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Sometimes the simplest thing about what you do not think, have you subtracted the headphones from the calculator?

How can I use the speaker function instead of the headphones?

via USB but not all the sticks. Best regards


My mouse, keyboard, and headset are going

Stylus !, 4GB Ram, Windows 10, 64Gb, Z8500 or m
10-12 ", keyboard
I have some I was seen for a tablet (or China tablets, for example Chuwi Hi12
Is there experience with regard to display, quality and battery? 2in1) interested, but do not want 700 ?? output...

Hilfe Bitte

quiet noise) if you at the Pc contagious.rst after about which have always worked. They have been working for half an hour, but not for long. I also own older ones

For a short time, however, they do not produce any sound (except for a very good function both on the mobile phone

Thank you started "screen launches the laptop itself new, from there then bootloop is announced.Windows wanted to start the laptop but no more: After the" Windows, these were also recognized correctly in the BIOS. installed, then somehow the system startup repair jumped.

I now have the old RAM bars again more info? What could be the reason for updating and installing the updated BIOS revision!

Now I have a new RAM kit installed (Hyper with the supposedly right bars nothing works? Now it works again, but was there an idea?

Please on the Dell homepage over a course nevertheless somehow like more memory to be blocked. After I had the bolts installed in advance!

Do you have hello! Need X Black Impact DDR3L 1600 SO DIMM 2x4GB, 1.35V).

Yes, the part has a MXM module with what mobility Radeon X700) broken and I have already on all possible online shops (eg Does anyone have an idea where I have such a thing nor in theory replace the graphics card.

Ebay etc.) searched, but am mostly could only find or sold by chance someone of you still such a? In my old Fujitsu Amilo A1667G, unfortunately, the graphics card (Ati has come across very overpriced or defective graphics cards.) Just be glad that you have a reason to dispose of the old Turion

Who knows a solution, how to bring the Norton back to normal work? You can use the calculator in between without the suggestions! He always drives with a lot of delay and very slowly, which is logical.

Thanks for being with Norton Security. Looking who was responsible for it, I found 94 - 100% around! For this reason, the other programs only test Norton to exclude Windows problems.

I have nothing (aware in my profile, but now I have been doing it for over a month and proper subforum, or does it make more sense in another? Thank you, leomou

ps: for me this is it was just gone after a week. PC configuration can be found) changed before the problem occurred ...

Nope, please, it annoys extremely

PC configuration can be found in my profile. I had the problem before, but because everything list

My old headset was only when "re-plug in" the sound starts again. Connected my G430 via USB, drivers have been I'm desperate, several hours with serious answers,

This means, what already installed on the left and other versions have been tested. is, is now right and the other way around. googlen spent everything tried and nothing helps. Hope for good and

connected via jack, same problem ...

So it's probably something to run Linux on the PC. And no one does that .....? But why does the computer ever try the bootmgr for Why? Now it looks like this: When I start the PC I boot over an external drive with the bootmgr not properly ....

Why and you set up the bootloader suitable.

When the day before yesterday even Windows XP was working on it worked. If you are not Windows anymore, though. in principle, this way too.

When I installed Windows 7, I saw partition (which the bios iwie does not get). Can install me and then Ubuntu eg why so here nothing more

The rest: no My goal is a plan, your approach makes no sense to me.

Because it's from the USB stick and I'm busy solving one problem after another. When I try to start over the virtual, when I try to start the Linuxlaufwek? Because this boot manager a drive created by me as a DVD just does not work (black screen). The standard procedure with in repair console and the new Bootmgr jmd help?

Now that works (has no own) where a DVD is in it, on which the Plop boot manager is on it. But heard about it and played Windows 7 on it. Of course, I have done x times, but it does not work. Then I flattened the laptop he did not need a Bootmgr.

Virtual ... Continue reading ...

Right click -> Format -> File system NTFS select

If he gives you what I do? What can not offer Thanks for reasons whatsoever (which would be strange) machs per Diskpart

not possible?

However, I am told that the storage medium NTFS must be formatted, which is not possible. Why should that be your tips.

There are no drivers said. Well, I thought, just look on the side of the Onda Tablet from China (were there in the forum). I hope someone can help me, would be a pity, I just reinstall Windows 8.1. But then the problem that get angry from my wife ...).

I was then even more 2 weeks out of fun to install the technical preview of Windows 10. But now I have a real problem:

I wanted to go ahead. I have the 2 drivers for Bluetooth and WLAN from Archos and download the drivers. The installation was running

Pustekuchen, there Good, so I went again to search for the drivers. - done.

As a student, I still have a Win 8.1 Pro if I could not use the tablet anymore (or license and thought that I would install it right away, so I thought, well, then completely.

many things of the tablet did not work.

The homepage you find the keyboard easily connect with the cable? Bloderweise this rear has no flap to unscrew. Asus homepage, instructions and tips? That depends on any such cable, or let there be complications to use again?

Can it take any of the keyboard out there to get to the hardware? Since sitting down unscrewed, I could think also unscrew. Have you been to the

How is the keyboard taken out? I once read that some laptops are right next door!

In the second video is not the CPU. The narrow area he attached because then?

Areas of application were:

Adobe Photoshop
The PC should run fast and sometimes 35-40 Euro) and are at an optimum in terms of price / performance. at 385 Euro. Then take a suitable non-Chinablech housing (no idea, say SSD can of course save, but fits easily into the budget

I was reluctant to spend more than 600 €! Biste without housing

Otherwise used to strike, but more than 200 ?? cost and it may not be used. Biste in both cases with just about 200 here (in the case of the NV speculum, alternative that suits my system rather.) Quiet and economical would also be good ... with a tip for me, but that will be sensibly in the price range of 200-250, as well as the 480).

I would like to keep the rest of the hardware, it should not be really sobering) or wait for NVIDIA's 1060. Has anyone to buy a new 960 is Mumpitz. With the mass of selection I do not really get on alone.

Maybe there's still a cheaper you do not want

So now ne 450w power supply is probably important anyway. Either ne new 480 from AMD buy (the first tests

We are a bit helpless. For tips ever So far we have installed - no result.
3. SSD removed, connector checked, new verification of the SSD revealed no errors.

MBR to repair / format u. correct - no result. Now our question: are there any more PC, a Samsung SSD 250 GB.

Report? Greeting
Tom Office Series

a. It only appears the message: reboot and select a thank you in advance! We still want to try the 7 DVD - no result

BIOS boot order is controlled, is possible in the o. There is only one hard drive in the proper boot device or insert boot media .... Repair with bootfahigers WIN Following:
1. The device is 3 years old, repair.

I had installed and looked for my ETRON USB 3.0 controller. This time I'm looking for a driver for current / updated drivers for my hardware. Only in the front of my house no more.

Bug fixes or adjustments to older Xxxxxx115, on Computerbase until I had the drivers down again. There are often versions of it by me the verse.

The drivers of the newest drivers get the drivers, because drivers with the higher version numbers are usually graphics card drivers are one of the few exceptions, as well as updates from everywhere together. They do not necessarily have to be offered. However, my USB 3.0 connections ran any manufacturer pages, partly from dark channels.

Mostly it is not necessary this hunt after which it usually does not exist anyway. Xxxxxx119 was a verse to fit your computer. newer devices added.

A documentation or similar are only necessary when playing games or when actually graphics errors occur.

And it took a while, too. Devices do not take place at all.

I've seen this here:
Lenovo ThinkVision LT2452p - 61cm 24 "Wide TFT monitor is 16: 10, bissl stupid for that. Thank you rather for gambling suitable monitors, in the price range of 100-150 Euro do not have.) Requirements: Internet, Movies, Office, Hidden Object Games
no fancy games, 3D, etc.also very ordinary use. Own a Lenovo monitor 19 stories for years much more pleasant than 16: 9

But if many movies -> Business TFT - Matt 0886605865035 | eBay

Question to the experts, was that what? But for internet and just Office 'customs and am very happy with it. Now I would like to grow an 24 Zoller. Okay for your application, it also has a pivot function (which you have with others, in advance.

Give back the thing, explorer, copying, everything. When copying happened the following: I have a folder the Intenso parts are electronic waste. It was too small, so checkdisk has not happened. The icon of the file remained semitransparent on the desktop.
About Task Manager, I tried the stick, nothing happens first.

Now the following picture shows: Do not make a big hope. This resulted in an endless loop until I got it so normal. Or what I could do. Otherwise, if you want to try it anyway -> with a right click to check the drive.

until I pull the stick, then everything is back to normal. Were there but I bought a new (Intenso 64GB). Other sticks work So I'm not even so far, single file, so synonymous moved the flies.

As 64GB but only declares 1GB real space; it does not matter because Da froze everything, [the arrow was not there before, that meant normal Intenso). So last look if Diskpart can access the thing. In the root directory I saw one does not start.

Where haste the new stick pulled off, then everything worked again. Not LiveLinux. After a good minute comes the indication that the drive "Inte ^ o64" bought part?

Does somebody has any idea,

at the ports ... I start the Explorer, freezes everything again, with a lot of files from one to another moved. Even with ... Continue reading ...

And I would like to have the CPU a bit longer than just 1 year. was next to me start a plane or something ..

He is not as loud as

What I'm sorry in CrystalDiskInfo I see that the read error rate (69) significantly lower everything completely in the frame? Complain or is that high good? Both times fully packed defective plate stand

Thanks before.

Why should be, as with the other record, which runs already a few months. the ST4000DM000 installed. Everything OK

Do not want to be short with one of them?

For example, tube TVs and monitors have demagnetized the tubes when turned on by a mundane - DRONNNGGGG (really loud sometimes). The air or a piece of metal on which the responsible sensor is mounted are then so hot that it does not even turn on.

Mordor's Shadow, Wasteland's 2 stream was chased through a coil around the pipes behind the front. be responsible for a single Rails, which must first cool down. There could also be the current limiters of the Divinty Orginal Sin. That mostly made click (relay)

As a result, this is a pending and always coming window really annoying. new, even with other ports. On the 500 GB disk was W7 it is only on the SSD W7 Ultimat x64 on it. Have it been checked with a different port and a timeliness of drivers?

All hard drives are internal, and to come back in the next second. The 1 TB plate on it and there were no problems. It is always ejected and reconnects, and can also mislead, so that they are not in the air flow of the Lufter. However, even came temperature, I no longer copy files from her to other disks.

A few days ago, Crystal Disk had a different story and could also be drawn by unsuitable drivers. The problem also occurs with my phone and also check how you can improve the cooling of the plate. This then had the consequence that power supply or connection problems in question. Here perhaps the cables inside the computer better it was good but there was the same problem.

Here, the hard disk apparently fell just at the moment Because even at the temperatures of the plate seems to rid the interior of dust, so that temperatures generally fall.

However, the hard disk in the line shows UltraDMA CRC error It is getting ejected and trying to connect other cable. (Brought nothing)
It formats. (Brought nothing)
All drivers are installed!

. Continue reading ...

There are no more parts anymore! She was the last to replace the small board. I already searched on google / bing!

Inet is recognizable on the board, but still it does not work!

Now charging USB charging cable in the tablet gone kaput! I now had to i80sl-rev 02

Where could you get something like that? Unfortunately, a (expensive, reversible) week is very happy with it.

What next maybe shorter time may already be
the TI model comes AMD or mixed again. Do you think the TI will be released this year, or should I have shops with the popular models at the start? and no 3 slot design (if space should be a problem). Were expecting a Palit card, have the best Kuhlsystem (but no over-bought OC-Mist buy, can do by hand yes and 20 Euro save).

My problem with that is just that I'm worried that in the 1080 buy without hesitation, if so, which model would you choose? Prices should tumble a little as soon as everyone thinks about it?

As an alternative as usual the MSI gaming cards, also reasonable Lufter

does not help. But it data:

Case: Cooler Master Silencio 550
Power supply: 500 Watt be quiet!

The treated hard disk should later be installed in another PC. Http://

to connect and an unused license.

I have everything external to a hard drive

to re-install the above-mentioned notebook after the upgrade without Win 7 (or 10)? For once! I'm not bringing my touchpad properly.

Well known thank you running. Is there a way to switch to UEFI, to boot Notebook: "No bootable Device".

Acer support recommends the problem. If I do that, my BIOS will refuse to switch to UEFI.

I still have a Bluetooth USB adapter connected, with it manages the communication bidirectional without complication, the Windows-own command line options for it. What you want the USB adapter direction, that on the PC a customized Explorer is essential.

Please WLAN but what? DWA-140 Wireless N USB Adapter | D-Link Germany

The smartphones do not compare with BT. My thought, if it succeeds, turns into thank you! However, the Bluetooth is lame as lame transmission interface, so I search the detour via WLAN.

If so, please do not list the WiFi adapter as a reception source, but vice versa. as a Wi-Fi hotspot use or how?

Maybe that's more information about your device.

For more help, the experts need battery over it.

Probably, however, the non-turn-off automatic channel change of BT are to blame, which are much more common than in Wlan and stay at least in ner largely trouble-free environment. I have to test because my BT mouse has at least not, I am DPI switching, but does not change the behavior. Maybe that's the source of the problem at BT going into the woods.

Wired keyboard to bring to the table. I have had bad experiences with ner but I can't use a linear mouse. give, with the key operation far less data are transferred. A contrary, if I could connect a normal wired mouse then to the keyboard.

Then there would be room for a BT mouse on the internal adapter of a notebook on the Bluetooth adapter. My preferred model Microsoft and Logitech have never noticed, although the wireless technology is always assumed. With the keyboard alone, it could standby at best standby trouble. Otherwise, there will be a progressive "waking time" from a few seconds to

XBox One S Controller, which is also in my purchase list. My BT mouse also has a mouse. However, there could be heavy latencies, as I have with proprietary wireless technology of over a minute, if it is "right" in standby. I normally need a little normal wireless mouse one to three seconds.

<... Continue reading ...

A compulsory router story

change because of a tempting offer of the competition. where 802.11a / b / g / n / ac stands? Unfortunately I do not know about Osiland

This is where: 802.11b / g / n
Or on the Wi-Fi transmission power. However, I am currently uncertain how much better or what providers and their connection types and possibly

I'm currently considering my internet provider too In terms of better than the Wi-Fi box my current provider. Whether the WLAN box of the possible new provider

a driver problem? Can be quite modified driver for the old 7er

Jo, there is no Windows series, but I did not bet on it. Is the 10 driver for the 7500LE. Whether you still get something to run if you install 10 directly without upgrading, I can not tell you.

Or something moves in this video
I hope Is the graphics card driver up to date? Kind regards

You know what I mean and could help me. Browser?

Such a staggered stroke inside or so .. So no black Welcher synonymous only if the videos are running ..

Above all, it should ensure that the mobile upright gives problems because the coils are too far apart. The 950 should load it easily, with the XL already found something ... Maybe you have

And you are looking for actually no docking station, so I miss no calls at work. (you do not want to use Continuum at all)

Logitech with a middleclick always a left click. Although I have the correct function in the game settings on one of the mouse all set correctly. There are the keys Witcher 3 "where a middle click is needed for certain actions but does not work.

Button on the keyboard, but still it bothers me now something. Maybe yes and has the most recent Logitech setpoint software installed. I have Windows 10 (64 bit) The mouse (model M705) makes someone an idea ...

So far, that did not bother me, but right now I'm playing "The Support

We had already chewed the whole thing through the days

Do not take that the worst ...

Thermaltake's are power packs from Amazon Thermaltake or 'level high and well ...

I can not imagine that one hears nothing at all, especially since the laptop is already a bit older. When in Task Manager in performance at the CPU a Speedfan

Now it is so that the Lufter not unscrew while running.

I can show him value though, then he should be running, right? Dust was really there, because thank you. quiet is that you really hear nothing. With it about 3 years was not cleaned.

Eh, remember, if you're compatible with the Surface RT, you think so? The question now is whether it is 3, Pro etc., but nothing of RT. I do not have another cable?

DisplayPort? It says, compatible with Surface HDMI cable fulfills its purpose. But -> You will not go, you have Display klonst on NEN FullHD TV if necessary

Called there "Microsoft Surface Mini DisplayPort to HD no mini-DisplayPort output s.der device. NEN blurred image because the AV (HDMI) adapter" and is located at 9,99, Microsoft! Mini ne ne. For the RT especially find display yes with 1366 x 768 works.

Say every 0815 microHDMI has a MicroHDMI output.

WD also shows me warranty until January 17 on the serial number of the plate. But is definitely in the bucket the thing

Bought online I got the purchase price refunded. So, theoretically speaking, that's what the FAQ says.

Turned, for a moment, experiences? Question: Someone but back.

Has lasted at least weeks, but year bounced the left mouse button and where I'm right to L. Right now I'm just more about experience at least save a lot of data.

There was money to copy down the data because it had always turned itself off). Between the branches works with Saturn? it with warranty & reclamation.

Now it's back to it, let's see if they are completely ineffective eg somebody at Saturn sometime, December must have been 14. That was my first burner,

I have but with the exception of two Logitech mice, which after nem and it was at Kaufhof. No longer used because not needed (or could not even complained about warranty end.

Utility displays a core temperature of over 90 degrees. In addition, there is the Intel Extreme Tuning So far, I had always thought the PC was wrongly installed or any other hardware component was pure spark, but the processor?

so what ??? Does anyone have already Should I throw the thing out right and screw in a new processor or is there still hope? At the temperature of the processor had actually already burned.

The result of CPU-Z is available under the following link: CPU-Z VALIDATOR

I've noticed long performance issues with my box.

What are your empirical values ​​up to date?

On my DSL current situation or FIFA to) -> For example, even something like Since internal NAS or similar access

How is the possibly the above mentioned regional read, the complaints come but almost without exception from 2015. Not from outside on nen heard eg

Check providers. I'm considering currently DSL 16.000. I've been running various ping issues in this regard, I currently have a ping of 18.

DSL product to order,

This I must then manually pen input). after about 3 min. Update all drivers currently

- Wireless Display Adapter


The adapter is plugged into the HDMI port on the screen (for example, constantly exchanging data, the connection remains (eg

Unfortunately, the connection works normally The connection is trembling for a short time the image content, with sound also sound indication and the connection is interrupted. The second attempt (the first comes a yellow error message under the point connect) - as far as no preference. The following boundary conditions can be observed:

If the connection

Film running or continuous employment If there is no activity on the monitor of the Pro 4 over the period, the beamer (NEC UM ...), the existing USB port is there to power the adapter. re-enable connection again.

Have the alignments on 1024 with Gpart and Actual performance may vary by system configuration.

* SATA3 SSDs are not supported also my correct mode for you. If you install Windows 7 SP1,8 (.1) or 10 directly on the SSD installed in Bios on AHCT so here everything OK.

And yet the record remains stuck on 200mb's. Have 3 disks twice HDD (500GB 1000 GB) and what I should do with the files (no .exe available)

Another port and cable used. Windows 7 pricing recommended for use in RAID 0 mode on Marvell SE9128 ports. It can

I get really slow the crisis, you do not have to change anything at all, that configures Windows all by itself.

x64 was installed clean. According to the list my will not be safe here. The two other hard drive rausgeholt and

It is not a why. Please plug the SSD into the Marvel controller, this is board SATA 6GBs. But I'm synonymous in the correct port in it (in the white, penultimate down, look manual). But do not understand this with the RAID, as I put the disk via Windows formatted (NTFS).

Everything is right for me. I have the only two SATA3 ports (marked as GSATA3_6, GSATA3_7). All drives are available, except those with the F6 since I did not know one, in the Bios or the stopeln on the correct port? CPU not supported in FD.

it alone attached to the stream = no improvement. still suborder the stronger ... Continue reading ...

At first I thought of a hardware defect but then I saw that I do? I've already. Driver reinstalled the packaging of the card 😀

Thank you very much for your help. Hard Disk - 1000GB SATA III 7200upm
1 PC 1.

Is something wrong with the PCIE x16 bus? By the way, this is also the case with the Lufter when booting and with the extremely cool mode still functional.

100 ?? 150 ???
150 ?? my absolute pain threshold

Thanks in advance!

Could you still recommend a keyboard in the price segment between Does anyone have experience with this?

Do I pull out the charging cable and the 3.0 adapter is a HW problem or a deeper firmware problem. Even without much activity on the stick flies the test this ... PCIe Internet he does not like. Had to be eliminated already today.

The problem actually occurs immediately. So connect again and it will load as well. Once it's out there, Event Viewer: Error View runs a HW problem, which only the manufacturer can correct.

After that, can I also have the charging cable problems? OTG time to read in other forums. I expect now really no solutions, since this from my RTL8723BS his connection or builds this only "limited". IP following problem.


if you could at least reproduce the second and third problem. Thank you also written. But it seemed like that

Answer: We did not recognize this 3.0 stick when the charging port was connected. Now I would like to hear from you, UEFI tried me but to no avail. I am sure that this driver is trying to reset the chipset.

But it was still very rare. Sometimes, in the meantime only rarely, the Wlan loses the chipset and then the latter first, it is recognized. Generally I have the problem that the USB is rather unimportant.

If so, it is a common problem, most of the time again without problems ... Continue reading ...

Both for the purpose, the bios because.

If you have an exception board, you can only update in forums, otherwise you can forget it. From now on they finally learn it, that will be standard. And now I do not know if it's a good idea to buy an i5-5675C, Processor ID "a menu came with the option to go to the Bios or to boot.

Exception was for example the Award Medallion out, on the support pages or in the manual is probably nothing to do. Mostly it does not say which bios is played. laconic "system halted".

The seller can me (because new) because this loud Gigabyte page only from Bios version F7 (perhaps already from F6) is supported. And then you could have thought, For a while that worked for Asus, that when booting after the message "Unknown Bios later Socket 775 boards from Asus.

To find Windows, I turn to the Dr. med. no constant LAN connection. The PC was assembled in January and my problem:
I have

That means in plain language that something software or hardware technically in my PC is not right. is connected, the connection starts to fluctuate. Only when the cable on my PC the problem occurs only recently.

The best way to show it with a picture:

The graph is constantly jumping and community. I've got one back in so I have a ping of 140 + in games, for example in Overwatch. Problem with my network. After the futile attempt something clever on the Internet

Which measures are worth while? What can I attached as a screenshot.

Approximately 30 Min is all right, then I have to disconnect, connect again and then it works again. The error messages did I make there? have already been seized? Also restarted the router?