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0 bytes files: can the way?

Question: 0 bytes files: can the way?

What are to be deleted
Lukas Gruss, Ralph

They may go away, but can fix the problem in this regard. Windows could do this for files? If they are still for something D: these two 0 bytes are big files (framed in red).

Probably not deleted on my data partition because they contain 0 bytes. Question: [solved] 0 byte files may not be needed or can the gone? This thread from Dr.

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Recommended solution: 0 bytes files: can the way?

I recommend downloading Reimage. It is a repair tool that can fix many Windows problems automatically.

You can download it from here Download Reimage, (This link starts a download from Reimage.)

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At least it is no longer in the form of no option to make specific settings for individual files. These recruitment options have give, although I currently none is known.
Did not you do that anymore? Is there any additional feature that makes it possible for me to edit files on my hard drive to my liking.

For example, specific settings? Maybe it will make one or the other tool a right click and immediately had numerous functions to choose from. Under Windows 7, all I had to do was click on the file, as it had previously done on Windows 7.
So far, I did not completely delete it?

After the concept was fundamentally changed, it continues to give up, but yesterday I wanted to edit a file under Windows 8.

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Uninstalled, but after encountering a problem that was not unsurmountable for me. Who can still face the same problem?

Hi all,

I'm just trying to install Win 10 in time, thanks in advance,


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Greetings and best help me?

"avast" deleted, or there is recommended to delete AV programs. Have with me

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I have Win 10 regards, Nick

Switch programs to OS X? When trying to install application programs comes only the hint that unfortunately brought no solution. The search on the net the respective .exe file could not be loaded and the download stops.

What to do, except all newly installed under Parallels.

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greeting Matze
If you suspect the security level that this message comes about through this setting. Greeting

Hallihallo and
I was able to put it to work I think.

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I prefer to use it, from the previously installed version? Maybe you have leftovers here.

Is also another program?

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And if so, just Office files are read-only and can no longer be saved. What can I do to restore the original one?
Since yesterday yesterday, I'm messing around with my home and student. See if the folder where you store the files is read-only.

And that are without my intervention, all in the properties window to remove the write protection.

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you can not create a file folder

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very grateful. What I can not explain now. Also run as admin to reinstall windows installer. I loaded it then on the microsoft side, but without success.

Have everything with exports> msiexec / with the Ccleaner try. Here are some tips:
Is an idea what I can do. Also in the safe install came the error message that allegedly too little memory is available. I once thought that it had something to do with the registry.

Goods I had tried that brings absolutely nothing. I've found several entries here in the forum, synonymous for 32 bit

However, of course, does not help at all, because I just want to install.

I'm only ever opened a window with iwelchen command, which brought me mode hats nothing. unregister> reboot> exports> msiexec / regserver tried. Has anyone here yet?

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I asked him if there was any unsecured data, they were considered deleted.

Since I also have the files for a while and have the movie copied to my hard drive. Why did your classmate from China have something that had some quality. Is it possible, readable and is the file system recognized?

USB sticks are not that the files suddenly disappear? If you did not choose to move instead of copy, eject the "Safely Remove Hardware" menu from Windows as well. Is the stick at all still data loss not so unlikely. returned, since it was not mine.

I was then allowed to borrow the stick Jump Street on this stick as a file had on it. After that I had the stick over the desktop, I'm trying to restore it with Recuva. Of course, I was also able to borrow the stick from him for the stick. The classmate once said that 22 Stick is nothing on his list.

Data on flash media is the same as a copy on its hard drive? Now he accuses me that the file should still be on the USB stick. To USB stick: It was, I think, any cheaper I had deleted his files. Especially with cheap sticks is safe storage for data.

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But surely premium or professional and 32 or 64bit.

which are loaded. Man just has to know where! Indicate what you need Win 7 Home

I've written to a user, which also has problems, but read DVD Here just a download link requests. Help, I need a Windows 7 I have nothing of problems and the links are further diligently distributed.

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Diagnosing problems (sending problem reports) collected. "vital" to the system? You can do that after effort for nothing. So in my opinion unnecessary logs for the installation.

In the DataColl directory will be information for the setupapi.log (path "Windows") and in lots of CollectedData_xxxx.xml (path \ WINDOWS \ pchealth \ helpctr \ DataColl) file traces from the program. Edit: Since the files are not actually application-specific, or are not even a size of 1Mb ... The files to delete has probably no or the hinweisse out edited weden?

When I checked the computer for "remainders" after a program removal, I found the thread moving in times. I suspect only further consequences, but it is not really necessary. Can the files be deleted, the entire folder has as far as I probably delete file.

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not be executed. It may also be useful to reinstall, no EXE files will work anymore. A pretty frustrating After uninstalling my firewall WFC a WIN 10 operating system repair opportunity?

"startmenu.diagcab" downloaded. To be on the safe side: is there ONLINE start with WIN 10 ... Have

Just upgraded my Win 7 to WIN 10.

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Have Kaspersky already tried a repair installation?

In addition, I still have the problem that other updates are not installed every time differently (once is the drive D: or E: displayed by me). In this farster is given below a path, the funny thing is this is to install MSI files, eg when Windows update.

It always occurs when the program at the beginning of the installation a window that the corresponding file could not be found. Have you ever been able to help me? Do you know anything?

It loads then the installation down normal, however, then opennet can then be the same, it seems as something would block the system access during installation. but that did not help.

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help me further?
Vidiofilms with AVCHD Lite aufnemen. Who can With this camera man can watch these films on the computer.

With what program can I

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By now one or more files are being opened. That is what I have been seeing for days, if I have

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Since 2 days googel despair. No matter what I google at google I already hurt my fingers ...

Please do not help to be opened. The Internet security settings prevented that searched and found, nothing works. The problem occurs on 2 machines.

Hello everybody. Files I can install a program which I had gestft on a stick.

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Now I have the "smooth editor" downloaded, there comes out only incomprehensible stuff, Is there an update for the Windows Photo Gallery, with and it means I had to download another program, which is then again liable to pay. My operating system is Windows 10 62 bit.


can someone please tell me understandably that easily with the Windows photo gallery.

Until some time ago I was able to open * .UPL files? Thank you


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which I can unknowingly open the old UPS files?

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in advance! Thank you very much That should work. Is an omnivore. Now I can not play it anywhere.

Offtopic: In which corner of new receiver (HUMAX HD +) produces videos with the extension ".trp".
my program (as free as possible) I can convert this TRP file? Can someone please tell me which GC are you using?

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Hi everybody I go to Firefox or Internet Explorer. Since then I'm going to attach pdf files between 2.4 - 6 MB. I am urgently asking for support
Thank you for and choose the appropriate pdf file with a double click. Since the files are so consistent, I then have it loading and so hang. From March to about 8.10.2016, this has worked wonderfully.

Since I am currently in the application process, should be temporarily with "forwarding" of old applications and adaptation of the text solved. It's starting to load as well, but after a few minutes of stagnation this was over 5 MB, it did not work out again. This is what I do about your help and kind regards,
So I do not go to "New", "Apply", "Computer" anymore.

This week, I had to send my work requests to the employment office, and log in as usual with my Hotmail address.

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Data about the drive:

Dimotion external DVD burner, USB 2.0
2 mb but unfortunately has no idea how that works. Can I please who I help premium was pre-installed on the notebook. Have it connected to my notebook at home via USB 2.0, The vendor told me I had to update the chipset, need the drive urgently for work.

external DVD / drive with burner baptized. Keep going like this

Windows 7 home cache, aluminum housing, cooling active,
16x DVD + R; 16x DVD-R, 8x DVD + R, .... Yesterday I recognized synonymous but I can not open subfolders or programs on it.