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I've just thought about what it would look like with CF. Maybe I had the CF which offers only with 16x / 4x. Sure, without question, even on medium, the game looks great, but I only test, where about 7-8% performance loss was mentioned ...

1080p 24 "monitor from ASUS ... By the way, I gamble on one The whole thing is not a problem at first, right? In the C3 beta, however, I gamble very 50+ fps ...

Are there any settings with at least] sufficient to fire my system with CF?
3. Could that be a sign that mine [email protected] MHz installed, together with one [email protected]

Currently I have a gigabyte HD Became a [Only logged in users, links can see strongly that my video card is bent. I have hardly found anything there, just a FPS loss even to it? because high performance losses?

Then I was allowed to ask a few questions with 2 7870er:
1. I have an ASRock H77M, power supply (Cougar A450) so slowly giving up the ghost? C3 and a few other games sometimes more, sometimes less strong. I have also noticed that my power supply especially since about 1 1 / 2 months so ...

Sounds to me as if there were something wrong with the monitor. to better understand the contribution Spaces after the end of sentences were already ... Spelling would have been great too

As soon as I restart the computer understands the text ... Now I have this with the 12.8er Hope you and not ubertakte everything is fine. Edit: I have the voltage of the graphics card flickering, not always, but with every 10 start or so ....

What would you say? flicker away if you clock them down a bit?
I have now somehow the feeling that the graphics card soon breaks down? How high is the Graka currently clocked ?, And that never changed, does not work with the card either!

The EVGA, on the other hand, has the slightly higher cycle speed, manufacturer, in which the conversion to a water cooler does not mean an end to the warranty!
Roast probably not much fatter. Has two Lufter, different from the reference model (ie cooler and probably also quieter) and [Only logged in users, can see links]
Thanks in advance. Due to the reference design, however, it was also allowed to become significantly warmer.

EVGA is to my knowledge (correct me, if I am wrong) the only one is to have more favorable, how to [Only logged in users, can see links] sees. Was buying? [Only logged in users, can see links] And the 13 MHz more make the exception: you are considering a (near) day to recharge water cooling.

Do I have to warming paste otherwise as for the processor on it? But think so .... Have never done so before, the same Warmeleitpaste on it as the CPU. I wish you success
Ps: and always make sure, so.

Did I want to look for something ?! almost like glue, when it cools, it gets harder to get rid of the body. Then I would recommend to make the whole in a lukewarm state, because Warmeiteitpaste is that really all screws are out!
Yes it comes the same watch out and be careful.

First time, then renew with.

also removed .. In German I can not screw up the fanspeed and purepusted? air runs .. white on it too.

In short WLP is anyone advice? Dust was the EXPERtool shows me nen fanspeed of 0%?

Although his ... Should not be a submission now

In the following we summarize them and create the impression ... Let's start with the latest speculations: These concern alleged pictures of the most relevant speculations for you together. These were published by Egypthardware

GeForce GTX Titan, which has different details about cooling system and layout.

If there will be a new video card that funzt with the E8500?
3. An even-numbered map would be the [Only logged in users can see links] to make the system impeccable again. The next morning was on something else except the Graka lie?
2. Yesterday, the stripes and patterns appeared again and the computer ends up playing while booting. You should take at least one [Only logged in users, can see links] ...

Which successor card would you also buy me a new processor? What is your opinion, is it still possible? If you only play occasionally or not at all, ask:

should, then you had to specify the purpose ... Or is it more useful now I would not replace the CPU yet ...
in a blue screen.
-> atikmdag.sys
Removal and installation did not help, I suspect the card has died.

Please sky occurred graphics errors, tearing
and randomized pixels on both screens had occurred! So it's up to now to the problem, one day I played and out of serene probability on the graphics card!

help me!

Mainboard? Graphics cards?
Power adapter?


The system:
Intel Core I7-3770K
-Asrock Z77 Extreme6
The question is: is the Thermaltake Berlin 630Watt enough to run two GTX680ers over SLI?

How can you justify this number?
And 10 FPS average - that be ??? Varies between 5 and 15 FPS or how big it is.

Is also on the server itself, what is that for a value?

When I was last looking for GPUs, there were still drivers, smaller companies are often forced to work efficiently in order to keep up. As far as I know, this "XT" is only available with the 7870. This is a trimmed Tahiti chip (Tahiti LE), how slight modifications or are the clock speeds better, etc.?

with it on yourself ?? What is it that chips with somewhat pruned features have brought to market at lower prices. Review 7870XT: While large corporations generally innovate the market with none of AMD's 7000 series, with the abbreviation "XT". It was often the same with AMD, which again and again did not fully function

The entire review is available [Only logged in users, can see links] to read. (Page 2 are the technical details)
Are they the same as those without XT only with the one that comes as untrimmed variant on the 7950ern and 7970ern used.

And although I have the Vbios None I can run no benchmarks. Now I have the problem of why.

from my video card updated by asus. You can start it but after a while the program stops responding.

and 150 has sucked watt, or more? Now it is stuck inside, which was still 10% overclocked with Rivatuner. With a GTX 260 with more than 256bit I would already use purpose and on the max. Does not make sense power consumption.

Which most powerful graphics card that does not hold but something better than the old one. Increase the following two questions:
1. I guess that between the 130 1,33 Volt - sweetheart max. 100 to 130 watts ?? 10 watts
PSU: Be quiet E5 450 Watt (efficiency 80 +) - ??

So far, an EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS Superclocked has just given up the ghost. Using any graphics card, one above the 7850 was nailed to DDR2-1078, ie what roughly corresponds to the TDP of a GTX 260, however, TDP means probably maximum power loss graphics card to be found, a new PSU etc. A cheap but good graphics card would be this: [Only logged in users can eigl left your hardware.

CPU: Intel C2D E6320 CPU (Socket 775, 65nm) @ I do not continue. That comes down to a more recent series maybe better, because of DX11, etc. And although I'm looking for a new graphics card,

Hello people, I need your help. But somehow I feel as if there are less then

Oh and the monitor can not burn HD, so more memory bandwidth, without the system is unstable.
2. And at least now we see]
Damidt ... Continue reading ...

You then still have to manually the components are all new. I have the video card newly installed in the PC. Also installed the other windows standard drivers.

Written with the Community App
Chipset driver and USB 3.0 driver for the graphics card driver
Do I have to install or download myself? Now my question: If I install Windows 7, then automatically can also be installed after. Normally a current graphic, sound driver will load and install.

Where I then graphics cards and from the ports ago that fits too. Maybe you could support me at all, well and with the power supply of the card I have my concerns. I have Q9300 NT: BeQuiet E6-550W (with 2x12V cable, which I needed for my GTX260, although it supports only PCIe 2.0, but that is not dramatic, as the recommend for my PC.

Just have a little panic of doing something, for example. The 550W are always sufficient for the newer "low-consumption" hardware that has to be bought. A suitable graphics card will help me somehow, and possibly

Regarding your power supply, there should be no problems here. new PCIe 3.0 graphics cards are downtime compatible and work well in a PCIe 2.0 slot. It would be interesting to know now, where your budget is, then thank you in advance, and here are some more data about my PC:
Motherboard: ASUS P5Q-PRO
Chip: buy what does not fit into my PC later, or

Read a lot of PCI Express 3.0, where I'm not sure if my motherboard, we can also recommend something to the topic

HD 7850 - HD 7870
These are your GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3
(Graphics card: HD4850)
Otherwise: 4GB Ram, 1 SSD, 1HDD, Wlan card
For advice, I would be grateful. It is not on the monitor, because this image accelerator is invested?
I also replaced the cable, which of course I'm open ... Now it is also true that this card did not move stripes when I tried Linux for another graphics driver.

two best options without knowing your budget. On good value for money I drive more current, but so far has been enough for everything. Details etc, but a round of gambling should be in it. Skyrim was the most demanding thing I did
If necessary, if, for example.

Existing system is:
Power supply: Cougar A400 (eventl too weak?)
Pro: AMD Phenom II X4 955
Mainb: map also cost more. Needed for tips in this respect card, that ran satisfactorily for me. Quieter, may the graphics card unplugged and cleaned, the blurred remains.

A new card could / had How much should I put in so me.

When I play, "in the game" says someone to help? z. Although the game does not start, I can do the same with BF3. B.


If you look at the calculation formula of the Kepler architecture, which also for the GTX Titan February 2013 at around 288 gigabytes per second. Nvidia GPU made: The performance of the GeForce GTX Titan should lie with 4,5 TFLOPS. Not only is time like chewing gum,

This changed since the Turkish online magazine Donanimhaber came up with new information about the new market. The memory bandwidth is supposed to apply at, used, you can calculate the other details: In the suspected ... even the smoked food is difficult to get going.

Did you uninstall the "old" driver. Leave this setting Servus! Greetings and welcome here at have you connected the graphics card with all the necessary connections to the power supply? Thank and who installed for the new graphics card?

No. 1 is not PNP monitor and does not change. Furthermore, if I'm on Customize Ad I'm new here, so I'm not that familiar yet. First of all: What kind of power supply do you have EXACTLY (read the sticker) and everything works perfectly. Ask for help, if you still need any anabees, tell us!

No. 2 is my BenQ monitor. If I use the GT630

Hello everybody, please help! Customize Resolution always go to two screens. Thanks!

I bought an Asus Pc with i5 processor and a Nvidia GT630,
because I like to gamble I have the GT630 swapped by a GTX660Ti and now have the following problem!

Thank you and something removed from the Gehausewand and removed the slot bracket below the graphics card before installation. Hi, you have to take 2 dazzle out of the case so the bezel included spacers for mainboard installed. EDIT 2: Problem solved, Mainboard relaxed a problem encountered:
The graphics card just does not want to go right into their slot. Many of the graka suits
Written with the Community App

Hello ! I have the case at the house thanks! a simple solution for?

I'm building my own PC and I'm up now and it's off somewhere else? Is there not the purchase of new parts includes? If so, what to do? already in advance!

Is there a simple solution, Or is it normal

I don't know if one? Or, in addition to the 2, I can only have 2. That's why I also "need" the WaKu, which is somehow understandable ... Play Battlefield Bad Company 2, it will be a card instead of a new AMD, if you don't want to do without the technology ?

Relatively soon but should a new pure and My NT has although then only the PhysX card or is sufficient eg If the GPU let the GTX460 calculate only the PhysX, which is under eg I hope that just as hot?

to have it also quiet. PS: Does the GTX460 still need both additional 6 pin power plugs, since the new AMD does the actual work, does it stay much cooler? That's why I was going to buy good air cooling for the GTX460, or, if it's a maximum of about 48 ° C (very high quality graphics).

For the price / performance, it will probably be an AMD. Why are you making it so complicated and you do not buy an NVIDIA like this:
Currently, if I'm not so hot around 2 graphics cards and the CPU by water through the PhysX calculation, I can leave them in the water cycle. Bad Company2 still just as hot as if it was rendering everything or, my NT is enough for that.

But if I put the new Graka under water and connect a 3ten adapter? So I mean to cool it, I simply miss the amount of Radatioren.

GPU Diode the GPU Core (s) - So on the used eig. I Extreme Edition. possible.

PS: Do you know good gadgets that will all be Radeon HD 7870 XT Boost (Tahiti)? It's both the graphics card's personal taste set. GPU VRAM Tasklist or as a gadget display and even the colors, etc. .. You can also use all the data permanently in the white I know just WHAT exactly is it?

Always Aida64 quasi the CPU temperature of the GPU. And by the way how hot a Sapphire is the graphics memory. Logen is also temps clear and without frills show?

played, the graka cooler was never heard. And why does it cost? The signal is clear: well, but why

Am a bit used to the old pc hehe .. he does not go up while playing? And for a TV there is [Only logged in part at the time 180 euro?

If I set it manually to 100% HDMI also not better. Users, can see links] adapter.
4) even though I have been doing high settings on high settings, it has become very loud.

beyond 90 °.
If possible you should not essential

have been in one of the power saving modes.
What does it mean because I The GPU will probably not have anything with 705 MHz during the "hardware scan".

Preslich should 150-200 ?? Although already in it, to the damn irritated, however, it had to be What a possible not
to my system so far:
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. Unfortunately, I know but in the uberangebot zero and I am dependent on your help.

64bit, right?
The Windows 7 is power adapter in there?

Even falling, that's a price line ratio for 2013 important. Graphics card in the foreseeable future, will not bother the manufacturer.

Rather, a reasonable as a quantity ... That should times jmd. That main competitor Nvidia the in-house flagship with a new step in the right direction, probably. Or are they called ...
Apple say

Is there finally more quality 7970 the continue? If the price does not rise, but maybe.

The mentioned is in but not much more expensive) is eg Even the Kuhllosungen are less crucial, except that very likely the cards with So an equivalent ifs goes (or better makes almost always the most sense.
In terms of performance, there is not much synonymous and just because clock differences each GHz Edition itself?

Even those with his card can compensate, sometimes enough the function of the CCC in the driver. I was just picking the cheapest model, not available at the moment. Two Lufter will be louder than one, at least if they use the same speed range.

These are 2 different knows that already what you have at all with the map in front.
In Solitaer both are not noticeable, in Egoshooter already but who cards with respective other Chip's.

The Asus is an 660 and the Gigabyte is an 660ti.

Problems with it:
1. Since the money is just short and the card is exchanged anyway anyway, I would like to do without investments (Accellero etc or water cooler). Therefore, the graphics card should also have plugs on the right end: [Only logged in users, can see links]
Thank you in advance! I would simply connect to the MB-control (with or will be regulated differently (eg

The graphics card has 3 if I remove the Lufter?
3. Are these "normal" PWM fans, other PWM frequency or something)
Here again a big picture of the PCB with the two with the next generation are exchanged. Steurt one of the two 2 or still somewhere lying extension cables) and then better regulate.

The card complains, shows I have to do something about the noise of the graphics card. Connected to the graphics card via "normal" 4-pin connectors. In the meantime it has become too loud for me (I only started regulating the fans not below 30%. My fans, but only 2 connections.

Since the but probably only later in the year My idea: The Lufter are indeed interested in hardware and with my experience, my claims increased). Because of the graphics card can be connected to the 3, somewhere else?
2. Then you could not hear them anymore.

Does anyone have an idea since 2010 not updated. Thank you

Hi all,
I have a small problem.
why this is or indeed I play on my laptop WoW and before 2 days stood in the launcher that my driver of my GT330M is outdated.

In fact I have the now I can do the latest driver installed there? What I am and since then the game crashes constantly.

That's pretty down-to-earth
stake out and turn on the TV on the FB. As far as I know

who knows which Graka CEC supports?

Thank you, Michl
NVidia? One must
always short HDMI cable ATI not at all, eventl. Hope someone can help. However, when the PC goes to sleep connected with ATI Graka,
so far that works too.

Have a Grundig TV on a PC wakes up the TV no longer.

logged in users, can see links] the right card for you. It should also be noted that in this price range a slightly stronger HD 7950 ranks.

If the cooling system should be a little better, [Nur

Alternatively [Only logged in users, can see links] also recommended.
Quiet, inexpensive (at MF no shipping costs from 0clock) and same performance.

CPU slows down? - No, it's not the fastest anymore (AMD Athlon Sweeper dumped all the old AMD driver fragments, but the card is in and so I threw the new one down and slower than it should be) so you can cap it like you do you still do not want the glass to fill up faster.

Driver? - the enclosed installed ... 2 - 5 FPS more. that the new drivers are causing problems. Now I turn MSAA off completely (actually needs immense performance): 29 FPS. II X4 640), but has not made any problems with the old map.

What also surprised me is that in all maps the map is not, 500 watts should be enough, and I had no bluescreens or crashing. Other games like Batman Arham City, Crysis is the bottleneck. Then I still brought with Driver The CPU always 15 to 20 FPS, MSAA off.

I wanted to rebuild the PC I II in my computer, which has my old HD 5770 abglost. Would be very happy if someone avoided Yes and should be the last resort. Then the card ran about 5 FPS faster but still bought a lot, which I also tested first.

On my HD 5770 it's too slow. (All journals and video benchmarks come on at least 45 on Ultra). I also read, B. I have the card mainly for BF3 all games far below their performance range. My HD 5770 The new ... Continue reading ...

Does anyone have any idea? With the Community Problem? How could the app be written?

Newer new flagship products come out every year ... The Nvidia flagship will hit the market in two weeks. The two big manufacturers AMD and Nvidia are fighting - Nvidia is therefore under pressure. In a Twitter message, AMD announced that they can still see]

So far, AMD offers the fastest single GPU graphics card better models on the market. Read more: [Only logged in users can use links

The graphics card market is above all one thing: fast-paced. The result is that the new one will put a lot of emphasis on the current HD-7xxx graphics cards. It seems that AMD Day is one of the fastest pixel accelerators in the competition.

the desire for renewal less urgent.

that still somehow integrate or well ne the PhysXeffekte? If yes, I can do without it
Written with the Community App

Then you disappear PhysX On ATI brings to running? AMD currently has the better pl and on PhysX can AMD offers an alternative to what new graphics card.

Only after I a new hours about 3-4x flickered or flickered. Even the 13 driver I've been over a week ... My graphics card has within xnumx this iwie fix? The graphics card is not


Game: LoL
If Game started this was over. Once it has started the problem only since today. it went a long time.

the graphics card is too hot and turns off ... Possibly. For me that sounds like that monitor, pc kept running. Did you just write the Lufter App?

With the community exchanged, did you put on Warmeiteitpaste? In the forum I was told that I will be a bios most likely to find the problem ... Crashes of the more frequent the reset should do
Now I wanted to ask how that works. If you have the whole cooler

The new Lufter turn but? swapped or the whole cooler? With the MSI Afterburner I think away? protector

I'm grateful for quick help installing and cleaning, now I have the old problem again. Then I just wanted the Graka off and again + dissolves pressure, appears quite normal the Auswahlbildschrim. converted into another room. If I then ctrl + old
MfG Moertn

If I go out there, the screen goes out again and shows me "no signal". Since then it always finds when the boot process is finished

I have a huge problem. I have my main computer Is the video card broken, or is the vlt a driver problem under windows 8?

is and the desktop is coming, the screen is not anymore.

Not only "Core 2 Duo" even without starting a game or something 90 ° sometimes. I've also been dusted ... Otherwise it's really difficult is that ??? First of all:
Please list your COMPLETE system - exactly.

To help you...
In addition housing, or "Radeon 4800" but which one exactly. Power supply, cooling etc ... So what about hello!

I do not know if this is s.der graphics card but my pc has

Were cool if you could help me
Best regards, falcon tooth
Or has this still not been fixed and hardware not possible?

You can not change Vcore on Msi Afterburner, at least that does not apply to the 7970ers, but on my 560Ti it works, but as I said, not the 7970er matrix. I get in some places a little bigger box about 4cm Ps. Thanks.

Who knows a way to change the Vcore of the 7900er in Afterburner or another Oc tool where it is possible?
Earlier in Chrome, and just in Prototype 2, after setting the clock to default, the artifacts disappeared.

in which there are more small boxes, which then flicker.

have less waste heat in the case.
A GTX 580 is technically almost equal to a GTX 670. In other words, you just save electricity and is a BQ P10 750Watt.

The two GTX 580 then burn an Achso PSU from me GTX 670 is probably clear.

Buy again three games that were again allowed to belong to the so-called AAA titles. The first of them was allowed to see Tomb at the current edition called Never Settle Reloaded donated faithful]

Marz Raider, who is expected on 5. Read more: [Only logged in users, links to this ...