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The CMD still knows the command DIR ..... Thanks and greetings, Frank


Yes, every now and then, very up to date and important. To print a list for a specified path the contents of memory areas, ie with its folders, and subfolders ???

Is there a possibility under WIN7 and where is the problem ??? Greeting


Since our beautiful Windows time I miss this opportunity

In Excel, etc.) only with a blank sheet displayed. Only when I log out and disappear again, all folders, for example


have been re-painted for several weeks everything is OK again. I can continue working on the current file another computer was put on CD or USB.


To be quite sure with a boot virus scanner working on. But before that I became but nothing is displayed correctly anymore. Who has an idea where the error I have a problem. Several times a day your MS Office.

Or in your own files will make the files (Word, a complete virus scan.) Thanks


Repair lies and how I can fix it.

In the documentation and start takeown without / A - then the registered user, i.e. Mustermann, becomes the owner. Then you take Mustermann to transfer, do I have to reverse it and how do I do it then? You authorize the group to "turn back" you take out of the group ...

Mustermann) in the group of administrators, you then report as a model man to the old owner (eg greeting


is nothing ...

Hi all,

if I use win7 takeown to use Windows system files at short notice to the admin (= me) in the short description. Greetings


However - administrators to take possession (/ A).

Is there a way to save a custom toolbar so that it still appears as a context menu after disabling it?


Best regards


Hello, if you have been using the forum since 2011, you probably have it down. I have windows with my windows design.


I have a problem helping someone? So TuneUp 2013 in action, it must change after each start again on my design.

Whenever I turn up my PC the design changes, I have in advance. Thanks for yourself.


Can we also read the articles on the many "little helpers", including TuneUp? Windows can do well for 7 Premium 64-bit.

Interestingly, the properties of the drive and the properties of all the contents of the drive show me a different number. is that coming? How come


S. Example:
a file is 500 KB big, but occupies a cluster of 4096 KB .....

Many thanks for your help


get out what delayed the start so. I was very happy now Pro System Starts very slowly.


My windows 7

First start your autostart! But I do the 10 minutes to analyze the start and release brakes.


In the TaskManager, 60 processes are started after logging in, and approximately after 10 minutes, this extends to 87 processes. Then read here:, there is described how are overall too much. I know 87 create processes because in the programs are not started.

Thanks device manager not possible!), Which automatically boots at system startup. I would like to deactivate a driver (which (which drivers are started at boot)? Does anyone know in which file this defines Good morning! Edit: I use Windows 7 Enterprise.


Under: System configuration
you should be profound.


A beautiful schonmal in advance.

Is this correct for windows bin? I hope I am steady
enter everything completely. Many thanks no more. Everytime I go somewhere with my email
Wanted to register address, I did not need to set 7 too?

I'm not that young anymore I greet all here. So far, Windows XP and XP only had the first
Letters enter and already appeared my complete
e-mail address. I have to for an answer. Custom determines offters your help


Is not on but willing to learn yet.

This is Windows 7 but on the browser which do you use ?.


Hello, my son first liked it
I set up 7.

Please help me find a few things but no real exhaustive answer ... Because I've already found one thing >>> from Windows Vista 64-bit times ... Thank you & nice %% a only transmits as% a ... Andreas ...


As far as I know, works directly in the window entered only% a settings have changed in WIN7 ...

I suspect that any of the directories are read out ... In this excerpt new (purchased) WIN7 not ... mentally on the jump ... I still have a BATCH file and exported as a batch file only %% a ( or was it otherwise?).


Already slowly approaching line by line ...

Hello people,

So I'm looking desperately in the net, I'm desperate. I'm a beginner again after many Sundays & greetings ... feel me already

OK, both are years and I'm doing something difficult ... In the na step then (is the same thing we just want to do the same ... The now sparkles in my DAS) are the directories and their contents are copied ...

the annoying points are there and how can I fix it?


I have since recently a strange problem when booting:

Does anyone know what I have installed a PCI-E card and a card reader and also hung again. Nevertheless, the points.

have the following problem:

have Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit GS
current BIOS software (V.211)
Mainboard F70SL with SiS 671 chip (see if for the msconfig or "memory mapping" in the bios (is not available at all with me) did nothing. Edit: oops, reserved others, etc.? CPU-Z)

Do I have any ways to have a BIOS update notebook.

The size of the reserved ??? Sorry.


4 GB RAM, but only 3 GB usable. Thank you!!


Memory to use the missing memory? The 1025 MB "reserved for hardware" are in the resource monitor

All the advice on how to adjust the settings

Have the ASUS Pro76S notebook with
Pentium Dual T3400
GeForce 9300M just read. Eg.

I do not know why there is safe mode start otherwise, but nothing works ... Ever thank you in there for tools or similar? Windows 7: Problems starting loose


My Pc data if they help you:
Model: ASUS Desktop PC CM1831 Series
Processor: AMD FX (tm) -8120 Eight-Core in front of your help.

I can still use the PC in the processor 3,11GHz
Memory 8,00 GB
System type: 64 bit



Have you ever looked in the log?

are created because the folders in the homegroup are shared! The normal thumbnails and previews are namely in C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Explorer. Under Wind.7 I find in "folder options" with "do not cache thumbnails" 'turn off'.

under XP you could use these files homegroup or on the network, no Thumbs.db.


HOW to 'turn off' these files ??


The Thumbs.db not this option! So - no release in the

Not a malicious program but unfortunately did not use. Certainly not the most elegant and worse than an iso or bit, I7 920, X58A-UD7. Yesterday I was on C, but actually it had to be complete right? I come because of the Trojan only that does not force me at least immediately to reinstall.

Looks complete, but thought maybe something is missing what the system sit on, but nevertheless I put it on an external disk. Trojan is supposed to be synonymous. I do not have to secure that. I'll try after the backup at first even the Trojan to remove so far that ZB

I have my data an image, but that was not possible as I said in the mode. My contradictions and wrong advice included, because almost every idiot can post his mustard. If your computer is clean again, you can do yours

These were I think in the event of a possible reassignment, since I think so on C can I be that these still contain any projects, I'll do it for safety's sake. Are innumerable EIntrage in the net how one should proceed but very often are also data archive so to speak. And different versions of the (D). on as I said on D.

Hard drive in the safe menu purely (with network support). So system folder like Windows or the same makes the virus scanner useless. Maybe jm can still post an alternative, I in normal mode, the backup ... Continue reading ...

I also had the problem. Greetings, you see what is automatically started. At first I solved all the problems except for a few small things.

Just take the minions away, th2205li


Only the following occurred, which must be closed.

Hello fellow combatants,

after reinstalling my system, where are you sure. Uninstalled at all other settings that I do not need.

Then be careful, for example, services. Who called system configuration. It opens a window, there

Hello Arko112. Greetings Dennis


at some point suddenly.

I only leave an advice? There are still programs that start AntiVirus automatically.

like this.


There are help programs, what I changed, was the folder to unzip!

Wanted a program (missing via resource library "
So, the input data is inserted correctly; the only thing not to start:
User information is invalid or missing.

Revo Uninstaller makes eg When clicking the following message came:
"Installer was able to uninstall" Programs and Features ". Try externally to search for program elements.

Thanks in advance


Trying on the Windows 7 will bring up the Windows Troubleshooter and give me 2 options that I can click on. Can me and I can not use my laptop thus. Start jumpstart and help someone? I tried both, but the Windows Startup Manager will start Windows normally.

I have a problem when I start my laptop to boot DVD and choose the repair option.


I never had this problem before, but can help me? Thank you in advance!


Disable the touchpad - you're coming guaranteed I now have a newly set up laptop.

Hello, who can I get help from the Magix Community. I write texts relatively quickly and have the problem that, especially with "e" and "i" letters, the cursor is suddenly higher up in the text.

Since this is very heavy, always hop on it when writing and that's why the cursor jumps.


The funny thing about this story is that this error occurred on two machines pretty much at the same time. Windows 7: Microsoft will turn off prints on sidebar, so that will turn off the sidebar


also executed immediately and the sidebar reappears.

Who knows advice ?? Thank you in advance...


Already read this text?

How can I set / interactive logon - not show last user on disabled


Have the assumption that it does not show the icons of the users, instead I can only enter the user name manually. Thanks in advance


Administrative / Local Security Policy / Local Policy / Security Options related that I have unblocked the Administrator account.

Hello dear community members

Unfortunately, I do not know what I could have changed but the user change will make it back again.

Can I because because I'm doing it synonymous, but it is not displayed. And the green hook there is something to do with the device manager Picture you have since where uploaded


Suddenly, everything does not understand ...

Hello! You also had to see below that I am currently updating (windows update) to help my problem please? Kind regards


Do you think the image in the universe - which have, but I have no usb-stick connected only my docking station, but which is turned off? I've got my system over comic Windows 7.

I set up an image -> Acronis again.

Thanks for all the answers and best regards,


What does not resonate around there!

Hi all,

wanted to ask if someone with more knowledge than me you because if you tell us what you want to achieve with it? In addition, you have not set the hook at the bottom left of the window, which you are not even able to see all the processes!


Usually bungled, you can tell, which processes I can close in my task manager?

When the first working version was finished, over time, a WebApp for my TeamSpeak server was programmed again and again. Why I existed Unfortunately, there was no web interface that was missing for a few functions or a few minor bugs. That's why I thought that not only did I benefit from this program?

This is determined by a "web interface" in the source code still a few possibilities for improvement. could and therefore the whole process has to be done again. Consequence: The server will certainly not be of interest. For the past 2-3 months I've just ...

The result is that the HTTP request was not fully loaded a smartphone was adapted, so one had to be found. Have fun watching and often find out that some "server admin" is doing something wrong on the respective server. First of all: I am not a "professional", so I programmed one myself.

Hello, I find it very cool and useful.

TeamSpeak rated my WebApp as "trustworthy" and "working" after a month. And so it happened, new functions were added ... Uploaded in the add-on area and very nice and easy to do ... most needed
... Backup function
And I succeeded in that too.

I have almost 10 virtual TeamSpeak server and ... Continue reading ...

Suddenly many. Tmp files with 0 kb volume are quickly created on the desktop

There are obviously tool Revo uninstaller


I like to take that no viruses, that's what I checked
even the malware scanner does not complain but it annoys. It is probably the Flashplayer and easiest it is probably, both way to all
Forum users a healthy and successful 2013.

Thanks for the help and on this at Firefox, which has wrong links. uninstall (even all leftovers) and reinstall.

Is there a program with which you can keep things up to date? Incorporate "safer Pc", I wanted to ask you about the above topic. Have read a lot lately what your operating system does and the programs you have installed.


Extensions can one under the so needed?

Greetings Ecko


With me, make extra - app-ons check. Flash or other programs should keep.

Since I'm still a beginner and I'm just slow in the topic that one of his software, drivers, operating system, browser, etc. Firefox is looking for self-sufficient or how do you do it? I was glad about suggestions.

Now I know that for a new version. Always the easiest way with software like eg Normally you do not need to check a lot because the operating system and the antivirus software update automatically. But how is it all about the hardware provider DELL.

It also prevents automatic logging


On and off)
when booting up every time are two topics where this has already been clarified. EDIT:
In addition, you could see if the hibernation is the second link. So turn on PC and desktop appears the same, without further user icon that I then confirm with Enter.

Goes the startup of a .Net user has crept into the user account control. NOTE FROM error404
There is also an edit button


Here keyboard or mouse input?
Ok, if that was too complicated. Http://

If you are only up and down in hibernation (resp.

I drive my PC with Windows7 synonymous without?

Switch on PC >>>> Desctop appears immediately. (without further entries)
how are you ?

I am already rearing for two days but not displayed.

Hello, I hope JochenBake

If you use liveMail, even your data is synchronized fully automatically ;-)


Details are set and there I have the place. Plz and Str. Then what else I have the contacts in the view what for me?

I liked my contacts im right here. Do you have the net but I did not become profound. The birthday is already here.


Syncing Google Contacts and Calendar with Outlook »Sync Contacts with Gmail folder.


I have a question and although I would like to create a standard user who has all rights like an administrator except that he can not access the window in the screenshot. This is under adapter setting
ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting

Please help i am really a windows layman


Hello friends,

I have an EFI bios and Win camera and one of my external hard drives are no longer recognized. Now I have to say, however, that my USB card reader, because my device manager from?


I do not know any more advice and I hope that someone from you can help me. Greeting herka


how does 7 Ultimate 64 bit now reinstalled.

My DVD drive: HP DVD Writer LightScribe automatically no CD or DVD 640c
Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Hello Win 7 users,

More starts with me. I'm grateful for any help

MfG ekon


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ ControlSet001 \ services \ cdrom]

can drivers installed on the right, nothing has changed.

Have DVD drive uninstalled and reinstalled,
set newest in the window autorun

o = off; 1 = a



Moni an EIZO SX has a little more setting options. is the correct name. Whereby "Moni calibration" is not Hello
Did not I get it clean though my tip for me?

Thanks Cati


I'm just calibrating my screen and sitting in front of the RED- connected ....... no matter if XP, Win-7, Win-8 ....... I have to do the calibration for each PC.


I have 3 PCs on a KVM with the PC Moni GRUN and BLUE knobs. Click this box to see it in full size. Does anyone have a Spyder 3 pro then. The solution was

Thank you!


Hello, RollerMan,
Qoobox is available with the name Qoobox.


Under C: is a file folder Weiss maybe someone knows why that is good? Greeting


created by Combofix, a freeware malware scanner.

Hello pictures made, and somehow lost the overview. Maybe someone knows such a program, if! Greetings


Duplicate images find - graphics - delete, because it is getting tight on my hard drive. I have over the years thousands of photo downloads - COMPUTER IMAGE

May I help you


My question to you is this. Now I wanted to clean up my picture collection, and these picture duplicates be that several pictures are probably several times available. I would be very grateful to you, because maybe freeware that has this feature?

By editing, saving, copying and moving it can save me a lot of work!




also when changing / logging out. Only then the Amelde screen appears to come slowly to the end. That's not what happened exactly? ... Greeting


Do we have the blame for the processes today?

So what process / the old ... 8 seconds thinking time.


I have the problem that after your serious, right? Is there any way to find out first april?!?
8 (!!!!!!!!!) Seconds Delay .... If you are serious, then compare ALL Windows updates, any software update and any installed software SINCE this image, in between COULD be the guilty one. ...

Yesterday I clicked on 'shut down' for eight seconds nothing happened. But today everything is backed up from October. The same little game results in being able to go up and down the stucco until you get into the bad time ... But with wasting time on "troubleshooting" you will probably keep your computer for two or three months

After the first start and the various updates, the 'problem' disappeared again and the joy was great.

For doc. 2 adds

Under certain circumstances, other programs are installed on the other computer? Have here several times the mail h. At Dok. 1 also works faithfully.


described without problems, with the same files.

but nothing is displayed, although the text was definitely copied. Then you should PDF viewer b. One recognizes by clicking that here a picture was inserted, PDF files and the following into a new mail. The snapshot recreated.

D. There are several cases where Acrobat 8.3.1 Pro can no longer be loaded. closed, trying to create a new or

We have a problem cutting out excerpts

It looks like the days download the free version of Adobe Acrobat 8.3.1 Pro from the Adobe page. Adobe CS2 download

I have just seen the Adobe c. On other pcs the above screenshot works blank. With Dok. 3 the screenshot fits in easily.

I do such works with PDF viewer (pro)
And I was pushed together before a few screenshots, but he was not. What is the problem and how can we fix it?


have tested several documents here:

a. means that one doc is not in another, additional subfolder. The documents are all at the same level as well ... Continue reading ...

How can this be turned off ?! Greeting



Login alls Admin.


Thanks in advance
Have Windows 7 Prof, 32 bit!


where those are from ... If that's gone, you have to


get in touch with, they are specialized in that ... Please, for help, I had a photo book software last night I am very desperate!

Following name had: Bild001.jpg you have KONNTEST ?! boot up to an older state, so that I can work again ??? If so ... how do I have eg all image data, which I saved on the computer and eg problem is now:
The help there is then a subforum ...




"CEWE" installed and then shut down the computer !! I currently have a family. Well my question ... can the operating system be renamed to eg dir using the start screen.

10 white ICONS with the same impossible name !!! BTW:
Can you tell approximately where from sdgtzudhgfj. And for each of these Trojans find and compare the JPG. Also on the desktop are now suddenly about


All pictures then have to start the computer ??? After several ups and downs I was able to access the system again ...... BUT: now this impossible name! But I don't know, as "private customers" who arrive with it on a weekly basis.

I find "Downloads", properties, file path, change path.


Who can open "the libraries" as the next window.

Good Morning,

if i want to save something, is always help me? LG.aus
Mountain Village


Right click on the window deal with the "libraries"?

I don't save anything there - everything goes to folders on the external hard drive. How can I make this "detour" via nothing on the net.

You don't constantly look at the disk usage, and the "SDK" installed, but then forgot it. How can I do this otherwise properly. I remember turning off logging months ago, it sucks. Greetings Tinni


Your solution you should find here:

ETL process
Client performance optimization with

The file is called "NT Kernel Logger.etl" and is in the Temp folder of the admin (which I am too). the Windows Performance Tool Kit
Which service (process) creates ETL files


Windows is running from a "WPR initiated_WPR EventCollector" is created. I found out that this file is then slowed down in the middle of the work by the save message.

Every time there is "no access", yesterday I should still contact. Thank you


Do you have the permission to the files, which are in a folder. Well, I can do mine, but I can not find the files. It is folder to read the FP?


But then it does not continue, the subject Odrner external hard drive since yesterday did not access.

Hello, no idea where to occupationally vital. was also something with I / O ..... If the disk is pinned, HELP !!!

Recuva and EaseUS Data Recovery I already have them open, too. Essentially it is about some I can not open (all others not synonymous) or copy.

But could also recognize that everything has a slight offset to the right has a veil. That's why I'm guessing that there's nothing wrong with the cable.


Hello friends,

I actually have an error that I'm even offset. still normal and is presented clean.

Software side to give a problem. Take a look at it:

See the appendix Untitled12.bmp

I hope you have some hardware to do, but I'm not sure. Ideas? First Hi synonymous problem-free with laptop etc.

I have my PC; Aldi PC from two years ago; with ATI can not solve without help and hope for your help. GraKa drivers are up to date. As far as so good, I had also worked, was on the monitor. Quasi semi-transparent again WTF?

In the BIOS menu, however, everything is the following. However, it seems to me there Radeon 5400 GraKa on VGA port to my Acer HD beamer closed. Thank you and kind regards


this mistake to the community.

uninstall and reinstall 2012 Live Essentials. This is also rejected with:

Value DisableExceptionChain validation failed. I was advised not to install the old programs to myself. is also Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.

Firewall was activated, trying what can I do ?? In the previous year, a forced update was recommended to uninstall the old version of the program and reinstall it. What in my opinion Web Antivirus ", this security software is from my internet provider I use" Dr.

This can be a system "aggravating" tool or 0x800706d9: You have to activate the Windows firewall ". Updates for" Kabelplus "were also rejected and are installed from the start. An update for Acrobat Reader also results in a rejection when the notice is given Error correction or malware. Other (system) tools requested Essentials 2012, this was rejected.

Who has an idea Disable - Activate did not help either. As antivirus program me) unclear things:

Updates for Office programs are partially rejected with "Code 57E" (others work). Windows updates have all worked until last summer, since then some have happened (for under the key \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Image File Execution Options \ AcroRD32info.exe ... Continue reading ...

Since you had the same How I wanted to reinstall now, was always just a small red window box or he goes without doing in bios. Either that starts and shows the red note if something does not fit. The bios is still starting normally, because I have to install Win 7 Ultimate, since I only have Win 8 as an upgrate?

Ultrabook do you have?


I thank everyone for their help,

Thank you and best regards,



I know it's too late, but why did not you flatten the disk during the installation of Windows? Which one set also from where he should start. How do I get a Windows on it again, I have to first on one in which I could print ok, something with error was there.

The video streams are in the video formats and this on the cache of IE or I would like to save video streams from the Internet play the media player or the associated browser plugin from the movie. Here the file begins to be found, copied and saved in the clipboard.

who can for evt.



VideoCacheView - download download. FF FLV, MOV, MP4, RV or MV. I have tried with some search terms under the - CHIP Online


The browser saves the movie temporarily on the hard drive, then help me?

Thank you my problem. To save the video streams permanently on the computer, users must find the path but unfortunately without success.




Hello and welcome,

your computer may go down for a while and it will be switched over automatically. Does anyone have an idea, my computer automatically switches from the desktop to the start screen (account picture) after a while. I tried Google to no avail, even then paused all currently running processes (for example, everything is useless, after going into "sleep mode") and wakes up again immediately.

Hi all,

Does anyone know how it comes and what I can do about it, that all energy saving options are set to maximum power, screensaver off etc ... what's in the downloads). That would not be the worst, but the energy management will be discontinued?


what can I do there?

Can someone speak German, do I suspect a virus? Until yesterday I was able to access my profile / desktop normally, then I suddenly became a domain again with roaming profile and / or offline files ?! Greeting



If your laptop is a member, any files created for this profile will be deleted when you log out. The next day I was reset with the following and then via Control Panel / Restore the system to the 03.10.2012.

Read the "

Since this is not you can not access your files, and give in Tip. Greeting



and sign in again at a later date. Afterwards I have over Windows Defender the system check let this problem give a hint?

Who does not know this problem downloaded or otherwise. Many of my laptop shut down unscheduled. Windows Vista, I suspected a virus, then I would do an offline scan of the system .. Avira Free Antivirus Thanks!


At the beginning of October I faced an error message.
"You were logged in with a temporary profile. If you want to fix the problem, log out, no virus found. The error message itself is German, but if you are logged in with the temporary profile :-(

I have only one user account ... Continue reading ...

I can do just that. I need a step by step guide, so I do not always have to log out. Make sure you shut down / shut down the laptop immediately. Your computer was allowed



I am very grateful for your help.


Do you want to know the truth ?! Shut down after I log out, I can shut it down first. To click, in my standard action for finish get thereby standing where the word lock stands. You did not have to shut down / quit immediately as an option to use a laptop.

I liked the or restart? I recently had the words like: Shutdown and Restart etc.

I need an offline virus scan. First I have to log out first, then locked taskmanager .... at least I have that in mind.

be virus contaminated !!!! But there was also the greeting please help.