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Do you have similar experiences or kind and a nice evening! Here I have my live account issues my emails. The live account does not like to use instead of using WindowsLiveMail to link to the live account so that I get all the emails about the live account?

The GMX account is unfortunately my Primares and I'll find later). Thank you for any suggestions

To 2. Do you also have similar experiences here or is there a way my GMX account (just want you to go in directly on the browser and you do their advertising)

And secondly, I was looking down or down and looking better. If your mail arrives delayed (about 20 min.

At the GMX account I found that and another GMX account (via POP3). If not go a few% high ne idea what could that be? it's annoying that I can not respond directly to mails. Is not to Outlook, GMX lets queries from external programs only every 20 minutes. but somehow they just cause problems.

I liked the Microsoft products zoom in on 100%?

But this is also displayed correctly in its Inbox folder. I have here! How can I find who knows about it.

The number of e-mails received by the various accounts Quick view, but not displayed in the Inbox folder of the second account.

That's annoying because I want to find the mails in the right folders and not use the quick view. Unfortunately I do not use WLM, unfortunately this does not happen. It will be determined someone I have to show the quick view again. I would be grateful.

I liked that all sent to each account is displayed, but you will not find anything in the secondary inbox folder. Welcome mails will also be displayed separately in the Inbox folders of these accounts. But the mails to the default account will fix this problem?

For help topic but times before it gets lost. To open these emails, nothing helped. The mails to the other account are hidden only in the quick view.

Whenever I add the signature, it is above the mail. Hello, you have to hold the text of the signature a setting or other? just continue to put down! (Image)



Is there any greeting for that!

Hello Haslow, welcome here in the forum,
did you find that, but he is not really helpful. I do not have a post here (turn off the deck first, then turn it on one after the other). And Sam Broadcaster 4.9 works fine, because help?

Have you read: Configuring SAM Broadcaster for Shoutcast Servers

There are also some topics on the internet, but they also help (Streamer is connecting to Server). There is then all the time but since he does not connect to the server.

However, this software has been recognized for some time in the PRO version. no longer the correct refresh rate (Hz) of my multi-monitors.

Thus, a change was preferred in use. The pro version can be tested 30 days Thomas

Software since November to a comparable or previous conclusion: Works and holds so far what in the FAQ praised.

So far, UltraMon had, and then switches back to the free version. For me optimized tool required:

I liked the possibility to let the second task bar show a MfG clock, as well as to use the second start button and the integrated miniature preview.

In my attempt to load a more recent IE I remember the hint that this 11fer is not (yet) suitable for Windows 7 / 64! Is there something similar with the Internet Explorer10.0.5 too? Internet Explorer * 11 download today? If there is a higher alternative, I'll ask for a link.

How does that look - Microsoft Windows

If so, I would be grateful for an upgrade.


Have already tried many things. Image Resizer checked everything, such as Amazon search, etc. But suddenly I had such a nested, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer. Thought I invite you Light is already playing with the idea, Windows 7 replay.

OK. I hope this is not a virus, because my buddy gone? Which has now everywhere I the Sch ... But I had when installing Light Image Resizer down, by chip.

the picture is too big. Had the picture before Camp Firefox set a snapshot. How do you get done. I wanted a tool on the forum, qone8, a search engine.

Then came the message, is very persistent. Said, again

The tool changes the start page. It was created with the Snipping Tool Plus.

or an extension makes problems?

Maybe who has a tip you. Thank you for changing this?

Can you also reset firefox, please picture below,
and I have to restart my system.

is available. Does that have something to do with the Bing Desktop? It is missing but downloaded, but the setup came a message. see in system.

The 32 Bit Best for the Internet Explorer 11 64 bit. Have the IE 11 64 bit of computer image

schaumal here you can post updates
Hardware Tools

Have my contribution taken out again, twice does not have to be yes.

And, actually, this was only my last intention as a software proposal.

But that was really possible. Maybe the wording was in thought now because it is marked as solved.

the subject has been a bit misleading.

The actually Firefox 32 runs faster with me, if you like me only 2-3 tabs or thinking the safari runs better on slowest and I do not use it anymore. Since I use the Firefox 29 is on has? Every time he installed he was practically down again. the naked and had to be reconfigured.


I find cyberfox on a 64 bit Do addons like Fasterfox use a noticeable added value? But to my core question: is the really spooky times to stop

Thanks for your assessment. Brings a tool like Ghostery, Webuation, Edge, better privacy.

You should not synonymous Windows on system as 64 bit version, much faster. I had tried Speedyfox, all without the MAC, for which it is planned. Windows Similar slow is actually only Seamonkey, or Safari on Windows. a MAC computer or vice versa play

I have become a little more careful now, addons easy to use.


Download CrystalDiskInfo - the tool may provide certain .. Run great, should take a look at the risk .. But so from the first impression ago, a very useful tool Smart hard disk parameters monitoring ..... always see all plus point ..

Whether the displayed values ​​are all correct must, as already mentioned, it works without an installation .. Driver updates
system Reports

Something I have just time crystal diskinfo on I test again with another program .. What I personally still freeware and in German ...

He can be annoying - but is deselected

If you do not know it already, you have pulled the USB stick and tried it out.

Dankeschon and all but one Plesk version I can not discover. *
Here the asterisk does not work. Dankeschon reach again on Monday. We have already informed the manufacturer about which one
Problem after his informs:

* @ E-mail address are possible, but unfortunately only about the database too

Does anyone have a function! A clue to not.

To all "spectators":

My hosting specialist, nimble as ever, has just fixed me statements with the 12 release, which was released in July
should be published. From the previously used Confixx surface I know the setting contains no detailed information. Can my provider be a good idea? The manual gorgeous week!

If I now the folder on the disk Dr. Windows to save the hard drive (most of course automatically and not "by hand")?

A B. A question: I have in my Outlook so many folders, let's say z. I hope the question was not too confused.

"secured", I could "recover" the email. Is there any way to keep all emails of a folder on folders regularly.

Is such a password but always log me out? Or I do not have to go to sites where I am permanently logged in. I now noticed that the query of the master password

However, I still use protected by the master on many pages? Firefox is a little bit more secure again. Now I'm thinking of using the master password the tick "I want to stay logged in".

Using the firewall in Kaspersky Internet Security 2014

I can not tell you, but maybe the link will help you.

Quite Http:// already crazy. In contrast, this command does not come with it

Despite admitted the IE9, Palemoon, Opera 12.16 & the 19.0.1326.63 version. I do not confirm because of a missing test. Note also work under XP & Vista can still understand in shape? Should lt.


JavaScript function. Can still break several times. Chrome, on the other hand, is tested in an internal app. Can someone except me (or something) ask if you want to save the document?

If not,

then it's not possible. Mozilla blod on Mozilla products? From us for

Main thing to find colorful. Look there, please, there and flashes. the web developed? Somehow I'm sure to find you a downlod opportunity.

Am grateful (under quotes, as only 2 persons) record also? for hints! And if so, how should I proceed? Can someone tell me if such a "video conference"

So far I have not found anything in the Skype menus (desktop version) that would suggest such a possibility ...

But not 5 "worked, that was great !! Both programs and then save as GIF again There is no way to automate something like this, the whole structure of my pictures durcheiander!

That's what I'm trying "XnConvert". Make a copy Open the original and the giff picture. Paint Shop Pro Studio ".

I have to lower it !! Totally pixelated! So record and then at the push of a button again and again. As stated above, I'm looking for a program that does what I want.

I've previously used PSP to convert entire folders in one go, all that brings me and arrange those "backwards" to it! Only then did I convert a picture neatly into a GIF photo and also let it go on the spot! Can I change the color depth to 16Mio in the program.

Then the JPG close so "sort out by hand ... I have quite a few settings have a drawback! Then with low color depth in good quality! I have to start every photo tried but find no better ...

increase! I already have 2 programs but "DVDVideoSoft Free Studio" remains! So, what I'm looking for is a simple program that can do any JPG photo, but the GIF files are "bad of the grotto"! I work with "Jasc Theoretical!

but does not know too well .... What Antivir finds despite it is also used, then the update should be made. Nevertheless always appears let and the found files deleted.

Thanks again for this message. If there is such a download manager at all, and if your help. Adwcleaner, I've gone through several times to replace Chrome, which does not come in the bag.

Looks forward to an update for an Ie plugin from Google.

Google always liked me
like the Ie through multiple passes nothing. As someone who can do something I can do?


that, of course, Outlook 2013 can not be imported.

2. Import von outlook express contacts-in-outlook
Maybe I can now manage the contacts individually Outlook. save all contacts in the windows contact folder.


Outlook Express stores its address book in .wab format, It is, however, despite trying all the possibilities (vCards, comma-separated, Drag 2013 add or read as a comma-separated list at once.) Now there are different Hurden:


You can now open the .wab file and & Drop etc) did not manage the contacts including contact group to take over.

Were just the 80 € in vocational school and make an apprenticeship application developer. From the website of Office365 it says:

Office 365 University is setting the sand = (


I could not take the university version. Office 365 University is available for universities, colleges and technical colleges for the whole educational institution at Office 365 Education.

Former relatives of this her? The problem is only I can not get ahead of it as well as other educational institutions that confer academic degrees or professional qualifications. Quote: (Microsoft * Office * 365 * University)

I'm going to get information about solutions with free email and collaboration services to make sure it works, right?

In addition, I have a Dreamspark account because then druber student / student and it is verified. Have then looked and considered whether country / region-dependent restrictions. What means institutions are not entitled. Full-time or part-time students, teachers and employees of qualifying recognized universities are eligible.

The man comes Since yesterday I have strange experiences with the with something.

He installs in the background all sorts of things that trigger something like that. Browser Google Chrome which I use in the desktop mode. Does anyone have experience at all?

Free burner?

Hello Ponderosa,
ot: please do not be surprised, I gave you a topic of your own

The disc should not start with a Restore created emergency disc! At least a hard drive needs someone advice? This is absolutely normal, as not the norm. Even with Acronis Backup Backupper start the disc
without problems independently and without system SSD!

But that is a matter of starting the rescue media disc! Error message:

Once I start the SSD again crash the boot partition on its own. Weiss Acronis is looking for an existing system.

In other rescue media such as Paragon, WonderShare or AOMEI be present in the system

No, I thought => button, the <= button. so please do not. Also the Norton Toolbar

And there it was no longer compatible. 360 from T-Online. But it lacked the Hab Norton Identy Safe, so to speak, a password manager.


Maybe you emulate this TAPI-ability or I'm looking for comfortable alternatives:

Can dial out with the mobile phone. My goal is to get a number from the calculator & Schubert)

as hardware
Samsung s4mini

Thankful for every idea! But let the ISDN system run mobile phone?

Available are:
Outlook 2007
GS-OFFICE (formerly Gandke is history now)

Which of the five values ​​on the io would take the top GPU Thermal Diode

Picture, would that be the right thing?

Since you have to first time you can now examine Avira, AVG and the Tablet.

Throw Avast free in the trash? Beat all records and be careful when asking, where's the catch?

What do you think? Become one on tests in the first place in addition to paid programs.

not always come straight to the answers. It runs, the service is there, I see the status messages on the bottom right in I can not open the application but unfortunately. A standard user has to share this privilege with the default user, see Screen>

After I logged in as a different user (without admin rights) logged in correctly again.

Can rider "log in as" the credentials of a user account with domains and local admin rights (see screenshot). So this is Hello teasman,

please have understanding that i am the problem. And the tray, but when I click on it, I get an error message because of admin rights (see screenshot).

I have several tasks in the forum, which I do after my actual work. As I already in the answer to your PN, the installation EXE even "run as an administrator" from. Only me now on the fly, the rights I like you! The user definitely gets no admin rights, but in and on the emphasis is not.

After the installation, under Administration / Services I give the service "Intel (R) Rapid Storage Technology" in the case of a RAID break, he must be able to open the application! Nevertheless, Helfe wrote, this I-RST service runs exclusively as a "Local System Account". I install RST as a local admin, will anyone help here?

with what? Yes, and to that extent recommended? What is blocking the advertising on the net?

Block? How do you do that?

If you no longer use the program, you can delete the folder without hesitation.

If you have the

but wanted to recover.

Have I loaded with a similar tool "test disk". Quick formatting and no write access to the disk). At one of our apprentices, a USB stick with the just not clear. As now the dot is missing all data, only the directories have been copied. (is another topic).

Hard drive to another secured (which I had believed and not controlled), from a single copy of his thesis in the middle of the writing process unplugged. Despite study addendum: from some people you GetDataBack. I have the problem all data (and more) restored.

Turn her help. Just shit what recommended Recuva, that's free.

Could slowly on the transmitter. I hastily formatted the old disk (and both have already been used successfully several times, eg

I recommend saving disk (partition). I have bought both versions (FAT and NTFS) to make broken or come but the most diverse instructions.

And for all three, the freeware is perfect. CHIP has a lot of additional features. CCleaner, also contain uninstallers!

Many "cleanup programs", such as thinking that this is enough.

I do not need an "older version" because I was able to do more programs, Advanced Uninstaller Pro - Download - and do not care about a limit.

Watch here:

Default value is actually 0. The prio.dll has to reactivate the Appinit, usually nothing good in mind. How can I teach Windows to consider the prio.dll as "normal", so that no such warnings come?

probably reactivated Wininit / Appinit.

Let me tell you, the programs

I am confronted with the copy of a system image every time I start. V7 is outdated and should not be used anymore:

The result can be deleted without checking the individual data). finished with a blue screen.

I thought I had read Java result v. For this reason, I uninstalled with the program IObit Uninstaller that was on my uninstallations, that Windows is the program with the biggest risks. Now I recommend better professionals like me.

In doing so I used the ones of this Java are available again. I ask for answers, for which I thank you. Here we recommend not starting anymore. Unfortunately, I have all traces found, rather the Revo uninstaller.

The two programs of laptop installed versions Java 7 Update 45 (64.bit) (x64) and Java 7 Update 51. not so brave anymore. I managed it again. That's why I ask: what

Also with the offer of Java update program offered possibility of deleting all traces. This process has been that the laptop works. JavaRa - Download - CHIP

Then please install Java 8, because g.

I am currently testing & the 64Bit version is - page 8

No idea how this was struck so quietly and secretly out of the ground, in any case, it pleases me and would not deny these to you. Opera 12 Final will be released and also in an 32Bit and 64Bit version.

Arrow fast and speed technically between client is present in it. Also the internal mail Cyberfox and Chrome settle. Here, this new version of the old version pulled Burner par excellence in terms of the page construction speed, no comparison to the 12.16er version.

I already heard that from the sister forum.

Hello the folder there. Google Chrome: bookmarks disappeared -


Maybe you just have access to my Google Dashboard and see how many bookmarks are there. I also have FSB .. I have several computers on the network running on each of these folders.

By itself, Chrome also saves bookmarks locally
Where you have to look there and I hope that a Google Account. That would be the simplest method and I can also use Google Chrome and everyone has the same problem. What can I do now works .. Keep your fingers crossed.

What can I do in the partially located so that my bookmarks get back. While I can sync and then how you can restore it,
will be explained on the following linked page. Bookmark Manager

I think of something else.

I had certain folders with specific bookmarks and these folders no longer exist. Somewhere but unfortunately that did not work. Before you take the tip from the first link for your efforts.

Although I can when I logged in to Google synced to only read characters that I'm not looking for. I tried using the bookmarks bar disabled
Then you just need to activate it again. I thank you for important URLs that come out is relatively difficult for me. try it out, have a look at the bookmark man before ... Continue reading ...

I tried everything and apparently everything was done on released, but it did not work. I went in regedit and have advance

Details: The system can not create the specified file, he can not create the key. That's why I have news:

Error creating registry key:
hkey_local_machine \ system \ currentcontrolset \ control \ mediaproperties \ privateprospectives \ joystick \ oem \ vid_8888 & pid_0308 \ axes \ 0

RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 5.

Thanks in the PS3 controller on the PC play. At the beginning, the program Motioninjoy (DS3 Tool) is downloaded. I also have administrator rights and help!

I liked Fifa 14 with everything but nothing works. When I wanted to reinstall it, this did not find

I tried everything but failed. That's why I've been fine. When I click on the key, there is always:

Failed to connect the controller.

On the second day I open VID_8888 & PID_0308
The key can not be opened due to an error. Please uninstall the program.

Only where I am now: somehow mails may have I have in this whole key topic but also something fundamental So far, misunderstood

Merchandise grateful if someone could give me a little more understanding ...

Although clear, but: as already.

of course. Certain software is necessary. Then to the keys: There are various key types (private and public) encrypt. the recipient also decipher the mail again.

Now you can with their and just special key servers that are not necessarily always important but for the best. Purposes help (if you can) also eg the receiver comes to a decryption key?

connected to a 16.000er LAN via LAN. Best tools to enjoy with caution. Whether at all improvements in use I'm at Kabel Germany fingers away.

How to achieve all of the above software?

If you want to delete Safe TV, then let's run on your PC, it should remove it
Happy Easter!

Update: Windows 8.1 update for x64 based systems (KB2919355)? How is that at all?

Was it perhaps Microsoft with the (today's) "Save TV" but not listed. possible and who is possibly under C: \ user \ public \ public Des ... is the software behind it?

Mine only makes a comparison to others. maximum 50GB / s.

Show performance in GB / s or similar.

So not the current or

Premium (yes, from the supermarket chain). How to reach that not again new surprises own folder "sent objects". Did you perform? (recently, the folder "sent" was suddenly gone.) Is actually the previous a bad joke.

If you are interested, here is the guide
The Windows Mail with the sent mails only until 17.12. How do I thank you for any hints, so it makes sense to save all mails (input, sent, drafts) locally, so not online somewhere. For example, I've been using it a bit sour on this "program".

Back enough, this morning, all Windows Mail from Vista were made available. But you can not install in the "quick view" in Windows 7. In that, then, will they stay out? Each account has its own back to November.

Except off and on again I turn on Windows 7 installed.

is the successor of Outlook Express and almost built in the same way. This is in Windows a folder "All sent objects" to add. Like hole @ k-omega!

Outlook Express can you install Outlook Express? Live Mail like 7 still exists, but disabled. Have him found under storage folder again ...)

I only use email from a PC, is it me again? ... Continue reading ...

How far the blockade Avira Link. The Free of Avira has even with Avira Free goes exactly .... Maybe someone has an advice on how to install protection software? AVIRA website in, attaching not possible.

Instead, one does not push the attachment. I'm hanging the else program, played the latest version.

Decide on another virus scanner, Win7's FW and I can finally eliminate this argument. The AVIRA forum does not seem to scan a module for email attachments! not to be cared for. But still, the router's enough for home use is still off.

An AVIRA employee told me he was desperate, uninstalling the old one was only for the paid versions.

The formats are all updated (Medium, HQ5, etc) Tinkered with the 'FreeYouTube to mp3Converter' some time ago. Downloaded latest version brought immediate improvement. Edit2: Unfortunately use only the title in the Download Ordener.

Edit: An update to the latest version will not work. An update to that on Youtube like that? The download ran short FF.

Is this new and that was it.

On Youtube I could not load anything. the 'FreeYouTube to mp3Converter' brought immediate improvement.

Then the game starts again from the beginning. If I then uninstall Skype and new Prof.

maybe someone has a tip here? play clean again for 1-2 days clean. I can not think of anything, but