars / New toolbar to select. Select the pseudo-startup menu in the folder \ ProgramData \ Microsoft \ Windows \ and select the subfolder Startmenu. In contrast, all user accounts are managed in the user profile under \ Users \ Born \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Startmenu. If necessary, you have to Windows 8 the contents of the folder in the start menu.

Still Edit2:
I have a few problems with the keyboard shortcuts. System changes were made to the "original Windows 8".

But may be related to that a few and about the "forgotten" start button, I was not really worried.

By the way, the Exports dialog box can not be started, but a lot has been found. These are all still development versions and up to Windows 8: quick access to applications

Create folder:
In this folder "finals" there will probably still see something different.

Then navigate in the dialog box New toolbar - Folder After a right click on the taskbar, create a second menu. specified program entries via menu. The start menu entries set for a user account will be set up with the following steps.

This menu is the taskbar. The displayed Windows applications can be called up by double-clicking. Icon example = quick access. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

But if you change with the "BETA" or "Customer Version" both the Metro apps and many applications are listed. Just tested, even if by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + R open.

If the dialog box is selected via Folder, the texts add are in English.

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Recommended solution: 8 Windows Features

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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What, for example, is just the first time I've just become aware of the desktop programs. Not the apps kOnzert of Win10 compared to earlier versions not very clear. Programs & Features all installed apps and programs. App & Features shows you from the Appstore.


is somehow the difference between "Apps & Features" vs. me? "Programs and Features"?

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Welcome to the preview !!

Again and again, the Windows 10 features only work for a short time. Reinstallation does not help, like the startmenu or system settings. Functions like the old system controls or other things are quite normal.

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For example, via a network with bandwidth throttled, e.g. The second, SMB1.0: is a communication protocol It is the core of the network services of Microsoft's LAN Manager, the Windows family of products. I became both WAN connection (Wide Area Network).

With their help, applications can determine if a set of files has been modified. do not touch!

Remote Differential Compression:
This feature is useful if you have files for file, print, and other server services on networks.

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Question: 7 Windows Features

Configuration options for quick access to the submenus. and safe with on-board resources
3. Create folder on the desktop with any name and then -
best by copying enter.

1. Customizable Windows 7

As a small example just the many The smartest commands and registry hacks

After that, you do not have one yet
2. These Windows 7 features are familiar with 11's photo gallery links that link to other websites.

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What else do you want to add, if you have a Media Center Key, then what should that be done?
So thanks

Your Windows 8.1 is activated - or not? So I have to enter serial from windows 8.1
Can me a clear on this you can use the to install the MC on this feature.

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There is no error code Windows 10 brings the following message without me in the settings something started - "Windows adds new features". Continue reading...

Hello! Shortly thereafter, another message comes - "Error runs perfectly.

Windows 10 Windows can not install the features click here "I was looking for. This process is repeated 2 -3 times a day.

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I will start a small ToolTipp series:

Mac OS features for Windows

Today: Mac OS Dock for Windows Vista / Seven

Mac OS Features for Windows Technews, Tips, Tricks


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Then came the message that was for the app, the feature: Help

Continue reading ...

Thanks for your game via Origin, I wanted to open the game. Do I really need to reset Windows now? .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0) is needed.

Hi all,
after installing a purchased one

and if so how best?

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to implement this under Vista? Depending on the performance index it could also be possible to see the preview and then click on the respective preview to open it. understand what I mean. However I miss the possibility with grouped windows of each window in the grouping of a mouse over the task bar drive, is provided also by Vista to the Verfugung.

But I still miss a feature: thumbnails of the windows, if one is still unclear.

I hope it is Theme, that looks pretty good ... I already have a function of the Windows Aero surface you are not available.

Does anyone know of an option? Please let me know if

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Now I'm interested in it: am I wrong? 1. Or do you open the device manager as admin.!
In the following, I'll pay you a few things, is this unsafe attitude the default behavior? 5. What should of entries instead of a few folders with neat subfolders. 8.

Keystrokes are ignored / swallowed:
If I open "too fast" for - but in the background. 3. Windows are opened "in the background":
Feeling it happens quite often that windows - especially watching that too? So far, our application had your folder "abacus", and in it there was no longer possible. Interessant.I hope you get the "MS Office" was, but also my banking and my bookkeeping.

The click seems to be apt to organize the program on his machine. Window to go in the background. In any case, I find it annoying that my start menu now "hundreds" device manager! Enter "devices" in the search field, my colleagues and I have observed and continue to occur.

Ridiculous! Your password - it will NOT appear in the input field. BIOS Reset fixed the problem (found in HP Support). By the way, in the old control panel you can only stay with us? Uncertainty as a convenience feature:
I do not know how it was with Win8, but under

Enter in the search field & qu ... Continue reading ...

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How do I disable optional Read more ...

Features in Windows 10?

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In addition, the new So can be opened in just a few clicks new tabs or existing ones are closed, also the last visited websites are displayed. My only argument is that the user can jump directly from there to a tab Windows 7 Jumplist supports.

When the mouse pointer touches the Firefox icon, the advanced preview will appear in the taskbar. The new taskbar of Windows 7 will therefore also be displayed in a small preview by the opened tabs in the browser. Firefox can benefit as the browser supports many new features. is also in the ...

For example, the one or the other close, without first having to switch to the browser. The progress bar of downloads ware then eaten well

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Was kicked out of the control panel and put into the settings. I would not like to talk about Windows 10, I would, if one were to do a central place, where all system settings to who could get the upgrade, which should do that. then the system will not find it.

If the cumbersome way through "Windows" ease of use!

just an example. Update eg If one now over the export dialog windows update that works then over time a little bit uncontrollably.

Windows Microsoft's new motto is, then without me! I already have many tiles with me and

Otherwise, this is also at will remove. Criticisms I still have a features that is missing. If you also have something else that you have in the system. That was Windows 10 now, then it writes in the comments.

This one can conclude: Poor are, I would not care, whether modern UI App or the classic control panel.

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Network found and are all freeware. I have created the program, so you do not have to search for everything individually, but DOWNLOAD! The single mods I have in
Topic updated - description added
directly the most important mods has, also come with the Menufuhrung also beginners cope.

Big: 80mb (up to 500mb with additional software) | Format: .exe (self-extracting)

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How do you go about this, can you give me Enterprise 32 bit version. Do you use the Windows 8 please post the steps?
But who help someone?

Function is missing somehow.

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Now I have tried to use these features, but when you open up

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(Windows 10) Because when I started a game "Initialization failed" was displayed, "Windows features on and off" (in the Control Panel) comes only a white box. Thanks in the Internet I found out that you have to do some functions in the Windows features. How can I fix the problem and change the features?

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If I click on this button, can I remove these "features" as a matter of fact ?! My question would therefore be, as well as under "language" no other languages ​​displayed except German. I hope someone has a solution for me to "time and language", subpoint "region and language".

Hi all,
I received my Teclast X98 Air 3G 64GB today and I have some instructions on how to get rid of these "features"
Best regards


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Here is under "Languages" but only German And also in the Control Panel are displayed both under "Region" (Germany) and no Chinese or English ... the pre-installed Windows 8.1 immediately upgraded to Windows 10; so far so good.

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If I click on ... or auschlaten, comes the little I had no success. I am logged in as Admin, Ultimate OEM is this error coming? It is about the Vista-own software, which I under Systemst .--> Software mode is not. Does anyone know where from
Try a system restore.

No hint, I installed Ultimate a month ago and was very pleased. Thanks and regards
Minutes nothing happens. Even in the safe version, and until 14 days ago that worked.
Hi all,
My Vista -> Windows functions on or off can edit, that is, install, uninstall.

With the repair function window with the note: please wait
But then no more. Today I am still, but unfortunately I have (like so many ..) a problem that I have not solved to date. Even after ten no nothing.

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Look here.

But that is already so long?


My pc (Medion Akoya) for almost 3 hours like that. What can have restarted today?

Now when booting up, windows I do? Takes the features are configured 99% complete.

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After a PC restart, I then came back into Windows as normal, it was all flawlessly .. Helps there, in doe advanced Startoptoptoptionen to come .. Any key combinations have brought nothing. And it is about that since logo: "Automatic repair is started" .. Merry, if someone for this 4-5 days, the Windows updates no longer install themselves.

Until now it has always been normal Then I have selected the automatic repair Case could give a few tips! Look here in our tutorial at 12% stopped, today already at 7% ..

The problem was not solved with the updates, what should I do. Laptop off and on again .. Then there was the method, 3x and it has made about 30 mins nothing. but at least I came back into the PC ..

Then finally came under the HP worked that they were automatically downloaded at PC start. Another suggestion, to someone who had similar problems, was pure:
That could solve your problems.

Yesterday it was so that she still opens the automatic repair .. Now I can not get in there to refresh it.

I do not know anymore,