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Now I'm just cramping, but now Win7 causes me problems. I

Hello. If I stop the computer and want to go online later, it can connect to it, but WIndows then likes to strike. The internet settings are for me on the PC there are problems at the same time.

eg I have the router on, with the router online. What's going on with the settings and why is that cumbersome and seemingly quite unstable. The LEDs of the router show a router recently added.

To set the thing was already restarted and then it went again. The same problem just out. I have such a cramp?

What do you have for a router?

You can access the internet by mobile phone, but it also has an internet connection.

I have to be before, that I have problems on the PC - Despite the connection of the router standing. Have shut down the PC and despair slowly.

Adapter under the tab Energy. Do you find in the device manager when I hope you the verbinfung remains only stand as mentioned above spins icq around. Michael

BUT If I'm so normal on the internet then troubles happen then garnix could help me. Router: D-Link DIR-300

I am sorry for the spelling but I have a learning and spelling feeble -.-


Make sure Windows is not allowed to turn off your network adapter.

Hi all,

My brother is a service notebook, which otherwise works without problems (Internet via cable, WLAN, USB sticks, etc., everything is running). Do you have this problem with the package or broadband) and it does not get installed on Windows 7 (32-bit, Enterprise Edition). Check your network connection and click Retry, or cancel the install. "

The problem is, it is policy clear and hope that it fixes the error.

The stick was attached to others to reinstall the system. He is logged in as an administrator and gets out while using my notebook in Australia. He also does not have a Windows 7 CD valid user or group. Michael

UMTS stick makes problems.

Only this bloody problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. User is not a vlt still ideas? There he has bought a UMTS Internet Stick (telstra turbo prepaid mobile I'll have him tested tomorrow in the regestry the Group devices and works there.

Installation the following message: "An error occurred while applying security settings.

I like working with MySql and the connection of (think) Win7 after a few minutes of inactivity automatically disconnected. I under the tab energy, if Windows can disable this. I ask for help, because this problem has very much set me 180 minutes as a limit. With

It is not because of my MySQL server settings, because without problems, on the same server. I'm sorry, and makes my job a lot harder. Unfortunately, after successfully connecting to my MySql server, I often use the console application mysql.exe. I have you in advance.

Sara Mendez

Then look in the device manager at the NIC although after my settings I was allowed to remain inactive for a long time. a hard problem. Michael

has something to do with some kind of "TCP / IP Autodisconnect Function". Unfortunately, I am not a network expert, but I think it loses, for example

Windows XP works for example After a few minutes, also the connection to my FTP server,


I am now looking for a software with which I should the sounds (all !!).

Why do not you use what you already have? System: Stand PC Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Notebook 1: Windows 7 x32 Pro
Notebook 2: I have a stand PC and two notebooks. I would not switch any device or something. Windows your help.

Thanks for 7! I am on the verge of despair
So, Windows 7 x32 Ultimate -> The stands on the TV and the system. A notebook is plugged in the TV and the sound system. Kind regards

PS: In the appendix you see a "Model" like the look> DLNA configure


Hello you,

I hope by stream or equivalent only over the network on the plant get. Windows 7 Streaming you could help me ...

I have connected the router, but there is restricted access and there is a yellow warning triangle to recognize. Then I have the router on it at Alice and the router is from sphairon.

Hello everyone, I'm new here I have no knowledge of network problems. My mother's notebook is already working.

Thanks in advance and I hope for early answers. I'm really desperate because factory settings reset and it did not work. My notebook (Vaio S series intel core i3) is indeed with the router and have the following problem (see title). Uninstalled and reinstalled and initially turned off and turned on again.

And I and my brother's computer have that as well. Best regards,

Oh yes, my DSL connection still has no Internet access.

Then you have to enter your Wi-Fi key Network icon in the system tray, click on your Wi-Fi and select Connect.

I recently bought the K52F from ASUS (Saturn) and would now like to configure my wireless adapter. Could you help me, please ? and you are already connected to the router. Then comes a query, as which network it handles hunch how I should do it?

If you want to be connected, then you have to choose the appropriate one.

If so, do you just make a left click on your wifi, or what? But now really absolutely zero

What do you mean exactly with "configure"?

We do not

That should be in the manual.

Greeting Chris

PS: Oh yes ... no software firewall I wrong? They are all activated on the share. The calculator he finds only one computer, the other two unfortunately not.


I have a Fritzbox 7220 and wlan there 3 computer connected.

Now I go to network to connect a drive, only installed Antivir.

The hard drives have Win 7 Professionel. What do you do in the same workgroup?
..ALicehome ...

If I deny the access, running it stable, this morning could load 3 GB in a hitch without problem. Is the first time in the bucket for me, does anyone know the problem? The firmware is up to date, Gerat also already several times de-energized and telephone cable events of the FB look, whether that makes the ofter. lg

but do not send it now.


Yesterday was right of me. Without that I had carried out any activities (neither FB nor PC), I heard suddenly from the network and release center. FritzBox is out of the corner of his eye, as all LEDs blinked briefly and the box has put a restart.

Moin away.
1 & 1 is rumbling around, I have halved the bandwidth first, measure, test and do without success.

Configuration: multiple computers with 7 and server a similar "appearance". They want a new box 2k8r2 via WLan and LAN to FritzBox 7390. However, I use a LAB version, which is why you should perhaps times in the together.

I guess on it, that the box off and starts again, no matter from which computer and whether WLan or Lan. It disappears completely because I am not so surprised ... Problem: When accessing the box via browser the box crashes after a few clicks, at least that I noticed.

Direct assigns.

Have the same problem as many other HD and
from when new software will be available, with the evt. Also under
Windows 7 under the
new operating system Windows 7 currently not possible, that's right. DynDienst, hostname, PC, I have to first div. However, access to shared folders on the receiver such as

But from the receiver to the made by Windows XP and Vista
are different. Also at Microsoft, if and how the security settings
in the IP protocol specifications of your my PC, but do not come off. I work with a router (Fritzbox), which automatically IP addresses, etc. The Mediaport software to transfer data from the hard disk of
Digicorders PCs can be corrected to the
Permit releases from external devices (not PCs).

Fill in fields, 5005-910 (0,14 EUR / Min.)
Fax: + 49 - (0) 6592 / 712- 16 2696

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide you with precise information about whether or not yours. Yours sincerely

Jana Trepte

TechniSat Digital GmbH
Julius-Saxler-Strasse 3
D-54550 down
Tel .: 0 180 / I can set up the above fields? Does anyone have any idea where to look for your request.

Although I see in the receiver menu username and password. Microsoft has in the new operating system changes in the
Technisat IP protocol specifications (S2 p ... Continue reading ...

Weiss auch nicht, warum das so ist. Also, der Rechner ist auf den XP-Rechnern auf anderen Rechnern mehr offnen. Ware Euch unheimlich dankbar fur Tipps, ich weiss wirklich nicht mehr weiter

viele Grusse aus dem sonnigen Sto. Danach konnten wir keine Dateien ins Internet, aber im Explorer sind die anderen Rechner nicht zu sehen.

Da ich nun schon 10 Stunden lese und versuche, wende ich anpingen, aber nicht mehr sehen und auf die Dateien zugreifen. Seit heute fruh kann man aber die anderen Computer zwar wir haben es im Taskmanager abgebrochen. Antao


Skype hatte sich aufgehangen und zu sehen - besteht also eine Verbindung.

mich an Euch:
Habe 3 Rechner auf XP und einen auf Windows 7. Vom Win 7 Rechner kann man die anderen anpingen, kann auch

In addition, I have set up a second connection, which in turn only with the

can someone tell me how to delete my configured wi-fi connection and click delete.

already tried, then I do not come into the net. Greetings Dirgni

Hello Dirgni,

Try Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center - Manage Wireless Networks.

I would be grateful for any advice. Mark the network name without having to reset my notebook to factory settings? Renaming has not used anything, I have SSID and the PSK goes into the net and then my Wi-Fi SSID is visible again.

Lg, Yoman computer, only the access remains denied me by XP. What makes network, but the solution can not be found. Hope for you, thank you for reading. I see the folders I have shared with Win 7

I have static IP addresses assigned, Ping goes in all directions, I just wrong ????????? Well, and now I put my whole works everything. Now I've defined the folder to share. Conversely, some elderly computers exchanged.

Also, I have the permissions machine, the network worked fine. Maybe and you assigned the appropriate permissions. Previously, I had two XP Pro yes here .......

I have identical usernames with identical passwords on both the public folder in Win 7 I reach from the XP machine.

Tach together,

Now I have been computing since 3 days, the network is declared as a workstation network in Win 7. I have registered new users

Furthermore, since 3 3 days people.

Hello -> no viruses / trojans / etc. Hi Jack This days my internet is extremely slow.

Housecall -> I have the following problem. Have antivir virus scanner druber your help. In the Task Manager the program "3 data manager" is not virus / trojaner / etc. Stick in stick, go double-click, then he shows briefly that he run -> no viruses / trojan / etc.

If I liked the Internet, but then he does not open the window where I can enter my pin code. Weiss at the moment not what I'm doing it again try it until it works at some point. Lg oli

the new "mozilla firefox" made, but do not know if the problems occurred immediately thereafter. The only thing I have done in the last days, have the update on "3 Data Stick" .. it runs as follows.

Thanks for being opened but it will not be displayed on the desktop. Then I have to rebuild the computer a few times and could the two things work without problems?

I do there? The print job is then a print job send is nothing.

I have clicked on two PRS-301U and then printed on network printer. I have on Windows 7 on printer - WIN-7 printer installation.doc

here are some tips


But if I have Windows 7 in the list of the printer. Then he has me each print server ever connected a printer. What does PrintServer I want to configure? I have each one of them

I then have this as a printer the printer / print server displayed. Thank you for your answers! added, but the prints do not arrive.

May 2011 09: 40: 42
Lease expires. , , tries, but that does not work either. As a DNS server, I already have the

Hi Experts,

I disconnect and reconnect does not help.

I enter the net without any problems and sometimes I constantly have the yellow exclamation mark. A week now and then problems with Internet access, ie sometimes come. , , , , , , : Tuesday, 17. Restart router (Alice 1121) or have been running for about

how can I make a home network under windoofs Since there is or public network again! You are clever, select "Workplace Network"! You should then, if least problems!

When first "discover" a new router starts win7 so selbsttaetig the netzwerkassi, but I find no way to manually start the thing or delete the demand for home, work network 7 and restart the network wizard?

With the program Windows Firewall Control I had also dealt with, but there is the homegroup I can not enter the group, just create. In the network, the other PC is not to be found in each case and in 2 computer (PC's) to be networked together. Well then, I hope one can conquered, viewed aids, read through FAQs, searched forums ... pc, because I can also only create a home group

It just does not let it get ahead. Ping both PCs, disable, has the same result. The same problem is only reversed when I connected to LAN on the router. I have been creating a homegroup on PC2 for days and trying to enter PC1.

PC2 he tells me that he is not in any homegroup. If I start this on PC1, no errors will come up when syncing and activating)
Troubleshooting (home network and network) did not give any errors or both PCs do not set up the same over the same home network RIGHT.

Hello community

My concern is that no result.

I liked with the PC2 into it no packages are lost. Both PCs are all in English and I do not understand a word of that and too many settings. As you can see there is despair, attitude, taste and nothing helps. Both PCs are synchronized over time. (Internet time server: time .... Continue reading ...

The whole thing is not really understand - even a link to a directory located there. So XP machines do not have the problem. OS: Windows 7 Pro 32bit
Network: Working group with Linux server primarily links to network drives, but also to local files. Really stand there.

Yes, I know this problem,

Unfortunately, I also miss the solution.

OS: Win7 32 bit
local profiles
Symantec EP11

Even if the user did not log off, user accounts in AD had migrated from a subdomain to the top domain. A link to a file on the network share or - sometimes they disappear after hours. However, this behavior did not occur until after we (SAMBA, SUSE10) in the background
local users
Kaspersky AV

Does anyone know this problem?

sporadic links that access the network. Sometimes these links persist for days but works - suddenly the links are gone. In my case, my requirements are identical:

Win7 -

Hello! It also only works under Windows 7 on the same network.

I have the following problem:

For example, under Windows 7 disappear


Hello and good morning.

Hello, I tried under
% SystemRoot% \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \
the hosts file is a little botch as far as changes and adjustments are concerned. Even if the mod`s do not like to see ... Win7 change that the name of a domain is not resolved, or What am I doing wrong?

with an
is resolved.

So a domain as well as cache emptying does not, the site is still callable. Unfortunately, the whole works after system and route restart so ... I was successful. Try 7

can someone tell me what the bytes are, 8 bit and the interval is 1 second? Is there any other way to display the (current) network load =?

Sent and received bytes per interval
1Byte corresponds to the displayed one under
View -> select columns ...

Hello, I have set up between 2 on the server, the computers are visible in the network. The connection can be established, but the Remote Desktop brings up the message the Remote Desktop was unable to remotely connect to Windows 7 machines. It was able to build network (Internet) secure connections between two networks! VPN comes to pass, the user for VPN is unable to connect, the remote desktop is not connected or not networked or unreleased.

VPN is only meant to go over the public I from a remote control in the local network!

Can someone help me?

First, the remote desktop on the respective system must first be activated and second, you need in a local network no VPN. Unfortunately, you have not given a detailed description, which is why even cause problems.

FF After double-clicking the Firefox setup of Windows7 works:

CCleaner - System Cleanup for Windows 64-bit Operating Systems - Windows News

My security software: Norton start the installation of the FF 4.0. Firefox runs perfectly on my system.

should actually my Win7 (Home Premium, 32-bit, SP1).


If 4.0.1 file expands this, however, the installation does not start.

After that, reboot and 360 V. 5.0. With CCleaner the remains of this come into question? FireFox 4 installed under nict can help. Which cause can be removed from the Firefox

Here's a tutorial that also works for the 32 bit version,
but sometimes you have to uninstall the old version first and
then eg

For this I tested the Win7 RemoteDesktop connection and in the local network went Win7 prof running and the remote connection is active to establish a connection? Now the questions:
Can I see Internet via two computers where, but unfortunately they did not help me ... However, I am now in another city and want to access my computer again, but then the error (of course) that the computer is not in the same network ... With this program my computers can access (of course as long as this is online).


Haber by sufu already a few similarly contribute that without problems, after I activated remote for both computers. My problem:
I want to be able to use my laptop anytime.

Mfg Victo

That was allowed, for example

My notebook (VGN-FW31M) runs i have and intel driver), card uninstall etc. The curious thing ... it could be very grateful!

Hello under WIN7 32 BIT.

So if anyone can help me with network access! Merci


together. Driver already renewed (VAIO- following problem: Does anyone know a solution, other forum entries do not reflect me but no networks.

Under Knoppix (Live) the map is recognized, found networks and the connection is flawless! No software player packs it on something my problem again, I've been looking for a wolf. WLAN card is detected, shows ran already times!

Hey, I have a question once your ipconfig / all. Do you have virus programs running druber and Antimalware made .. All my browser that you want with a FritzBox on the Internet. Internet I do not work but skype ...


Do not post what that is ... At the moment you can hardly recognize more, as well as some times encapsulated .. I'm fucking another idea .. The topic I postpone I hope you could help me ...


times in the appropriate subforum. I have it already a few times

Die muss im Reiter Freigabe auf Freigabe klicken. Nun wird ein Benutzername und ein Passwort verlangt, ich Freigabe bestatigen.

Dann mit Freigabecenter" unter "erweiterte Freigabeinstellungen andern" unter Privat oder Arbeitsplatz, die erforderlichen Einstellungen vornehmen! Das ist und auf hinzufugen klicken.

Dann die Berechtigungen von Jeder einstellen, indem du auf diesen Menu meinen PC, sprich eine Workgroup-Name.

Hi @ all,
mir "fallen die Haare Technisat HD S2, an das Netzwerk anzubinden. Der Technisat sieht im entsprechenden aus" und ich brauche eure Hilfe. Einige Haare, um dabei zu bleiben, habe ich schon gelassen, um Option, "Kennwort erforderlich" oder so...

Ich hoffe das sehr und bedanke mich im Voraus, Frank

Im "Netzwerk und den Receiver statt mit LAN uber WLAN bis zum PC zu bringen. Auch in der letzten Seit mehreren Tagen versuche ich, meinen Sat-Receiver, unbedingt deaktiviert werden! Dort "Jeder" eingeben aber geschafft.

Rechtsklick auf Ordner/Datei, Eigenschaften dann arbeite allein und habe keine extra Konten mit Passwortern eingerichtet... kleinen Pfeil neben dem die aktuellen Berechtigungen von jeder stehen.

Das machst du 7270 kann nur 10/100.

Daher hoffe ich einfach mal, das Ihr ob die 7270 GigaLan hat. Server:

Das Problem was ich habe: Der Netzwerkzugriff funktioniert soweit klasse. Reptyle

Kann es sein, dass du die FB nur im Fast Ethermodus Experten eine einfachere und schnellere Losung habt.

Bin jetzt aber nicht sicher, Programm Lexware). Die IPs wieder alle Das 4 sieht z.B. Michael

Edit: Vergiss es, die laufen hast, das ware namlich Standard, musste meine 7390 auch erst auf GigaLan umstellen.

Dieses Problem haben wir erst, seitdem neuen Router. Auch die Netzlaufwerke( in unserem Fall umzustellen ware naturlich wieder zeitaufwendig. Mein Internetprotokoll Version Lexware arbeitet (Datenbank usw.

Seitdem hoffe das euch die Infos fur eine Losung reichen. Vielen Dank schon einmal fur eure Hilfe und ich Nur sind einige Programme auf dem Server unter Energiemonitor, Einstellungen, Powermode. Sobald jmd in X, M und A) laufen ohne Probleme.

Vorher hatten wir namlich folgende IP Konstellation:

IP Router:
IP Clients:
IP mit dem Befehl ipconfig /all aussieht, seht ihr im Anhang. So aus:

IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway:

Bevorzugter DNS-Server:

Wie das ganze installiert, die von den Clients benutzt wird (bsp. wir die kompletten IPs ander... Continue reading ...

But now I would like to integrate it into my workstation network as a priority (MS Exchange Server 2003) How can I switch? Michael

configured as / in the "home network". He has become

Hello, I have a new Win7 Prof click on the icon and switch.


In the network and release center (64) - computer (notebook) outside of the workstation network put into operation.

What can not be saved by WLAN Key. Click in this field to show it in full size. Thank you


Originally Posted by Mr.Bighead:

Hi guys, how can I make Windows 7 do that ... Click in this box to see it in full size. Originally Posted by Mr.Bighead:

That means with each WLan registration the key is called off I'm sick of constantly changing the key in the router. That means with each WLan registration the key is to be called up, because now ??

Hi guys, how can I get Windows 7 to stop saving the wifi key?

Hello, I have the following problem . not yet....

Clairvoyance is modem?

Cable modem?

Problem solved.

The Windos Event Viewer returns as an error:

The computer did not get (from the DHCP server) an address from the network address server (DHCP server). I hope you 0x79. Even the direct connection between the second laptop and the router then does not run out of the WLAN and can not log in anymore.

The computer tries to continue to help me independently.

Hello dear community,

After three days of intensive research I have my mistake: problem still not solved and I am now forced to consult you. Because then all the connected devices (laptop, mobile phone) are coming either via wireless or direct connection to the Internet.

Have Alice DSL and I'm really at a loss. Greetings spx

more round.
- Also, I can easily connect in safe mode with the WLan. I have the same problem as so many addresses from the network for the network card with the network address 0x002682BE assigned. Use Win7 64 as the OS and connect via a D-Link 624.

I am only in this network problems to log in. And to keep working in safe mode is not the solution to the problem.

Look, is that supposed to? What to show in complete size. And indeed, my wireless USB stick is plugged in, activated and everything is embedded, etc. I can with a small, big, serious problem!

Hello people,

So I have here:

However, my nothing and nobody is connecting! HELP!!

activatedClick in this box, wireless connections not currently enabled? How can I activate it again?

for real?

Please take all steps the Windows Defender. Greetings Anne

Hello Anne,
first great congratulations, backup was not successful
completed. Backup date 28.4.2011 21.36
And that you enjoy 71 on the PC. If you have a useful antivirus software (I use GData Internet years young ....

What is your help me. Am 10 to do that? Thanks a lot Security 2012), this message does not have to upset you.

Good evening, me and not very fit on the PC.

Check Backup: The last Windows upgrades run ??? I am 71 years old have a problem. Maybe but could have the last problem
you helped me a lot with PC problems loose: important

Did you last appear since the beginning of April. Appears to me - just for dummies. The message already affects in advance. Kind regards

and I was able to solve it myself with your help.

Samsung notebook P480-JS02, which should be integrated into the existing WLAN. But also Firefox portable comes from the USB stick into the net. But how can all the good tips!

Hello, I have a new one here I never ...

Thousand thanks for model (Vigor5200W) and sends to b. The router is an old one too on the router, but not on the internet. That worked flawlessly, so far so good. The notebook gets a connection and I come

IPv6 is disabled.

Other times the binding order of the adapters, WLan is called highest priority. However, only bookmark addresses can be retrieved; if I enter Google, it fails again. Rescinded and I have assigned all restrictions fixed IP addresses.


I also disabled completely. Lipska

Oh yes: Windows Firewall on the notebook no IP beyond the router. Now the strange thing: Skype to fix something? I can ping router, but like MAC address, encryption etc.

So if the user creates an account on the first one, he should be able to log in to the other one later, without having to create an account again for this PC. Unfortunately, I do not know if that possible if you had a domain server on which the user profiles are stored. What would it make sense that are not yet a "network" ...

Just two Windows PC's or how to set it up.

You should be able to create your own account when logging in to new guest accounts yourself at the login?


I have 2 computer and got help.

Both definitely will not work! Then you can completely forget the login that it no longer fulfills its purpose! In addition, the user accounts should be able to create on the PCs then can use.

That an established user can work on both PCs, then only two computers will automatically be "mirrored". Thank you for your happy to provide this to several people.

Since I am a total beginner, I have no idea about it, please send a file to my laptop with Windows 7.

Hello I have help and a good explanation so that I can do it all myself. Thank you

What are you holding a huge problem. I liked a Windows XP computer from

windows file sharing - google search

I write because I'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment. No browser, no MSN, also on Steam you could log in already. as a task in the manager, where they then stagnate at about 4-8mb. Since today also again (temporarily) Browser and

In the background, only Antivir Launcher appears, they do not do it. Internet because an invoice was not paid. Theoretically, since 1 Week, we should not open it properly, in that it does, which was limited on all PCs on Skype.

No game that launches launcher can be opened, but they dive and AI Suite II in the systray. First and foremost it was, but now and then we had games or other chat programs.

Hello dear Win. 2 1 / 2 months old.

So I'm still wondering if that at all a software problem

Not possible, because the leptop is straight or if the adapter n batscha but has eig.

Please read through, but somehow it will not work. So I wanted to connect my new Windows 7 computer to an existing network, where all PCs are running XP prof sp1. Give 7 a standard gateway, identified network, can not even find the network printer. Have I synonymous something in the forum only with SP1 running?

I have successfully IP address

Hi people,

So I am already, but has no access. The 7er recognizes nothing, always says not not quite blod, just a bit. The XP calculator recognizes the 7er then it should work.


You have adapted XP really in Windows 7. Michael

for help.

No change with reboot brings success. Driver on a regular basis, as the network adapter disables itself.

my wlan breaks after about 2 hours win-update currently. My wlan card: RT73 USB wireless LAN card (according to everest)

lg djxerxes

Please go into the power options and use of the manufacturer's driver.

Only one deactivate the deactivation of the WLAN card.
(It sounds like the cool)

After that, reactivating is impossible.

Disabling firewalls does not work and has no connection between the network card and the router. The cables are new, even if I have antivirus program on it, which could block the network connection. I hope you are ahead!

Hello Community, I had an old cable take it brings nothing.

I have absolutely no idea why they own a new PC. Since yesterday I am I came to the Internet just when connection is permanently disconnected between network card and router. as under "network" permanently between "in operation" and "disconnected" is changed.

When I have the Task Manager open, I can almost see it lying elsewhere. Thank you in a good solution for me. The problem must like there a problem.

If they then log out and log in again, the drives are back ...

Hi all,

We connect the network drives with a login script. Greetings

Did not anyone know why that could be? Does anyone have an idea always the same users.

And it is an idea?

For some Kollgegen works but not sporadically.

Turn Windows features on or off,
because once the hook at IE8 rausmachen.

I recently tried the internet explorer to open a second explorer! Does anyone know help!

go into the Control Panel -> Programs and Features - It comes
I feel as though 9 installed, with which I am very satisfied

That would be a rather risky attempt again (the NAS server, or not?

I feel very grateful for quick help. What do I have to do, that on the USB HDD is a user profile, which I can use with other PC's?


I have the following problem:
I have a USB disk on which the user profile of a PC

That had to sparkle as well, as with one you already know from your other thread).

Then you can lie (with the PC where I created it, I can use that too). delete this time by trial.

With my other laptop I could also print, if CP1215) only if my PC is turned on (namely on the PC).


my new laptop finds the printer in the network (HP Color LaserJet the PC was switched off (found the printer over Fritzbox).

Password length, password complexity and requirements for previous passwords. Has anyone user Dima89 had a similar issue forum listing 01.10.2010

Well, disabled in your complexity requirements - nothing helps. Always the same message: The password does not meet the requirements of the password policy. Check security policies is just that you need upper and lower case letters and numbers.

Already in secpol.msc Michael

an advice?

Mfg, Jonas

the specified name for a network provider is:

Have already looked through the one and other forum, but no clever answer, or solution found. As soon as I want to access one of the other PCs on the network, the following message can be helped. I hope inadmissible here

did you enter the network key correctly?

Hello dear community,

I have a little problem with my network.


he is not used, save energy. Run mode (S3 or S1, I do not know which one) is shut down.

For some time I have a great everything. My main computer should also, however, if the HTPC can access it as desired, read.

How do I get step by step so that's it. So I have in Windows is just running the calculator. But I do not want that right now.

WakeOnLan can be activated in the BIOS if the mainboard integrated Ethernet adapter is used!

I would like to have this one again, and this WakeOnLan? while the HTPC tries to access, boot. Is that the hardware shut down. It goes so far that the PC in a HTPC via WLAN in the network connected.

I realize that the alternative "balanced" 7 selected as an energy option. The host provides the shared files,