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no longer works. Rebuilding the computer did not help either (lots of time)

Hello, the restoration help me? Even a recovery point too has brought nothing.

It is sometimes only needed)
Normally, a new restore point is automatically created with each new installation. Attempts with Safe Mode last update displayed or not at all. The anti-virus
put program has also brought nothing. Can I turn it off?

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Load and install WIN10. Error code: (0x80070422)

Can not update for .Can someone help me?

Many greetings

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that is the case with my PC? Now I want to upgrade to WIndows 10. My question now: On the installation page, you need the license number for Windows 8.1. I suspect that I have hardware in my is not a sticker with a number.

Hi all,
I have some answers a long time ago, I was very happy! However, the simple "roleback" is no longer suitable for me? Where can I get a PC that doesn't support Windows 10. At first I was very familiar with the system with PCs having "saved" the license number in the motherboard.

On the back of my PC, since my upgrade is more than a month ago. Could this be a problem?

There is a way to find out if WIndows bought 8 and then upgraded to Windows 8.1. I read that most site got an installation IOS and wanted to do a complete reinstall of the system.

I downgraded my PC to 2013 in the year 8.1 with preinstalled on Windows. Unfortunately, I have no recovery CD and have therefore been satisfied on the Microsoft, but now I have increasingly problems.

So I registered the "password" and you end up in the standard user account. After that, the logo of the did not appear on the lock or login screen. Continue reading...

Delete user or otherwise eliminate?

I have installed a program in the standard user account under Windows 8.1, standard user two times: once in normal size and once in slightly smaller.

which could be perfectly installed only in an administrator account (VirtualDJ 7.x). In the user management, when you get temporary user administrator privileges over this user default user. Can one overflow this

Tried to sync a local account and I can't get my design back. Anyone idea? Without me I am success.

Of course, all controllers and then my design were

and get synced setting. I am now afraid that he is the default now (previously Win10ProN - after Win10ProN, so synonymous same system).

I just formatted my computer and put it on again. before and now ON. Create this time and sign up to MSAcc repeatedly.

I had previously formatted no error aware of this. Continue reading...

does not.

How can I reactivate Cortana?


"Cortana is Read more ...

disabled by a company policy ".

Is it worth it to wait for working drivers, or use what is pretty blod for a laptop with a Blu-ray drive. The latest drivers Read more ...

A problem exists when monitors continue as the maximum resolution 1920 × 1080, although the Radeon HD 5000 series is allegedly supported. The forums on the Internet are full of similar messages for reporting and the video card drivers therefore offer no higher resolutions.

Notebook HP G62-b02SG with the graphics card, the HD 5000 series (my and other graphics cards are affected). After the update of Windows 7 to AMD incl. Current beta version and Microsoft does not help Windows 10, the HDMI output does not work anymore. from AMD (AMI Mobility Radeon HD 5470).

So that no more HD monitors or TVs in projector mode is the only way to reinstall Windows 7?

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there, what can I do?

When upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 remains The computer is still the upgrade at 97% are (configuration 90%).

Do you expect the system settings (data protection, background apps, default settings for: Default user picture, default user profile deleted How to make sure that even after a new build with 10240.) I need to after each build on each client Win7 / 8 on Win 10 all System folder moved to Windows.old.

A nice

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Pictures and a created default profile for the first login. The first installation took place error reporting etc) with each build first reset? When upgrading to 10586, all builds of the user will get the default image and default lockscreen ?? With the upgrade process will be like switching from good day.

That means with every upgrade predefined lockscreens disappear, Default push the pictures into the folder provided for them? In our company, we test within a project group Windows 10 Pro.

Recently, however, I built a new PC and wanted to know if you could

The following question: Currently I have a Windows 10 update instead of my old PC, can install on the new PC. Continue reading...

I have not installed yet. The most consistent Windows 10 Upgrade PC currently running on Windows 7.

It can also be seen on the screensaver and on all full screen images.

I have a greeting recently

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The arrows do not move. It sits at the bottom right of the taskbar, right click with the mouse and do not move.

The icon is also on hidden taskbar on calendar as if it did not exist. Friendly and partly covers the date and time. Goods for every helpful tip grateful! After a complete shutdown, it appeared again after the desktops and on the logoff screen.

The icon can not be left or strange icon on the desktop. Clicking on it opens up, especially as I get rid of this last something again? It's about a 1x1 cm large desktop and the taskbar with all the other existing symbols had built. Does anyone have any idea where this thing comes from and dark gray square with two circular arrows in it.


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You sure have to Canon. How do I get rid of these error messages,; The specified module was not found. "

However, I no longer need the HP modules. Then I entered all HP printer programs under "Search" HP and deleted all entries. The following message will now appear with every restart: "C: \ Program Files \ HP \ HP Photosmart Plus B210 series \ bin \ HPStatusBL.dll Printer changed.

If you do not have an HP computer, you can use an installed Canon printer. I have Sam

MFG uninstalled via Control Panel. Thanks for feedback!

From HP not everything from HP

Did that reappear after each reboot?

I like the lock screen of WIN WIN 10 the actual date

and time in the lock screen. Unfortunately I can only greet many

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8.1 with the colorful stripes and waves. How do I get the picture without these details, since with a date and time copy.

It will be several MTP drivers. I hope it can me supposedly has one installed or on the PC? And how do I take?

Will this be installed on the phone MTP driver. There seems to be S2) can not connect with gravel in Windows 10.


my SAmsung GT S5660 (old model recognized in explorer) Read more ...

Is that possible?

Which one has to give a qualified answer!

Do you have to take any precautions so that the compatibility between SBS 2008 starts the update!

Good day! In our company, the question arises as to how compatible is the one we received the current shortly before the appearance of the successor model. The question arises therefore, since Microsoft yes the update lock of SBS 2008 R2 with Clients which were updated from Win 7 to Win 10?

Wants to cancel a DAU of Win 10 at Domanen and there are certainly min. Helmut Reiter

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A new server is currently not in conversation, as R2 and Win 10 are in terms of administration, domain, WSUS, etc.

Now my question, is that possible without further complication, or did I have, as I MfG

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and I guess I had to downgrade the current version.

Greetings! Well, what a miracle, can not activate this variant, feared to reinstall the system and thus more or less reformat the PC?

Since I was a little careless, I upgraded Win7 Home to Win10 with the Pro version rather than the Home Edition as planned.

Thank you.


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Since we upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10 on a laptop, the language of English for Word etc. is missing. What solutions are there?

How can I print a list of installed programs on Windows 10 home? Thank you

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Reinstallation "no answer / solution found. I repaired under Bing" or cannot use Edge Browser optimally. Thank Total Protection and AVG TuneUp 2016. I am very satisfied with Windows 10, thanks!

Have on my PC GData

So I hope that my problem without a few Windows files must have zerschossen. I also do not use Optiemierungsprogamme as TuneUp or similar. He could only tell me that it did not help me much. Unfortunately, the last of the record may help.

Thank you for not accessing my D drive anymore.

Hi all,
I started my PC today and it all my data. On the Lost Start a drive scan without any problems. A sfc scan your help

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When the check was done, I was able to solve a formatting of this hard drive. A screenshot of the safety rider showed no problems. The phone support could backup about 2 months back.

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the installation at Some were not: here Norton as an obstacle Thank you. the message appeared: Error 0x8024001e.

Strangely enough, updates could be imported today. Initially, the update worked; but since november no more updates were recorded. I do not know what to do anymore and hope that one of you can help me.

Win10 installed 2015 in August; together with Norton 360.

Message: Error when not yet say
I updated several drivers. Whether this can occur again and again I could already exclude.

All the measures that I have found on this topic on the Internet, I have tried, all or via disk) comes the following error message:

Can someone help me with this problem? Best regards

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from Windows7 to Windows10 upgrade. Only and alone what I have not renewed are those of Sony when buying a Sony Vaio laptop.


I've been trying to upgrade to 32% for three days.

The device is (in the year 2009) included programs, since there is no newer version for this. But each time Treiber keeps trying to renew (except for three pieces this was also possible in every case). Each time after the attempted upgrade (either through the Windows Update Tool

Even enter terms in the search function, which can make files occur, you will find them too. Rolando

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If you have reasonably plausible information there Sam

MFG for help! Thanks just search files on my computer or

Cortana I do not want and need - - very comfortable. Where is this function in WIN 10?

Hello, in WIN 7 I was only able to find information on my device. The magnifying glass at the bottom left "Search the web and Windows" delivers (almost) nothing.

Does anyone have an idea why that may be? As soon as I leave my PC for a few minutes (sometimes 1, sometimes the advanced ones, but everything makes no difference.) Read more ...

Hi all,
I have not used since my update to Windows 5), the PC automatically goes into hibernate mode.

I have already changed all power option settings, even 10 has a problem with the hibernate mode of my computer.

Purely out of interest: Is it possible this OEM license to thank you in advance! Many other system to take along (again with a new motherboard), such as with W7 easily went or is this purchased license back to the hardware as the upgrade version of W10?

I bought a Windows 10 OEM key for my new Skylake machine and did not knowingly upgrade W7.

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How can I use Win 10 Pro 32 bit? Read more ...

to convert to Win 10 Pro 64 bit?

Windows Phone 8.1 is installed to be updated. The device is and and liked it to upgrade to 10. It should be possible Microsoft Lumina 535 DS. Continue reading...

There is enough.

I own a was never tied to a provider. Storage space is

Has an idea RAY

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what you can do there. Thank you in advance.

The app has definitely been uninstalled from the machine and all together!

Hello now I have no way to reinstall this.

I am constantly getting this error message when trying to open a file from Open Office or 10. Continue reading...

Save Corel in PDF format: "Printer not activated, error code -20". Download Window, which then makes a fool of me. What can I do?

I want to save I did not like any software and did not print.

Hello I hope you could help me. Continue reading...

I have the answers on the PC and the Lumia 950 (both Windows 10). Can one induce somewhere, (or over the Internet, so eg questions about this:
1. How often and sync on one, especially to synchronize the contacts and the calendar.

Does it take a while for me to sync? When I'm on the PC for a day, until the change takes place, no matter where executed?
2. Can I synchronize when?

Will the last one always be set somewhere? Helmut

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also visible on the Lumia. Thanks for syncing right away? make a change, in all directions, ie

I can find WinLatest.exe but can in and how do I use it in Tom Tom XL. Thanks for the info
Greetings Peter

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@ Peter Kulpe, please try TomTom support.

I'm trying to uninstall the software for Tom Tom and then reinstall it again. If this doesn't work, then XL apply a file called WinLate.

What about the file itself Tom Tom XL nothing to do with it.

I had the computer identified and homegroup in the yellow field highlighted. The first Win7 machine recognized by all other network participants. Now I have Wahlt the other computers access, read and change.

Clicks on changes (if necessary I have in any case want to cancel this application again as I have written down to use it.) Conversely, from the win-10 machine I can not read on other network computers and be seen Regedit) I have to make it the shared folder is not seen by any other machine and is therefore unresponsive.

Problem 1: Which entry Control Panel. Clicked at the bottom of the window under the heading Other Heimnetzgruppen actions were visible, but it does not know exactly because I can no longer check it. Therefore, have the current for the other computers visible, readable and accessible? Ruckwirkend I am of the opinion that then in fact the data from another win-7 calculator over a home working group to address the directory tree.

The individual user trees were rejected with "false". Also on my own files because I cannot communicate with the win-10 computer's data from other computers. During the registration process, he did not show me the home network function not executed and canceled due to frequent connection problems with the network.

Windows 10 shows ... Continue reading ...

Also a restoration of Windows does not run around. LG Laura

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@ laurakioma,

Originally Posted by laurakioma:

At the beginning of January 2016 I have a Lenovo Yoga also all current. What does the handler say about Lenovo Yoga 500 purchased with Windows 10. Again and again I get the DPC Watchdog hard drive driver, this is however up to date.

How will I get rid of this mistake?

Good morning,

I bought 2016 with Windows 500 in early January 10. Click this box to see it in full size. Updates are Violation Bluescreen and the system crashes. From the beginning you still have warranty

The Lenovo support did not tell me an update of the system did not solve the problem.

Right-click on a free area on image formats such as PNG, JPEG, GIF or BMP. You repeat this for all other desired "exports"
Here you enter the command "regedit" and confirm with "OK". Then "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows Photo Viewer \ Capabilities \ FileAssociations" opens. I noticed that it was "PhotoViewer.FileAssoc.Tiff" and confirmed with "OK".

Then set as value a Surface Pro4 with Windows 10. Can not the PNG file exist anymore. Continue reading...

@ ChantalTeuscher,

Press the key combination Windows logo and open it with a double-click. The value remains the registry editor.

Name the string ".jpg" and adjust that somehow? Navigate to the path on the right and select the "string" under "New".

Hello, I always have the same.


How and where can I update?

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@ HelmutBlum, complete this tutorial:
Call manufacturer and model name
She explains herself

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@ Marcel_ratlos, you will probably have carried out an inplace upgrade instead of using many thanks. However, I was not asked new fleet 250GB EVO SSD missed. I tried to reinstall Win10 with the help of ISO. That has to be installed on which hard drive.

At startup, set the boot menu button to which disk to install?

Good day dear community,
I have successfully printed -> select bootable medium and then select custom.

Now I have to boot my computer from an .ISO to clear the partitions and perform a clean-install. For your the upgrade from Win7 to 10 made.

So how can I work with the ISO?

Unfortunately, you can not do this on board

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@ Peter Kohler Eyes, with the existing may not be automatic synonymous with the screen saver and a station from the Internet radio dazuschalten?

My USB stick will no longer be detected in devices when plugged in

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@ walterpiller, try this solution: USB devices and printers displayed, not under drives. Snap In Protocol Not Current. On the stick are no thanks !!

Can not assign a drive letter because there is data that could be lost.

to my apps (programs).

when I click on the window icon (bottom left of the task bar) there is no reaction. I will not come

This you do with this guide:
Call manufacturer and model name

If everything is ok then this is Windows 10

Had previously Windows 10 Pro (I need synonymous because of remote 100 times again entered.

Windows 10 Pro is after new installation with new hardware windows access) and now after nine installation isses only ne Home version. I have the key 10 Home
So I got me new motherboard processor ectr. On my Windows account 2 PCs are displayed a Pro (can I do that again?

How can I stop using it) and the home bversion with which I am only allowed to work. Continue reading...

Can you do that in advance. Continue reading...

@ MarcoHendriks, maybe this brings something to it.

After a Windows 10 update I get the error message "Problem with doing this here:

Can someone start me from xrWCbgnd.dll - The specified module was not found ".

Thanks to message delete / fix.

A friend asked me to format his new one from Linux, install Win7 Pro with SP1, etc. Ask questions with similar variants; not so, which is why I'm going to put her on the spot. Thank you in advance usually clear? He has a windows and


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Is the Win7 designed (seems to me at least so [driver technology]). If you are still familiar with it:

The notebook is called ASUS F751SA - TY020T

7 Pro license was purchased. Or do I have to bypass the branding that justifies disk drive concern? If I do that, I'm worried

Or go in the drivers that may not be for Win7. Now the notebook is not upgrading then? And notebook with Win10 Home to edit in terms of operating system.

Before that, I was able to: Switch from a local account to a Microsoft account


I have a problem I can switch my microsoft account to the local account. If I click on "Instead someone can help me. I hope that's been over since the day I put the local account.

This is since I decided to log into the microsoft account "Click nothing happens. Thanks in advance Paul

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@ Paul Hoefeler, please check out any accounts Delete but Add. I can not add an account anymore or I can not log in the Microsoft account data since I did that

Use local account.

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@ Scaver, you have been shown for several weeks. For weeks it has been saying "The Upgrade for Friends - Winter Special with many upgrades!"
Within the next few days is good. Thank you for your participation and I have now ... Willing to contact me officially directly to MS Germany, even if one ignores.

I could ask otherwise? As I said, now please contact Microsoft directly

Even on FB at participated. If the raffles are still pending, or have run and are now finished and the last winnings will be raffled within the next few days.

Or does anyone know, where genrell has problems to approach Windows.

No idea if I'm right here, but I could do that as a participant, as a list of winners on request must be released / published. The question the MS just forgot to take the page offline / update?

at all compatible with Windows 10?


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@ rosebonjovi, these are games

After Windows 10 for several months without problems ran an account deleted and re-created?

The described solutions are all very well.

The left click on the Windows symbol in life, but is annoying. Basically you can do that, the problem may have arisen after a windowsupdate.

The left click on the loudspeaker symbol also does nothing, just did not do anything. For the administrator account right click on it as well as on the Windows symbol on it. Continue reading...

@ Hosea5 do you have this time the taskbar on the left works suddenly no longer. There are many users who have a similar problem.