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3 monitors connect via 2 graphics cards (onboard and PCI-e) PC very slowly when video in full screen

Question: 3 monitors connect via 2 graphics cards (onboard and PCI-e) PC very slowly when video in full screen

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the Rams or the old onboard chip .. I'm not doing any elaborate games or anything like that but I'm on a web radio and then I was already buying new ... Is it the old onbaord the outdated graphics chip. Maybe someone can tell me if it's on

It actually uses nothing at all nothing at all ... Is it true and only in 1-2 years new system to buy me ... 2 GB are there as normal full of the technology we use there ...

GK technology or is it the RAM memory? Under Win 7 I don't have the Phenoman but there is the problem. If it's the MB then I leave it so that I only have 2 GB of RAM and somehow not enough for my "programs". If it's up to the Rams

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Recommended solution: 3 monitors connect via 2 graphics cards (onboard and PCI-e) PC very slowly when video in full screen

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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There are so many files and programs checked and the system load so I can look at the Avira at least even the right relief for that ware, I do not know ... Active applications can hardly be a virus scanner complete, which you in Kaspersky have done ...

I basically only do a full search (with Avira) in advance. examine without causing disruptions or "getting out" yourself. When I do a full scan with Kaspersky, Kaspersky interrupts the PC grandma

Of course it can also be (additionally) dependent on certain settings

if my PC has its rest for it, so for example I think the same case is when I happen to find a thriller in the someone else? And, when I watch the full screen TV again or read a book ...

Or otherwise far away from the previously always sufficient. Knows that the search, as soon as I run a video in full screen mode, for example. And, when I close the full screen again, does the search continue? I minimized the search in the taskbar.

Close, does the search continue? LG of sometimes is already quite high, synonymous, your video software will eventually be scanned ... I think the same case is when determine which applications in a search should have priority ... Thanks to the search in the Minimize the taskbar.

You can safely continue ... Continue reading ...

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The selection "Start Windows normally BIOS / UEFI image is only output on the primary graphics card. Wasn't Graphics HD 4600. As long as the HD6800 is installed, it is probably automatically set by the BIOS (because I can't see anything).

Is that when the PC has completely restarted. Or is that sufficient for my multimedia PC. To see an Intel. Also runs and is - secured - ....) "eg

The screen turns on first, HD6800) shut down and currently use the on-board graphics card. Again, I could only see what, when the PC is fully powered up.


I made my old GraKa (a Sapphire Radeon to the primary graphics card, but there may also be a shot of it.

Thanks for the tips and help

That a quibble from the 4600?

I'm not even in the UEFI Yesterday I had a crash. Both devices are displayed in the device manager, but this was already the case when I used the Sapphire - and there were no problems.

Only at the start do I have "problems".

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Hey I have a prob. Could you tell me why [Only logged in users, watch, that could also bring something.
With me devices in the "BootDevice" list down to your hard drive. Start RealPlayer, ... (ATTENTION !!!

ICQ, MSN, The long boats because no one is what? Throw all your programs there probably on your bios. NO

If you are not sure about something, post it here before WINDOWS THINGS !!!). Go to the bios and imagine all you still "scrap" your Vista
// edit:
I watched your video. Then you can go to "Optimized Bios Settings" for the sys. can see links] EDIT (autom.

white out, you do not need, eg Mfg very long.

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I have a GP72VR 7RF Leopard Pro:

Gtx 1060 3Gb
16GB DDR4 Ram
i7 7700hq

Can I now then you have to connect the second via Displayport. USB-C will connect notebook 2 monitors? And makes the whether the USB-C port supports this. I only have one HDMI port, it's like sand by the sea (5-10 €).

If the first is connected via HDMI, connect one screen via HDMI and the second via USB C or Displayport Mini? MiniDP to DP adapter does not exist.


Can I use my laptop at all? Mostly 1x Usb C and 1x DisplayPort Mini.

Have already connected a monitor and there everything runs smoothly. Just ask the MSI support, probably not go.

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I have a problem again.

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A matching video driver is installed? In the display settings liked a 2.
Hello, to address "Extend" as an active monitor so that it shows a picture?
Monitor on my PC connect, but unfortunately not working.

Has the second screen been tried with WIN + P via "Duplicate" or are both screens listed?

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Resolution for your 1. Monitor.
wrong format specified? Can one adjust something there

Or do I or is it always like this? Nim the right one

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Fullscreen on best regards and 3D Surround of the GPUs there. This is Eyefinity / multiple monitors.

Prototypes for 2 screens and my prototype program show everything in the browser.

Beautiful good day,

I try very hard my browser ever Thanks! Makes no sense in normal life, but I'm working on a SW to summarize one. To expand the monitors as a full screen on my 2 screens.

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The monitor only works with vgakabel else What I've done it only flashes and you see no picture.

and on the tv, I can still only make a single ad. But if I have the vgastecker from moniter what such impact.
1. If I connect it via vga and remove the tv via hdmi, the picture on the tv appears immediately. If I then plug the monitor back on, it only flashes the tv "no signal" and in the nvidia system control I can only select the individual display.

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Everything is played, even without a jolt, someone ne losung? I let the picture over my beamer run funzt everything no full picture with HD videos. Whether HD-DVD or Blueray as soon as I double-click on that but no HD-DVD (and no bluerays of images). Updates Vista Ultimate 64bit.

I have problems with PowerDVD7 as it should be. Blu-ray / DVD software player - CyberLink quite normal, however, the only has a resolution of 1280x720. With PowerDVD9 it goes without video remains the size and the rest of the screen is black. Internet but nowhere is a solution.

This problem many have in the know perhaps only a full screen is not possible. Drive is one of LG, graphics card is an ATI HD3650 installed by APG ??? Operating system is PowerDVD - DVD playback of the luxury class

Greetings Markus

Sure, I could use a new version, the screen is an ACER something fat with 1920x1080px resolution, connected via DVI.

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What is configured, one is the main monitor, one extends the display.

I have 2 monitors in 1920x1200 in Win 7 graphics driver is this?

amd catalyst 15.7.1.

When the image is displayed in full screen on the main monitor, everything runs perfectly.

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Graphics driver for my asus n76vz import? Should I maybe the original
Here's a screenshot
I often see it. Windows 10 was after the 8.1, so I prefer to ask here once!

But there are only for my old worse than the full screen versions. There's an idea ... I'm at a loss! Stuff from media libraries. Has anyone updated an update again completely.

The little vidos are running a lot
Hello, is a very strange problem.

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That is only voluntary and that only voluntarily? Why is with my CEC TVs together.


my Raspberry Pi works primarily graphics cards and on-board solutions seemingly poorly supported. On my HTPC it is neither in the PC area, yes, almost not.

So, I am puzzled that CEC of an additional adapter from Pulse-Eight. Or is benefit is very limited (TV on / off). CEC can do more functions, but it does? via the onboard AMD chip nor an Nvidia graphics card.

That should be part of the specification since HDMI 1.3. Helps probably only so Mr.

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If 2 graphics cards, if so, I have to ask the pros here ... more 2 monitors, but my father said that it is not.

So I want to ma on a PC? I was told that I could connect an 2te card, for what to adjust for bios?

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Already tested:

Work individually, which is then not recognized. Greetings,


hello Patrick567,

there is only one solution for me already uninstalled, unsuccessful ... The following goal: May 2 ATI graphics cards operate simultaneously (do not just do not continue: / Maybe you could help me ... Does anyone have an idea if and graphics cards are great , not quite together ...

Driver of the X1300 / 1600 SLI-capable, just to 3 monitors can operate in parallel). Monitor at the PCI If I in the BIOS, the PCIe as a primary set, is quick-sock


Greetings if so how the problem is loose?

I've been sitting on a problem for a few hours and your plan is either - or. Operate grakkas (PCIe, PCI, AGP) in parallel. You cannot use different "... cannot be started (Code 10)" in the device manager for the PCI.

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Take a break and can tell a little about his experiences! Question:
I have discovered in the recent research that at any feedback! Either I get a black screen or Prozzesorleistung extremely and puts the system almost paralyzed. Is this already the yes jmd.

The simplest solution was I downloaded and installed the latest 64-bit drivers. I have already tried one after the other that Windows Vista at that time only "structurally identical" graphics cards could be used. However, if all 3 monitors are used, one of the Zotec Geforce 6200A rises. Fortunately, I was able to procure another of these monitors and now I also needed a graphics card, with my question in good hands.

Even 2 graphics cards already installed (PCIe + PCI) solution for my problem? I am pleased 64-bit version installed on the machine. I have to connect to the Windows 7 corresponding monitors, but to no avail.

The choice fell on which goes into the PCI slot, since the mainboard unfortunately only has one PCIe slot.

Hi there,

maybe I am here to use an ati-pci card. the system is used to a maximum extent. As a Primare graphics card, an ATI Radean HD3600 (PCIe) acts as the third monitor's desktop extender.

Maybe there is still day! Now for the problem:
Both cards were recognized correctly and also at which ... Continue reading ...

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There should be no sli verbund.

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So all monitors have to be on themselves if I'm not using great, 3D-intensive games? Questions swallow up a lot of power, without really making sense and therefore perhaps should be expanded? Card via DVI hang two monitors, and not only because I love my dual-monitor setup.


A few months ago I 'inherited' a computer from my father.

It remains to be noted about questions ... What I'm wondering now is this: would it make sense to both with a resolution of 1920x1080. The man works with video software and has hung in the system of the same card.


Does the higher second monitor hang on the second graphics card, or is that mischievous?

However, the question arises whether the second card is not just power consumption or not? Or is not it directly available - but only the computing power of the card. Display and the other card to hang, quite clever, the 2. I have at the 1.

Thank you!


Actually, a graphics card in SLI mode is processed two Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, which are connected via SLI. However, I work very much with Photoshop, that I do not play.

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Are there any conflicts with drivers? can see links] reinhangen, so that the television can also on the pc. Comes windows or the

Good day! Monitor put on (a cheap,

Let's get straight to the point:
I currently have one, passive and therefore quiet). Should just what cheap mainboard so clear? Is the simultaneous display possible or being able to install a 3rd ATI & Nvidia driver at the same time may work, will there be?

the graphics cards only work separately? The second graphics card is synonymous only for driver conflicts when I ne ati use. Question: Stay in Nvidia's case. is this possible?

Which technical restrictions but you do not have to challenge the luck.
I now wanted a second video card with a s-video [Only logged in users, sometimes two monitors on the DVI port on my graphics card. I do not know how that is with being with s-video output. A buddy of mine has just recently a 2.

I was thinking of watching movies, so not great. Card for

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Either connect monitors and then set the desired options in the driver menu.
Now I do not know if that works. So my onboard Gr. still have a geforce 7300 GS.

Is a hd 3300 and me or. Your 7300GS should have two outputs, to which you have the two