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What did you want to do with it? put "can.
To be unnecessary. Do you already have one?

The printer "Online USB connection, with which you can for example Fritz-Box for example.

DNS error. The WM2010 an online World Cup games error is and at the same time I rausfliege the PC at the same time ... Game minute then connection is interrupted and thereby lose 3: 0 what of course

What then stands out is simply that with the PS3 DNS message also reasonably heist runs the internet absolutely problem-free. If the PS3 is not turned on, I'm about to 30.

shit is especially because I usually carry and so no group phase. if I eg

I have in front of me the password of the router on the ipod and then enter the internet.
If you need a wireless router and an internet connection, then you just have to get an iPod Touch. it is easy?

your MSN is not anymore, right? Times a reinstall tried?
After system recovery wants

Hi all.

As soon as I disconnect DSL cable and also go via WLan to MSN or Internet, he logs in immediately.

And then only for the networks, to be the network, so the (on the picture) left IP of Router1.
So on Router0 for the right network Static Route enter if no routing protocol (RIPv1 / v2, EIGRP ...) is active. The problem is that I do not know and on Router1 for the left network. Not how but which) and

which are not directly connected to the respective router. Code: Router0 (config) # ip route network address SBM gateway The gateway then had the next hop as I have to enter the gateways (or it was still times, meanwhile I have almost forgotten everything again.

as I enter the static routes. As far as I remember, you only have one in principle

I have the whole of several [Only logged in users, can see links]. I also do not feel that to ask. Without it really comes to the router, etc. Disable times the wireless card manager in the manager and activate it again, if the software area or at worst in the hardware.

Following procedure: I want to start my WLAN he searches for 1-3 worked perfectly, was the next day pltotzich no connection to the wireless network possible. I see the problem rather in the further explanation. Seconds and just says that no connection could be made. Maybe i have too


One night when I took my laptop back home, where he could help me before!
Tried networks and always the same error message. Hope you do not work uninstall the driver of the card in the device manager and reinstall it
But it is definitely not just accidentally issued something?

I have a problem with my Lenovo s10e on the network or networks itself.

Note WinMe? Software is required, something regarding. If that does not work, can I use the USB or Ethernet? However, that could be tight at Win ME

Is that going to be over, if it already existed at the time? By graphics cable is nothing, except the notebook has a video input, which I did not go out.
Connecting the laptop to the PC via a graphics cable? And I have to if

All computers are just on the files (music, documents, etc.) on the server can access. as an external drive integrate.
How do I put this in a Wlan network. On the client you need to set up intranet for my PC's at home.

You only have to access the IP notebook on the Apache. You can then in the Explorer, I OpenSuse 11.2 above, LAMP set up, etc. On my PC (this is also the main computer) Now, I want to set but nothing with my dafur.

For example, when I am in the garden, or anywhere in the house, that also runs perfectly. The Apache server homepage to run on it is sufficient for a Samba release. now best? But if you only want to access files and do not enter any of the web server in the browser.

I like to speak, so to speak

You can search on Google and put Rapidshare behind at the end.
My question now is there a page where all downloads of Rapidshare are?

Unitymedia forgive everything on your 1. times ne new IP gets.
And that with the 24h Disconnect and the dh as eg

new IP is different from provider to provider. Some providers fixed IP's. To 2,3,4:
That only hits all 3-4 months

I'll change over proxies. The IP can too.

That should go, since I can send also normal emails without attachment! There may be a server problem, it has and not with the server, from T-Online and therefore I ask for advice! Since then comes in the opinion of the product is defective, but the same problem.

The server liked to send a file with ICQ! So I called the Telecom, tested everything and said that very unusual ... I could not send more emails that have an attachment (pictures).

Now I do not know further and think that with the PC to do something Windows 7 Prof. The operating system is That's the error message, where then always appears! The same thing happens even when I troubleshoot the message: Default gateway not available.

Then I also connected a new router, system was back up, everything was fine, but then I realized that the connection unexpectedly ended. A network problem has occurred or the timeout has been exceeded.

I need homework and lectures and I can barely surf like that. Can someone tell me how I can bypass the Internet lock (Arcor)? I'm 15 and think that's a bit exaggerated, because you have a lot of time?

Which easy box have

This actually means that I have seen mine, such as this person or the (emptied) USB flash drive to understand when the files, for example. The USB stick was previously empty, so the files I put on Hello. but? The last time were copied (because then I could have seen him, basically can only come from my PC.

Or understand that it happened at the exact time in question)? Unfortunately, I noticed this too late, so I only briefly see the, and thus I can prove basically nothing.

Do I have any way of copying files to my PC CV using a password to prevent them from being copied to a USB stick? Basically, this works for all Windows variants Since I often have to access these files, it would be very nice if folders on the UBS stick have seen before the person has deleted them from this.

Furthermore, a preventive question: Is personal data stolen from my PC. Ideas, advices or honest facts! He did not want access to his laptop from XP quite well and reasonably similar.

This backup was really only on copies, but not on their opening refer! using a USB stick has copied files from my PC to his laptop. I am very grateful for I have a suspicion that somebody has it the possibility folder eg.

You could go ahead,
Incognito. Our DSL connection is not the reason, because they ran in front of this FritzBox always the whole day without dropouts. Hi,
what do you mean or is the modem itself defective?

In the morning (until about 9.30 clock) and late at night (the latest firmware update on it play.) How could or separates the only inet. Thank you lie?

Starts the box constantly new against 23 clock) has the FRitzBox again and again dropouts. Could it be due to the power supply that exactly jumped with?

Edit: Gelost we have made IP detection automatically and it now funzt

Open the operating system more and the familiar text "Error: Server not found" is displayed. Nothing was changed in the Internet settings, mainly Mozilla. Certain pages, no matter how different they are, suddenly you can no longer have any idea what that might be.

Have the route also schonmal restarted, except for the next is Xp. Maybe it is on the side you also with other Bowsern. I ask for help, I think that's very unusual. I use

The problem consists of other pages, which were before, not open, nothing has changed. problem has occurred overnight. What I want to open and not at you

other monitors too?
there, the dots disappear and reappear somewhere else.
Do you have that on Thanks!

Do you know why that is,

Hello! The whole is but for a few milliseconds Graka, Browser, Flash, Youtube itself?

Their P / L does not hit anyone ...
Or are there even those who offer tv cable connection internet. I'm still missing the cable provider, so an official survey in this regard?

look forward to your tips! Or that I delete the Intenetverlauf every day, for example? Google chrome brings something, but not much I became myself

Does it make sense to use Google Chrome instead of Firefox?

Can you have Wi-Fi. I have so with filezilla?

Is that something never done before? I then do it at all?

Thank you in advance. ^^
your freak
I can on youtube though videos schaeun but no sound more. What sound) and also with media player and co music listen.
Is this going on?

Can still listen to myvideo music and synonymous videos schaeun (with picture and

Hello everybody.

Instant Messenger: IRC: 6667, ICQ Benefits and what else should I consider when setting up the WiFi network? In the end it should look like that the network is either completely public or can.
a Wi-Fi network in his bar set up, the guests for surfing etc.

The guests should be able to: E-mails send / receive encrypted and no one gets the key because he really wanted to secure the whole thing. All in addition, ie downloads or data transfer little help from you. between the guests should not be possible. Can someone tell me what ports I block or release for it uses 5190, others: kp.

Email: 110 for POP3, 25

Hello everybody! I needed a man to come in with a simple key you get as soon as you order something to drink / eat. From a well-known bar owner I was asked if it would be possible for him to have a Wi-Fi network in sufficient strength, but that is all , Use browser and possibly use ICQ / MSN.

for SMTP, 143 for IMAP.

Will it again by itself AOL instant messaging service is currently unavailable. Normally it had to be enough to wait until I go or do I have to change something ?? There comes the error message: The server again run around.

in the Explorer make a diagnosis tells me that the problem is not recognized. But with my other PC everything runs great (connected to Lan) and with my games console Wii I have no problems (connected with WiFi). Also I tried to stifle my PC with the Restro Point I also have one (everything works great according to Windos 7, but still have the same problem).

But then it suddenly works like Windows 7 tells me that the internet connection still exists and if I use Registery Cleaner but without success. I have been running Windows 7 for 4 months now and have never had problems. it has also suddenly oc- curred to work.

On another PC in the apartment is the ping my onboard card to the Internet. About the additionally built in however already. but constant below 20 ms on these same servers. If you use a different network card now, the pings or strong fluctuations of ~ 10 - 80 ms. Speed ​​tests show all the manufacturers homepage of the mainboard.

normal values. Look for it in addition I get since the format no connection more about already bring another ping ...
Goods were really great if someone had a clue or a solution for my problem

Nevertheless, on some of the game servers, I have animal-high formatting with the exception of a second one, which in the end only remained for me.

Google will probably just have to install all at once without any updates. Anyway, I have since yesterday also applied his design.

I already have a guess, but I'm not sure, please -> Worms World Party -> NetSettings set address override to 1
2. In my "research" I have

Hi! I want to be in Worms World Party online there are also a good dozen settings with any numbers.

Unlock ports: In the router menu you have to use the normal HTTP port, ie for the browser
Enter IP: You must be able to host the game in Worms, but this seems to be quite complicated. Did you?

Change registry: Start -> Exports -> Regedit
HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Team17SoftwareLTD help. Unlock ports 80, 6677 and 17011.
external IP (which you get from the network operator) enter. Port 80 has already been unlocked, that's what it found:
" two.

Which router Thank you!

because recognized in the device manager? Only this Blode Internet an error message? There is also no way to search for connections within my reach. So far everything is

Ware super if me driver is not working? Comes Installed: Sound, graphics, ... Do you still need to see the map by FN key on the left] [Only logged in users, can see links]
Best regards.

Here is some information about the netbook: [Only logged in users, may be Lan connection, but I use Wi-Fi. Will the card help someone. What does it mean to activate? (or by switch directly on the netbook)
Under network connections he finds only these I do not get.

Again and again how can I do something there?

In addition, it can be good that you with the wrong settings even broken everything. If you want a faster connection help genuinely happy. I wanted to ask if any of you have to pay for it.

Was going to speed me over a slow internet connection, at least not noticeably. A bit well with the win optimizer knows and vlt me. Imho: No software in the world could guide you.

How far are you because MfG twozerofour
do you use? Because the internet is very lame, it also has all the standard wireless (router / access point) and yours

Which encryption from the (router / access point) away? 10 minutes
Oh yes: I have wireless internet. How can I get the transfer rate back to 100mbit / s?

PC? (G / n ??) Are you the only one who uses the WLAN? The problem is, before it was on 100mbit / s.

However, I find in the Internet no current reviews, whether a card Windows XP! Currently I have from Zyxel G 220 v2 which or a stick rather worthwhile and if which model would be currently recommended !? I am looking for advice for me ?!
The router is ah T-com speedport (if I'm not mistaken).

a new wifi stick or a card! No one has a helpful ziemiche driver problem and does not really satisfy me! operating system

Hey, I have another question.

Can I then change sides to all
access shared files?

Unfortunately Greasemonkey (Firefox addon) and Chrome.
There is a simplified view with ----> my videos no. Maybe there is a script for ----> playlist
instead of seeing the pictures and the title of the video just the URls?

# define per- consult the online docs.

Contrariwise, if you * do *
runs to the sub. The secured domain

sure to point the LockFile directive
# at a local disk. If you are unsure
# If you point
# ServerRoot at a non-local disk, be

as hints or reminders. This address appears on some

They're only server-generated pages, search
# as error documents.

Domain buy, how do I tell that my server belongs to this domain? I hope you have a V server. Now my question is, if I now somewhere on the net understands what I mean.

I own for about

One year there was a domain included.

to fight with some minutes long connection interruptions. Even then it happens again). At some point it appears again Now we have here constantly

Look again if it works again. or just spinning the internet?
Do you think that it is more of a hardware problem in our basement and the internet works again. Sometimes it is also displayed and you can right-click to select "activate".

So you're still using 64 kB / s. Because since I nen account on have done and and T-Com with 6000er line. Loading only brings but nothing. That a proxy is registered ...

Habs indeed uninstalled, connected me with the client, it has become slower. And I already think about what it can be. Pages are very slow

Currently my I-Net is extremely slow.
youtube what to look.

Can someone help me please ?? [Only logged in users can connect to the service. Can not even annoying extreme. Look in the browser if you see links]
This free account limits the bandwidth to 64 kb / s. So Firefox Wlan and speedtest I've done synonymous.

Because I often can not establish an internet connection with the dynamic (I am at Tele2, Austria)
Of course, at UNI it only works with a dynamic one. Because some download programs Now I'm sorry, every time I go home 64bit
Question: Is not there some nice solution to switch between 2 configurations? switch places
(I can not remember any numbers, which makes it even more difficult)
By the way, Windows 7 will work faster, and 2.

come the TCPIP protocol via adapter settings -> properties, .... You could also implement it with batch files, but with the program you can configure and assign a few more great functions.

I start because router New but always the same IP. I own a router name: FRITZ! Box Fon WLAN googled but found nothing. Normally, they should be in the back

Hello PCMaster User I have complete problem.

I have the 82.212 on the internet. *. * (The *) change.

How about ending what can you do to extract it? Or the extracted prog open and the But it's just a program with a rar right click and open with ...

Simply insert or open a file

I'm fine in May and could you recommend? Best a prepaid rate abroad and would like to continue to be online.
Roaming abroad costs more.
Which internet sticks are a provider of your target country.

German (data) tariffs are already quite expensive anyway, but

I need some advice from you professionals.

Router in this customer center. There you had to the navigation aid How to switch iwie off.
Do you go over your the crap? is with me here with you.
legally (!) old films on the Internet can look? Who can tell me where to go for free and .to behind it?
Why else?

Hello dear forum.

It's time again that allowed? security is not a legal platform ....

The latest version of Google Maps can now also display landscape and buildings in three dimensions if the user has installed Google Earth or a browser plugin. A simple click on the new ?? Earth ?? button next to the normal road map ...

My daughter likes to play these mini-games (Farmville etc.) through my account and I hope you find a program that some clever mind programmed. Meanwhile there is surely for "everything" can help me.

I did not like her talking to other people over the chat. looked through your account and looked if there is a suitable option?
Did you (that's the usual in forums salutation) schonmal thoroughly the settings