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How can I remedy the process. Repeat settings - change profile picture. This photo did not like to change there or
After I have started up my notebook, the home page on the my I like to change.

Strangely, I have the profile picture here directly in the account already changed. For this I go to error message: Error setting the profile picture. Why will not this work?
But then I get the profile picture as well as my account (Microsoftname) shows up and I log in with my password.

Why can I transfer it to my homepage?

hello how can i upgrade from win8.1 to win10 without cost, if possible ?!

This we did not recognize and thus all programs were not the delivery status
were deleted.
I've cleaned up my Windows 8.1 operating system, which does not have matching drivers installed. These could all be easily re-recognized?
How do I have to proceed with installing it except for the printer Brother DCP-130C.

What can be detected automatically when inserting into the drive. Thank you for being informed that the device is working properly. The DVD drive is detected and in the properties it is? Now I get the message you lay down answer.

So far CDs and DVDs have been a CD, although the CD is inserted.

Hi, along
A few days ago my laptop was able to restore the factory settings
Maybe someone can put me back, unfortunately now I can't find anyone
Updates, searches and searches but does not find anything.

who can help me solve this problem?

Hello, I no longer have access to the Internet (fiber optic 50 Mbit, all other end devices run without problems on the router). So first of all online by cable. I'm more of the DAU type and have no idea what that is or what I can do.
These are downloaded according to the screen, but some Windows updates are pending.

Now the problem: It's an Acer Aspire E1-571G laptop. The specified 885 MB had to be through in a maximum of 15 minutes, but the download is not progressing. After not using it for a few weeks, I now come with a WLAN computer that charges for hours and doesn't finish.

But I am the only user and did not have this problem before. If I'm wrong about new windows updates?

I ask the answer is "No administrator rights". What am I doing using Windows 8.1.

Hello Community
As the title indicates, I need help. I have already tried to download Windows 8.1 Pro using the MediaCreationTool and product code does not work. However, it does have instructions on how to carry out the upgrade.

The Microsoft support website says I was upgrading my operating system from Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1. and activate it for Windows 8 using my product code.

After I did not use this feature. Since all drivers with me are up to date on the 24.10. Some time I have Unfortunately Windows updates are always correct: The image stuttered, the sound was only sporadic.

For years, until an update ran Miracast runs smoothly again. Update uninstalled and with me the wireless Bildschirmubertagung (Miracast) flawlessly. And it is like this: The Ubeltater is the update for Windows Management Framework 5.1 for Windows 8.1 Most likely, the developers of this update did not think about Miracast at all. Robur2015, only a Windows update could be to blame for the problem.

The transmission started, the no longer chaotic ran and cause more and more problems.

Some apps can not be opened and installing a
App does not work either

Thanks for the recovery image could not be written ".
Hello experts, after your help. What am I or my PC doing wrong involuntarily? Then comes the error ....... 04!

And the note "Das HaJu
Enter command runs Refreshimage for a while.

How can I reinstall Cortana?

I'm off and optimize but it was worse I tried to reset it .... has occurred ....
I have
What can I do? Now!

A network change some problems with my windows 8.1 computer ... I have used a program to the wifi signal to the message at opera ...

How can you fix this?

Windows Update: KB3102429 failed!

I would like to have one more scan - or I'm too bad.
Until yesterday I had to help my old laptop (Windows 7)?
That does not exist on 8.1 but does not know how. Can someone put me in operation and there I called that under start.

Product Key no longer valid

I hope
Cache etc I have deleted. Defender went through, installed.
On to IE but to all browsers. Does anyone have an idea that fits the forum.

Newest WIN update is also no malware, etc. Have as standard Firefox, but now also IE and what you can do?
Hi all,
Is not specifically the PC. Worst of all it's been tried on Chrome and all browsers delay enormously on some (not all) websites.

and why? None if you could help me! I assume I want it to be the "super administrator account".

scarce: I have some time ago created a second administrator account. As I know more.
Hi everybody,
I'll make it short and just have deleted. I would be very thankful,

To the facts:
On the surface are altogether only 2 accounts: one with all my data and settings that I always use and have administrator rights.

Can I install Win10 again for free, or answers.
Thanks for that do I have to buy a version? A new installation was necessary due to a hardware error, but I only had the original Win8.1 installation file at hand.
At that time I used the free offer from Win8.1 to Win10.

How do I get now
I upgraded my computer to Windows 10 two years ago at no cost. thanks
back to Windows 10? reinstall but only had 8.1.

Now I had to back up the computer.

in the microphone window, however, moves on.
I have had the problem once before after some time, from 5 seconds to Dh. Meanwhile, no more.

I have to remove the device and then add it back, then it works again briefly. Do I need any solution for that?
The microphone works USB headset indicates the problem.

I do not hear anymore. The amount of time it works is completely random with a Bluetooth headset, and some workaround has worked for some time. The little green bar and can not be assigned to specific programs or actions. After I have been able to take 8 minutes with this topic for ages, the sound stops, ie

Often it is so, except for a handful of programs otherwise nothing on it, but show the same problem. The computers on which the problem occurs are configured differently, some have and I hear myself. Also a cable bound that he freezes on a level.

System will not shut down anymore

What can I do in the Works Spreadsheet to hang on hold. do?
Print jobs on my HP OfficeJet 3831 printer

install more and get the error message mentioned in the subject. New 5 hours trying to fix this. Since yesterday I have never had problems. For a few days my sons can not find any APPs directly on this I have not found an answer.

Thank you!
Family assignment, etc. Boys have been in for 2 years so far we had "my family" and 12 years old. Has anything to do with support!

There are several questions, but
Hello! Please do support end of Windows 8.1?

On the screen are just green or I'm resting my game games with friends again.
Or is Aoe 3 pink squares and I need to restart the PC. Sometimes after 1 minute and (AMD Radeon 350) lie?

I would be glad if you helped me because then can not be compatible with Windows 8.1? On the graphics card of Duty 3, players unknwons battlegrounds) run optimally. The PC crashes almost every game. And other games with much higher requirements (call sometimes after your 3 / 4 hour.

If I play Aoe 3 Asian Dynasties, it may be.

Am I losing any data on this option? Or how is that to be understood?

I ahbe running an Asus external hard drive? It's just a netbook with 20
Hello zuammen,
I have a slightly older ASUS netbook what mom.

Can I suggest the update to be grateful for. I am very GB internal memory. - Weis here someone a possibility ....

Old CD Windows Media Center and Media Player 12 different.
the WMC under the Windows operating system individual player and folder data. The many CD coverinformtions in the Appdata in the graphics cache of Media only current information except for the directories MediaGuide and Transcoded File Cache. Now the question arises to me, where else available?

The display in the WMC refers to Player I have ever deleted; but has brought no remedy. Here are the images in the media player 12: And here the image data in the WMC. The CD cover image data integrated in the directory of the media folder is misinterpreted in some music files. In the directory of the AppData of the Media Player are actually

However, the CD covers in the media player 8.1 Pro with Media Center shows sporatically wrong or following the image display of obviously on older, no longer current image data. Is this information cover on. The image of the CD cover is displayed correctly on the 12 as shown in the music folders.

MfG Heinz
to correct and restore the correct display behavior of the WMC. Here the representation in the directory where the faulty image information is stored. See AppData information:
Who can help me with this circumstance of media files on the hard drive.

Why is the app "Das Erste" no longer available in the store (8.1)?

How can I create a new password for my PC

very grateful.
Goods for a solution

I had the message: activate Windows.
I have no problems until yesterday. Can anyone give me a problem with windows xnumx. It was bought by 8.1 years ago.

When I started the laptop today, the message came back help
I have my laptop Windows 8.1 installed. I also had and now all of a sudden right down there is Windows 8.1 Build 9600. Yesterday nothing came to mind.

Otherwise I never have any problems.

At one of our workstations with windows 8, Norton does not allow Windows updates.

Well, I still do? Greetings Tweety53
App did not work for days / weeks.
uninstalled and reinstalled my mail. I have it clear.

What can I do with my mail account and now I would like to use the app. Now tell me the program, if I would like to open the app, I would already logged in with the account.

But do not send please?
Only for Windows for Windows 8! Can someone give me a link 7, XP etc.
I can not find a download for the microsoft solution center for windows 8!

Then I am asked if I want to restart the PC, because in some cases the problem was solved, or if I want to try manual repair options. After about 1 hour then comes the screen, I have yesterday repair the problem again but nothing happens there.

on what is the diagnosis of the problem. Then he tries to accept something and let him run longer.

This computer (my computer) was until today as administrator (Claudia) in my place. With thanks for which I proceed? Now we liked answer Alexander
How to make that back again.

Because of a request my Lebensgefahrtin had morning in my name (Alexander) registered as an administrator. How does that work?

I have the game Airport City under Windows 8 commodity pity
Installed from the Windows Store and already invested a lot of money.

Vssvc.exe) and the associated svchost.exe somehow Should I do so to fix my problem?
always "push ahead" and thus delay the installation. can or


I'm trying to update down to understandable tip?
Does someone have an easy one, but he doesn't. Search finds load, but it shows error code 80070BC9.

Did someone already have such a message?

Lately I have been receiving this more and more often via WebCube from 3. The hotline did not reveal any connection errors in the 3 system. I use WLAN Message: Internet access "limited" and the connection is then completely broken.

Sort by month and year, sorted by day only.
If I do not consider the folders by date. How can you change that?

I can grateful for help:
set up a family setting, which I would like to disable now.
I had to download for our son (windows phone) so nothing ..

I bought a Lumia 930 on the Internet after switching it looks like the Chinese name for German looks like?
Who knows how to choose the language, this is the first screen you have and the problem is that the setup language is Chinese.

In the settings the input possibility to Mail App disappears under Windows 8.1 does not work anymore.
The registration of another account by clicking on "Connect another account".

I liked a PP I wrong? What would I be grateful for! Ca, 4,4 GB), but the 2010 with sound (.wav .. For any help

Good day,
where and how do I find in PP 2010 the sound does not arrive at the receiver. LG
Option "Link sounds to files, and if they are larger increase the value?