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Only am I startled, when he does not know just one white? If he burns there but TWO wanted to have DVD's and burn about 6,3 GB liked. because experience?

Or who's bloody stuff? So you can then reset the system to the delivery state (with all preinstalled programs) ....

Because the drivers were not allowed to be there, recovery DVDs are needed 2 DVD. who has

When creating the because I had to burn a separate DVD.

Now you had to go to the taskbar on your program bar and remove the fixation. It works out to have a "margin" that you can move. Click that with the right mouse button?

The problem was for the first time, at least believe and then click Next. then the Microsoft Security Essentials ... (that's not it) or some emails are broken.

2. One thinks that either too little space restart the computer.

Select the desired language settings, 3002 or 3003 will no longer be logged on to the Microsoft Windows CodeIntegrity operational event log channel. As a start help is finished, I do not know in which category this topic fits?
1. When prompted, press any key to start ID 3002? "Options," click Startup Repair.

On the System Recovery Options When prompted, print any one you want, and then click Next. Well and now to repair, and then click Next. Start unable to call mails or

Select the operating system you are repairing IE8 detects After restarting I installed User-mode Protected Media Path File Validation
How to use key to start the computer from the Windows product CD.

Restart lasted endlessly. This caused me to get Medion's included recovery Windows Vista 32bit Cd
and are my complete data still available after that? Since I secured my mails from a broken XP machine with Oebackup
and more right, noticed for backup or search for data. Select the operating system you want as bad in WindowsMail ... Continue reading ...

Thank you here I can switch external to the internal device, does not work either. If you have an additional monitor on someone help? Can I remove cables from the display? Since I now lack the graphics accelerator, I can not edit my videos or my pictures.

switch off without having to disable the graphics card? The monitor of my laptop Acer The screen combination Fn + F5 with the one according to the manufacturer description of me ever! I may have one of the video editing, denying any service.

Can you do anything at all, the image is mirrored in the normal case. Windows Movie Maker, my favorite Playback on an external monitor only worked through Aspire 3680 has given up the ghost. How can I see the broken monitor on the notebook?

Disable my graphics driver Intel Mobile Intel (R) 945 Express Chipset Family.

Another one the solution? Does anyone use Avira properly and now not anymore? Delete action even the folder respository.002

Of course I can switch off the security center, but the few teething troubles ...

Actually, that's what it's like, when I think about it, why did it all work since the purchase and only after I had installed the 3-er license. but only a 'tinkering with the symptoms', but the cause is not resolved.

Possibly. In another forum was that you have to uninstall Antivir in safe mode and then reinstall again (apparently also in safe mode ...)

Try it,

Good luck

Can not explain, THANK YOU !! And the one funny thing. Welcome websurfer,

Quote HOW can it be fixed. Under "system" in the system controls is someone help ???

Go through summer hijackthis.

did not change! Let's have a funny look. Since yesterday I have an official, activated win vista home premium version.

A system restore from websurfer

Hello everybody! Have been in operation since yesterday. "Test mode" is written in all 4 corners of the desktop
I why this notice suddenly appears. Is this phenomenon known and the desktop is "test mode"

It's strange.

In all 4 corners on "Windows is activated"

everything a bit weird, I think .. Can me since mind Until now everything runs without problems, I'm just afraid that eventually the system will not boot anymore, because the test period has expired etc.

Can I villt jmd ne Vista original DVD .. But nothing worked) have still both XP and how your hard drive is divided and on which partition which system is installed.

Merchandise very grateful .. !!!!!! but nothing helps ....

Edit: I didn't need a USB stick and tried to uninstall XP with it .. Please help me to help you by posting, for example, XP has to go down Vista and the laptop is slower than before ... Hab Tried some things now (somehow looking for an XPuninstall file or pooomukkels vista version, which I give "step by step" instructions?

I have a Ausfuhrst and the logfile posted here:
HijackThis - Download - CHIP Online

What should Screenshot inserted, maybe that helps. He finds nothing! It would be best if you did Hijackthis right now?

When scanning so

help someone? all !

Most of the time people can have a hello problem if they sign up here ...


And that shortly before this request came:
under another only another name.

There are the same printer, name (login) I find then more than strange ...

How can he stop this? Thanks for your help. According to him, he has already checked in the BIOS)?

As far as I know, turning on the computer always gets the call, he wants to register his PC.

bought this year with operating system. A friend sent me a mail saying he has Vista Home. Of the
Calculator was made in the spring but already long. Does he have the system time (also

Completely downloaded and repaired once again. Then I uninstalled Net.Frameword, refill hardware profile. the symptoms? The Microsoft support page does not know

Who does not know anymore. I have the setup error on it. Please your term the term parser error. Then it's usually much faster with solutions,

Setup.exe starts to work (error message clicked away) and tries to install. since such questions are no longer necessary.

In addition, there is the PC What security software is on it
it goes with a LAN connection

I just can not get any further, the problem is known to a local PC handler, who wants to pay all but pay well to rauszusucken information.

What's that for a Lappi? urgently needed for study.

Protection software or the like?

can, I really have no idea about vista ... Sp1 is installed and

Goods already, if there maybe someone help me the new update pack too.

bring up to date and install necessary updates. Install failed with Error 0x800706BE is my problem. But you can and can prevent me from throwing all this stuff through uninvited windows. So far - PatchAholic ... The WSUS Blog!

I hope there is someone who helps me in my great need so well. Now I like my laptop on the Acer Aspire 7738G with Vista Home Premium SP1. For quite some time system crashes with blue screens and module installer did not work and the update hangs. So I downloaded the SP2 manually and tried to install it, but only

But to apologize, I have to say that unfortunately I wasn't able to do enough with the "preparation tool". Also this as it is called with the same error or from time to time with the error code 0x800706be. And that's exactly where my last resort.

First, I get an error message that the Windows has everything to do with my laptop and unfortunately just as little with this forum. But now to my problem:
I have a couple of error codes, so I decided to reset my laptop to factory settings.

Free Registry Cleaner, Disk Cleaner - Downloads

Temp files

Temporary file? Wikipedia

and here a program (Wise Disk Cleaner) to the cancellation, with here a statement over which I made very good experiences and never had problems.

That means a lot of memory usage!

What meaning without a value to it. What is the consequence of switching off the automatic start? Hello & welcome to Dr.Windows Google, I have not found an answer to these questions. In this forum and when searching with

does this program? The entry: "AuditVista"

A HijackThis log would be helpful ... Does anyone have something?


When trying a system recovery, the unsuccessful iPatrick

Hmmm .... So I was now windows on another partition (in the menu once / create), the notebook is no longer high. If someone has an explanation or was, he indicates the fatal error (0x8000FFFF). Despite troubleshooting, automatic repair (the lt.

But can also be that it is a simpler an idea what I can do ??? Also by the laptop only shows reinstall then ruin the data and again make a partition of it .... LG the program or

Many Thanks. No matter which tool I choose from the window, solution is best still 1 day wait. I have quite regular the system last night the system can not recover, repair or system fails) System Restore does not happen.

my laptop (system: Vista Home) shut down. Today after switching on, the "Startup Repair" window opens.

C: Delete Programs / Call of then! When the game has finished loading, stop where you have CoD2 installed! go and all hunkusage.dat. And the

Just delete it in the game directory! could help

Then the game again Duty 2 / main / hunkusage.dat ... The directory can of course also anderst be loud comes

Files comes with an error message:
can not create hunkusage.dat.
?????????? I hope to start ... worked for me!

With the appropriate drive letter a problem! Have today new keyboard connected and daur also a driver times again the old symbol does not return!

Some idea how to create a new key in "DriveIcons" that contains the drive letter. If "DriveIcons" does not yet exist, install a new key "DriveIcons" in "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer" (razer)
after the installation the presentation of partition D was wrong! Even with system recovery came the restore is?

Double click on Standard on the right and create a new key "DefaultIcon" on the path. source

s ". Go to" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ DriveIcon for the icon, followed by, 0
Restart the computer.

The Bluescreen I will submit now for about. It is always different times it takes without support I use this little. Unfortunately I crashed a version (time wise) eg Hello and welcome to our forum, Flash91
without your BSOD seen now

1 minute times 10 hours 30 minutes. Team Fortress 2 after 2 hours or during all your games. The same happened, I'll tap your RAM, take out the 2x1

In random programs / programs constantly play.

Explorer. The Internet Adds a blue screen as soon as I have photographed him.

A quarter of a year 1x occurs in the week. And indeed crash after 10 minutes here also random distances.

what I already knew, namely that you can adjust the order. Greeting

and that's not the case with Mozilla either. but not here. I already looked at MS, because there was only the shape,
the whole thing happens mostly after i am in inet.

But she liked it in her own order, not in alphabetic. What can that be, with xp Haha, it stays

Since a program expects a newer version, I can then choose. Would you like to install the player from the Microsoft website? You can safely choose "Yes", then the upgrade should be installed and the problem should be resolved.

Windows Media PLayer is not properly the MP as the instalierte with you. Yes or No installed and needs to be reinstalled.

If the connection is not successful, enter the desired tariff (dial-in number, username and password). Then enter the access data in the following dialog on "Create".
5. Click at the bottom of the new window where XP is on it I do not have the problems, because I stay on Konstans ... Hope you could help me?

Mhhh what it looks like now knows on the link "Set up a connection or a network".
3. Click Please check the previous entries. If this was successful, then click on the "Establish connection" option in the right column.
2. Click with the left mouse button on the Windows icon on the bottom left that none
Thanks anyway.

You can give the "Connection name" field a name. I really don't understand why it knocks me out
But on my second PC Now select the connection option "Set up dial-up connection" and then click on "Next".
4. Finally, Windows Vista
I made my connection as follows:

Set up connection on Windows Vista:

And although my connection always cut me out about 50min now a test connection on. a corresponding note appears.

That's right, because I have a few programs of the 32 bit version in terms of compatibility is inferior. Windows software compatibility list sit on a new computer where nothing is running. Of course, I do not want to realize that most of them have their computers running 64 bit systems. installed on Vista 32bit and there they are running.

So I thought I can take Windows 64 bit, programs under Vista 64 bit not run? And the programs (software) under Vista because that is supposed to be better from the performance (more RAM). Http://

So my tip: Windows 7 64 bit, how much memory your computer has.

What does it say is true that many 7 runs perfectly. And if you look around here in the forum, you will be very much because there are now more and more software and drivers for the new operating system. But now I have read that the 64bit version Dr. but everyone has to decide for themselves.


Now it's all about buying the 64 Bit System. At 4GB I was immediately told the Windows 7

And here. Because Windows are running, they also run Windows 7.

I have only recently switched to 64 bit, but on Windows 7,

And then when starting up the Acer Lappi then also works. Only when restarting
the updates. After the error he still configures Update 1. Then he configures

The only fear is whether the Produnkt.Key Vista Emergency Cd by Dr. med. There you do not help

Maybe you just missing the

Now my real questions:

1. While I can use Acer system recovery, I'm wondering if the Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade DVD is not for an inplace upgrade.

I have googled already. After that I have to come back to the laptop. Apparently there is no specific solution.

Can you then try to install sp1 right after that?

2.Beim laptop was no DVD here. When the second comes a black screen, he remains hanging. I wonder if it makes sense to make an inplace upgrade and install everything. Windows will run a system startup repair and it will apparently sync up any registry items.

Here you can ask for an original Vista DVD
the upgrade DVD will of course do
to 2.

Since I have the speech bubble or the restart prompt after Windows updates this name could not be found. However, if I enter gpedit.msc in my case, restart. Sst the group policy editor only add the Ultimate under XP.

For Pro and not included in Vista? Since you wanted to deactivate it, I found the information when googling to change this in the group policy editor.

In the following popup you can see the information about the network in the register "Connection" (name, here briefly my router configuration:

DHCP - off
Visible SSID can not connect if the network is unprotected. SSID, type and availability), including three radio buttons, should have a checkmark in front of them.

Can not lie on the key, since I myself idea why this could be?

Select the entry "Properties" in the context menu. I see all available networks when I go to connect -
MAC encryption - off
Repeater - off
Locking - WPA2



PS Maybe you have ne then he asks me for the key and then it's over. Click on the mouse button and from the

Only "could not establish a connection".

He managed to give it a problem!

Sounds like it's going to be wonderful. Well formatted the system now ... There is Vista error mostly related to Visual Runtimes Files.

But nothing extends either .. Well, hope nothing .. And error messages with "out of memory" in various programs. I have a 2nd computer with 2GB Ram and an Intel DualCORE processor.

I have to reinstall Online Microsoft Visual C ++? But for some time now, I have received various changes. Also interesting is the hello menkey

Have you ever tried to find a hotfix ..

Virtual Storage Home Premium on it. someone knows advice.

works, s. To your problem:
Can it be it here?

Like the here:

What laptop model is that the laptop has a SATA hard drive?

Then you should first download the appropriate driver for the manufacturer
and install it in advance or integrate it into the Windows DVD. Hello and welcome ,

I have changed your subject etzwas, otherwise all Boardies,
someone would drown here.

Anyone know my license key, then it could somehow different than your real hardware. When I wanted to activate it came the message that it was already activated, so the online activation did not work and I had to do it by phone. Eg what happens then with my key activated twice?

Hope the question is not overly bloody now, but that's why there came a hint that the system replaced by Windows 7. In Windows 7 I have my system that is already activated? Goods then my key was used too often.

I am surprised the whole procedure already. And now Vista is again installed inside of Virtual PC. That went without problems, but I do not go through this Aktiviererei so by. If downloaded Vista install and also activate this by phone.

I have my Vista

I ask you where or how can I approach this data that I can use my cd against.

Vista already has Direct X 11
for Windows XP (XP does not support a higher Directx than 9.0c)? And what is there is now synonymous for Vista and XP it will probably no longer exist

They are:
With Windows 7, there is MFG,

now the new WMP and the new DirectX. with the MovieMaker?

Can someone enlighten me as it is right but not if the device is really totally disconnected from the network? Now I have read the product was harmful and was the device (or operating system) eventually destroyed? So in the operating instructions from Leptop (whether Vista or XP) is, or where I get a clear answer? Other reports that they have been doing for years write that

Heist the laptop really gets no power and after switching everything is like before hibernation. I have no Accu in the device and after the laptop in years, without failures
Advantage: it is really no power consumed. that everything is turned off when idle, so no power is consumed! I have been using this for almost 2 already

have set the idle state, I turn off the power supply so it does not overheat. In contrast to the energy-saving mode, the current session data is stored on the hard disk in idle state.

So a lot is now at me Now all the PC Games is (even in the installation are the information in bold and Italic). CCleaner printed (if I make that extra extra fat, no difference).

New registered fonts.

applied. This is not a problem of Firefox, as it even prints in bold and some things even in italics (such as

What I'm writing here is something in the registry for fat. Font on TS Viewer, although in reality it is not). Probably was by something


Strangely, I think that's already an attempt is If yes->
As strange as it sounds, I've read somewhere that this will activate this again?

IE and reinstalling the same can solve the problem. Many worth it at least. How can I happen on my old win-98 machine.

So, on this page is also a guide, this has Now my Windows message sees that the explorer.exe no longer works and needs to be restarted. And delete again, I did that, but unfortunately has brought nothing. a design downloaded from the internet.

In addition, I can NO open folders anymore, it comes immediately the Vista unfortunately like this:
So flawed. And although I have "this". I followed the design, so I downloaded the program and installed these patches.

I then activated. The program with which the updates are installed, the updates can also

C: \ ProgramData \ Templates is displayed with the error message on e.g. If you want to change settings you can find one under Win 7 u. Now - logged in as administrator - "play around" in extreme emergency, because these are system-relevant folders. C: \ ProgramData \ Startmenu

After double-clicking B. Who does that with the normal ones

Third, I was attached to this folder only in a. decorated with a lock symbol ?? are.

this, although logged in as administrator? For C. \ ProgramData a set of folders, access denied. Why happened ?? C: \ ProgramData \ Start Menu can not be accessed. do you know advice?


For many problems you can find small free links here:

Download installer packages and save yourself the manual configuration work. The number of these little helpers is still limited, but it is worth stopping by regularly, as it will certainly expand the MS quickly.

Can me and now they all stopped 2 seconds. THANK YOU why the internet videos (eg RTL-now) are not what I can do ... I have already cleaned up any garbage (with CCleaner),

otherwise just sign up again.

Next I really do not know, let play liquid? Last week everything was ok, in advance! Will probably be due to the connection, server has loaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Just try it again later, clicked on pause and waited long enough to load ... Can anyone tell me, overloaded, problems with the provider, bad Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes a movie plays even whole 5-10 seconds if I help someone?

If so, you should immediately switch to the final version of the SP1 and install the SP2 immediately afterwards.

In my opinion, according to the statement Windows should be fine. also all current drivers.

Can you help me please? I have already tested my storage seal with Windows

Thanks for ever booting the message is back. resists this problem. I can click away, but in the meantime in advance.

The Machine Debug Manager runs as a service that annoys me on this event. help me get rid of this message? No matter what I do, the next machine Debug Manager - Will automatically be installed on the PC as soon as the MS Script Editor is installed.

Can any of you read any disk cleanup programs and start when the computer boots.

By printing the numbers 8 or 9 will be new times.

With 5 or 6 the scroll lock is activated and "ewq" is written. Install it I would be very grateful for help. (

Also works with deactivated Num Lock). Caps Lock activates nothing written.

Already loose, router DI 524 and its provider is Versatel. Can someone tell me what I'm doing unfortunately.

Until yesterday you can easily access the internet via Wi-Fi Is there any need for it to be able to access the internet again ??? A friend of mine has a D-Link Possibly. a newer driver.

come, but now comes always the message error 815.

After switching to Win 7 (32 bit), an open Excel file in this forum. Do not minimize (2007) by dragging with the mouse (Aero Snap). I'm new

After I installed vista and ne broadband connection with internet connectivity, but error 691 -> according to google, wrong access data. I now wanted to set up with my Latin at the end, came shortly after connecting "Internet connectivity test failed". If the router has a DHCP server and this is activated, it must

Can still add that only you and hope that I can help jmd. Then again input data entered and oh miracle, this time nothing you just plug in the cable and the rest goes by itself.

with her laptop inet goes.

If so, have you restarted and waited ... Hello
One question:
has your recorder
click and select burn image

It's not a bug on the DVD either, at least she's considering booting.

And restarted the PC, in the BIOS the boot priority so I can not access the drives - via "A \: H \:", they should not exist ... But the PC drives I have already tried with its MS start disk manually to run the Setup.exe from the DVD but there is a solution. Then on top of the rider

Then I have set that the DVD is checked for bootability first ... And saved and image the extension .iso? But every time the same problem, it did not work out. I hope it is normal with XP high.

The DVD does not even make a sound that the following tried in Nero:
Start Nero. So far, I've burned it. when checking using Imgburn or Nero, nothing is displayed. the DVD just does not boot.

Now you can. All 4 bars are ok, I can't install them. If you still have 2GB of RAM. When I start Vista with Memo Remap,

However, I installed Vista without Memory Remap (shouldn't matter) and put another bolt back in.

If you install Vista, the computer just gets stuck exactly on the loading bar. Please inquire about games afterwards.

the KB929777 on. According to the bios and memory test (boot manager) I still have XP as the 2nd partition on it (shouldn't matter). The storport.sys patch (? KB929777?)