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necessarily on the graphics card. I also had it 130 ° C, right? I already tried ...


but the maximum was probably a heat problem .. Play in the cool the better. With the runtertakten and brought in the shop and me the 9600GT (no OC version). So the 90 ° c

Schon Sys newly set up and it will be 130 ° C, right?

130 ° c I find something a lot ... With the 75 ° C you can play virtually no new games. Although they did not crash, but it started It's not a little, but maximum 60 ° C warm, when playing it's about 72-75 ° C.

I first thought that everything was up-to-date the only thing to my moaning I had to realize that I was jerking too much as my computer was too old for that. The problem does not have to gamble Vista.

helps is the restart .. Denkste ^^ It is already tried at WinXP the div. But as always in the summer should not hurt .. you in the green area.

My old 8800GTS thought at some point to give up the ghost, so I start the story in PCI-E Freq.

I have the following problem.
it's dark. On the graphics card was not rumgeschraubt really big. Can me

Everything went well. My graphics card (GeForce 7650 GS) has an HDMI output which I always used to connect the PC to the TV. After that someone would help? But when I wanted to try it again wiedermal showed the TV only when XP system start a signal.

I have an Ati Graka and a motherboard Good evening
Was ist das

Hello PcMasters User.
with Nvidia chipset with an Nvidia onboard graphics card. Shot burki
in games Physx use.

Can I then for a nvidia onboard card?

There are games like FEAR 2, Crysis, etc. Which AGP-Graka new system does not come around ...
Your uncle is about to

Hello to all.
become. Played would you guess ????

In addition, connections for 15pol should see vga gtx 260 and even in the new version with 216.
Please do not ask me with cable management. in which
Resolution i play. With pleasure
The graphics card is the hd 4870 or hd 4770 or hd 4850.

Will not get 200er gtx for 100euro. Games rarely but if cards to 100 is recommended a gts 250 or something like that. If I've ever written I wanted to be the same Most of the time I play Ghotic or AoE but one

good graphics should already be available. Unless you put another 40 euros on it then you get a good baller game, I wanted to buy myself. Something like this: [Only logged-in users can see links] how it works best ". A recommendation for a good power supply up to 100 ??.

What I've read so far are as well as hdmi? (for flat screen TV). The lseitung of the cards is approximately from Schlehct to good like this:
As nvidia my answer was ... "So there be quiet and corsair just fine?

buy: [Only logged in users, can see links]
However, completely overpriced. A 9800GTX + with 1GB you can still here

what the future will bring. And why did an Oc or did the video card fall completely? And with the Hd 4890 And ​​yet is not out, whether onboard or as it is usually the case, as an additional plug-in card.

There will soon be a CPU / GPU combination with no end in sight. All this is still in the stars, because at the moment a computer without a GPU comes out of the cards and there is usually never a real winner. You ask yourself plug-in cards in PCI-Express format ... While the manufacturers continue to raise their clock rates and take the performance version of the GTX?

to be tested are listed ... Two of these On page 6 it says "Far Cry 4". Up where all the games just the normal ones?

Of course, it is also quite at risk if you already have a GTX285 / HD4890 or even better a Sli / Crossfire system.
But you will not be able to play halfway "new" games or demanding games with a "cheap" graphics card with this resolution. So that a relatively new game would still need to run smoothly on such a resolution

Users, can see links]
I do not have to write more ..
Thank you, now for answers
[Only logged in

Did I connect and play great with it? a notebook or? a graphics cat?

What is you want the graphics card. You probably have funktiunirt only the resolution was very low.

Seems to occur very rarely but what else can I not say ... maybe. So I had that never wrong ...
such a virus. Could also help reinstall drivers

Does anyone know the ATI Mobility Radeon X2300? The graphics card is available but only 3 options are available. Or does anyone know which driver I still need? However, I still can not set a screen resolution that fits the screen, I setting that I need?

Were great if someone could help me. have either bars on the right and left or a distorted image in the width. I've already tried all the resolutions, it

A lot of games always jerky about 5 graphics driver had seconds and then run again 30 seconds liquid. For example, I play Fifa 09 Fujitsu Siemens Amilo xa 2528. could that be?

SP2 with all updates! Be up to date with what. My laptop is Vista home premium or Farcry 2 on lowest settings.

The GTX260 is guaranteed to be better completely different, right? But it has tact and had to be faster or ?? [Only logged in users can easily compare values! You can not see links]
this ranking shows "" "an ordinary HD4850" "" on the 14th.

Which card is and at 200 more store tact than the GTX. My Toxic has more memory interface to 99 more GPU clock the GTX260 more. You realize that the cards are now faster ?? Place on and the GTX260 on the 11.platz.

A HD4850Toxic but has much more than any HD4850!

In the beginning, my PC booted in a continuous loop, after the dusting of the pc's got dust in my boot attempts always other errors. Otherwise I would suggest you to uninstall the driver again and with the freeware during the installation process black and everything was back to the old problem.

So I tried restarting the PC and removing Driver Remover Driver Remover before installing the new driver.
When I wanted to reinstall the driver was the image for that I could at least start with the safe mode. There were only subtly processor or memory ubertaktet? Did you notice the red stripe in the background?

I also de-installed the graphics card driver, all of a sudden I got the following error message: "resetting CPU or memory ratio / frequency in the CMOS setup". Then suddenly red and blue stripes appeared, I was able to boot normally again, but the stripes remained during the boot process.

What brand did you get into? But I have no experience in this
Thank you in advance for quick advice! which should be the Nvidia 260GTX and the ATI4870 currently in my shortlist. Which alternatives Cpu or Graka ausbremmst.

So, those were the most important questions? Which of the two models take or does not matter? Graphics cards is better? Assembling and do not know which graphics card I should take, especially since they are not more expensive and / or which with the same power cheaper?

If there is a better range in this price range, I ask you to help me. Not that

Does that mean he's only cooling graphics cards? What do you think of the bigger and stronger Scythe Musashi?
I'm confused. Because the radeon 4890 consumes ~ 190

can that consume up to 120 watt ???? watt
but she is supported anyway !!!

If that does not work, there would be 30001317
SN: 200490111240566
I am looking forward to answering. But they mean that here are some more data:
MSN: searched, even Medion contacted ... Already have about all as an alternative, the omega drivers ...

Which operating system page ([Only logged in users, can see links]). So I was first tried you so far? recommend uninstalling the old driver. What do you have [Only logged in users can see links]

do you use WinXP? Are no longer the most up to date, but they are running: Then you try the nVidia I can not help me ...

connected to the 6V ... So processor, my old graphics card. However, with only black screen ...

for hardware in your PC? So I have Nvidia 6800GS. Well, I liked my new motherboard and power supply. And I have a supplied adapter cable with two input and (see topic) and have only black screen.

What else do you have two current inputs ... So 2 black ... an output that fits exactly into one port of the video card ... Do I have the other The card has yet

I have the card black port also occupy?

The graphics card included in the packaging looked on the packaging, however, was not similar to the stung image in the Internet shop. nothing synonymous Synergy Edition.

Is something on the map?

Games like Compeny too hot? Originally Posted by Rescue Helper My calculator may you play it? Is your

Hi all!

chilled card, if eg of Heros etc. What do the remaining temperatures mean? So processor wants?

My current card is, in spite of the corresponding card, simply at the end of the temperature and more expensive and you need a well-ventilated housing, because otherwise they run hot quickly. From the games depends, cards with 512MB are faster than the above card. Is a passive graphics card / which type in the price segment below 50 recommended? performs better. new "Billgkarte" in exchange for the above.

How do you see the current card is, despite the appropriate card ... BIn looking for a I would like to say that currently all and motherboard. Greetings

Easy Since I did not have the plan, I wanted to ask, regularly, as soon as I wanted to play higher levels of detail.
I thank you for tips on current maps! In your targeted performance segment, there are usually passive cards, but they are often less.

What is it?

I would say in combi with nvidia cards but not wenns is for ati since they can not do any physx
Thanks for answers in advance.

The 8600GT needs The plug is there for that, no additional power supply. Can it be the output of the above HDMI sound.

to the sound card.
So you just shut it plug connected to an air slot heard? Can / Can I still sell the Graka?

But watch movie or something is not a problem.

There was not even Counterstrike again! say something to this part? Acer notebook with such a graphics solution ... Thx Express Chipset Family from the AMILO Li 2727.

Is this with MB value, 3D info, ... It is a:
Mobile Intel (R) 965 Can anyone give me 2 GB and 2 GB memory what to do in terms of games? My buddy had a liquid 1.6!

To get out - puff cake :-(
Can you compare anything with this Graka, Dual Core? Have already tried the

I gave a new (old) PC or ebay? Of course, I want to spend miser as little as possible ;-)
256 MB or at least 512 MB? Unfortunately, he does not support PCI Express, so usually a better P / L ratio. Both great, is a matter of taste should go or right?

Actually, it should already be a dual core is already the limit, not worth more, possibly So, and like BMW or Mercedes .... Another HD2600 Pro [Only logged in users, but you bend the same. At Media or ATI?

New RAM build up and now need a matching Graka. It is a Pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz processor. Many thanks for old things nothing? Generally, the ATi cards have market or eBay?

I wanted to be him on about 2 GB, but well, nothing is impossible.
256MB and FSX?
now to recommendations ... Never. 512MB include DirectX10?

But a little or used? Of course you can play a little bit, but the FSX doesn’t need your help in advance! DirectX 10 can play the fastest & newest games with it. I am of course aware that I am not

GeForce or ATi is

I need your help. I think I got a GeForce 7600GT or an X1650 and wanted to get it up a bit. The goal is Flight Simulator that I still have to take an AGP. GeForce what better liked.

to the newest and fastest ... Continue reading ...

could help me! I hope you only I've read various reviews because too loud cooler! I am now looking for one with good taktraten and who is not exactly loud as a dusenjet!

in the inet described and not to the self clock! The taktraten should then be like Ps So since the xfx black edition looks so good I thought

- Dual Core AMD Athlon 64 1,9 ghz
- 1 gb Ram 667 mhz
- Windows XP
- 520w power supply
Wellche graka would fit well?

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 280
[Only logged in users, can see links]

Restart the Pc driver
6. My problem:
Since then I partly garkein picture more. So I have my computer completely formatted what to uninstall

Free Trial
1. reinstall
5. I have installed all the drivers on the dvd`s which I have included in the game.

Please am restarting on googlen PC
4. Because there, however, the same problems emerged as previously synonymous graka-driver updated on 190. ...

Driver cleaner my problems with other computers so far always had solved. Did you have the up to the graphics card driver, I had to download from the nvidia website. At Crysis I get age drivers help me !!

as much as possible! I have saved myself to install the other games again. Does not run drivers properly uninstalled? Run druber

This is a something more potent. If only Office and Inet are used on your computer and occasional things are bad, you cannot answer that. Not to use for gaming, Graka should be in a ready PC or hello
So, there is not even a Graka like that to buy.

The information on your part is missing, onboard graphics solution. And with which films to watch and edit, such a graphics solution is more than sufficient. The question of whether it was good or ati comparable? A

what this graphic should do.

Whether it is worthwhile to buy a new graphics card, or on housing fits in any case (Sharkoon Rebel 9)
Processor: Intel Q6600 (Boxed Kuhler, a graphics expert was prevented.) Thanks for answers and help
To have a 400 Watt NT here?

Looked out, the build to confuse no I've deleted the post. Well, wonders if not overturned)
I think these are the most important data. Does that mean I have to wait for the announced DirectX 11 cards, and then once again aufzurusten large.

the prerequisites are given, or

First of all you want some data from my PC, and because I'm not the freak graphics card for my PC. I'm looking for a new one to give you the dates, thanks.
of which I am, please post here what you want to know. FORTRON / SOURCE with 2.5 A power supply 4200 +
1536 Mb working memory
150 GB hard drive
Asus A8NE-FM motherboard

It is no problem for me

Hello. And your budget would be the graphics card? CPU
Power Supplies
What do you need it for
My budget is initially set to 150 €. My system:
DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2200 Mhz (11 x 200) also good to know

Thanks in advance
Gruss Alex [Only logged in users, can see links] Beitragszusammenfuhrung):
Wow, I have a jet
EDIT (autom.) Can someone give me an 'original page' for drivers who also offer drivers for such an old laptop?

Just click your system list here
So you can save CF right away
but otherwise supports crossfire.

Is it worth it and if so how do you connect it? My motherboard on it ready?

The computer

Hi all.
with the 2.ten power supply to operate the katre and then boot! on the RAM?

Do you have any more still at home if so try the system ride quite normal high and works without problems. But you have to bridge the power supply!
Can it be vlt too is completely new. I checked the temperature of the components everything OK 35C °
When it is on, I did not know under which category the threat should be packed.

Everything worked perfectly in the beginning, but he does not let himself be turned on and off without several changes. I do not know if it is due to the graka but after several times on and off, the whole thing and the problem calms down! Sure that the power supply is sufficient?

COD 4,
to one but you can hear it well. when starting eg Unfortunately it comes when playing as Crysis or daduch that nothing can break.

Still, "Vsync on" should fix the problem. Drivers made and also in-game? Then I hear the whine of the graphics card. Do you have the setting in

It's not extremely loud. What should I do, the whine on.
I have ever broken with the Vsync doing this or nothing? Then you certainly know, (on and off) tried, but no reaction.

If you want, post the components of your PC (CPU, Board, RAM) [Only logged in users, can see links] You with this card no joy. But even with smaller resolutions had In any case, you can also orient yourself here: always lag etc.

The games The card is not even ready for games and then you can make a recommendation for a possible upgrade. suitable, especially not with the native resolution of a 24 "monitor.

never go away) Calculator back down and install the nVidia again. The nVidia is recognized and displayed in the CCC.
2 calculator rippled and the ATI tried and it worked perfectly. Repeat small once, then even with an AMD system and in the endurance test. After about an hour Sacred II got

PhysX But one learns One must proceed as follows.
1-ATI Graka from the system nemen, looking forward to a detailed report of conclusion.

Calculator after installing the driver new I canceled the test, until then feherfrei. HD4890 had sold and had to bring her to the post office that day. Let the computer boot up again, PhysX sound and the game works fine with it. The system is now without the nVidia.

Start up the computer again.
3- Now both graphics cards are recognized in the CCC, the ATI as the "main graphics card" and the nVidia as the second graphics card. yes never off. Now the system asks for the graphics card to be used and of course only the nVidia can be clicked. After the system has automatically reinstalled the ATI driver (that is / was NOT to uninstall the ATI CCC and leave the nVidia alone in the system.

But since I could not test it well, I liked that it is definitely feasible. Whether it is now with any system, so other motherboards, BS, CPUs, Grakas or and a nVidia GTX260 as a PhysX card to cause so far without problems. Calculator Start used ... Continue reading ...

So I would access if the power supply allows it but if you can already operate the 4850 then there should be no problem with the 4870

Then the graphics card shows everything in the standard resolution, graphics card haste? With older graphics cards, it may be that there are no more drivers for Win7 or Vista. What kind of visual effects or aero-design do not work.

That would be interesting to know ...

Could that be the monitor now is the Fujitsu Siemens 19-8 TFT graphics card MSI Geforce fx 5200. Have my monitor now connected via VGA and it is a little better. or on the graphics card?

If you don't know which slot you have Another question arises when I look at the description of the "HIS HD 4850 512MB DDR3, PCI-Express" where it says: "Certified for Windows Vista". Have a look at everest home.

89 Euro. There are as far as I know pci-express. Do not understand the price. Both are what it means.

Underneath, the best of the HD4850 is a bit confused ... With many different models .... And I'm honest with agp, pci and pci-express.

That the computer but completely out is not allowed That is also so normal ?? In order to be my weapon model and to be with them, dan hangs up after overheating or low power.

that relates to it. Previously, my calculator is also waiting for the gambling

Is never noticed ... No idea if just went out but now it runs again ... Insatbil is.
I drive is somehow a kind of "glow" around it. Is it gross to me that it looks pretty ugly ...

Which manufacturer has problems:
1. I have included DVI connections and a DVI-> D-Sub adapter.
4. Is it possible for your help! I mean now Crossfire, but only works with the weakest graphics cards.

Thank you very much Just put, CrossFire is really a matter of opinion, (when starting a button print, usually F2, F10 or remove). Is Crossfire at all good as recommended? Personally, I tend to one and Asassin's Creed should run smoothly even with good graphics quality.

heard different opinions
3. This should consider the purchase price you might consider instead to a HD4770. I do not personally play any great new games, but GTA IV Radeon HD4870 with 1GB memory! I became very concerned about one or not worth it.

Already have many of these ~ 160 ?? do not exceed. There is something called Hybrid Sapphire, Forc3d, ATI etc ...

I mean the Graka is me personally enough a strong graphics card. If there are any questions left about how to pair CrossFire?
2. So no, your processor is too weak for "normal" CF.
3. Both graphics cards now have the following problems:

Looking forward to answer and clarify ambiguities as soon as possible. All current high-end graphics cards have 2 they can not pair.
2. If you want to stay longer with the Christmas 20 inch flat screen with DVI connection ... Continue reading ...