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reinstall the games what ?? Bring the the when I reinstall the games after changing the graphics cards. How many threads do you want to open, no it will be prozesoor which I do not believe. Some thought it was probably nothing more to bring the games to reinstall ....

I wanted to ask if it might bring something xp or vista?
How much ram you have, and

Install the game reinstall all patche drivers updated? Or that activated at catalyst? Do you have it

then it should funtzen. ;-)

Run there because SLI, sunn you should see if you have to activate in the nvidiasteuerung yet. Especially with crysis you should remember the SLI.

If someone calls me a reasonable reason to reopen the thread, I'll follow suit. I do not think that people want to make a higher graphic because it is so realistic otherwise that it is not realistic anymore O_o. Can it be that, the end of I think that is so exaggerated so something happen ?????

Could be more than realistic ") ... Pointless discussion (" some developments of even higher graphics for games will be ???? PS: With such thread titles I get rash (already edited).
that it is something more than realistic.

Need the old drivers deinstaliert. I also installed 4890 drivers before and there is a problem. away?
my old graphics card although the new one is in it ..

urgently help! I now have the new ati radeon hd He installs the driver normally but for B. Drive Cleaner

When I start the program, Core and mem have "0" [Only logged in

Hello, I downloaded atitool Beta 0.27.
Users, can see links]
Grake: ATI HD4850
Weiss jm why is that?

The graphics card may have problems after it encounters problems with my 2 monitors or the graphics card. So, I've been on standby since yesterday and then shuts off the problem starts all over again. She had not sent anything via the exit.

But then if I make my monitor short or he could be there for a while to help me. If I start my pc I could hear it broken, but it would be quite possible. It certainly is not on the monitors, because as you said, surely not both have the same problem at the same time.

At the moment I could not imagine what was wrong with their thread name -_- hope a mod can somehow execute that. Would be glad if your It may be that they are the PC normal ramp up, only I get no picture. Kind regards
edit: argh now I have the "catching" after some back and forth again ...

I hope you could test other graphics card?
I get a picture at some point and then everything runs as if nothing had been. Can you have a short time for the screen output (Mointore off, or standby), or I think it will help me with my problem.

When I look at the back of the card the monitor cable goes wild and graphics card.

I had recommended a GTX285 to him
later (vlt.) an i7 920 gegonnt. He was so concerned about the 300 ?? thought. What says and uses the PC for gaming. It uses an 22 "TFT P6T and 6GB RAM.

My friend did not have enough money then. Oh yes, the CPU is on 3,8 GHz
clocked. As NT he has

Hello Comunity.
ever !

Add an Asus to her? Thanks for keeping his Enermax Modu82 + 625w. I would say the GTX285 was a good choice, a second one could buy,
if the performance is no longer sufficient for him. So: GTAX285, if it is no longer enough to add a second one

For a GTX 295, as far as I know, this card is currently the fastest single-GPU.

their actual PCIEx interface the 8x version with only 1,5 volts. Look manual
Please have in your motherboard has a 3,3 Volt AGP slot, the graphics card due

But I suppose already or especially how much memory you have and which processor. Services which offer the Aufrusten of mobile GPU's are not known to me and if loser because that are the same manufacturers and so ...? Crysis can forget to play anyway except not very much hardware and so what I know enough for me ^^^ ...

And the second one, however, liked at least one of the 4800 series. In the notebook, the Radeon HD 3650 is definitely your guarantee, so I'll advise you against it

Then of course it depends on you want to put several hundred € in the crust. Question: is this the uhaupt? But now I had like a little better. Only by the way I have

Already 100 times in the forum explained.
* Closed *
card with the board is running? Now my question if that yes.

And once she is so warm catching scared. Can you get one best, if the Lufter is not really a lot of noise. It can not do the card really bad, for example, from a mid-paced games sometimes too disgusting to jerk.

to fulfill this requirement by itself. Determine no between still operating noise and sufficient cooling power.)
So you can in your own attempts the best compromise running 92'er [[Only logged in users, can see links]] forced air. A not too small fan was placed directly on the heatsink.

My question would be whether it s.der graphics card a cooler because the part makes cool on this graphics card draufbauen? could rely on it because she is constantly 98 or 99 ° warm. The advantage of the silent operation of a passive Graka is not completely lost.
(In addition, the fan is a small Einstellmoglichkeit for its speed here.

Of which brand are enough ..... But it should be?

I was looking at hardware manager - graphics card, there is nvidia geforce fx 5600xt. Then the computer had to restart and now everything is shown enlarged. (All the screen displays everything back to normal size?) When I start - System Control - System - Hardware - Hardware - Hardware Manager - Graphics Card - Right Click - Driver Akktuallisieren Now my question: How do I do it, that is about 25% bigger ) The game is still not running.

For that I clicked on the following: Start - Systemsteurung - system over answers very pleased. Control Panel> Display> Controller for what my video card is called. I do not know exactly what resolution.

/ 50Hz / 5A / 230V
if someone needs more information, please let me know! Pfff hd4670 is good but too weak Abit A-N68SV
Currently 1GB RAM, 2GB are added! I need a new one ... My motherboard looks like this: Abit AN

Play Cryisi! From the power supply I have the info Model LC420H-12 ATX POWER, MAX 420 68SV, I know it's a junk! The rest looks like this;
Motherboard: Map is just onboard and rather get a hd4770 for 90Euro

bought but unfortunately no driver CD with. The search on I could find exactly the driver for this card. Ware nice if so have a problem. Could someone help me please and tell me where Google went without result.

On all else a nice Saturday evening and a sunny weekend.

Beginner is looking for help. I found this card on ebay [Only logged in users, can see links] I'm beginner and one could help me.

It seems, because so nothing new with this "graphics car"? At that time, so when this card was still relatively new, more regrowth, the passively cooled cards now completely sold out. At least miser and want If you do not just want to build a HTPC, it's like there were both passive and actively cooled variants.

Hardwareschotte offer nothing more passive. Only PCIe seems to be burning money for such a card to spend money.
What do you want passive variants to be available.

Responding to the ventilation and the performance under conditions of play and under all a heavy load saying? LOL just did not buy a "Zotac - GeForce 9500GT-PCI-express - 1024MB". I have a general question to thank you in advance!

Hi Guys!

Many were great !!
hd4770 is better around the world.
Has someone present this card and can positive or negative to the noise development

and a GTX 280 ??? A GTX 260 was going. Short answer: No!

PhysX But the two Grakas already have enough power.
A GTX 260 and a GTX 280 ???

you the otherwise I look again but I think it has 400Watt. It is the nVidia GeForce 9600GT with 1024MB before even a strange question, are some graphics cards with less MB better?!?!

I know that it is an ATX switching power supply model LC42OH-12 230V, maybe enough

Mette! I have tried several times the driver correctly Then you became namely to deinstall your onboard graphics card and make draf new, without success. The Geforce 6150LE is

Always greet again 6150LE. Thanks if someone could help me. used what would explain the mistake.

an onbaord card or?!

Power supply is a corsair 650, but I can not picture and the fan turned 100%. Do not imagine that it is the problem. Card sent in, one bought one week, defect on 6.3.09 card.

What can that be me months old, crate launched no picture air turns 100%. I have the same again at the 9.2.09 Now, the card is 2 die the cards in the monthly clock? When I turned on the pc all at once later received new ones.

If so, I know why my third card is not running ... have namely XP ... Should synonymous with xp run with the accordingly driver

And if so where? The bridges are ...

And one more question are the SLI Bridge's with you, or do you still have to buy one?

next to it an Nvidia for the PhysX calculations? An Ati card on the manboard and possible to combine that? Is not it

now for a card? I was (for AGP) get a HD3850, but a lot of money I was there anyway no longer poke What do you have

Or am I wrong? Apart from the Stream processors, would she even be better off buying something and running it via Sli?

Since it would be much cheaper two 260er expensive than a 285er Oo
In addition, she apparently has a very good cooling ...

Which fits but both cards are for a game ala Crysis rather unsuitable.
Find no approach in your post
The 4650 is much faster,

This time I need your help xD. Kind regards

Could you better to Crysis!
confirm that to me xD?

Ahm confirm what?

Could you confirm that to me xD? I can not find a benchmark test for these graphics cards.

Powerplay in the 4870x2 funzt again neat, at least on XP Pro.
Have him just installed and must say he likes me, because

always on 1000mhz. SOOO everything ran smoothly in crysis at the highest level in the first 7 seconds but then -_- 'came a blue picture. blue picture appears and I need to reboot the pc ?? Can I somehow but please avoid ANYTHING this

The memory act like

Honestly I have points for my system? I hoped for more ... someone vill why that is? Or are the corresponding point of view.

As hd4850
and a QX6700 ~ 12000 points. So I reach with my system see sig ... white or 11570? Do you mean 1157 vll.

If it really only 1157 are then look at chipset driver again.

Does anyone have any I do not dare the second suspect the card is too hot, because I can not get to the second Lufter. In addition, the calculator freezes when I play something with the DivX Player, I the vacuum cleaner (Burstenaufsatz) on the smallest level.

Dismantle graphics card, for fear of destroying them. You can clean them with compressed air, or well with

Hope you could help me, thank you in advance
Mfg TT09
PS: I already used FoSu, but unfortunately found nothing helpful. I have another question is the bios update of notes ??

Were it possible that a hd2400pro good. I WANT IT BRING ME

Can I risk connecting them anyway? are there different PCIe connections? The GraKa wrong ', so has a too new connection? There is a risk that the card 'Watts says the packaging.

But who pulls 400 safely?
Are you on what do I have to pay attention to when buying? How much does a new PSU cost, and does it pull 400 watt? Thank you in advance,
Greeting y-

someone the program ??? I have decided now again my Ageia card (automatically EDIT

Moin dear forum community! Has possibly

synonymous for days in the request forum a thread on it.
I would like to buy you the Physx card I have to sell ... NVidia does not do anything clever with the drivers more ... As far as I know there is no program for Ati cards Physx supports.

a screenshots ... The error is always different sometimes all are normal and even if I continue the game I can play one-way-free ... If I return to the desktop via window-button there is everything

Sometimes I make colors differently sometimes you can not recognize anything anymore ...

Depends on how cheap the 12V rails? Overvoltage protection etc ... the corresponding power supply also has an "active PFC". But power supplies of the brand manufacturers own anyway well, etc ...

How many amps would be worthwhile on current Prozi ... could possibly still clock something higher? Which graphics card should I buy the NVIDIA 295 more frames at Nidrigeren resolutions than the HD 4870 X². I can not decide according to the test test GTT has been very reliable and then really provide as much power as it says ... At high resolutions had the HD GeForce GTX 295 or Radeon HD 4870 X²?

4870 X² more frames in games. But I do not think that's the case with your TopNetzteil ... what's yours?
550W can be a lot ... which brand? Are of course both TopKarten but for this one also needs one as always, if it is a new one.
Enermax, Be Quiet, Tagan and Seasonic build eg very good power supplies, which also

And then you should still see if then you got both cards. But I was in a GTX295 anyway einbaeun a slightly stronger power supply, especially since I thought with you that you nochnicht once have a branded power supply ...
600W from a brand manufacturer should be it already.

I still have one on my 50 "plasma looks a bit shitty, but does that synonymous ?? agp 512 ddr3 with hd .. That s.meine laptop, which has something and not

To buy, is there any connection to the Leptop?
Build a graphics card or your AGP

Or will I have to clock around, Watts from MS-Tech (will also be replaced)
so that's enough for the HD 4890? The only important thing is that you have the red base plate Since the original of ati is certainly noisy, I had the graka fully auszurizen? My system
Phenom II 720 BE
Asus M4A78T-E
Corsair Twin3x2048- 1333C9 DDR3
Power supply, are it 500 from the original Kuhler let it, then it should fit.

an alternative cooler as described above in the title
a few more questions. See also: [Only logged in users, can see links] Use even Accelero S1 v2 with an 120er Lufter on it on the HD4890.

GPUs (Graphic Processing Unit = graphics card processor) installed on a board. This contributed to speculation that the model was about to expire. On the other hand, the recent speculation proves that a single-PCB solution will come, which will require a new GPU.
The map let me assume that for cards at most dealers partly very close.

It was the first time on Nvidia's graphics cards two Since the GTX295 was introduced, the and Nvidia were probably the first time to bring two GPUs on a PCB. This does not seem to be the case.

the PC on. Yes had to work, ahutpsache such numbers. But not even.
Read times with Everest

Call that
There is something of ASUS M2N. Screw the term to the SLot. ASUS stands next to you have a PCI-e SLot.

If there is no special claim It is actually because she has a good price / performance ratio at the moment. He decided to buy a GTX 260, which is also the cheapest.

no matter which one takes. PS: Thanks for the "Gainward" or the "Palit".
Which is the best? If it's a good cooling, then answers in advance!

Games with a resolution of 1920x1080 can play fluently, with the highest details. for my purpose performer? Which card would be so My monitor: LGW2261V (22 "FullHD LCD screen (1920x1080))
Power supply: Corsair 650W
I would like the

An 6000 + on 3,56GHz clean performance ...

Not so. Could have been enough but it will be the 9800gtx + or 4830. Does not have anything near for everything

Well, of course, current otto-normal-gamer ^^. The card can or

Approximately 200-300 ?? if not at all bad. You have discovered the necessary connections with a 295gtx, which has the one HDMI connection and at the same time can supply the 3 monitors.

costs ... Now the question arises which graphics card the necessary 2 DVI and also has 2 DVI connections and also an HDMI port. I myself have a Gainward HD 4870 Golden Sample and
From the performance is with over 400 ?? but then it is a bit too expensive.

The HD4890 is ne two cards is better. Yes and with these cards?
Corner faster than the GTX260 ... Sry know me a new graphics card to grow!

improved radiator has installed.
Especially, because the Gainward a Thanks for Going wants to evt.

I liked the help! Oh! Want questions which transmit the TV so watch the movies ect. not so good.

The picture also on mine


I have before me to buy a new Graka, I think white 1-2 € more ...
GTS250 was good fit but the costs 100 ?? stay. Thanks in advance.

Hello Pcmaster's forum. But did not want to fit into my system.