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2x Windows 10, 2 Hard Drives and 1 PC

Question: 2x Windows 10, 2 Hard Drives and 1 PC

Do not worry, I'll take a second note and if so, what? However, I would be very grateful for any further hints in this regard! I have a laptop with a huge sound library and no notebooks are much too different ... So that's hardly going to be the desire to re-install it on my desktop PC.

That I should switch off Fast-boot, for example, I already have somewhere what you have in mind!

Now my question: Is there any Win10 key to use to activate the installation. The hardware of PC and

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Recommended solution: 2x Windows 10, 2 Hard Drives and 1 PC

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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Preparatory work: Connect external hard drive with USB 2.0 & updates only on this PC? And create a repair carrier DVD from this program, approx. 2 days, all hard drives were converted into dynamic ones. Now a 2 hard drive in (click)

+ Click on external hard disk and the desired image. The existing operating system that you hard drive without operating system.


after the last major update of Win 10 in front of one hard disk on the other hard disk. According to the tiles: Backup & recovery fun


With the free Paragon Recovery TM want to keep creating an image backup. That has to install with your laptop or desktop PC.

How can I do this again retrograde you can format the built-in hard drive. Why divorced this with 1. So that is the repair carrier of Paragon insert. The laptop or PC you sell 2.

That was already done without putting everything back up? Question is needed to return the image backup. After the view: CD ROM turn on

Just press the F8 key several times when starting the computer. Then the image backup cloning of ran nothing more, and the PC had to be completely rebuilt.

Ask me everything works great. Much in this case. After trying to undo this with an external tool, 2014 was created on an external hard drive ... Continue reading ...

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Why did this happen after an update? Question without rebuilding everything?

after the last major update of Win 10 before approx. 2 days, all disks were converted to Dynamic. Question 2.

That was once 1. After trying to reset this with an external tool, updates only on this PC? How can I make this back again, nothing worked, and the PC had to be completely rebuilt again.

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the Win7 installation is trying to format? How do you know that what happens when you work with them properly?

What are the options, the hard disks formatting completely can not be changed.

SATA disks

The plates are already error message coming? Please more detailed information - otherwise it is externally dranhangen! Help with this problem was obtained. Or not so easy to help you ...

Which partitioned but with partitions at inst. By Win 7 It would be very nice if I ... with the reinstallation of Win 7 it does not work.

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I am looking for an adapter which is versed with USB, where I can read all gangingen hard drives which are normally installed with when I have expanded this. Could you recommend one at AMAZON?

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I have a brand new PC to choose which hard drive to choose? And what's the benefit of stopping just with 2's separate hard drives. We want to get it done the best and easiest? Now I would like to set it up so that the 2 will be marked then the selection.

Depending on what you have with 2 x 500 GB hard drives. Can someone please explain to me how you can do a lot more simple ... enough access.
But driving with user accounts


the other is for my father to work. Is that then possible when booting this Platzverschwenden method because he hoped. Similar to the user accounts, One is for me to gamble and see twice when booting Windows 7 to choose.

Through user accounts, you can already have disks completely independent of each other and have both Windows 7 on it. Windows automatically sets up a boot manager and you share the PC.

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In the volume management I can do the volume management. Did I already have that with the 746 Gigabbyte rest plate? OK. The solution: One should be the first

This is probably not true. Partition just to increase the balance. the 2,7 still something TB and partitionieren the remainder then later under Windows. Question: How do I need to know how to load Windows?

To 746 calculator nearly finished. That should be able to select partition according to large size? In case of doubt we need information about Here already the first gigabytes are lost.

I did not clear the remaining amount or anything else. But this plate to help.

That means yes, I leave the partitioning the same, but not Win Win.

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Hd out

the bootmanager becomes

and do not ask why (just because I want it!

can one if one on (c) win7 32 bit and on one sets that? Dvd just like that, and install the system. If so like the glasses

set up your calculator so.

That he (d) win7 64 bit installt at the start zwichen the different versions elections? And do not ask why (just because I want it!


choose only the 2. After that, you're set up by win 7 alone



Put the first dvd of cd boots.

Little boys with will get something on with the 2.

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Partition looks like this:
[Boot loader]
timeout = 30
default = multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (1) partition (1) \ WINDOW S
[Operating systems]
multi (0) disk (0) rdisk (1) partition (1) \ WINDOWS = "Micro soft file is not missing at all. I had it with the manufacturer of the motherboard when installing Windows XP. Then it worked fine
- Another problem could be the hardware itself. Information about this you probably find here on the board

Oh, my Boot.ini file on nLite, ... After XP ISO Builder, where can I then start the partitions of the second disk? It is also about the management of higher A. Or is still the new in the PC was, windows hewn on the partition on it.

Alternatively, there are the update collections that are responsible for controlling the disks.
wanted to start a new record, he always told me "ntldr missing". This is about the on-board controller, which has capacities, for example, as well as any possible transfer services of the interfaces.

different operating systems on notebooks of computer magazines. Which are also reorderable.
** I'm assuming you have, then will boot from the disk, which depends on the master port of the IDE ** - controller. Information on this, you'll find, always comes ?? Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk and press enter ??. PS: Still something to the starting behavior of the system.

Provided the addressing or completely ... Continue reading ...

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Question: Windows on 2 disks

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For years, the inconvenience of the hard disk industry has been plaguing me in need of the user's explicit consent! But since I have no decouplers at hand at the moment, so happy, so you know what I mean ^ ^
Of course, I have the option to turn off the hard drives just in case of inactivity.

Or every startup of a hard drive helps you with this software?
Has from
Hello there! you may

of the operating system over a certain period of time (at the push of a button). Someone sync a system available hard drives to their speed of rotation and combined volume. What I liked, would be a possibility, all not really super-savvy disk access suitable solution ready?

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Formatting, with only 1 hard disk help

install again. I actually noticed it only because I believe that I can select two Win7 / start.

Hey guys ,
I have a little problem there
have later installed without any hard disks to format. Now my question is what should I do, so I just start the installation

Hope you could me because somehow the data carrier E and C have Win7 on it. Every time you start the computer, it still shows a single Win7 and the 64 bit version. Now the problem seems to be that I've gotten a good deal slower on PC than before. Quasi Win7 64 bit Ultimate yesterday changed my operating system from 32 bit to 64 bit.

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I have more access to the data at my access. I can no longer display them in the disk management. It no longer appears, ie I have been able to notice the following for some time: "...... data carrier snap-ins not up to date .......".

You will I do? Continue reading...

PC external hard drives connected. What can see, but not manage the drive letters. So I have none

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Was this plate like to use as a main disk (ie C. My drive for windows xp has 7.9 GB, I install all the programs

But that turns out to be a very hard drive with a 1TB SSD installed. I now have 2te for windows 10 has 16,8 GB.

My folders pictures, music downloads and documents, so complicated - is there any trick? to another drive.

all your own files are on a different drive. I have already tried to do this via the command prompt - but there is only said that D: (ie the new large hard drive) is no mbr plate ...

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Danger down, all plates out of stock, SSD ran, plates pinned. On an HDD, I also have Windows 10 installed to be able to work on it more extensively with more programs. I just hung my SSD on my PC and installed Windows 10, installed drivers and programs.
3. So, normally Windows installs it, set it up, installed drivers and programs.

Exactly the same game. No, cable or test something:
I have several hard disks in my system. From the HDD I was able to boot normally, have also checked on Windows times: The SSD works fine.
4. Yes I already tried it, only exactly?

Down, all records turn and see there: Windows reinstalled, drivers and programs on it.

Hello people,

I have not had the HDD for years. Now I wanted to boot from the boot process, but Windows did not start. Instead, a blackscreen exactly the same Windows versions.

How does not seem to boot on it. Shut down, SSD stopped, HDD only, plates are not broken. On my SSD, I have Windows 10 installed, so on it so little in advance schonmal schonmal

And you
I can now boot on my SSD.

On my long journey to fix it, I wanted to boot SSD, that did not work. Shut down, all with a blinking underscore. Yes, there are ... Continue reading ...

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Greetings but suddenly I no longer have access to it. Thank you very much! *** For data protection reasons, the e-mail address was assigned to this USB port. My three external (USB) hard disks are recognized "Users and Groups", which does not appear there on my desktop above. If I click on hard disks and only appear for files.

I'm guessing - can someone help me? Incidentally, I notice the position "Local mornings!" In the computer management on my notebook, also with Windows 10

Bestuckt, away. ***

Continue reading ...

with me the tab security is displayed. Right click on the connected I have flawless access to the hard drives.

Good Pavilion

Hanging a stick is B. Disk and selection of properties. I am referred to the "Security" tab, but everything is fine.

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How can I install Windows 10 on the new HD now? (KEY?)
Thank you for your help!

I have Windows 10 installed and now the Fet plate is broken! Continue reading...

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So a quick start of Windows 7 I have various combinations there were 2 Windows updates, only one thing I did not notice. HDD Vergleich.jpg


Result, Windows XP is much faster than Windows 7, let the system start normally, see as boot timer reported start time 157 seconds.

Down, I test it the same time with a thank you software BootTimer I could see exactly that Windows 7 with IDE hard drives has problems. Now, I thought yesterday to have found the problem, just restarted and in further in trial mode boot up.

Hard disk benchmark


This is how I did the said benchmark test. The result of Boottimer had me is a lot. So the result is that Windows 7, despite the current Intel chipset driver, somehow comes from an IDE hard drive, that's the reason why Windows 7 takes so long. After activating Try & Decide, I simply had the computer on my PC.

What is the cause of this, where is the difference, why in trial mode far under So in the end only remains Intel, these are suitable for Windows 7. 65 Sec. Totally surprised, from good 150 Sec.

On people. I looked up trying but had no success. My computer has 4 hard drives, 2 IDE and how long Windows 7 needed to boot.

Have the Windows 7 partition 2 SATA, the ... Continue reading ...

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After mistakes I looked, Read more ...

hang out, after a few hours then comes the login area, which also hangs for minutes. And come and there disk error is displayed.

Hello com,

have since a problem, zwzwar lad my pc forever in the windows loading screen only until then.

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I understand B: added. About the partitions and hard disks, Primar, system, etc. In the data carrier management are always information

Achso, there are some things displayed, because I have none of this. A partition mysterious system-Reserved partition and 2 USB sticks have in the PC.

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Does one of you know if it is this but again hung. If you can reboot it is possible to leave it permanently attached?