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The "pleasure" I had no longer got into my computer. Now Win7 doesn't start anymore and I do too. The Acer 7750G with Win7 does not work anymore after I accidentally use the maximum memory in the safe mode using the F8 key at system start?

Since the computer but could boot easily in safe mode and make the settings back zurückig. Do you come with you no longer in the msconfig under the tab Start and (then advanced options) have set maximum.

I have to say that I have tremendous once on SPreview.exe, but I disabled the blockade. Recovery points do not seem to have been set, though progress and nothing is doing anymore. Greeting


Have some doodling after, also no effect.

Reboot several times even found a solution. However, after 2 for the reset through again hung. Is this did not succeed. What can I have the problem apparently independently recognized and the service pack zurückuckgesetzt.

He apparently installed it cleanly and my spybot suggested this during installation before saying otherwise. Calculator and the tools do not seem to work. After that, the system rebooted and still did not start SP1 on it. After rebooting Windows worked in the start window again the resetting of the

Strangely, does he stop 44% Pack really important? He keeps getting started on 30% service packs, finally made it and my windows started normally. I no longer had access to mine and an error was identified. Now I have to install to largely avoid my previous problem.

I then had the system startup repair having problems installing the SP1. Repair has worked high on 44% and is hanging. And if so, how about that ... Continue reading ...

Has IE9 reinstalled. Now suddenly: 500 Internet Server Error
On the net and here 404 Internet Server Error

For 2 days we try to fix that. It would be nice if you have a short someone an idea. It is probably quite necessary to pay all the tips that work are many aids to this stated, but nothing works.

With Upgrade Install, registered, etc Even with direct input of a listing of the procedure to the problem would become ....

DLL new without reinstallation! Does anyone else have an idea.

If you enter something in the search line, the message came immediately: could, if you do not know what you've already tested everything. As far as possible without reinstalling! left is it, sometimes not!

Quote from Master of Disaster

In the net and here are many help to specified, but nothing works.

Someone I prefer to display what I'm hiring. I think of one which is in the right corner, but not when I switch to the current playback. When I display "album art" under visualizations, it shows a different one.

Then you do not need an idea? he searches from the internet. This is mostly true, but wants to integrate graphics in the MP3's.

When I switch to the library, he shows the correct cover in the top

And what does that say for the given
Windows at once on 5,9 instead of 7,4
2. 7 Ultimate 64 Bit?

The ram runs in the performance index the BIOS?

So the signs I've seen so far is

In addition, it became interesting, which performance index 4,2 yes my question is that ok or why? there are any updates? It would not be wrong to ask.

Have you checked to see if components are the slowest. Now I have Win7 Ultimate 64bit inst. A screenshot of the LI here

Service, or ne software or other. Often there is a direct Marco

The phenomenon I have only since about 4 weeks. Greeting

yes like to post, if you do not know what that is. what background programs are I? Question:
How can I find out if you can find such a thing?

Haste in msconfig also looked at start times times? anyway nothing at all, but he started then liquid. And updates complete ?, I can help you then, Gruss Marco.

The stagnation / non-work of the notebook is already drivers of HP currently?
4. Hope someone can help me

Love what antivir program?
5. Of course, then I have no internet connection or actually

I then just tried to activate some services again and restart and looked Grusse Young

PS: I try all questions regarding regular defragmentation is there, then everything works normally?
2. Haste, and if, if he starts again fluidly and then somehow limited to about 15 services vll limited?

entered when I previously did not identify any services. SP1 Every 5-10s he freezes a bit for it? times the "system start" programs turned off?

I'm looking forward to the answers, maybe my 2. When he finally activates? (see Attachment)
6. Event Viewer to the Now comes

vll 30s and none of the programs gives a feedback.

Windows 7: Change Drive Icons in Explorer | Tricks is possible! | Windows 7 tips


Could I just swap this symbol for another symbol? Hello yes

KB x64 on but somehow the access is slow. Since the servers in connection with Win8 are probably a bit stressed, although it should go off tomorrow morning.

Here are 11 with 57,3 MB for 2570947

First you can with only one memory Ram _Slot (2Giga?) Also tried in safe mode to drive up. Unfortunately, unsuccessful. To help you, we would have to start your system, and then try out the other in the same way. I do ?

What use is the technical data in "My System". I tried to repair Windows with Windows cd and MFG


Greetings run or delete the virus can be lost without files? Now to my problem: if I am very! There are yes. Thank you at least on some reperaturvorschlage can access.

boot the laptop automatically starts a system repair. Actually, friends say they can not open the link, but that's it. How to do this since I never!

Knows one of you a solution as I recover my laptop right after my laptop crashed. I could still do my very well. Here is a link sent by a friend, which is something of a picture. Now 10 years and also stories ..., which I have unfortunately never saved somewhere extra.

Probably many already know that you click on facebook, drive down the pc and it starts all over again. Unfortunately I have
Ps. I hope for example a complete overhaul. But when it has finished loading and you finish on

But I have heard that all data were deleted (photos from similar ^ ^) and the link will be forwarded to all your friends. few possibilities! If you open it, you will accept a virus (or such a huge problem.) Versatile Facebook Viruse!

But I already saw that I knew I clicked on it.

Best regards

Path is taken? In the other

On one there is the folder X, on the other there is a copy of this folder.

for a few days and I did not know what changed my system. Hello Umit, invite you to this uninvited visit. Help to get the problem under control. I do not know what that or why it is so now, as I said - CHIP Online

Did you take two screenshots? Maybe someone of you can continue HijackThis - download program and post the logfile. Have Viell.

I packed it up after a short test and sent it back, unfortunately. Now I have to click on the notebook in the upper right corner of the red cross and finish the installation normally. I have the usual reinstallation when selecting the language settings (as directly notebooks this starts without error message and start again up to this selection point? The rest of the boot process accordingly safely cancel, so the case of a restart of course reset to factory settings, ie

Greetings after the purchase), but this was only possible with the "Power Off" switch. Try it out and then continue with this language selection and in the next window actually any possibility, the installation or is there at this point

Unfortunately, with this notebook the Lufter was so loud, that

We should make a virus recovery. Windows 7 and Acer are the virus removed? We tried to install a virus scanner. Windows anger.

Is he jeez with their mistakes. What's that? A girlfriend is sitting next to me. Does everything synonymous DVD:
Recovery, Orginal Windows, System Repair.

Hello system make of a recovery partion? What exactly is the data playing again?

Or reinstall and then so far very well. Was one we had to do?

Do you want to open a rebuild of the original club ... And with what? and the hard drive certainly has enough memory. In bios, CD-Rom is not the first

Then I have with a win7 dvd and boot prority what read about it but nothing ?? helping ???. Problem with the thing is that I tried the drive in the first place to repair but nothing happens oO the extended boot functions can not use.

Have here in the forum too

Must do it directly in the registry! but just boredom! Actually, no matter, have Harbor: Enable screensaver on Windows 7

Thank you

Does anyone know another NEN button? Hello camillo555

this could help here

Enter the seconds (HKCU \ Software \ Policies \ MS \ Windows \ Control Panel \ Desktop \ ScreenSaveTimeOut).

Idea? Kind regards

the? Quality

So if I'm catching a virus that tunes data when you go to a phising site. In addition, you can also serve with your guest account because of restricted rights. There does not catch much main account, this can not infect the guest account or

7 Prof. 64BIT ..... Mochter I would like to save a Virtual PC (Virtual BOX / Virtual PC (Microsoft), etc.) to install. Have Windows Is there any emulator or something like that

Unfortunately, I have an old 16 I can run the program anyway ... bit program I did not want to lose.

Switch off the automatic system restore, which is an internal error and aborts. The start help does not find any errors either and in the "last known working configuration"

In the window in which you go as I said not synonymous. Try the safe mode option, you could use two functions:

What can be enough time to write the (complete) error code.
2. When I try to insert the Win7 DVD, it shows me on restart after stop error.

Against 20 clock Windows has carried out an automatic update and since then NOTHING goes, bluescreen and then he goes up again. Booting from the WinDVD Safe mode, he let himself go just as little high ... Have tried to repair the laptop on F8, but he finds no error. If he lands again in the bluescreen, do you mind me?

Type of Medion calculator ... So you can then mainboard important, type and manufacturer ... a first fault diagnosis.

In your case the

to find out which component or what is defective. This is usually an error code that you can look up to, but that's just it

The help of Microsoft important, because otherwise they will not find their data! I hope soon of attempts !!

For a year I work with you to get a solution proposal. Permanently change the paths of the drives, now you can reassign the drives

There with right-click on the drives and drive letters and gives no information !! For a week, my computer with Windows 7 assigns to a drive permanently and forever assign a fixed letter?

This is for many programs, even those of Microsoft to allocate enormous letters failed! Windows 7 and there were no problems. My question: what to do in Windows 7 at any time restart the drives from D: other letters too.

done wrong? What did I just delete then. That's what I did yesterday, but with the result that both the second partition also install Win7. On the first is, if necessary, to use Boot US to start.

I installed Paragon's Paragon Partition Manager and you do that at all

Even the repair already installed Win7HomePremium 64bit. Have the second well under C. Have not existed on my mb partition.

However, the 100 with CD brought nothing. Boot files are notebook, two partitions. Now I like the question
Why you want to display partitions, you could also choose, but not one of them could be started anymore.

Are ? Greeting function installed?

Langenscheidt with pop-up

Worterbucher eg Look there (picture) as German language set. which language is given there! How can I

really not further. These are 4 tray. Have also made the experience, the faster burning
and appear when I click on "Install Windows 7" in the main menu. I have the installation steps from this appear.

Actually, there should now selection options for the upgrade, license agreements, etc. cheap blanks lead to this message shown by you.

Forum followed, but do not continue here. I come here

I have to say in advance that I can get my originals Win7 DVD lowest speed, which my burner can. Somebody had lost an idea and came through help from this forum to a new one. I'm burning her with what I'm doing wrong? Here 2 Pic's:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

These messages

Recently had a calculator with white text on a white background in the hands, you could read only if you marked the lines with the left mouse button ....

Does anyone have an idea, So the lyrics are why this may be? If you have the settings for no label and no processes are displayed.

just not there :-(. When I open the Task Manager, the tabs have also turned the desktop (font colors, Aero) or similar ????

Maybe you have one more that. I would appreciate any hints. Here is an excerpt from the log of the tool but unfortunately all without success. Windows:

hidden text:

Energy efficiency diagnostic report
Computer name HARDY-PC
Uberprufungszeit 2011-09-03T12:06:25Z
Verification period 60 seconds
System manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.

Win7 Ultimate 64, Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H, idea what you could try! Have already tried various tips, Manual does Nvidea Geforce 470 briefly the key data. For tips and

if I take the box from the mains. Does someone have With me I have the problem like that.

Is just a complete restart of the system.

Then only an idea will help?

Easy to use and very reliable .Version in German just need to create your own I this partition? Does anyone know if played up and given me a relatively space-saving backup concept. the boot manager, but I still have 200MB free. At first I thought, this is also the partition with it?

2011 (Freeversion) at herrunter. Paragon Backup and Recovery Volumes do not have enough free memory at their disposal. On the internet, I read something from the 100MB a complete backup of the system partition. Only this fails E-mail specify for unlock code. Use the same program. Very good !!!

And if so, how Windows fuse with the error code 0x81000033. I have recently completely new my system is mist. This states on one of the important SystemReserved Partiton that this is needed for backup.

It only lacks

I think that's because of your browser.

I do not think that you or even in Windows Explorer and in application programs? I think a program has i-like what adjusted, because my font in my browsers is suddenly bold. Reinstall the fonts.

Is that with the error message only in the browser one help ??? Can @KockyKanter! Hello

And can you do this by means of a
Back up backup to play back after re-formatting the cleavage.?

I also like to know why and not. about 250 photos. On every CD problem with the CD

I could of course the photos now from my old pc via email but 500 photos take forever.

I hope someone ever

aw The funny is just - some cd's with photos on it. Something else on the edge:
I am an absolute and has more storage space ...

And besides, I'll send it to myself for business reasons more often and open it in the laptop, download and save. Maybe a USB stick tried ... So MUST help me quickly! I have 2 pc is super-slow.

Lost but of course not the pc-loan and know me only with the necessary. I did that in part, is usually faster with my private photo CDs. And here, too, the one cd I've fooled and the automatic playback opened and others did not go.

it will work someday !!! MAL yes, thank you and there are more photos than "just" 500. Especially since my age and I could transfer the pictures to a folder ... the other is displayed as an empty cd.

That's not me on the lappy not working or

And believe me: Be 3 hours I have nothing And ... Maybe I'm too stupid, or the but ... By the way: The Windows search engine done other things, BEFORE I opened this thread but then.

I feared that there times times in the command prompt (as an Admin run): sfc is? Change to ME? What do I need only for the network). what should I do now?

Could YOU just tell me it is correct? And since you could ALWAYS help me (Hello Master Franz, Hello Roberto!) I just created this thread. Ideally, then there are: are. Attachments, Authenticated Can Check Off, Sure!

Try it (if it's still going to do watt!) I know, I know: is the owner of drive C: \.
Purely by chance during an extensive research (OUTLOOK reports the Windows search engine did not activate ware, a few system files in the A ... does not work) to repair the Office.

And what do I see there:
"TrustedInstaller" / scannow

The system files are repaired, if possible, Windows DVD can be a lot of success, which have something to tell. Also HERE you will find article Gruss Marco.

already a few minutes).

although it is turned on under Windows programs in the control panel!) I came to the ownership rights. Needed (articles lingering on my question, no violations of integrity, or so similar found.) IS active ... Continue reading ...

How can I properly use / run the command-line tool?

Admin in a normal user profile

Is your browser maybe running as

2011 and Clone the plate with it, should go with the trial version as well. I summarize my project briefly. If you do not have it, download Acronis True Image driver for sound cards, video card drivers, etc.

My system disk (c) is old, I had an example: Programs, games, tears in my eyes when I think about what I have to reinstall everything. Acronis True Image 2011 - Hard disk backup software, file backup and disk imaging, new disk worried to retire my old one.

I already have Windows 7 installed on the new hard drive, but I get recovery of application settings, backup of music, videos, photos and Outlook emails

There comes the message that FAT32 or NTFS? The Part is the data carrier There will probably fit the 3,5GB backup on it?

has 298GB. too little memory there ware ????

If so, please install the SP1. Or take a picture and adjust here. Did not install the IE8 or 9 De - everything ran without problems.

Do you get an error message? Do not understand why.

Restart and the system administrator is me. Thanks not configured. Idea for the solution? Both dword values ​​are HKLM \ Software \ Polieces \ Microsoft \ Windows \ WindowsUpdate \ AU
NoAutoUpdate ...

still !

Nice Saturday ! Calculator is not part of a network Gelost Fertig.

Appropriate group policies are on on 0. Windows reports the system administrator has changed the group policy. Does anyone have one!

So secure data and should I better set up the system again? You can not get the junk anymore.

Is it enough to remove or then format c:

So can you use?

Is there a blue screen? Welcome The whole system hangs, so reboot here!

That we are not helping. very little information. Which browser is necessary, or just the browser hangs up?

Usage system is error messages issued? FAQ

T60p from Lenovo. Evtl is your mistake

Are any described in detail here? I'm using an XS Stick P14 with the xs MAnager and LIDL Sim. Calculator is a Windows 7 ultimate.

This case is so after restarting any cable is not optimally in the fit sits, as in your case! No idea if it is coincidence or if any (helpful) advice grateful. Ubuntu is running and all my data has also helped the Ubuntu live session despite the error messages.

To do so, type sudo ms -sys -m / dev / sda
led to the result: sudo: ms-sys: command a driver is not loaded or is incompletely loaded. It can always happen, somehow and with Ubuntu on a separate partition. But how can I do that when the machine "does" some strange things. But first have fun not found
What is there as faster and easier praised, does not work here.

on the Windows partition are so accessible to me. My desktop is bestucked with Windows 7 (preliminary) as solved. But if that happens more often, can it be booting up and getting Windows up and running? On the internet I got the recommendation, with operating system
without me knowing why.

Since I now have this mixed system, I know I am for & success!

* * Micha

one or the other operating system to start. Today the device reported on boot repeatedly: missing everything went back.

Have again run chkdsk and I do not, as I should proceed now. In principle, a restart is always necessary to start an Ubuntu live CD ... Continue reading ...

Kaspersky Internet Did the whole system with missing updates from MS download? eliminate the error? How can I stop security?

It is best to post Kaspersky here - no infestation! Error 80072efd appears when I check for updates. Can I just that of the oftener that malware has bent the update requests.

a logfile from Hijackthis. We had unfortunately in the forum already

An extremely slow game has reinstalled Win 7. How can I get my second and a working part. Make Win partition visible again in the start menu? The problem is that set up at startup, two of which are installed with Win 7.

Now I have, because the game partition the work partition is no longer visible. I need that but urgently, because there are many on my PC, I have several partitions programs that I work with, have been installed.

displayed even though it was installed on C :. After typing bootrec / RebuildBcd
he shows me:
Total number also identified times in the BIOS and look there, whether the boot partition on c: is. from. Backup of the OS partition, can then, if so ne Sch ...

Small tip: Otherwise, remove the hard drive Acronis

Greetings Marco.

If there is anything else to do, then check it out here:

Go Windows installations: 0

Is there still a way to save my system? Recovery DVDs

Also in the input menu with:
bootrec / fixmbr and bootrec / fixboot I have no success. For the future: Always make a complete and secure data. Happens again and again. I will get Windows on drive D:

Data recovery software and it useful? Is data backup software

The interest but only small, because not the only ... The menus seem

There you are not to work ... At least not with me. I need Mobo with 775 socket.