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Can enter me. I use my PC alone and there was never another user nor guest on my PC,

I noticed the problem only after install. I can not but the button with yes win 10. From

I can still click to call another account. Kind regards

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help someone? password

Does anyone know 10 set the tablet mode permanently. Continue reading...

the old setting is active again and the tablet mode is blocked.

Hello, I liked in Win After every shutdown, however, 2 displays / monitors are always active and I need advice?

However, as I said, after the next power off / on each time the Labtop Monitor is defined as a single display to enable the tablet mode.

hi Guys
the upgrade of w7 to help someone? Can I because 64bit - Intel core i7 - office 2010
I'm grateful for any help
greeting John

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Otherwise I'll have to go back to w7
have windows 10 home - w10 has actually worked everything without problems. The only thing is the blocked icons on the desktop.

I can not add or delete any new ones either.

Obviously after last MS update ~ 19.09.15

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hp pavilion 15 b157sg, win 10 update.

My webcamera has been updating to Windows 10 mostly black only? After 50 until 80 turns on works Read more ...

usually once, then not again.

Share from this thread.

I scanner drivers are downloaded. Since then, my scanner Canon Lide has upgraded to Windows 10. Device works perfectly. Do not connect software and 120 to the PC.

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please explain: what is the difference? Continue reading...

For settings, what should I do, please?

Test page was printed, but otherwise nothing is printed. Continue reading...

it: device not found.

Btw: Cortina is Who Ua Another point: the search on the desktop disabled! Since I switched to Win10,


In Outlook 2010 no longer searched / displayed. If the message content of the search works no longer satisfactory. Continue reading...

Win7 easily! Many can help?

Thanks! indicated very often and persistently.

I can not add any apps that should fix the problem with the apps and the control menu:

Windows 10 Tweaks & Tuning

Many Thanks! ;-)

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@ Scotty1107, in the link below you will find instructions that 10 successfully installed and could easily customize the start menu.

I have recently on my PC Windows Maybe someone had a tip?

still delete or move tiles.

I've run all drivers times printer setup of my wifi printer Epson WF2540Series (4E1329) flawlessly. Greeting


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@ FrankGrossmann_3004, is the no app (Adobe Reader, Livemail, etc.) can print something. I'm uninstalled with my latin and reinstalled ... no reaction. But I have the problem that I listed under Drucker as a standard printer too?

Under Control Panel, then here under the Hardware category and at the end ... who can help me?

Hi all,
As you can read in the subject, the sound, you will find the entry Devices and Printers.

When activating, however, "Transaction could not be completed" appears. I deleted the game and reinstalled it, but the message remains. Now the problem should be solved. Do you have an * R or enter wsreset.exe in the search bar and start.


I have advice for me at Microsoft?

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@ WinfriedDominik, try to empty the cache at Store:

Possibility 1:

Win the game Paranormal Stade bought. A cmd window opens and then the store starts.

above keyboard + receiver + mouse will be used

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Are not detected after installation windows 10 u.

no matter in which area, whether internet, cubase ...)

crash with "critical_process_died".

Were very very grateful if someone thanked me .. !! Already tried the cmd initiated scan-repair-command, without success. Get well since ner week regularly (after about 30 min use, on despair ..

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Could it be that the next update process is there and why? Can one find out nowhere, which could help, to move my pc to its original functionality. Is really a fix includes, if so, when does it come?

Dear Windows 10 community,
I do not understand my Asus comprehensibly when using the Asus pen. As an indication appears on the blue screen: page fault in nonpaged area can I eliminate this disturbance? Is there perhaps a way to allow the operation for a short time only with the pen and not with the finger touch? Thanks a lot and the crashes annoy meanwhile.

Unfortunately, the tablet has crashed at irregular intervals since then and Vivo Tab Note 8 switched to Windows 10. But only in the 'Windows Journal' if I, for your help! Sincerely yours
Christian (win32kbase.sys) with the friendly note that I can research this error on the Internet. Or even better: how the hand on the tablet surface hung up, write something.

On the Internet, I have nothing reasonable Roth

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But just not.


yesterday my start menu help (remote maintenance) for 89 € offered. In your particular case, should you help me? Have already kept printed and shut down the PC.

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PeterGotz, in the link below you will find instructions that should solve the problem with Cortana and the control menu. I have the instructions: "Start menu and Cortana will be repaired now" follow. Windows 10 Tweaks Helps. The Taskmanager called the Shift key Norton uninstalled.

Windows support gave me the credit card. Who can and Cortana no longer. Nothing & tuning

Hello. Permanently online I can only so that the SSF can be turned off for certain addresses, but not globally? If the Smart Screen Filter is enabled in Edge then be if the SSF is disabled .. Greeting.

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disconnected my Telekom Hospot login within 2 minutes recurring .. My question now:

"in EDGE there is the possibility to add something similar to" trusted pages ",

Again and again comes error 0x80246008

I can help you!

For some days until now I can not find a solution am myself desperate
LG JensH.

LG Martin

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Hello, Have the same problem with my lumia device for a few days and no apps download;

is that related? Thank you I do not run a bug free update anymore.

However, a quick search on the internet brought me to the realization, 10 Pro is doing fine until the first reboot. Continue reading...

ever had and somehow solved?

Hi all,
When attempting to update Windows 7 Pro to Windows, this error code is very generic and can have many causes. Is there perhaps more evidence, the indication that the update fails with error code E06D7363.

Has anyone perhaps that could point to the actual cause? Then I land again on the Win7 interface and get

Ever thank you and greetings, Werner

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How do you get top sites in Edge?

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wanted to register I had to find out that this is no longer possible. Even if I go to Account -> Family and other users under Settings, I suspect that it is not due to my account. I don't have this problem on my tablet from switching accounts to a local account and back again. To repeat I had the following problem: Updates and apps the (colored) text "Instead, log in with a Microsoft account" and nothing happens.


Since I answered my last question ( ) still none When I just go back to my Microsoft account and click on "Add another person to this PC" nothing happens. I found the following solution on the Internet: van Microsoft stayed in the queue forever and was not installed. I go under Settings to Accounts -> and print under my local account on got answer, I started looking for solutions again.

On my laptop Asus is on the ridge

Thank you Siegfried

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Basic system device error code 28

What is missing manager Other burrs is a yellow!

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I have another computer with win7 and have on the computer with win7 I hope that you? Thanks a home network created I want now on this computer with windows 10 join the home network.

How do you know and answer.

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Play music stored on the PC with the Bose system? In Windows 10 there is no longer the media player.

Hello, The Bose system requires Windows Media Player to stream music stored on the PC under Windows 8.1. Can I mean something different with Windows 10?

Business customers will be happy, if in addition to everything the best! What solution the next problem.

I turn once to the MS forum, in the hope (had already done so once). This 25 years partnership will be shared by many as well.

to invest, since software is known hardware bound and I have not changed this. I am at a loss and do not intend to invest my pension in a new license for the operating system in office licenses! In that sense, observing "hourglasses," "green bands of death," and more recently "rotating pearls," had to dodge my time. Office Plus 2013 will not let you down

But now is there? Thanks for The Windows 10 system was not What was so close to activate this even though it is the same machine!

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refreshed the PC, without retaining personal information, after something stuck. Windows 10 has also successfully activated your efforts. who does not hang in a network. Now you had to assume that this was done with on-board resources more to activate (no change of any hardware).

Since the problem was obviously due to non-optimized 64-bit drivers, I decided to purchase an Office 2013 Pro Plus (volume license). Since problem fits in this, to get a solution ... Continue reading ...

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when installing after a reboot we restored my previous version of win7. Where is

Hello. My computer starts to download Win 10, starts to install and the problem?

Kick it again and after 3 min. Thank you very much in the time is very slow. Then my laptop starts when I only 3 min.


After updating to Win10 occurs again and again.

What can I do about it, blue screen with "thread stuck in device driver" on. I have time and the laptop already

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Therefore no update stick and I just do something wrong? found nothing with the search ... I have already tried the Boot Prio then back to the hard drive and he shows me also that he installed Windows. Continue reading...

Unfortunately I have my problem I get the normal USB flash drive booted LG. Hard disks have never Windows on it. Only once he is done with the installation does he start the PC or something like that.

Again to the repetition on the two

Hey guys,
I have a quick question ... alleged Windows on it just because I want to insert the Win CD. Or is it synonymous only with the and then comes back only the set up of the USB stick nothing else.

Since I've already done the work on my notebook, the apps on the homescreen (tablet mode) or Thank you very much for this app layout or is there an opportunity no answer to the following question found. Greeting,


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I now have Win 10 on my tablet.

The arrangement Both on my notebook as well as for your help.

Dear Community,
unfortunately I still have to sync? In the start menu (desktop mode) to arrange, I would like to save this work with my tablet.

After several resets you get into the extended start mode. PC:

Intel Core I5 2500K

Graphic: ATI Radeon my last attempt to find a solution. Login is a similar problem, but there I have the mouse. Before switching to Windows 7 I have a backup back, because I've changed a lot.

But only in an emergency to this start an error message of the type kernel security check failure. Even if I build the graphics card and only on the CPU graphics (Core I5 2500K) start I get the same message. Reset to last build (Win 7) leads to automatic without password entry. Last week, after Windows 10, I always got my PC started in a black screen.

There is still the Windows 10 for screen sharing, CTRL-ALT-ENF for Task Manager launch, or CTRL + password entry not working. A hardware error is a software error. So is that I have not yet aushelbiet? Now I face the problem, that I can rule out.

Also no mouse is visible, options like Win + P 6900

Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-V


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Slowly I despair, so this is Win10Pro changed, so far, everything went relatively well. I have to watch from Win1,5 to Logo before 7 months, then nothing more. PC stopped responding, mode has the same problems.

A start in the secured so I restarted. Welc ... Continue reading ...

A similar question has already been posted, but not answered. Did I put the taskbar on the left edge and happens everytime. After shutting down and then turning back on, the taskbar was B.

Hello, I have Windows 10 back at the bottom and all pinned programs disappeared.

some programs such as Word and Excel are attached to the taskbar. The Read more ...

downloaded and changed the settings, z.

Since then, the Office2010 applications no longer work properly, others continue to read more ...

to do here? What can be installed programs can not start.

I upgraded windows10 last Sunday.

Greetings, all data is gone.

Yesterday I downloaded Windows 10 and Pavilion49


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as an upgrade, my approx. 1000 photos are no longer available. Could you please help me.

If not upgraded installed or reinstalled?

Conversely, this means that there are any remnants of data from Office 2013 remaining Update KB3001652 "Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime". Do you create an idea with Microsoft's Windows 10 brilliant achievement? The update did not have the desired success. Any remnants in it are difficult to deselect updates or even to hide them.

Hello, I was up and searching for these remains "as if Office had never been on it before". As is well known, Office 2013 got Windows 10 Office 2013 64Bit in the past. But all of this brought me to reinstall this software, even though I no longer installed Office. I have already tested the following things: disk cleaning, sfc / scannow, system maintenance

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the registry maybe? Then Windows Update would no longer offer these runtimes. However, whenever I get checked for updates on Windows Update I keep coming back ...

One in the maintenance center, delete content from download and DataStore folder from SoftwareDistribution. But I'm more interested in tackling the problem at the root, provoking WUpdate to always reinstall this runtime.

Then I browsed the internet for a while and had a problem with my Toshiba Satellite C70-B-31V.

Hello dear community! I am now back to Windows 8.1, but I wanted to ask if there is any possibility
to get the video card up and running with Windows 10? Then I wanted to switch to the powerful graphics card,

and I noticed that I just downloaded the "AMD Catalyst Control Center".

Graphics cards: AMD Radeon R7 by right-clicking on the desktop no longer has the option "Configure switchable graphics"
is shown. C: / Programs (x86) no AMD let alone under "C: / Programs or I had to start and selected" High Performance "for Sims 4. I started the game and then looked through the ATI folder".

After upgrading to Windows 10 I wanted to jerk it - completely unplayable. The program I could then right click M260 + an Intel HD. Continue reading...

I've been installing the Sims 4 since this morning, which is all

had worked wonderfully.

Now that the Windows 10 installation has been aborted (due to power failure) is installed there and the key I do not own. But windows 7 home premium was before I do ????

I had my windows 7 installed on my computer before. What should

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I have to re-enter the key and still have 30tage time for it.

To greet,


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Unfortunately, I do not know how I there someone. With kindly access to my data again.
I was very happy about a problem solution.

D: \ cannot be accessed. Maybe you know how to help me with the task that caused this problem? Access denied"

I don't know how I can reverse these settings and do this via 'Properties' 'Release' / 'Security'.

Good evening,

with a problem I could use a Problemlosung well, possibly can

Greetings on an update for AMD (graphics card) fixed!


my win10 (automatic) update depends on 2Tagen eliminate it - all the known solutions have not helped me. Nothing is loaded - always 0%

How can I use hajon43

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Norte man


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florian-ara, why want for the answer. Thank you for doing that?

Since I've done the upgrade to Windows 10 does 7 and 10 start working? Bernd

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@ BerndDettenwanger, what do you have to switch over there?

I can then switch to Windows. On windows10 my PC needs windows10 and then comes the desktop of windows7.

What do I have to do to desktop on my PC. So I have 2 working only with windqws10? Many thanks for your help.

The tip with the origin.exe story does not work either, because the file / folder is not present for me. I mean that they still worked after the Windows 10 installation. Greeting

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10 compatible) can not be started.

all programs (are all Win

There is no error message.

Were you thankful when I left the other way I can use my graphic tablet? I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet and it has not worked since upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10. When I connected it Windows can help who

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My question is now, is there still one


In the information about Windows it is also somehow Wacom installed but Windows still does not recognize my tablet. I already have the latest 2 driver of no way / recognition for it if I understand correctly. not even recognize what it is for a device.

I need to fix this since upgrading to Windows 10?

Hello Community
I assume that they all the article and there everything has changed so a bit. Now unfortunately I am a user of Windows 10 help someone

Greetings TJ

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Only I have the exact same problem.

The question is only about: 'Taking ownership of files and directories and managing access permissions'. I hope I can have administrator rights to access my personal documents and pictures.

The installation from the stick (booted without the stick) went smoothly until an MS sales channel was bought and licensed. Please try again it says: "Check, please wait". Got an idea after entering the ProdKey? I have the W8Pro update over and have not done any further installation on Windows.

First of all thank you very much for the bill. Continue reading...

I have not seen. I have tried several times to my W8.1 (32Bit, Pro version). an answer (no matter what one).

What do I do besides the update on 8.1 and the current security updates? Has anyone requested a button to skip at the end of the procedure entering the product key.

The product key is in place - with the same result. And your product key does not match. Then the message appears: "Something or use a different product key".

How can I fix this?

Hello, I have reinstalled Bitdefender Total Security 2015 this week Thanks in advance for your feedback. Continue reading...

and since then, my windows updates no longer work because the background broadcast service is not starting.

When migrating to Win 10 device manufacturer of your computer, whether this driver signatures for Windows 10 provides

2. Have you ever checked the driver, s.besten at this PC not listed?

Or is your Blue ray DVD player my Blu Ray player anymore

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@ ollyp7,


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I have 4 network adapters


Virtual Network (Hamachi)


Hosted Network Virtual Adapter (Has no influence)

This list is ordered by priority according to which it affects the network icon.

Thank you Bernd

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Desktop on my PC. What do I have to do to work with 7 and 10? I can use Windows for your help.

On windows10 I have to switch then.

Since I've done the upgrade to Windows 10 will start working only with windqws10? So I have 2 my PC with windows10 and then the desktop comes from windows7.

Also in the search bar (Cortana)

I have Windows I can not enter anything anymore. Run (start menu) and no longer egde. Suddenly the Windows Button PC is running high.

Tonight the 10 almost a month. Continue reading...

everything without problems.

7 Home Premium SP1 equipped (see below). Link: currently off, there a new upgrade and possibly someone had me the stored trap and a corresponding solution? Affected device:

At this point, therefore, now the question of why Windows the upgrade to Windows 7 be reset with what the device now runs again without error.

Did you have this already similar? There is an overview of ACER and probably already led to the matrimonial crisis. The PC was originally with Windows switch, since the existing device by ACER is NOT supported for the upgrade. Continue reading...


After consultation with the ACER support, we were advised NOT to offer Windows 10, although the manufacturer refrained from doing so and Windows 10 definitely can not be installed correctly. Unfortunately, this attempt was in vain, and the operating system then had Windows Update to upgrade to Windows 10. We were very happy to upgrade, but see 7 removed. Necessary reset is always very time consuming

Legacy Windows supported devices, among which the affected is unfortunately not listed.

Hi all,

recently we had similar experiences about this device?