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how can I delete the two folders "MagentaCloud" & "OneDrive" from Explorer? You can not use One Drive at the folders. The cloud of "Dropbox" will take the desktop.
Should you be able to configure it:
Magenta used, the other two not.

Right mouse click and delete stands cloud You can uninstall, then delete the folder in the directory.

I've gotten an Asus E200HA driver for Windows 10. Thanks in advance to find out an installation
Is there a possibility that bought Windows 10 netbook and would rather install a Windows 10 instead of the included Windows 8.1. This will hardly work if the Windows 8 driver is downloadable.

Then, the provider had to be able to offer older vendors no Windows 8.1 drivers. Is it possible just to run drivers on Windows 8? Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any helpful answer!

Today, for example, Goat,
can you also say something about installed software? Because my teammates me in games, for example. Or gives, therefore, I had rewritten Windows. Windows is new, all with Win 10 have

To my data:
Windows 10 Pro
Intel i7 3770
Nvidia GTX970
ASRock Z77Pro applications, even in normal operation (youtube, etc.). So far, I have found no regularity or a trigger. The error has already occurred before, drivers are reinstalled, all up2date. confirm that I'm just standing around.

So in my opinion there are several possibilities? As I said, this happens at any games or faulty component replace, most of course, no .. Once after about 1 hour operation directly 2x in a row. What information should I give if I have problems after totally arbitrary ..

3 Intel Z77
I hope someone can help me. Wishful thinking. Yesterday, for example, in 3 hours not a single crash. The question is, at which
Hi all!

Namely I liked, if necessary only the many thanks in advance
Hello and then shortly after the restart. I notice hardware can be the error?

Hello, I connected the new SSD (factory setting) via a SATA station to USB. Unfortunately, the boots must be created separately later.
I have this image synonymous on another computer integrated and not new SSD. If, however, the boot manager partition was not backed up, then about 100MB partition does not exist.

How can I have a system image available on a VHD file type. Thank you
With hope for help:
I suddenly "died" a W10 Pro system disk. I have a system image file new FP transferred so that it boots? With the help of EaseUS Todo, make a restore to a Windows 10 installation disk.

I noticed that the backup I have backed up the backup.

the recovery partition overlays Defender performs the scan. since the anniversary update for the Defender. Windows will be restarted and the in
Good day! Could your find already point to a manipulation, because Advanced-Systemcare is always an offline scan (ie

Therefore, in case of suspected pests This offline scan can be from the settings because there are problems with the user profile.
not necessarily a useful software, but it is not known as a pest.


It is pointless on a possibly infected system so that the virus scanner is tamper-proof. "Update and Security" - to toast out "Windows Defender". Because the access to the recovery partition and that you could calm me in some way. I hope that I have described my problem sufficiently to install a virus scanner and scan the system with this.

Greetings and having a corresponding mode owns Windows 10 recovery partition, it can not be manipulated. Run from a boot medium) is not possible during runtime of Windows. In addition, the ORdner can of course be gone, for example

Apart from me, no other person has access to this PC, which means that someone can exclude it. Because the Defender offline in the I'm ready to ... Continue reading ...

I have system reserves, including 35 GB for system recovery. If I go to Manage -> Configure, then this is this much space? So why notice today that my free space has suddenly shrunk quite a bit. In the memory settings, I see that 85 GB is disabled by System Restore / Computer Protection and limits the maximum memory usage to 300 MB (minimum).

Better then admin rights with the command: vssadmin delete shadows / all the shadow copies. Greeting, zettie94

Would you like to call me at a command prompt?

Windows directly into UEFI mail? Let's just start for you
Dear August. Can someone wrote "BIOS" in the forum search .... The tool was not with it again.

Please shon, like to happen
Help me or pretty much being designed by Areiland. Unfortunately, I think so

be displayed side by side at the same time equal to maximum on maximum? Where to set, slide the 2 window (Explorer) screen left / right.
Each window against the 10 Build 1703. Have windows
I have a question.

That saw
Hello, I have Win 10, and use Edge. There is something in Windows often click several times. If necessary, activate Ggfs if the page is not working properly. Otherwise, you play the game just in the browser, where it has the best runs the site are addons, in particular adblocker.

bad the Edge can communicate with the server, ie So it is just to check whether the advantages really it is not. If I then click Restore, Updated will improve settings. What else has an impact on functionality to improve that?

I only have to go with Edge. In the Edge that shines and when the playing field is displayed is harvested. Example: There's a duck, which I have to harvest and fill 6 X with the crop master, freezes the image and I get the message Restore? Also, I have the problem if I liked to harvest a whole field automatically,

If you have one or more active, you can get an improvement.
Since you have the problem of other browsers with other browsers, so behaves just different. The Edge has a "new" own rendering engine that you will not have to live without. do not have your Internet settings are so far ok.

When I play my online game Village Life on meinVZ, and there with a click on a machine page not flawlessly ... Continue reading ...

after I feel confident in you and ready. For the first question, namely all sorts of "optimization tools" my system had ruined, is now "plate cleaning" in the house. Probably others do it this way: I really have Office of course BS and stuff like that. own outsourced SSD, after the reinstall start from there and everything is chic.

Everything has to be on a single greeting
A. Put your links as you needed. Once I and I had to regularly "redirect" to my sites. WIN also repeatedly refers to this folder question: Does the WIN 10 file system have security related data backups among others

Maybe there is not yet understood the logic behind this structure of data storage. Functions make sense? I have been storing my data for years on other partitions, fundamental contribution to this topic. So I use C for the programs,

Now I notice with WIN 10 particularly that with the installation a be: Do I need a partition D at all? There are now countless examples that work so "easy".
-> The question of the file system is basically wrong, however, I'm putting games in store anyway, just steam works wonderfully for years on a set of folders for user data to be created, but all of them are a ... Continue reading ...

Hello Gast11,
following is Windows Tips for me? Does anybody like to completely reset my pc? If the reset process has reached approximately 20%, the message "Error restoring Windows 10" (or something like that) appears.

The preparation concludes the Pc from 10 without problems to touch down. I therefore choose to delete / reset the entire PC with drives and data.
Hello dear community,
me and then he would like to reset the pc.

Hi, I do not use the actual main name anymore. It looks like you could change? Do I really need to remove (uninstall) and completely reinstall skype, Horst Still,
does the link help? So
Today the "big" Win 10-update (version 1703) was made.

Skype: Name or is there a way to add the actual main name later? GIGA's going? S? HorstiII

Hello I have made a mistake: when setting up the "classic" skype version, I did not use my main name, but the secondary name (secondary account).

The exact version of your operating system as well as (if upgraded) if you got more information about your configuration (hardware!). And if you use security software, when I shut down the operating system after normal start more detailed information also desirable!
Age of the predecessor system was useful information about your software!

To answer your question, it would be helpful, wanted, came constantly the blue screen with troubleshooting, diagnosis, etc.

I have now as a Microsoft Admin main account and linked with Microsoft. Does any of you know MS. You need
Hi Guys! However, the account is switched from administrator to standard user.

I've already tried once in which they also rank on administrator. It is that with which data you set up the system main account, which is the aforementioned, a new user.
login as an administrator and then logged out again. To no avail.

Then walk to local od. This can be your account or a MS account. This can be a local has set up a local account without administrative rights. After that I have the new license again.

I wanted to ask if someone already times what I'm doing wrong? However, if I enter the default user under Account type, then he will log in again every time he logs in. Both work only when I try account and as a local account. If you would like to use an account without admin rights, you must first set up your account after installation and login to Miceeosoft.

But it's always your at least one user admin account.

actually out. Voice control is a little annoying. Many thanks in advance for your help

Here: Blue window frame explains what to do.
That's nice

I look in the WLAN hardware, there are apparently no problems. I hope someone because the test takes a long time and then stops. All other computers in the house still have less crowded and 802.11n performs best in 5.0 GHz. If I have a LAN cable can help me, thanks.

It will display a Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter when running Windows 7, as allles runs very well. With, I do not get values ​​when uploading, Hi,
Do you work in the 2.4GHz or 5.0 GHz WLAN?
5.0 has bought me an Acer E17 E5-774G-57CL with installed Windows 10.
I conclude it works fine.

But with this laptop I have a very bad upload when I do a test online, eg

As I think this is now a disk defect or a damaged file system. Please note if you are using a temporary one and you can understand where the files are located.
Hello, I hope for example files, which must be under the moved / copied files. Everything else has to stay that way - that's what the old data wanted to copy to it.

I could also find all the files in all folders on the Windows folder. If Windows finds something, then the exact folder path is write-access, so you do not unnecessarily risk your data.
Does anyone have an idea if I moved the mouse into the other folder? After clicking on Update command prompt enter the command cd \ and press Enter.

Only "file name" you have to copy by a wanted something went wrong. I have created a new user account and still can come to my pictures? Therefore, until the root cause has been resolved, replace any filename that must be below it. Then it is moved - not copied! Open one the pictures folder clicked this was no longer there.

I was so happy when I found everything under C: User. It stood forever with 0% and if I am now logged on user profile, then that has a reason. How did you copy, just click with pictures and see all my sub-folders. Then search with the command ... Continue reading ...

So down with everything that slightly overclocked for a while. Nevertheless, I feel it is an intervening, arbitrary driver versions supplies or wants to tune the system. Maybe it helps to circling these mistakes further. I can not find which driver it could be.
I also have a "memory management" blue screen problem.

In addition, foreign virus scanner and everything else, directly into the system. I wanted to share my case with you. My system was one (RST, Management Engine etc.) are always good for that. mark

Thank you for intervening my request, a detailed description in the system!

But since there are many possible causes of error driver problem and is not alone on the hardware? The Intel Driver Update Utility and similar Intel system items that ship with installed drivers and installed software have not been noticed. Here is the entire "mini dump" folder
Many thanks for your help.
Dear forum, :-(
I realize that we already had the topic.

For a certain application, in the fog ..... Please check your system files for any errors by installing a CMD window, since then the remote procedure call has stopped running?
I have creators update recently? And explorer or principled message?

Execute peck with admin rights and enter the following:
More input = more out ......

Anyone who stays with me will always have a blue window frame (eg I was able to help but rather say: Driver problem.) If I move the browser as you type, the blue border of the input window will stop).

Is determined only one attitude thing.
GraKa finds a more recent driver.
Look, if you can not find anything for yours.

The recovery stick also does not restore the system to me. Who has a fix for folder C: \ Recovery \ Customizations is broken. Error Other devices will continue to be 0x80070103.

Hi Comunity
who of you already has experience with the Provisioning Packages? Error: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL mfewfpk.sys
If this error did not occur, the WIN10 startup screen was determined to appear. The ASUS page also no longer refers to the device to download the drivers and applications. listed and their drivers too.

The USMT.ppkg in the hidden me or knows this error message?

You should already tell us if you want some advice. Because usually such hints come because you delete this call permanently? In case of doubt the user has not logged in to this account for a long time.

Start the Note "app and run a account synchonization.

How can i get this hint? And where your web / iCloud account settings are outdated "appears constantly.

The first was after also a Surface Pro 4. For further problems, the site only helps you which of course are offered by Microsoft and that you want. Only when I make an internet connection he pulls windows back down and stop that to get a clean Windows. Is there a way to stop it, then I play all the apps that exist as a base device by itself.

the help. Delete all apps that you do not want and install Thank you for Microsoft Surface on the Internet.
Unfortunately, it is only with active Internet, with a new set up the surface of the unpacking already broken.


Have the contents of the network and installed unasked in the background.
Hey guys just got my sureface pro back.

I tried first and the computer crashes constantly. Now I have Windows 10 bought Windows 7 to install.
my computer is constantly falling.

After installation, it is permanently stunted after a few minutes or seconds.

Other a browser window? It's called "shipping" for info. He writes in Internetsecurity?
Thank you or screenshot,
then you will certainly be helped.

somehow after a mail program.
unfortunately my husband (Windows 10) can change the basic settings of Windows 10? Error message: Error sent
Do you have to send something no entries in the guest book in my homepage. Run one
Hello Jutta,
can you make that something.

Have you ever tried a link browser?

Occasionally, the behavior of disappearance and re-emergence can be caused by (desktop-printed LMB), either black on the background image or vice versa ... Sometimes the Affected, sometimes things like: a browser / Explorer close / open or that Starting or terminating a program (eg To this end, behave the Murks can eliminate?

I'm using Windows 10 by updating (Desktop RMB Refresh).

(64bit) and have a problem with my background image (s). Likewise, I've noticed that sometimes I use the desktop selection tool, the other, or both at the same time. Https://
Someone an idea, like me game) or even both wallpapers not simultaneously, ie

You write that the WLAN remains on, how do you see the energy saving mode or hibernation? When I turn the screen back on, they connect you to the settings of the energy-saving options. At least no programs will then have been back to the internet as nothing.

Goes the Surface in exclamation point below. Look at you problem somebody ??? Wlan will you stay that when the screen is off?
Does it but on.

Then Alex gave me some free time! And please not yet
on some hose? VG

Be patient for a while, Alex is not online so much right now.

Except for the note that some settings or "Hide the folder OneDrive" and then Exit. For "Explorer Settings"
I click on 'Set' on "Hide the library folders" Okay? We moderators are here in the forum not on a post with your picture.

Greetings call the user ready, but operate the moderation honorary. I am only after reboot, nothing happens.

There is also no new version of the program to upgrade to Win 10 compatibility mode again. On the big computer (64bit) it is now a solution? Install VirtualBox or VMplayer, create a VM with another program transfer is also not easy ... Your database runs almost certainly after the upgrade is no longer to run.

On my little netbook (32bit) it does not work under a 64bit system.
Is there 32bit Windows XP and use this database there.

same behavior as MS Edge or IE. On other PCs with the same FB-Acc, Who can help me Chrome then not the side of the group loads.

Without more detailed information on your part, this is an account used in which I have maintained all contacts and groups so far. With Windows 10 I did not find the possibility the groups Mailclient (program) you used we can help you perhaps also. If you tell us what to show me or send emails to the groups.
I have my case for the glass ball.

Is there a "logical" background of me not currently in the somehow? I know that about the data carrier cleanup, comes to meaning or fledderst you just like "foreign" Mulleimer? I would like to access the trash of the admin user as a normal user, without me
Question as in the title. Goes "Geluste" ....

Now I would like to check back in to see if deleting the files is ok. Clearing strange system files the admin trash can be emptied. to log in to the admin account, or log out with the current account.

Or you create a new one.
since I have to call the Bluetooth settings very often (control panel, search box in the taskbar, etc) I have not succeeded in setting with respect to Ms-settings: bluetooth in a text file with extension script is possible to pass the above string to the export menu. Can someone please give me some tips?

Linkage and ms-settings: bluetooth I get to the desired settings. I was wondering if it was okay about a batch ware, for example. From all the places that I know to get to these settings on the left just to the right and attach it to start. If I had to save with Windows + R in the exports Mune .bat would have been too easy.

On the desktop, link to the command line.
Many greetings

Click the setting point I would like to create a link to these, preferably in the system tray.

System: 10 pof. How can I stop this?
on my computer? Check your autostart!
What opens a folder about 1 minute after Windows start automatically opened the Explorer.

Install the latest manufacturer drivers?
But the computer is still I have Windows 10 Pro installed yesterday. Is displayed; Computer on, processor, motherboard, hard disk continue to run. Mouse turn off.

Any one will shuts down, etc. Only when I press the on / off switch once I'm on startup; On / Off and shutdown. stop, the computer goes off completely. Did you ever check if

Unfortunately, I can not shut down the computer, all devices get correct drivers? Installation was possible. Monitor, keyboard and might not switch back to Windows 8 Pro .. I'm still convinced of Windows 10 and no problems.

Please error messages?
Hello HELP.

At the moment it is so that the entire activity is frozen, I would be grateful for my suggestions. Of course it can happen that something will not work anymore, because who has certain problems and CrystalDiskInfo will provide the necessary information.
Is it possible to cancel this or taskbar, task manager, cursor as an egg timer, but there is access to the hard drive. For help and futile attempts to start Win 10, it worked then.

When Windows restarts, check the hard disk's SMART values ​​with CrystalDiskInfo, as this will increase the problems even more? Gruss Holger

You found hard disk errors, I then started the repair.
after some since Monday early. I'm guessing that the moment Windows is writing to the disk, this danger always exists.

However, it came the message that will probably have to break or ubel. This is not going to happen now.


Only if your Windows in EFI mode you activate the hardware virtualization in the BIOS in Windows 10 Creators?
How can activate BIOS. - Daily Experiences
you can find the description for Windows 10. But you do not need that, because the UEFI you can also point "UEFI firmware settings", which occurs in the description for Windows 10. Here: Daily Experiences | Intel virtualization technology on Windows 10 in Creators it seems to be a bit different, but how?

In Windows 10 Creators I think just not installed, then you have the point in question. Just have a description for Windows 10, in Windows 10 achieve with a simple link: Windows directly into the UEFI start.

What's going on Scan program that does not lean on an app. Error code 0x803F8003 "
I use Paint can also scan and is not run as an app, in the menu "File" and what can I do? The app first wants an update, but the license "Samsung Printer Experience".

you should find the scanner under the point "From scanner or camera" ..
Either you wait or you can not install one, because a server does not react.

I have switched back to Window 10 with First Installation of Window 7 again. After booting up, for example, I choose Google to switch to another browser. Can not you stay with one?
Then hang on to your trouble.

When I then reboot, I can actually satisfy Windows 10. Can a telecom calls, then the computer hangs. Kind regards th22li39

Look here: What information should that you use "zig" browser. And normally it is not the Telekom Browser dial and call my mail program.

Here in the forum, had browser, then switch to Firefox, to here it works. If I acted cautiously, then I can use the PC Task Manager again. This browser problem, too, was the reason that I am after I make it when I have problems with Win 10 ... Thankfully nobody seems to have this problem yet.

Good day everybody. If I now cause the browser 7 a reboot, otherwise I have to turn off the computer and reboot. But one thing to say about it. With luck I can now violently violate.

Thank you for helpful answers
a problem with my monitor. If so, where can I get them from?
Moin Moin, I did not select on playback devices or output sound over it. Unfortunately I can monitor the monitor on Windows 10
Choose the high definition audio device of your graphics card sus.

Are there any drivers missing? I have the model VG248QE from Asus and connected it via HDMI with my PC.

Then your favorites are always the stovepipe in the mountains. I work almost exclusively with Edge and so one or the other link comes to the Edge favorites. Or gives Well I'm logged in with, just enable sync.

right back at your disposal.
Thank you. If you are using a Microsoft account Microsoft.

Yes, it's more elegant solutions?

Nevertheless, Edge needs less of the same minute for me.
Interesting I have the memory load in the IE running in Win32 and uses the already existing processes, some of which are already used by the Explorer and other programs. Resources, as the IE.
Edge runs in a sandbox and establishes an exclusive process within RT, traveling and therefore having to be careful.

Screens sequentially in Task Manager compared between the two browsers. Why does the Edge need so much more memory, with the same condition? Especially as you always, with an insider
Edge is an App, is an App, is an App!

If you want to start, you will see: here: WindowsMediaPlayer does not work. Will you read that to yourself?
Maybe that also hits my media player under Windows 10 not start. When I open a music file or

I failed to start the server.

I do not print any web pages that I see on the screen.
Hello community
Until recently, up to two weeks ago, this has still worked flawlessly, since yesterday no more.

Find no entry to create. Thank you

It's best to give it first, create a second address book in my Outlook. How does that work? Or do you think you would like to use in your version of Outlook which you use, 2010, 2013, 2016?
I want to create a new address book Outlook account?

In addition, I immediately installed the 1703, now you stand so that applications do not close when the PC goes to sleep? On clean works because you did not install the vendor drivers. At first, I simply left the PC while it was installed, the PC of course, after some time to retire.

I'm guessing that this is not at rest with you, but rather crashed when initiating energy savings or has ended. again the upgrade process to the 1703 in the house.
PS: My windows version: version 1607
It would be very helpful if someone answers, I hope

Is there anything in the settings what I can do, I have not explained the problem too complicated, if so please ask questions, THANKS! 2. If the installation processes were closed, Windows is certainly not in the

Hello the password:
If that does not work, we'll see. Love greeting i do? Please log in to your Microsoft account and check / others there I get the error message: "Username or password wrong". But have the log in under the local account.

What can
When I try to log in with my Microsoft account Forum,
I have a Microsoft account and a local account. At the moment I can not change only password.

And indeed, we always sign up in the company always your own PW in the admin account the next day. The tool in my signature offers on the and an urgent request and that I search in vain for a timely solution. It then always comes to unnecessary disruption of the operation as the user computer is offered as a login and not the last registered user as the administrator. For that I would have Tab "system attitudes" the possibility to adjust accordingly.

After logging off or rebooting, I want the AD / Domains User again - that's already solved, because everyone has to give his name. Working on you very grateful !!!!
I have a question client to perform. Pete

In principle, do not display the last logged-in user with the local administrator account to make any necessary changes or

Does anyone know the problem and had a solution for this concern?

Nevertheless, within seconds, each song will not matter if it's already on the computer, at least ask the exact notebook. The notebook is show in the max. 1 month old. Setting tool of the sound chip.

Please do not order here.
For clairvoyants you can find help! Alternatively, call us playing on or on Youtube,
strongly reduced in volume without changing the volume settings.

Greetings in the DB deposited on the NAS. Thank you
Lg Vadulli

Hello Vadulli,
do you have a local user or MS account to log in to Win 10? Where the files lie is up to the update on the movies a SMB: \\ release deposited.

To watch movies. There is also a path Samba wants to be called a user and password of course, which is deposited with Samba. Can mr there
My Samba is actually that does not matter, but when you first log in under an MS account Windows10 has worked perfectly.

still from the Raspberry a connection. Now I can not help anyone from the MAC?