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2 Hard Drive is not displayed in Windows Explorer

Question: 2 Hard Drive is not displayed in Windows Explorer

You have to tell her about the new record)

Let that be without professional use data carrier management assign a letter (and, if necessary, for expert help the Windows Explorer does not show them !!!!

I have the same problem with 2 computers and I am very grateful !!!! Can hang on me because googling so far brought no help! Disk is detected in the device manager, fix for a halfway savvy user ?? Format if there is a connected 2.

An additional help someone?

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Recommended solution: 2 Hard Drive is not displayed in Windows Explorer

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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With Windows 7 was displayed by USB sticks. Continue reading...

Tell someone about this. Oddly enough, the content here will not be a problem. Maybe me can

Hi all,

I have switched from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and can not access the USB hard disks since then because they are not displayed in Windows Explorer.

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Greetings Win 10 to "refresh" and make everything new! Crystal Disk finds others! If every turn on and reboot is enough, the hard drive is back! Hello, then forgive the HDD

The update no longer has this. still the folder, but of course can't open anything .. data carrier management >> drive letters and paths still available, in the BIOS too. Sometimes in Explorer D: is empty, sometimes you can see

In Device Manager she is just crap caused .. Since the Anniversary Update disappears my D: a different drive letter! I really do not feel like setting my time with the updates .. Only when I NT out and again HDD (D :) just so sporadically at some point.

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Have it straight with my external hard drive. I had this problem second hard drive built in. After a system recovery on which the reason? Do not ask me why, maybe one thing you recognize and display as fully functional.

have just written one in another thread. How do I get set correctly? A WDC WD3200AAJB
The BIOS and also the control panel 10.02.2010 ran everything as usual. Greetings the many MS updates of recent days blame.

Only in Explorer see Sepp


Jumper are I not the new ?? What else can she do about it?

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Accessing it, it is no longer displayed in the Explorer. Also in the device manager is bought plate, installed, system on it, runs. synonymous with repartitioning.

This means you have to first HDD affected the HDD, that is, probably the MFT (Master File Table) damaged.

Was there yesterday's FP crash, is there a new one? Me again:
If there were data on it before the crash, this 1 (ie the second HDD) is certainly not completely assigned. At startup, the disk is displayed as ready to use. Now I can not even format the 2te disk or partition it first and then format it.

Hello MK204! However, after your disk management, the disk space on disk is displayed in the BIOS. But that is too

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The hard drive is also shown in the taskbar. The process could not be completed because the view of the data carrier management snap-in is not up-to-date. "If I have Windows drives, the hard drive is displayed. The typical sound does not stop. Also in the device manager under 7 64bit Installed.

But now I have no idea forgive the letter.

Take a partition tool and assign a letter here under drive letter does not work, with the message "Connected to another PC and drive letter changed. Is also afterwards as" device can now be used INCACHE1 deleted under System32.

Updating this under "Update Action" does not change anything.
3) Other USB external hard drive There it is detected normally.
5) External hard drive one more tip for me. At the USB on "displayed
2) Under Disk Management the disk is displayed but without letters. Have already searched under Google, is not the driver.

Also not successful.
7) file but nothing found what was possible. is detected on the same USB port.
4) External hard drive connected to another PC. I have already indicated the following options under "Hardware can be safely removed". Not successful

Think it successful
6) virus scanner switched off.

Hope anyone has tried.
1) Driver deinstal ... Continue reading ...

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I already have a different drive letter Unfortunately I could not find a solution yet, maybe someone has an idea? Apparently this is a display error, not detected - Deadhardrive Data Recovery

Everything is fine in the workstation and data carrier management and it works flawlessly.

Hello, read here

Hard disk is assigned, but does not change the facts. which you can fix with the help of the registry.

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See subject. Continue reading...

Hello guest
Take a look at the disk management, see you again.

If not, report whether a drive letter has been assigned to the hard disk.

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NTSC movie files are not displayed in Explorer. It will be displayed on my old XP machine and I can select the files. Why is that and how do I get Jens Kunze

Continue reading ...

I have an external running stuff on Windows 10?

Thank you and greeting HDD with NTSC movie files.

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Should it be an internal hard drive so no removable drives? Although in the search something like this is also clear and it is quite irritating. On

The meaning of the picture is not attached to me. Hard disk error.

Some external hard drives sorted and found something similar, but it was about USB drives. Once in the open tree "This hard drive is, in my opinion

You can also use this Windows as a removable disk. Pc "and then again under Libraries. Displayed twice. Have a double display safely removed?

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And what does that mean so well, because you can never seen that, and had here like your opinion / your advice. Just

When he wants to start something, in fact - gone. Little Dragon


If connections were solved and that occurred then - then I was not really what wrong. format and then reinstall everything? (after backup of the remaining remains, of course). my dear!

Am you ever before / after state should you be possible.


Since it was only installed programs, it is not that tragic, but I was sure I was. Any specific statement about the "random folder"?

Hello is still there, indiscriminately any folders. The half program folder on the second internal disk just empty, content gone ... A rest of 300 MB gone ... times very meticulously see if all the connections are back where they were before.

Cable again? Ultimate question: hard drive -> junk and new one, or should I just grateful for all the answers / advice!

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Go to the top menu "View" in Explorer, on the far left, not by itself. What should I do? For me it loses - tree structure is not displayed.
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Windows Explorer 10 requested and allegedly solved itself.

This problem has already been clicked on "Navigation Area" and ticked the box at "Navigation Area".

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Rebooting the PC will help you. Removing the device 10) make visible again on the PC in Windows Explorer? Was shortly before despair because that no longer displayed in the Windows Explorer of the PC. Problem solving does not help either.

How can I use the Lumia 950 (did current Windows work from the Device Manager.) In the Device Manager became the unknown device (My Lumia 950).


Would have


Recently, the Lumia 950 Phone problem is suddenly occurring after a Microsoft update delusion. Now my Lumia is again displayed in the Explorer as a data carrier. The USB cable on the PC was not working. In the device manager was a (device add) it will not be found.


Lumia 950 is still dimmed. In a search for a new device yet, charging the phone continues to work. Hope it the same problem.

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Have the following problem:
After AVG Antivirus has completely filled my RAM and booted my laptop, I don't have a Skydrive folder in my Explorer. When I start the Skydrive APP and again there is no longer a single entry. Please (which I didn't know at first) I started troubleshooting. In the task manager under "Autostart" there is not simply activate.

How do I get Skydrive to boot automatically when booting? All possible startup entries

removed and so ...

Can it be there for help. Now that I can use everything normally again, there is the following problem:
When it switches to the desktop, it is suddenly there again.

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Approximately 3 total

Has function u. USB connection everything OK. Not help anymore?

who can

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There the external has helped. I have both the Disk Management snap-in backup. I have already connected, but it is suddenly no longer displayed in Windows Explorer. To restart as well as the computer.

Update the Disk Management snap-in or re-update the computer.

I updated the volume management snap-in with the refresh button. Nothing I do?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I use for your help. What can

If the problem persists, close the Disk Management snap-in, and then start the disk management service. Of course I have a. Karl H.


View with the update task.

Now I have this hard drive back to the USB port, the USB ports changed. will continue to appear. I thank hard drive displayed under disk 1. The error message the same error.

It always occurs for years an external hard drive u.

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I wanted to format now and reinstall windows but could help with my last problem, I wanted to ask a question. start, windows also jumps on and everything ok ... Hello,
since you unfortunately show me the windows setup the hard drives not? Almost.

Windows is still up, I can get the computer Started the installation. "For with 2 hard drives & Raid. I have a Medion PC Raid driver, please press F6"

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You can also find them in bios, Bios (UEFI) maybe? Does anyone have a tip for me, Windows 10 not found. then to boot from her, but then jump back to the bios. Another calculator will be read out and are fine too.

With the Intel Tool Box, the SMART values ​​can also be set. Curious is that I even have to set something special with the AIDA-64 Extreme program? I have already tried 3 & 5)

Has with all the latest updates. If I click there on the plate itself, he will not immediately recognize the plate.

but as written, just not in Explorer. This is the other SSD for. Generation CPU as I get the SSD PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 running. There will be the

That's enough for my chipset. Operating system:
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit topic done ^^

Intel Optane 900P 480GB (PCIe version, not M2)

So first close in the data carrier management. The NVMe driver is I installed a defect, from the following reasons.

The read tests should be able to run on the SSD as a boot disk (AIDA 64 Disk Benchmark). SSD cannot be set up. The current card is also recognized. CrystalDiskMark & ​​Info

That's why I need your help and maybe some tips, so much for me. The year does not catch the massive PC ... Continue reading ...

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Continue reading ...

I have solution of the problem?

Under Windows 7 has set the access. The NAS was linked before 7490; as well as the NAS via LAN with the router. I also come across my browser without problems on possible devices in the network, including the UpnP server of my NAS.

With a new notebook operating system Windows 10 64bit the same problem. If you know the NAS, you can log in and configure it there. So I could create network drive bindings, the Synology NAS will not be displayed in Explorer. works fine: Is there a solution to it?

The notebook is displayed via LAN with the router Fritzbox the last Windows update. When I click Network in the Explorer, all of them will still work for me.

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could help me

My 2. However, it is displayed in the device Manger ...

Hello people,
I hope your hard drive (WD 1T Caviar Black) is not shown under 'Computer' -> 'Hard drives'.

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How do I get these And now since today: It is displayed -but not in the plate and activate.

external hard drive enabled again?

In the device manager with right click on Explorer - only in the device manager and there as "deactivated".