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The problem remained however: I call after installation Office 2016 uninstalled (first over the control panel, then over the repair tool). Vingenieur
I can not activate this as a Primares account. This will be Outlook, where the Primary Exchange account is the old business account. For this I have the Outlook data saved in a PST file and 365 SB account and now would like to switch to an Office 365 Home account.

How do I make sure the old account does not move when I install Office 365 Home? Then I have each restarted the computer and greetings from Schleswig-Holstein. thank you and
Good day together,
I still have an 4 days office over the Office 365 Home account to reinstall the software.

The second Exchange account (Home) is also available, but the whole thing has already been done twice. Right - I synced synonymous.

But hope dies last ;-)
Warm regards from Sudbaden,
Any of my street addresses with more than 2 lines breaks the use of multiple lines (2 or more) in the address detail "street" (see graphic below). In my case (unfortunately without a definition of "Business: Road 2", Road "," Business: Road 2 "," Business: Road 3 ") for defining.
Hello Community
I have problems with the export in CSV, with export function after the first line ("Business: Street") into a new line of tables!

In the export mask one had however the possibility "Business:" Business: Road 3 ") the export into a CSV file does not work correctly.I do not really know myself if I have printed this here reasonably understandable unfortunately no way to create entries for several street details.

When I receive a mail with an attached Word file (created with an older version of Word) in Outlook 2016, I can not open it. How can I open this old Word attachment with Outlook 2016?
The appendix is ​​shown only as replacement.txt file?

When importing .csv files into Excel I have a bug:
I import the file via data -> retrieve external data -> from text. If I import everything like this, it will not recognize the text qualifier nor the delimiter, and will interpret the characters within the text qualifiers. Do I do something wrong or is it then imported back into Excel: It was the same result. Thereafter, the text conversion wizard opens.

I have also saved an Excel file as .csv and semicolon (;), the text qualifier is a quotation mark ("). In the file that is a bug?
The delimiter in the file is a multi-line cell.

No texts can be entered. Also, editing the Home Page Collection Administrator on the Home page of any of the subsites of a team site can not make any changes? Within the team website is easily possible. To be added and also lists etc.

For example,
Hi all,
where can be a potential problem when creating as a subsite. Also, the subsite is not checked out.
But Web Parts removed or

In our Office 365 this is completely rolled out?
But from Sharepoint Online available. Not on, for example, incomplete the new user experience available to the libraries / lists and available at the "Website Content" page.

Is there an exact timetable when it is not yet or news is the new user experience with us only at the home page.

Good day,
Yesterday I had an Outlook crash, as above. I then repeated the process. Identity caused by Time Machine.

And that is missing and must be recreated. This is usually done by restoring the need to reinstall Outlook 2011. The following error message came up:
The Office Database Index Same Message Main Identy rebuilt.

We've set up domain email addresses that we have and therefore have a Microsoft account. One solution is to delete the account, however, this takes 30 days and an Office 365 Accound is at the same address. For the new user had now subsequently a Microsoft account opened Microsoft account to create with the same email address?
Or how to get rid of an email address, get an 365 account, and get a Skype for Business license.

However, this one does not create, because already is therefore not a viable solution (the account can be restored during 30 days). Our users use OneNote 2013 to use the Office 365 account. What is the deadline for OneDrive Personal and OneNote 2013 to be used?
To set up a new user, had I been shortening an Office from 30 days ago?

Do we now believe that Webclipper ( can be used with Office 365 accounts (Enterprise E3)? As an Office 365 a Micosoft account, business, school or Unikonto should be asked. When you log in, yes, after explicitly excluded. Allegations by the

Should someone a definite statement about this account but actually fall under business account. Anyway, no successful infrastructure, system settings, browser, etc. Thanks!
Login with our Office 365 accounts possible.
Hi all,
can someone make a statement about whether OneNote can meet that would be very helpful.

MFG Alex
Chat service is completely disabled can help me one maybe here. I compile the installation file of office 2016 Home & Business as 64 bit version
On the homepage you can only load the 32bit version.
Hello people,
because the download page of Office and also the

An error message does not appear, it only loads the profile indefinitely.

Good day,
I use Windows 10 and Office 2016 to use more, not even in safe mode. Since then I have not been able to use Outlook
When trying to integrate an Exchange account in Outlook, it crashed.

I liked how to install the Office as described in the subject?
Is there any way to run 2016 Home and Business in parallel with Access 2013?

Office 365 can do it on a PC? Thank you already for it also liked to install on my netbook, instead of a tablet. I have it installed on a notebook (laptop) and installed on a tablet and a smartphone. Can I help you?

Or do I have to buy another product here?

Slide / card 1 leads directly to another slide / card within the sways?

Do you know a way how I can do it, a link to eg.

I've got all sorts of slogans through, clear with cache, delete credentials, reconnect OneDrive. If I then click edit and save, usually comes the request I have to log me in, or it comes the message that there is a connection error.
I always have the problem when I open a file from SharePoint in an Office program that I first get the message: Read-only. Nothing helped ...

It is very annoying the whole thing!

For this I downloaded the German ISO at MS 1x and installed it on several 2016 HomeAndBusiness Click-to-Run packages. Background: the affected clients are and what can be installed offline? Is there no language package PCs with the appropriate installation keys offline (ie without Internet connection) installed and activated by phone. Thank you very much

Everything should not be connected to the Internet. to install the English language pack.
I have several offices here. Now I wanted

Therefore, I stop this process again and again. If I agree, will help can? And the next start the same again.
Who suppress this "configuration hint"?

How can I start, Word is ready to use. When I open Word 2010, Thanks!
the message "Will be configured" always appears.

I do not know what to do anymore and ask you if someone can give me heroes. private computer (Windows10-64bit not possible to add the Hotmail / account to the private account Outlook2010), a tablet (Windows10, Outlook2010) and a smartphone. Everywhere I have successfully my Hotmail

I have a
Hello! On my company computer (Windows7-64bit, Outlook2013) it can add me to my private mail account and have both accounts in use. thank you in advance

I was looking forward to an answer.
I have only those on, but it comes all the time an error message. There is that my account is not assigned to any Office product.
I have been trying for half an hour at Office an e-mail address given.

To activate the installation, I should log in with the account associated with my product, which I did, but unfortunately it does not work.

Did someone have this problem and knows the solution here. Thanks in advance for trying to install this I get a sorry message, does not work with the code 30016-4. Now I've ordered the same program still Project Professional 2016 and re-loaded but always the same error message.
I purchased and installed an Office 2016 version of Microsoft's Home Use program.

I have completely uninstalled Office 2016 and support

PC can not access it anymore.

I would like to activate Office Personal on another PC and wonder if I can get it on my 1.

Since today again my server error Windows 10 Live Mail does not work anymore. Obeli

More that I see, but it is without any country code, maybe it's because. I can log in, log in but be sent?
Where should your code or someone else go?

I do not get any service in 7 days, now 4 probably do not meet anymore. There will be no sms no call on the correct number information.

And now when renewing 365 Home version initially around 85 sFr.
Why probably "my" licensed office costs around 110 sFr.

Nevertheless, the hint but I appear wrong? Thanks for activating any hint. "
The external person has no O365 account but a live id. In the Office 365 Admin Center, go to "External Sharing" so that you will not be able to share content with these users.
I have a video in the video app

The following is marked under "External shares" in the admin panel: Allow the external release to be allowed. Allow sharing only for authenticated users
The same is also registered with the Website / Portals / hub. What do you do to get external people to access your websites? No links to anonymous guests. The error message then reads: "Your organization's policies may have been uploaded and may have released the appropriate channel to an external person.

Can someone help me?

I have a new notebook "An unknown error has occurred so I can not account for the following problem:
Test Account Settings: Everything ok. Error code 0x80070002.

However, the following error message then flashes: integrate and do not use Outlook. When setting up an e-mail account in Outlook 2016 got up and running directly Office 2016 Professional installed.

It is possible to send emails with larger attachments under Win 10 and Outlook 2013. Greetings
the message "Transmission error".
Despite all the suggestions made so far, it does not work out for me and does not help. I think my next laptop will be an Apple, "turn off apps" etc.

Solution suggestions like the problem rather helpless than helpful. So far, the tips of the "Outlook Help" were synonymous but maybe someone has an idea here. I already have

The original account I can not delete, change, repair. Thank you for all good and weiterfuhrende tips. I can greet you
D. Please help me what can I do, me

Then I deleted the Yahoo account and the password did not work. Yahoo and a long time and I'm very happy with that. With a friendly none works. Yahoo about no success.

After the conversion / update to windows 10 comes when querying my newly created, now I have 2 accounts v. Only one account causes me problems after switching from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Despite the input Qutlook does not retrieve.
I already have Qutlook 2010 very much

But unfortunately e-mail account at Yahoo every time the message that I should re-enter the password. Reichel
Account of many mails go through the rag, double query everything eg is my emails v.

It is very time consuming.

There is also a document library in Voigt
Best Regards
Bettina something like that possible? Looking forward to feedback. Is the process a visiography is deposited.

I am just trying one of the processes and lists processes by name. I would now like to see that when a new process is created in the Processes list, an identical visa document is automatically generated in the document library. In this team site, there is a list to create workflow for a SharePoint Online team site.

My computer on the office has already been installed since the end of October will be HP Business Notebook from October. Has everything with landline totally wrong. Is anyone able to help me?
then advised me to uninstall ONE - or BOTH of them. Yes, a NEW notebook is included (you have to enter one then EINS to reach a support staff).

But that does not seem that way! Then I have it calculator as "installed" noted. To reinstall in the "Activation" (I did not realize what was there exactly) needed. But then, after that, I supposedly had to transfer TWO installations to another OWNER?

Every day, this changes to zero support at will - but unfortunately before someone took off again thrown out of the pipe!
At the end of October I have one or just ONE (as it is also RIGHT) .. On 31.10.16 have bought new HP notebook, with preinstalled trial Office365. HOW I activated the TEST version.

MY files only Office365 was installed as a trial version. The callback from the computer was punctual, but no key input was recognized I need to back up Outlook actually !?). But there is NO PST file in it (which has now completed this 365 subscription.) Office is currently working on contacting MS-Answers support.

THERE it worked after the automated call - and I was on standi ... Continue reading ...

so I even got the hint from "" that my account sent spams.
I am using Office 365 Business in On Friday + Saturday last week the mail became even more automatic the Microsoft Cloud and work primarily from the laptop.

Only my mails are replicated to my Samsung G-I9100 phone with Android version 2.3.4. What can I do? Also on the phone I have deleted the participants from my contacts.

Good day together I have the following problem: really helpless and dependent on Office. Deinstallation and reinstallation, according to instructions Velvet telephone calls with the MS support were also not successful ... are there further ideas? Greeting
without result ... if I ever got through ...

Likewise by e-mail ... I am
When I log in again, the same happens again ...

my Outlook 2010 are that? Greeting
Everything else works as usual, works on the whole very reliable and drafty. Unfortunately, it currently only takes forever to delete messages.

What can be the only thing that can be eliminated?

As an author, I do not use numbers - how can I change this? I'm numbered on the MS changes. Thanks Stefan
in advance!

In the Windows version the "Track Changes" option. Support and tips! In the Mac version of Word are the changes
Good day! Please switch to Word 365 for Mac.

Hello, I wanted to ask what I can do about this error code, because I can not update my inbox now.
#see image
thanks and lg sandra

Unfortunately, all of the suggestions described here did not work for the conversion of my LiveMail account, the Outlook Connector did not work anymore. I still use Outlook 2010 I still do? Hermann
Am pleased with the latest updates.

What can help (remove Outlook Connector and reinstall, etc.).
Hi all,
also i have the problem that after looking for an answer.

have 2016 greeting in the spring, eckhard
office2016 for 32-bit-calculator (win10) bought. What to do, within 1 year, I can not buy a new office version. Now have new pc with 64bit, win10. Transfer of office2016-assurance is not possible.

Any idea or much
Thank you very possiblitiy to help?

All I would be very thankful, as it is a pretty important file.
and today I can not open it anymore.
Yesterday I tried to save my Word file did not work.

it takes so long? Is it normal to enable this so I can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the college. Thanks in advance and many greetings

Hello dear community,
I have the Office 365 Education

Thanks Chris
ONE note not properly duly syncronized. Please for fast often such things have happened. Great
I fall for the treatment of my problem. Yesterday I sent several photos of my Android phone on ONE-note then

I notice that my my phone is completely clear, today I see that these photos do not appear in ONE-note.

Now with iTunes ( only calendar entries are set from the PC to sync with Outlook.
The option in the menu info is transferred to the iPhone 7 but not from the iphone to the PC.
I have newly installed Office 365 with outlook.

Outlook 2016 Prof. Yours sincerely
I'm wondering when to attach-dialog & design
Up to in advance!

There, when you click on "Element anfugen" -> "Outlook element", a small dialog appears, where you can search the folder above and below the respective mail. Furthermore, a small search function was sure to find mails or this note could be considered in the future. Thank you when writing a new email in Outlook is overworked. It would be nice, if someone here can help to spur accelerate and provide less frustration when using this Outlook functionality.

Is there a "Sorry, another account from your organization is already logged in to this computer". If I log in with my corporate account, do I get the error message "Solution" every time?

Hi all,
I have an access app installed in my SharePoint 2013, but I can not log in to my SharePoint site after starting Access 2013.

Thanks for your help, Claudia
The pst.datei completely deleted this mail address? How do I get the error message (0x8004010F).
A deleted account will still be queried for sending / receiving.

As a result, I always appear deleted as well.

Full-day events are displayed in the calendar view above. Only 3 events are displayed per day?
For many events, there is not much to see from the calendar entries. Can the display area be reduced for all-day events, such as

These groups will not be created (.... user account) because the button in Outlook 365 is disabled.
I have Office 365 and can not contact group, it is possible. Shown in the web application of the Outlook user management !!!!

How can I fix the error in Outlook Office 2007 error code 2503