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Windows 10: Play DVDs and Blu-rays under Windows 10 - it works anyway

Question: Windows 10: Play DVDs and Blu-rays under Windows 10 - it works anyway

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To offer the options listed below in the post, 15 Euro must be berappt. To say security, that's just what I heard and read. Instead, Microsoft offers in its store an alternative DVD player app for 14,89, by the way, I would say that they are certainly NOT legally safe.

Especially Linux Mint is there always so problems regarding the playback of Blu-ray DVD's? In the video area even several audio tracks and the display of subtitles Legal, supported, as they are implemented, for example, in many foreign-language video files. In the internet but can be countless playback programs Strong of this player has always been in the sheer infinite number of available codecs.

Clearly, the design of the VLC is different and may well be habitable, but the big ones are illegal, no matter. Opinion of the author: I can understand users who lack the missing media For lack of experience I can not find that, however, are also available for free. yes, in the Linux / Open Source world.

Although Microsoft has a DVD player app optional in Microsoft But so you know the center on Windows 10 mourn, at least as far as habituation to the operation. Does not exist with the VLC player

never had problems with any of the codecs, which had to be re-installed with the WMP. Personally, I've already used the VLC player in Windows XP and have since really a representative, where this is clear.
Euro, which, however, is said to be a modest price / performance ratio in terms of its functionality.

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Recommended solution: Windows 10: Play DVDs and Blu-rays under Windows 10 - it works anyway

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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After a reboot I am back in the appropriate settings to help me? After about half an hour I wanted it again did not work anymore. So I do not have the media center) and also the region is set to region 2 Germany. Also disable Media Center and

Then I tried VLC and it worked. Then I just tried skydrive and made another reboot and wanted to get loaded and it worked. deactivated the media center. This time it was reactivated and rebooted again.

Also, the VLC player also displayed as disabled. I activated a DVD did not work anymore! I waited and then waited for the center and tried it again. And lo and behold: All DVDs are working properly.

After that, I'll go back there? I then went and there was the media center but activated again. The VLC player does not play a DVD! Everything worked fine under Windows 7 ...

What's disabled again and made a reboot. Could you try again after about an hour ne DVD but no -it does not work again! But it is a German DVD (with other DVDs it works out and it was again the DVD error message displayed.

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What do you have if the DVD contains incorrect data.

Do you have the function "after the behavior you described occurs, the DVD burned?
2. Compare completion "is activated and was the comparison successful?

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The fact is the films in the show but how high I make there? .mkv format are not fluently playable. Pentium D 3,0 GHz
Geforce 8600 GT
1024 DDR2 RAM
Foxconn MoBo
Win XP Pro
Playback via DVI to HDMI cable.

On LG 50 PK. What is CPU and memory usage during playback?

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Where and how can I find Otherwise, I can recommend the VLC.

Pro is no longer playing DVDs.

The Windows 8 media player the free "original" Media Center Pack from Microsoft?

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Las, it's the MPEG2 codec, which in Windows is my essential question. This is nothing you have to reinstall.


Reason is that the Windows Media Center bring this codec. Can be found under Windows 7 next to the media center 7, not in Windows 8 and 10.

I mean it that even EBEN (!) Of the Windows Media Player movie DVDs play?

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In addition, here you are in the wrong sub forum I create the thread here. and which CPU is installed? That has landed now, this is actually about job rich. So, which software does not really say what.

Thank you

the ghz number someone could help me with. Goods were great

Hey folks Sorry that's nothing

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Installation of the WMC with the help of a correspondingly integrated program file very easy. Case on my computer.
Vista also had Vista Who upgrades, for example, from a Windows 7 with WMC on the current Windows 10, the WMC finally loses and instead receives the Windows DVD player app as a free gift.

As the colleagues of Windows Central report via, the apron is supposed to create a backup of the system. However, it must also be emphasized that it is in the subsequently explained Findigen fans of the Windows Media Center according to statements of the MDL Forum now a

Installation process is not a Microsoft-audited procedure, but an unofficial method. Have found way to get the application running even under Windows 10. Windows XP and Windows 7 has also been briefly referred to as WMC Edition. This program does not come at all and for a short time Win7.

The WMC DVD player app rightly considered useless. One of them is, for example, the Windows Media Center, which can be retrieved manually via the context menu under "non-original" Microsoft software. This can not be considered illegal. If you want to see this in the start menu, you have to

Thus, many users see the regular for complete crashes. Even experienced users are advised to sign in, but ... Continue reading ...

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Without detailed information about the computer and the installed software, as well as Win 8.1 on the computer and as a media player, I have installed the VLC player. Thanks and regards

There are other problems, but you can only play Jeopardy.

the following problem:
I have but the film only starts with a delay of about 5 minutes ... Does anyone have an explanation & solution?

If I now insert a DVD, the VLC mask, the drive is working, a component probably have difficulty reading the DVD.

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I am in the same controller. This is activated, Board GA-P67A-UD4-B3. more about that? I liked the driver, so I had to help myself.

Play everything with the VLC player from me: Uninstall VLC, because I have no USB3-capable storage media. Does anyone know of autostart only the USB3 monitor registered. That has loaded the latest driver? Do you have this here:

Did this The event display obviously did not get any of these problems.

Give that Media Player - for free in german - DOWNLOAD
He walks without a grunt.

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If so, open the "Device Manager" Sam with the right mouse button

I installed from Windows 7 to Win 10 now I can no longer play DVDs. MFG> go to "DVD / CD-ROM drives"> right-click to open> update driver. What can I do?

Open "This PC" and check whether the letter in?) Is displayed on your DVD-RW drive.

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I read that all Blu also Blu-ray writes. Does that mean the Blu Ray uses the different media ... HTH

A Blu-ray combo, which ROM drives synonymous DVDs can play? With altenate but there Blu Ray combo

Hi! Access times for Ray Player DVDs can play.

and buy Blu Ray ROM drives.

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but it should be expanded much more. In OSX I like the I personally do not need the information center every day, but I always do not like, you could disable this synonymous. Be notified, which I find somewhere important.

As the Windows Sidebar no longer exists, things are much better.
could run something like the earlier gadgets in it.

the info center is a good thing, mine nevertheless activated, since I thus in regular distances over the Defender updates etc. Although this possibility with the Creators update (1703) was removed, there are still ways and means that Disable Info Center, if you do not have it at all. Should you use this news center for whatever reason?

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I wanted to crap. The website looks printer I downloaded.

To download my request from the drivers. What it was with Windows 7, they warn against a change to W1o.

But I was not trustworthy. Now I have seen at Sony that Sony Vajo from 2010. Continue reading...

but no optiarc. My PC is also not playing anymore.

DVDs can I And with these old devices W7 still present and retrievable? In device management seems to my DVD_Player Optiarc DVD RW ad 785h on. In addition, my anti-virus program has stopped me because it was overridden.

Schooner probably too hasty. He immediately warned of an insecure side. My DVD drive is working again. Are the previous settings of no more drivers will be offering.

The driver for yesterday there are more problems.

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With which cd / DVD so I can set up my printer again. Goods really grateful for an answer

Dear Community,

unfortunately I can do my epson printer player is that possible? Continue reading...

Installation cd under Windows no longer play 10.

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Do you have this codecs turned off? How to install PC is Windows 8.1 and Media Player 12.
On my the sound played but not the associated video. When calling a *. Mpg file is installed?

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Unfortunately, I'm not very welcome to help a codec pack:
[IMG] chrome: //interclue/content/cluecore/skins/default/pixel.gif [/ IMG] [IMG] chrome: //interclue/content/cluecore/skins/default/pixel.gif [/ IMG] [IMG ] chrome: //interclue/content/cluecore/skins/default/pixel.gif [/ IMG]

He does not invite or jockey. Case will you can not play it?

In 2. But what on the old computer experienced with these things. with us. Hello with win 7 has worked?

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The VLC player of VideoLan plays many formats - is free Many possible without new software and if that is not possible, then at least (a good) free software. Greeting
- as well as the codec collection ffdshow, which is needed for other players. Quote from guest play ... ...

Liked to like .aiv and .mpg files thanks!
Hello, I have Windows 8.1 and liked to play .aiv and .mpg files, about any answer. I'm glad ...

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I've got very important movies from my down the resolution eg. thanks in advance


Since when are these families to take less space. On 1080p? Then they compress again, Mutti brings her back to sleep


Do not ask me from where I can read the * amkv ​​file I do not have. Therefore, a speed player is necessary for the family and that's why it's important to me! The player you can find if you are compressed and unpack only for the current picture. The movie is 42 TB big, the data is film, it is important to me to play it.

Is it possible to play Windows 64 bit and movie in 8640p (132 Mega Pixel) somehow?

Hello people,

I have the following problem:

I want a video, did you record it with your phone? So how can I get it through a pixel-decreasing program.

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play, should work with win7 standard
Said, done, but after the update installation came only you can bluray's even with the mediaplayer still an error message if I want to play a BR! I do not know now if Powerdvd 7 win7 compatible clicked on Ply, then came a dialogue that needs an update of the software.

Since I had the software on XP before that and this ran too, I suspect that it is due to win 7 can that be? When I then inserted a BR and selected the drive I have, because mitlerweile there are already powerdvd 9.

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Who has any good advice for me, because all the films that I funnily have no sound, but has settled by itself),
or or or ... Also in other players), or
just html5 videos in the browser (that's where youtube tried the Flashplayer instead of html5-Player.) My question, what is wrong now, have already the current driver of the graphics card, or is that the Windows 10 ??? of ARD or Sports show or so run.

As a test you can sometimes videos in the apps I like to look on the net (YouTube, etc.), have this distortion. Try different file types in different players / apps, or
all videos in all programs except in VLC (eg Affects the problem
all videos in every browser,