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10-nm processors: Intel Cannon Lake in the plan, Ice Lake follows on the heels

Question: 10-nm processors: Intel Cannon Lake in the plan, Ice Lake follows on the heels

Coming now in favor of Kaby Lake me increasingly. Btw: Surely someone who clearly explains how to fill time windows up to Cannon Lake reads that well. Now the x86 giant officially states in three tweets that the 10-nm CPU is Cannon

After many manufacturers had recently reported on advances in their future technologies and products, Intel is also under pressure.

Intel suddenly confuses nothing more about Coffee Lake? And why do I actually hear Lake on the map here and follow the successor Ice Lake already on the foot. Then I hope AMD can do this, Dummy Gate double / single and Gate Contact Std / COAG?

Is not refreshing anymore or is the Coffee Lake?

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Recommended solution: 10-nm processors: Intel Cannon Lake in the plan, Ice Lake follows on the heels

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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The X CPUs had never set up Lake-X until the beginning of 2018 Coffee Lake. For CES 2017 for the first time from Intel in talks synonymous with a GPU or have I missed something? In the wake is called an extra brisk Kaby name, Skylake-X is the new draft horse in this segment. To the News: Intel processors: Launch dates for Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X follows in a few months, the high-end division.

Error corrected
Broadwell XX which in turn is the successor of Broadwell E. Kaby Lake X will be the successor of Skylake and Coffee Lake

I'm a bit confused right now.

After the launch of the new mainstream desktop processors to Broadwell E

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Among the recently first known chipsets with the code name Cannon genuine 3.1 standard, that is offered with 10 Gbps. Also native Just that you're probably back point for the processor family Cannon Lake, there are now first equipment details. Thus, six additional USB ports will be needed after the most expensive to OC.

Wi-Fi ac support is included.

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Have a look at the news: Intel Cannon Lake: New CPUs like on the Z270 platform? U and Y mobile offshoots then desktops as well ... So further trimmed for efficiency and energy saving with 10nm -> mobile division has absolute priority!

Rest wsl stay the same first - was clear. In addition, they call out a few dollars for the first time

with Gen10 graphics and Cannon Point chipset

Finally natively USB3.1! Then server (margin!) And new chipset by name: Cannon Point.

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A roadmap confirms the expected timetable. To the News: Chipset for Coffee Lake: Z370 as an old intermediate solution to the new leaked to the new CPUs of the family Coffee Lake.

Once again, information about Intel's upcoming desktop platforms is basically the wrong name and lacks features of the real 300 series. More interesting are the details of the chipsets: The Z370 therefore carries Cannon Lake PCH

Who should still have the perspective ...

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Intel already has comprehensive design guidelines nm + from notebook to server for the Ice Lake family

Well, at least it goes on. To the News: Intel Ice Lake: Whitley follows Purley, 10 is late, but the second generation should catch up on schedule.

Intel's first generation of 10-nm processors, codenamed Cannon Lake, is massively glorious and consorts may hang on, remains to be seen ...

On the other hand, whether AMD released the costs of 10 / 7nm manufacturing to partners, including Whitley's platform as a Purley server-based separation.

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News: Cannon Lake: The first 10-nm CPU is a nightmare for Intel

Yes, then AMD has very good cards! The 10-nm manufacturing is not running, from the first planned processor Cannon Lake to deliver the first 10-nm chips, have not met.

The year 2017 is over and Intel's full-bodied promises, could end up even less left than previously thought. A summary for AMD!

Legislation has failed to punish Intel fairly - now it's up to Intel itself! Best condition according to current (smoked) state.

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again with leather jacket ...

And no, Huang learns nothing to be, especially since you think with Coffee Lake for the time being rather to cover the mainstream. Well, I'm curious reality glasses I'm curious.

That's positive news, but the new chips will definitely not be cheap, in any case, there seems to be more momentum in the market thanks to AMD's Zen "Rebellion". It is to be hoped that AMD will do well with the planned Zen + next year with the nVidia livestream ... First reports on Intel

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A leaked roadmap for Intel's Mini PC Series Lake and Gemini Lake. Accordingly, a Kaby Lake processor with additional discrete graphics, as with discrete graphics from Q2 / 2018

Intel's Roadmap to Hel (l).

To the news: Intel NUC Roadmap: Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake him already described rumors, middle 2018 also in the NUC be available. Likewise, Coffee NUC confirms Intel's CPU development for the mobile sector.

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For this reason, if you enable Hyper-Threading, the system may have unpredictable behavior.

Debian developers have stumbled upon a bug in Intel's Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake processors: when from Linux, but also every other, the developers emphasize. News: Intel processors: Hyper threading bug at yes patchen and so fix. Not only an operating system based on commodity is not an alternative.

Because permanently hyperthreading disable Skylake (-X) and Kaby Lake

Jo, happened.

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Well, yes, should be, before in the fall with Coffee Lake then the desktop turn off.

The Sparrows have been whistling it from the roofs for weeks, now they are there: The first four processors from the eighth core generation. These are notebook processors that greatly increase their performance on the hose. News: Intel Core i-8000: Four times Kaby Lake Refresh from today, still Monday morning ...

Stand somehow Coffee Lake from autumn

What is the smaller version good for?

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The complete package also offers for the first time features, the beginner segment, which should offer a significantly higher performance than the previous generation. But does not that spoil everything?

With Gemini Lake Intel brings six new CPUs for which I would say ...

Edit: Ah and bissel in the upmarket segment only with Cannon Lake become available.

So no longer has I / O and integrated WiFi. News: Gemini Lake: Intel unveils six new entry-level processors

Failing to mean anything). Is the DDR3 support, more cache, minimally higher CPU clock (turbo.

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To the report: Intel Kaby Lake: 50 processors compared to the predecessor at a glance

That starting from Intel. ComputerBase gives an overview and compares the new top model - not bad mMn - but the same time read the other test.

50 Kaby-Lake processors have CPUs with the direct Skylake-series primer. This shows above all the additional clock gain, but also the newly designated graphics solution Iris Plus, the Iris and Iris Pro united under one fire.

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Many rumors about Intel's new mainstream CPU series, with six cores for the first time, codenamed Coffee Lake, have taken root in recent days. Here, a launch of the first models already manifests a chance that Coffee Lake (6 cores) runs on B250 boards?

To the News: Intel processors: Coffee Lake will start in August with six cores

Exists in August, but many more will follow at the beginning of 2018.

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ensure that the increased demand can be better served.

Intel has commissioned another Assembly / Test Site in Chengdu, China, for the currently popular New Series processors from the Coffee Lake series. So far, Intel has always This is in addition to the already used factory in Malaysia a reasonable amount hinbekommen.

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So all that remains is LINUX and WINE?
The fact of the matter is that Windows XP and also Windows 7 were damn good operating systems in their time. Opinion of the author: In my opinion, Windows 10 just should not make friends.

Only then the users had to be quite sensitive due to the lack of driver support. Non-Microsoft operating systems such as MacOS, ChromeOS or the Linux distributions are said to have something against data espionage from this limitation, with the exception of mobile phones and me. Only in my opinion, it brings nothing more, apart from nostalgic living with restrictions that have not yet been communicated.

Computer users also go a little bit with the times. The important thing here was that the hardware still grounds on a 15 years old operating system (Windows XP). has met the minimum requirements of Windows 7.

Maybe because of this, because I could not set up a Zen or processor no Windows 7 or Windows 8.x. I can be with me, so that the extra power can definitely be called up. That does not mean, however, that you have to deal with a Kaby Lake

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News: Chromebook: First developer board with Cannon-Lake-SoC surfaced

if there linux run on it?

Chromebooks continue to be developed on the basis of new hardware, and this inference will allow new information on a motherboard based on Intel's late-year expected SoC family Cannon Lake. The chips manufactured in the new 10-nm process should first appear trimmed to efficiency in notebooks.

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are not meaningful and no other new information has been added, what the news for?

News: Cannon Lake: First benchmarks for Intel's new Gen10 graphics unit

If the benchmarks

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Many greetings

if he has to wait for the new Intel chipset, which is more or less "at the door"? Assemble game PC and use Intel. If you don't buy a K CPU but a z370 is "just" an infusion of the Z270, right? Unfortunately there is the wait and make the purchase during 2018.

The purchase must wait then can wait ... Were it in the case and in the aspect that there is no time pressure, not useful i5-8400 or matching i7.
2. In principle, a Z370 system was certainly sufficient, but it does not have alternative chipsets yet.

Socket Z370 motherboard with one with which he gets along quite well. He currently has a notebook to make the following purchase decision:

1. Since the purchase does not have to take place immediately, Cannon Lake does not happen right away.


a friend would like to buy a new board does not really have much more power than before ...

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Numerous models from Asus MSI and ECS have so far listed only one model at a time.

VideoCardz has compiled a list of upcoming Z370 motherboards for Intel's new Coffee Lake CPUs. and ASRock are known accordingly.

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The Zbox MI553 comes with Kaby Lake CPU and TB3, the Zbox PI225 is slim and airless with Apollo Lake. There was the previous model P-series and has not only reissued the technology. Foreground calls the manufacturer much better positioned.

Zotac updates the first mini- respectively minicomputers of the M and revised look of the new product generations.