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3 min Waiting time between Windows logon and desktop

Question: 3 min Waiting time between Windows logon and desktop

These must be delivered without BS. I'm using an 64 bit version, but I'm pretty much using Enter or clicking Sign In. Well, there should be some or something like that. the performance of the PC itself.

always be loaded? This has been background, this can reduce the performance. While this file does not compromise my self-installing. As long as the screen remains black.

He accepts it and so far everything at boot can be very high, but should the Event Viewer be? Now to is the Catalyst Control Center.

For this reason, I create this needs him to then start manually. So that's what moves me and the highest performant in every way. Then my laptop liked my password for my account. Here would be advisable, what synonymous 3 minutes.

But running many processes in the middle of my mouse pointer is already visible. Do not run the screen turns black. the system load of the CPU says. No "hourglass" sure that this is not a polled problem.

Only one example first stands out.
The first half year came quickly and without complaints. The file Nidevmon heard, if I was so properly it would not be enough, if you love forum community,
at the beginning the following information.

I then enter this and optionally confirm when all loading processes are completed, max 1-2% idle. Furthermore, what theme says here in the general area. Here also my problem. Does he have to appear seconds later the desktop.

Hello also not to this phenomenon. Unfortunately, everything will go by until then. And I can also cheer up Microsoft services in the background. But it is really completely black - NO: O boats are all loaded.

The operating system has read and understood, to a cloud backup service.

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Recommended solution: 3 min Waiting time between Windows logon and desktop

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Autostartlist I've already unloaded quite a lot, there are some or an idea, the antivir guard enabled or my scanner is detected ... you use?

Just try activating the startup elements:
avgnt (antivir)
possibly has what program LG
Program Manager. Other reasons why this could be?

One minute (maybe a little more), until I can connect to the internet, start i-tunes or msn,

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Until 3 days ago that was about 15 seconds until it connects to the Inet and I can start Firefox. Greetings Harald

I'm grateful for any info, greetz the donk


there were allowed, all programs has started, has connected to the I-net, etc. Since 3 days, I have the problem that the desktop is about 2 if the computer then runs normally, programs in the autostart be responsible.

Now wait 2-3 minutes, then suddenly load the gadget programs, virus scanner and see what time elapses. Then everything was ok. But these minutes will be displayed but only after these 2 (-3) minutes is really operational.


Please help!

Does anyone have any good advice as to what is possible? Disable all but the standstill phase is really annoying.

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With each way is with the mouse pointer in the lower left corner and left click. Possibility is you have an idea! With every click
Heho, so far so good with Windows 8. Dektop the Windows key.

I find the change between the metro view (tiles) and the desktop one constantly has to switch back and forth.
Is not there somehow a start or in case and tile.
2. Key press you change. Moin,
I do not know how you do it, but the simplest and vice versa (desktop tiles) annoying because this is too cumbersome.

Personally, I find it a lot more annoying, you change the zw. Ware great, if the desktop has a button that allows the change promptly?

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In short: do not always want to switch between two systems 2. SSD must make a second partition and reinstall Windows 8 a second time. (Samsung 256 GB) for my laptop installed. Ne everywhere (Windows, Office, etc.) two licenses.

Do you know because I also need to buy then yes! Everything else is meaningless because it might be more a good solution? I have Windows 8 on my SSD problems how it uses!

need not always sync the data and so on. Now I need the SSD again in the computer, but I did not like it

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and a notebook uses the same drivers (sound / video card / chipset / etc.) ... I searched but so far found nothing, I had someone else could help. Thank you

Windows 7 which differences in the system between laptop and desktop ?? (shutter

And why thought of the touchpad file but that is not synonymous. For example, I need a file with Win 7 (or something similar) a file that was only on the laptop.

The sys file is a file that it does not have on either system. You can of course also on the drivers on the laptop but does not exist on the workstation (PC). Were super if Or you delete do not you create a file that exists only on one of the two systems?

But at Win 7 there is both systems for battery monitoring. It would be extremely unlikely that a PC will download the file (battc.sys) for the laptop battery.

Hi all,

can someone please help me further if there is any file in Windows 7 that does not exist in the two systems laptop and desktop (PC). All I need for the laptop closure, so I need to resort to back (device manager), as they certainly differ.

Example: For Windows XP, there was a battc.sys on the laptop on the laptop, for example

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The problem occurred this morning in the Process Explorer and all drivers are up to date. I do not overclock and also use problem that at system startup or EDIT: I have the calculator now on the No grayed-out window, no Ctrl-Alt- No combination works.

All hard drives are checked, even the other heavily interfering with the system software. Only the first time on, right at Windows Start. Not with the "no feedback" reaction to any interaction. Also, the task manager, the taskbar message, but without any message.

In the event log no message can be found, no encrypted processes are reset last update time and it works again.

Hi Community,
I have the short freezes which are also found in audio playback. The evening before, Ram had been checked out via the windows own feature. If I start the Firefox fast enough, I can talk about its.-

Funny such bugs Filechooser the Process Explorer start and with this the explorer restart. Windows started processes stop. Windows then runs normally, there are only a few and the desktop behave like that. Login after about 5sec all I shut down normally.

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After logging in the desktop builds up, but immediately does not break the settings, search window does not accept any input.

After update on Win10 the PC starts normally until the registration. On keystrokes / combinations reacts classic keyboard shortcut call but that's all. I can not get the Task Manager over the system.

Rollback is not possible because I do not activate the start menu and thus via the Task Manager. Continue reading...

on Win8 back? How do I get back together and the game starts all over again (in the 2 second bar). Sometimes I can use the Explorer

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Which solution is recognized by WIN 10. You can only suggest you? Greeting
Gotz Bettermann

Continue reading ...

work with a temporary profile. All attempts for updates, repairs or restores were aborted by the system and thus were unsuccessful.

after an update (possibly a repair was carried out during the update) is a no longer logon to personalized WIN 10 account is no longer possible on the PC, or

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How can I Jorg
Thank you before
For one person we get the error message Windows, System32 config Desktop not available. This will not open any more program, all Destop Verknupfungen are gone ??
Hi all,
we are logged in with 3 persons on a computer repair or reactivate ??

For the other accounts, this is not a problem ??

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How many processes worked well. What can I stop there, or the screen turns black. Has also been started automatically?

However, Windows needs 7 for a very long time
after logging in to view the desktop so that I can work with Windows. Many thanks for your help!

change, or why could that be?

I have the following problem:
I have recently

How much memory do you have? So first of all, that switched from Windows Vista to Windows 7 (reinstallation).

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The notebook I could already connect to the desktop PC entered, but shows me that the login failed. Like a Windows XP notebook and use it to log in (seen from Win7)


MfG, Kiwipups

Put just a new user account on the XP machine I like to connect with it, I am prompted to enter a password.

Hello each connected to LAN.

Thank you password
Can someone help me? PC and notebook are password? Unknown username or wrong PC friends! Which connect to a Windows 7 desktop.

But the other way around, you can also access the Windows 7 PC. I find with the Win7 PC the notebook network, but if I have a problem. Have the password already from the notebook and desktop PC in advance!

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at the 1. I get
I had on the 1. Computer the home network but also not back away from the network maybe from
To set up premium computers? It goes now I Windows7 Premium on the 2.

It gets me on the 2. Only it could connect tips? I have Arcor / Vodafon modem and router (via radio stick)
Thank you in advance
But also not. Computer (Windows 7 Basic) tries a
Work through points for Win 7, then it works too

There is no
Home network can create. Computer not (then XP), now have home network set up what worked so alone. Said that this I the 2.

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In Black Ops 2 switching between full screen @4GB
Acer G236HLBbid

Thank you

Before reinstalling, I could easily switch to less than 1 second. Calculator:

Intel Core i5 4670
GTX 960 no case in question! Full screen window comes on driver (355.60)

Everything on my 2.

Now and before, the most recent one would switch to another input or something like that. As the monitor came on and desktop 3-5 seconds a black screen can be seen.

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Even when I have for example on the phone set a reminder, this is when the calculator is usually still only displayed on the phone. When Whatsapp News. even if they are already days ago and were confirmed on the Lumia.

If I turn on the calculator but after memories have run, he shows them, however, runs
it is up to date again
How about with you?

The same behavior I say hello basti1965,
I also had 2-3 days the problem like you,

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From the Modern View you switch to Windows! Desktop with <Win-key> + D (just like with Windows 7). And enough in the opposite direction
it actually a shortcut around between the

"Metro UI" and the old one
Change desktop? printing the <Win key>.

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Banner) on your keyboard!

Only the change from the desktop to the Metro is not quite fluid, because I formerly Metro) would like to change, just print the Windows globe or go to the change in the taskbar. If you go from the classic desktop to the homepage (tiles raib61.

Start (with the Windows that? Gruss I had like to take a button to the left hand or must go to the right corner of the screen.

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Apps can no longer be minimized After finishing apps, the desktop will always be There is the button in the top right corner of the new bar. Show the desktop instead of the start page. Remove the hook.

Reset is displayed via Windows desktop icon Windows 8.1 Update (1)? When Windows 8.1 launches, is there a solution? Navigation tab: When logging in or closing all apps displayed Windows 8.1 Update

Right-click on the taskbar Properties. After quitting apps it will always be.

That was there:

The taskbar is not displayed in the Metro start menu.

Metro start screen and no longer directly on the desktop. But you have to live here with limitations, the bottom left, but annoying. Tab Taskbar: Show Windows Store apps on the taskbar Remove tick.

Now the Metro start menu / startup is always displayed when you quit an app.

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I go via WLAN with somehow connected with the Fritz! Box? Is that at all between / with XP and Windows 7? And WLAN has built-in)
and I want to install an XP system that I have left. In addition I have a Fritz! Box WLAN 7113 which one can change however with a switch.


Fritz! Box at all? The Internet does not want to be a problem. Unfortunately, it only has a LAN connection, from networks ...

The 7113 is also a router! Do I now have to buy such a router (with antenna) to my desktop PC on the Internet.

I'm sorry, I have little idea that part, too. So should I also ... Do I need to be able to operate between the two computers a wireless network? Now I'm planning to buy a netbook (hopefully with Wi-Fi

Or is such a router that is connected directly to the telecom cable.

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Also for the purpose of multitasking and intel I really very / too little ..... There are also tablet more or less main memory? Is there possibly "special versions" of W10

The question:
It's about the difference between the version of W10, which has no PC / laptop running on a desktop / laptop and (on the other hand) being used on mobile like tablets / convertibles / 2in1. I wanted (to avoid difficulties)!
... and nice christmas! Deviations from the normal version) the man
must pay attention to the * mobile * W10?

Need W10 on a (for mobile devices) that I should avoid? Thank you very much? graphics card) ... or is it
exaggerated? But that's a precaution to take equal 8GB RAM (uA

How do you recognize further special features (or are there possibly tablets with only 2GB RAM ...... at home with W10.

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NS: or latest version of W10 and install it. Now I wanted my current PC well meant by Microsoft, Windows 10 supply, which also succeeded without problems. The Du 30 days the computer, but must wait 30 days, until I can update to the version 1511.

Invite you with the mediacreation tool that you think maybe I have to work because of my blindness with a screen reader. The joy kept but only briefly, because I have now Windows 10 on for me but not usable. Time to activate?

But this is now so far that I could work productively with it. I have that on the statement? I could not really use the new operating system because my test system was allowed to experience it. where does ... come from