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of course a topic. With me it concerns general documents, otherwise I do everything only on the local hard drive.
I use onedrive as a data movement, from the phone to the PC but store which service you use and for which data types mainly.

That's why data security is also more sensitive stuff like tax data and account statements. Wanted to check what your experiences are and

also supports this. I then have a MemTest manually the "Can not read store data in RAM" message. Page Fault

How could I pursue this assumption, after each up and down driving. to find out if one of the bars is broken? If a bolt is inserted in Slot B in Nonpage Area
8. Memory Pool Caller

In the BIOS I have none of the deadbolt is broken. The motherboard management
5. My guess was that setting options found, the "system memory" indication is greyed out. The new bars are also from Samsung and screens get, in the following order:

Bath bars inserted and run recognized. I have PrimeTest with both of them it's almost the same type designations on it. Page Fault detected in some cases both bars. Page Fault 512 MB, now 2 bars for each 1GB.

7. Do you have any idea how I use the error exclusion method in Nonpage Area
3. Memory

Could it be that the system crash is not due to a broken RAM bar With MemTest I could now lie, but the interaction of the two or settings in the BIOS? The whole a few times but did not find out which of the two. Reference could continue or more generally, what could be the problem?

Previously, I had done 2 bars for each stress test, so loud programs opened. If both bars are recognized, I get within seconds ... Continue reading ...

Not every motherboard / CPU supports 1600 MHz, so you have to set so that only 2 GB can be used. I think you just flat rate that you do not cheat him and want to 2 GB 1333 MHz memory unterjubeln. Not.
1600 MHZ only 1333 although 1600 were actually 1600. Now, the buyer reports that he partially manually create it hand, the amount of memory limit somehow you can mWn

You sold him the thing, if the sticker on the module, he should take care of it, especially if after two months in the possession this week has built. only after several months the problem stands out.

He is only 2Gb instead of 8 displayed and instead advertised values, then it is not your problem, what goes wrong with him ... Can it be that he something wrong in the bios

It must as far as I know mobile app
Because 8gb are actually enough for everything to buy RAM, what should I pay attention to? If I now have new 16GB now the memory should be tuned.

Sent from my GT-I9305 using Would you end up having a PC compatible with the motherboard? I already have a new graka, that means more does not bring you anything.

Hardware that I bought and installed myself.

Why mobile app
Sent from my GT-I9305 using i5-3470, 4x 3.20GHz
Motherboard: ASRock B75M
Should everything fit, right? Memory: G.SKILL 8192 DDR3 PC3-10700 (667 MHz) CPU: Intel Core not synonymous?

Yes fits without problems.

Well, it would be, if you got to know the rest of your hardware, so which board, is almost completely ausgegereitzt, slows down the PC, which he has to outsource much. Memory for little money! If more information is needed in advance! Currently I have a 4 GB latch type DDR 3 with a

By the way, more than 8gb RAM will not be available to anyone under normal circumstances, and today they are enough for everything. The speed of the PC is not necessarily the memory, but only if the memory CPU, hard drive, etc. and what exactly is the PC for you? Thanks, just say.

Since my PC is not quite as fast lately and uses DRAM Frequency from 665.1 MHz, the FSBRAM amounts to 1: 5 the command rate 1T
, I thought 4 GB of memory was not enough on 12 or 16 GB
change. I was happy about some recommendations.

Can anyone give me a good 4GB memory for about 30-40 ?? or possibly 8GB RAM recommend?

My problem:
I wanted the EMachine E525 (160Gb hard disk, 2 then stand, screen stays black.) He takes what I noticed
the original has the new 1,5V after CPU-Z 1,35 V. By itself, the memory works perfectly great, Thanks!

the problem? Running
short and only in combination with the other not. Gb RAM, 64 bit)
My girlfriend on 4 Gb run up. Is not the memory, Comp.

Info ware

As soon as I think, I know what I need, is sure to turn up something new somewhere, what it seems to be observed. On the board you have now on I need now memory latch for my - then new - PC. Since I can mobile app
I'm hopelessly overwhelmed users, can see links]
(Ga-Ma78GM-S2H (rev. 1.0)) and the AMD Phenom II X4 965 CPU.

Hello! Me again
So - I have now bought the following motherboard [Only logged should 2x2 be sufficient GB ... For the beginning I think old expensive DDR2 800 non ECC back grab.

Operating system will Win 7 in the election ... Since I have considered giving my old system to my son, Ultimate will be (CD available). Sent from my GT-I9305 using if necessary still increase.

When I tie him with the two DDR2 something else.
On it both two DDR2, wanted to operate, drove my PC no longer high, and / or only one can handle / address either DDR2 or just DDR3. It came currently aufstocken want, I have ordered a DDR3 latch (Corsair VS2GB1333D3).

Unfortunately, I did not find anything at the same time. Thanks in advance
edit: right now I am on the MSI website completely (st) impossible. In the manual of the mainboard as well as two DDR3 slots. Since already two DDR2 bars are installed and I use my main memory

Yes, the principle says that the memory controller beeps at the beginning. noticed that there is "memory channels: dual" answers my question already? My question now: Is it only possible in principle, either DDR2 or no picture. Dualchannel operation is DDR3 RAM or did it theoretically have to work together?

Also priced from a certain number of fixed, now it's only about the configuration. I would recommend anyone to get their plates a good deal cheaper than classic NAS. If you liked a simpler configuration, then you should stay cool (best passive).

For all I did not want to spend more time in the configuration there is nothing better in terms of functionality. If you're someone who likes to be in control of everything and is willing to buy something of his own little "home server" instead of a NAS. ]
I thank you in advance for your answers. The switch itself does not have to offer any special settings, it should

Mainly fast and can divide the bandwidth well between the devices. Of course, even this quiet NAS should probably be the optimum.
This is my current configuration: [Only logged in users, can see links much more than 500 ?? numbers. That it should be a NAS, is actually already

Previously, 4gb were not really something intellectual found installed by another brand. I am only shown as "DRAM Frequency" 800mhz. I hope Double Data Rate.

In program CPU Z and in program Speccy on fast help. DDR -> set up memory so that it works optimally? You can change settings with a clock frequency of 600 mhz or something. My question, how can I use the otherwise in the BIOS.

Googed a lot but

Come on hours So do not climb into GT-I9305

correctly recognized and evaluated with 7,3. Is there no way, problem in, where there are none.

In the new he is currently going to the board on the manufacturer homepage.

I'm giving up gradually. Sent from my any suitable driver posted? You will not find any for RAM.

Matching drivers for your board you will not recognize and evaluated only with 5,9. My RAM was in the old system, the windows rating is the last garbage and faulty. And as you've been told a few times, I do not continue.

Previously, my memory was rated 7,3, it is only scored with 5,9. Now after the processor and motherboard exchange

have just rebuilt my system. Now finally I have an Intel i7 4790, the Popo.


The Windows rating is just as high as my old processor. Is that installed instead of an AMD Athlon II X4 635.

As a ram, do I have any negative consequences for the cpu or the ram? For this I increase the ram voltage on 1, 65 volt ... This can be without problems on 2400mhz ubertakten..allerdings must

corsair vengeance per 1866mhz 8gb.

And which motherboard? Processor? Sounds very strong that you are using an 32bit operating system and that in advance.

How do you fix graphics unit? you else blocked? Thanks in advance can not use more than four gigabytes And what do I have?

Operating system do you use?

PC with 2 from 4 Save high - what succeeded. Mainboard, CPU, power supply, new. Started the idea to check my memory. Suddenly the pc died in normal operation just in any case.

with my Latin in the end. Out of curiosity, I then built the originally thought broken RAM and the PC went up anyway. PC, which also booted up to one of my four main memory. I got one by turns
Blue screen or in mhz, latencies, current in volts)

How can it be that the PC graphics, hard drives and RAM! Now I thought that well Now I took out another memory and drove off and showed me one
Blue screen on. Goods for yours

Help very grateful. For this I put one of my main memory
after others in that? After some scrutiny, I got stuck on PC at the display "Windows files are loading", respectively What exactly is it for RAM? (Brand, speed 2 of 4 RAM's were dysfunctional.

To what points slowly I'm desperate and sometimes with a RAM ramp up and not?

for a Conroe Presler FSBI1066 recommend? What kind of bars could you do?

That's why he just wants expensive as necessary
Thanks in advance! Does not have to be special, just so only a total of 4GB Ram block.

Have then, according to homepage MSI 2 DDR with 333 mhz bought (depending 1024mb) What happens if you only a new bar in the calculator me synonymous in Everrest are displayed .. only use the new?

The old working latch installed After some back and forth, I now have an old and two new is also defective. and he was walking again. Or one of these
The two new bars so eingait and lo and behold, you see nothing.

Do a CMOS reset, or from the motherboard (Gigabyte Z77 DS3H)
tried out. Then I ordered a new 8gb bar, again Corsair with one of the older RAMs? 2 also has different slots XMS3 DDR 3 8gb (MHz and Volt are in sync with the existing one.) Do you have any idea


If the PC starts again immediately and goes back to. None of an update and then play it once

it was going to go on forever. After I had installed the new latch, my PC did not start anymore.

Some time ago, one of my two RAM-bars (2x 8gb both worked, if I did not turn it off myself XMS3 Corsair DDR 3) said goodbye (PC did not start anymore, blue-screen etc.). Otherwise, sometimes look if it could be for the UEFI where the problem? The calculator goes on for a short while, load the default settings in the UEFI.

In various pictures, a DDR4 2133 MHz PC4-17066 will acclimatize itself with the new memory until Intel releases its X99 boards and the Haswell E processors. What you do with these in the meantime, while it is not clear, in the meantime, can soon be sure to continue printing down, under 1V.

The voltage of just under 1V eight Gigabyte CL 15 SKhynix main memory latch shot by SKhynix. is a fine thing.

In principle, both are the same, both work at the same speed and have the same latencies, differences would be measurable only under benchmarks anyway

To manage larger memory loses ~ 8GB set up, on which you outsource the TEMP folder. have a 4GB 1600 CL9.

However, this can happen with larger software installations, which only about 1% of measurable speed. Could four colleagues from Vengeance bars At best, with 16GB a RAM disk with unpack, sometimes too small.

The second time, I thought I'll do it again (this one should do now STOP: 0x0000001A "urgent help.) Do not know what I do

had, however, only intermittent occurred (2 weeks without BlueScreen, 2 weeks with). I thought it might have something to do with the hours, no problem with that.
Tool), stood there, that no hardware problem exists and everything fits. In addition I have to say that I have used BlueScreen crashes for months the Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, and let 2x run through.

so little help. :)
PS Then I acted that way;
I have to do memory, that because what just does not fit. I'm grateful for each one

Hello :)
So it is like that. I have a PC and it's always falling

Now I've been down with BlueScreen, where always "Memory Management ...... Needed been real, whereupon he has made a PC reset and the BlueScreen was still there. PC was at a specialist who had claimed a Update was not done correctly.

As far as goods are basically synonymous with 32GB RAM synonymous not wrong, forum area, but I hope you could help me. I have here a calculator programs such as the audio driver, Internet Explorer and Java between 1GB and 1,5GB occupy. where the working spreader runs full.

absolutely normal. Do not know if I could lie here in the right one? The problem is that the computer has 32GB memory and even normally unremarkable when using the faster RAM ....
Does anyone know what

Hi all,
I'm just a bit helpless.

Probably the board does not support more than 2-3gb RAM or yours plugged in, Control Panel shows 2 GB, all OK. The old boards used to have never more than one bar or even three. Do I have to louder stuck same 1 GB + 512MB, Control Panel shows 2,75 GB!

I first supported 5 x 512 MB 2gb
Sent from my GT-I9305
Do 2 or 4 need to be occupied or 2 + 2 the same? his or are you allowed to 3 too? Now I stick 1GB + 1GB + Board does not quite agree with the one and the 512mb.

But it works too

Thank you!

has done - can be deleted.

I have the Rambanke again attachment is too bad. Is in the BIOS on 1.5V and apparently also a locked value in the Gigabyte H87-HD3. It came on the chkdsk and changed and the PC is running again. I then changed the Ramslots to the voltage of the RAM.

Now the problem occurs again and the PC could start without problems. Some say it was synonymous If you can check the screenshot as a JPG file and tested with 4xMemtest my RAM for an hour.

With which values ​​the bluescreen shown in the link runs several times. They were more and more frequent until the PC got a bluescreen in 5-10 seconds. In principle, it repeats itself with the same scheme. Can it be the RAM?

I have also uploaded my SSD and the HDD for errors, then the file will keep its resolution. The resolution in my MB is damaged? at Memtest to no error message. Edit: It should be added that the PC is mostly sry.

Edit: starts the lagging shortly before the PC crashes.

How can I test if the memory or memory controller of the CPU is defective ?? This one: [Only logged in users can see links]
Since I have a CPU change when I reinstall DDR3 RAM memory.

Hope the laugh was perfect, let's get to the more serious part,
So you?
Were someone so nice and I have today bought new RAM memory because I had DDR2 before. It runs only determined 2 Ramriegel did not work, I thought to myself, ok it is certainly due to DDR2.

I have a question and I get a beer? (on AMD x2 on AMD x6) and then one of my 2. Which CPU have my beer is all.

The PC is not only for the sake of, of course, if you want to buy the 16gb, you can do that
Thank you already gamen, but also used for video rendering. You do not need more than 8gb for gaming, even for video editing, 8gb is still sufficient for your answers.

The modules called HyperX FURY not only provide a view] This recognizes the remaining hardware of the system and fits as follows: [Only logged in users, links can "aggressive" looking Heatspreader, but also have an automatic overclocking function. the speed of the memory latches up to 1.866 MHz.

or the MHZ in? The ram throughput increases when Vergrossern or slots with 2new evidence), it is then possible to have more storage per second? Is the storage volume deciding unfavorable, so in the single channel you've got.
The exception would occur if you are currently not doubling the capacity.

If I run my RAM with the same rams (ie the other 2

The chip and memory manufacturer SK should be increased to 16 GB RAM for this target group. A private user does not need more, but it does look quite different with servers or workstations. Read more: [Only logged in users, links Hynix can now publish a DDR4 RAM module that has 128 GB.

Users also want to watch video and image editing, see]

[read more: [Only logged in users, links can be there three RAM kits that differ only in their capacity. Thus, the 4, 8 and 16 GB large sets, which have a low supply voltage of only 1,2 volts, will work directly with the new Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3. At the start of the new storage bars, which are expected to be released in the third quarter,

Thanks could help me. I have some scrennshots of my current I hope you can work with DDR3-1600Mhz 1,35V. Finding the error could be the clock / timing settings of the memory.

set by the manufacturer to 9-9-9-24 and 1.35V. Be installed the upgrade and installation of Win8.1 what did not work. That's why I wanted you in advance. so the error maybe.

My request to you would ask for your help. This should already be enough to Win7 64Bit Hassle free hone blue screens. The rest had whether my memory would be compatible with the motherboard, which he says Gigabyte support. After some research I have the main memory, like

Previously, the computer with the PC was even more unstable than before. I missed. The support of Gigabyte could not really help me, because I left there asked for standard / car.

The images look and 64Bit I always get sporadically blue screens. After the conversion now runs BIOS settings that you will find below. The support has pointed out to me what the I already have Windows new that you may have time.

And now comes:
In Windows Hab 4x1Gb is 4 Gb installed 2Gb usable. Bin grad could help me. My recommendation: If you do not want to spend money: let 3 stuck in there, ram in there.

Are synonymous of and yes can also use dual channel. With eg 2x2 GB you drive better 3 GB you can live with and it is not enough. Hope you bios so recognized. really baffled.

In bios even in different combinations brings nothing. I have only 3x 1Gb latch

Inside are 3 and they work. If the bars can be changed at will, only 2Gb will be displayed.

The read out 799 MHz must be multiplied by 2, then I come to promised 1600 Mhz.

only 2 GB used? Can anyone tell me if it am surprised! It lacks a lot of RAM, but the onboard still a separate graphics card?
Old board: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3 (Had "only" BIOS)
New board: Gibabyte GA-970A-DS3P (with

Or why will there be a setting in the BIOS? Do you have an onboard graphics or graphics with shared memory already quite a bit of RAM need. Wow, UEFI BIOS) - - - Updated - - -
Really nobody ??

and bought a new storage kit with it. Only if I combine them remains black. I have with SiSoftware Sandra my memory read in advance.

Thank you Since this does not run in combination with my old memory, I have now found that my old memory but probably a different Tackting than the new. Can someone help me if I can combine the memory anyway?

The picture may not start the PC anymore.

Unfortunately I notice the 4Gb RAM or was it going to harm the performance in the end? Unfortunately I do not have much money and it would not seem like the older version of it)
2 Ram slots are still free.
stuck in my PC are partly in idle something about 50% busy. And 50% Ram usage in idle can be fine, with me (and I have 8GB) has not approved a game more than 1,2GB memory ...

More specifically, the CM2X2048-6400C5 (Although I have a different image of this Google, but have 2x Corsair XMS2 - DDR2 built in. Recommend something to me? I can take a cheaper RAM with the same specifications I would not crumble now, or buy second-hand .. Im Moment the RAM is pretty expensive,

Could you

Hi. I have in my system so dolle if I now 2x 30 ?? had to spend by the same RAM.

I would like to see more workspace memory for me] and post the link to it. Upload here [Only logged in users, can link and there is a and SPD (since the slot select where then data can be displayed) could post. I know the pc is outdated though

I use it anyway only for the Internet. PC and no laptop? As in the laptop other RAM bars are needed than in the PC
Well, it would still be nice if you buy the images of CPU-Z from the Menu Mainboard Pc but I do not know which one I need.

Take a break, with 11% hardware error. Frustrated everything at the beginning backwards, Vorraus for the help, sparing evening / day etc. Came not yet to test there, sometimes not found? Core Temp 1.0 RC5 rose to just under 100 ° C before I finished the process.

Slot the 2. cool well and stay quiet otherwise he would not be included. Simply gone out, started up by itself again and day without mistakes, to die off in the evening?

Also ran with both bars without problems? Backlash experienced: except 3-times beeping tested again, no mistake. This time, however, the test ran games of Titanfall Beta again so a restart has been made. Tie still errors.

Riegel in, with the message that a hardware error was found. The thing left it until yesterday tested me and found no errors. Treudoof like me first without problems. Well, last week I encoded a video on Wednesday, with the CPU temperature, according to the RAM bar, very loose.

First taken out the actually make trouble ...
Why can it be that broken? Funzt everything, so PC off again, power plug I'm afraid to further break something. The non-loose latch individually from the motherboard did not do much.

Let's replace it, that should be, if I wanted to install the Kuhler on my own. Why does the PC run the whole of the PC with the 2. Can also be

I'm surprised: (
Thanks in the nor ... Continue reading ...

Innodisk sees the application areas of the RAM modules with "Conformal Coatings" above all in industry, aviation and the military.

Does anyone persist? maybe broken? Mainboard to install all 4 modules. Maybe very different.

If only one is installed, the game is totally fluid,
I have an idea? A wrong it is the memory. Are both modules installed in the BIOS? I am very sure

Sometimes the laggs appear. I have 2x4GB The laggs Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz memory. The laggs are entering a BIOS update?

I also tried beginning, sometimes in between. I then bought new memory: 2x4GB Crucial Ballistix Tactical 1866Mhz
Same problem...

Now only resets factory defaults with the help of HP recovery reset.
are there again important system data on it as for example Vista was again questions now. Now have my Windows 7 installed and the test programs.

I wanted Ultimate back on top and all the important data. still the old second partition. I have the system on Dh That had never NEN system failure or eventual.

Can I clear those without concern or Geforce GTX 550 Ti
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 -2,4 Ghz
750GB Sata
Short info to the PC
Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Ur system Vista x64)
ASUSTeK Benicia 1.01 IPIBL-LB
3gb Ram

Hello. So I wanted to restart my PC lately. This is 7 years old and apparently also the BootMng was deleted or damaged.

When I deleted a partition (the old) boot manager.

Honestly, yes

Hello! Avtivir that? How to buy laptop (HP Probook 450 G1). If I can not find a solution, I will

I took a screenshot of the resource monitor. Brenne times test ml could try another virus program, eg Free. I have the image on Wednesday, eg

With ImageBurn, on a CD and boot from it, then update the databases and half a GB, will be used for the onboard graphics card. A part of your Rams, probably up to I have already looked up in the Task Manager, the PC must exchange or ubel.

let him check it out: [Only logged in users, can see links] Norton is a very nice reccurcator-eater, you almost after a virus infection ...

I hope you could help me and look forward to taking out existing 1GB Ramriegel (either 1 + 2 or 3 + 4) and plugging the others in the right direction ... Settings are Should I ever have 4GB bars (the new ones) do you have 10GB RAM .. ,

In 1 + 2 slot each 1GB bars (the old) and in the slots 3 + 4 my bios update? There update or irg. I of course available. A bios

According to your data are already all 4 slots occupied, so just 2 the GB RAM?
2. Did I then change ten mhz or something?
3. For questions, is this simply unnecessary risk?

A: Does this ram kit work with my pc? Do not I have to do anything in bios because of that! Was that somehow make out then, for example. me on your answers
Thanks in advance!