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A required certificate is not in the period of validity measured by Windows 8.1. Below is the text:

Internet security:

The server to which you connected change that the hint no longer comes? Yes, is this displayed?

Not emails about Windows Live Mail will in most cases provide a security warning.

Since upgrading to Windows 10, I get shipped when using a security certificate that could not be verified. Continue reading...

then send the e-mail as usual. Do you want this internet security.

Was up or no. Can you do something in the settings of the case. Note and why this above means the current system time or the timestamp in the signed file.

If I confirm with Yes will server continue to use?

As far as everything works, compatible, have you already asked for this software manufacturer?

As soon as I want to start the program, the Windows Installer appears besides my banking program. What could be the reason, my Alf Banco appears immediately. It is "


Greetings Alf Banco 6 ". I have my Win 8.1 with does anyone know this error? Read more ...

It may well be that this program does not update Windows 10 the Media Creation Tool on W10. and tries to load another program, where there are error messages.

If I click this, and also clicking the application under Programs, does not work. I can also, as soon as the menu of the installer appears, click away this immediately, then also appears my Alf Banco. A normal call over clicking the link on the desktop of Hans.

After I readjusted (and played around) the text size (s) everything is now set to 9 and I can not change it in the ad.

For a few days newly upgraded to windows xnumx. What can I do? Continue reading...

The provided menu no longer responds to input.

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Can you turn this off completely,

so that no more event logs are recorded?

How can I clear the event logs and whom do they use?

Hey guys,
I have set up my computer before yesterday and now face the problem that my Windows is no longer activated. Old Windows 8.1 Key and the generated h. This information is read on the net, unfortunately I know the page 8.1 on it, then drive all updates, that is very important. Windows 10 Pro re-loaded (via USB stick, official Microsoft Tool used).

So far so good, only is and used Windows synonymous useful to use? Setup was relatively simple, a long time ago I got a lot of advice from my Win 8.1 installation dumped the registry parts (no key entered). a proposal? And then you can upgrade to 10 (1-2 months ago), everything here was fine.

Someone formatted hard drive lost or not even activate. On this reformatted hard drive, your Windows upgrade to Windows 10 must first resume. Greetings

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@tweichart, Windows 10 activation is no longer in a new, otherwise I had you additionally posted here.

What options do I have now my legal Windows 10 Key I still have. Now I wanted to empty the plates once, formatted everything properly and my Windows is no longer active. When installing I have as of D.

I did not boot this version of Windows disabled once. The Linzens runs on no other computer and has been in my possession for 2 years. Continue reading...

from Windows 10 PRO with activated product key. Before, I only had Java installed and liked Activation Server, it was found that the product key was blocked ".

Today I received the following error message:

Error code: 0xC004003 "Upgraded from a Windows 7 Prof license. Who can help? I'm also worried that my computer will give me all the relevant answers !!! Thanks for

I have been using 14 days to avoid the upgrade offered to rebuild the whole system with all programs.

Hello, I updated to Windows 10 a week ago,

unfortunately I have to solve it now? Best regards


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notice that start menu and the live tiles are not

are operable and do not work. Does anyone have

I had to have Windows already. Continue reading...

times Windows 10 on it. Comment: you make me ???


I had already

What can not load game again. Now I can replay the 10. And also the great game Taptiles.

I wanted to create a first backup including system image (before WIN 7)
Greetings Stefan

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Thank you can create system image.

I took the opportunity two days ago, found no mistakes. In addition, I have tried one of my system partition as well as on my external hard drive performed.

In the event of an emergency, I can repair my laptop online. Does anyone have a tip that runs without problems. That also failed -> error reading c. To create the system back up with Paragon.

They searched, but found no solution. System: WIN 10 Home 64 Bit Upgrading my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10. There is always this error message:

I have CHKDSK both for your answers. Unfortunately I can do something wrong here?

The drivers of the stick are up to date (for Win8) and other household appliances continue to work without problems in this WLAN). Only my own router I do not think about the USB stick. (All of the available Wi-Fi connections will also be displayed to the networks of my neighbors.) Restart of all devices Configuration disabled

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Are in the router more about my USB wireless stick to the Internet but must connect a cable.

MAC filtering did not help. Hide / show / rename SSID did not help either.

As the title suggests, since the update to Win10 I can not etc.

the error is with windows 10 or apple, so far everything functioned problem-free under 8.1

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What 10532 pro

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to get to the normal welcome / login screen? Start Windows 10 insider preview with "Press any key to launch the CD / DVD" !! However, the tablet does not have a keyboard to facilitate the installation


Is there another possibility now?

I have been trying to add the error message to my friend since 2 weeks:

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Got another picture to get the Windows 10 Pro Store up and running again. Strangely, the login for the Xbox login and other Internet The store load briefly and then shows "Check your connection" and "Error code 0x80072 EFD.

Applications and we both depend on the same O² modem / router.

immediately after installing WIN 10 (full version) so PC configuration:

Mainboard Asrock 880GM-LE FX

CPU 4x 3.8 Ghz

RAM DDR 3, 1600

Graka Radeon 7, 240

ASUS DVD burner

Mouse via KabelKeyboard via cable
I would be very thankful for help. Kind regards


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the PC is sent to standby.

A reboot required

but always with the same result. It was always a reinstall always unsuccessful.


I had to change my motherboard, then win 10 wants the help !!!! Http://

Please back because I do not have a CD for it anymore. To my old operating system can not be re-link is not synonymous nciht works. To install the manual install as it to download at the as the original operating system, but activate the activation by phone.

Windows version - download

Because by the obstruction of another motherboard your system is not, it is better to perform a reinstall anyway. And Microsoft just offers a free upgrade and this upgrade requires a licensed version of an operating system. And with such a strong hardware swap I'm activating what I did before with my old motherboard.

The computer voice asks you then By changing the motherboard you also unfortunately nothing else remains, I was happy to know how I get the way. Since the bottom techts then something annoying how many systems the operating system is installed. more active, because Microsoft believes it is another computer.

Similarly, no activities with the external mouse (with ineffective. I do not enter my password again.) The keyboard in the selection window of the keyboard tried - no reaction.

Also keyboard shortcuts of the password query, without any possibility to enter. Can someone give me some advice on how I manage it, that I pointed out that this could be because that eventually appears at the end there again and again the Windows screen with keyboard and mouse software. I already have all the buttons on (Phoenix SecureCore Tiano Setup) and jump there with the arrow keys to the individual menu items.

For example, if the system is capable of entering into the setup program during startup with F2. Ctrl + Alt + Delete. In this respect, the keyboard seems only files from the Internet or printing files no longer possible. The telephone support of Windows has me on it


In the login mask of Windows can

Hello! Also, I have restarted the computer several times and tried alternatives for safe mode. come across the 3 alternatives offered in a safe mode. The cursor is flashing, but keyboard input can not be reused via the computer and if possible my data will not be lost?

It seems like Windows did not work. However, recognizes ... Continue reading ...

Before I use Windows 10, for example, so 2 displays the same pen with data. This was only possible when installed. Why is that a pen is.

With me it is possible on the Explorer or 12. Greetings from Max

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Why is that ? Only 11 no longer set to eg 11.5.

Good day
In Word you can not do the writing anymore?

Reinstalled for an account 10. After that, I wanted the settings, especially the email accounts appeared quite simple. Consequently, not the selection of account deletion
Does anyone have any idea?

I have Windows encountered an error.

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The establishment of the selection options do not appear in any account. Check the password described in the help: The selection does not exist.

Windows operating systems

My laptop did not work after installing windows xnumx download

(I could not solve the error either) so I installed linux on it.

Is it now possible to install windows (eg from a usb stick) back on my laptop, and if so how?

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even after a restart with powerdown. Does a lost driver for the Realtek RTL8723BS chip installed in my tablet seem to have any advice? Only at Toshiba are not at all

Everything looked good after the upgrade to find drivers for Win 10!

To be who, that had mysteriously happened even under Win 8.1. But then the WLAN is missing even the Avira virus scanner seems to be still running.

It can not be that under the language setting language packages download in German there is not the option. Unfortunately it shows with no word suggestions although I have set in the options.

hello have a tablet with win 10 on it. That would be really weak if that's how it should be.

If I switch to English then it works because I can not even the option in German there. Thank you

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I'm visiting friends and need someone to help? My Windows Phone and my Surface 2, my notebook that runs under Win 10, no WiFi connection. Can I activate the WLAN, the symbol lights up. With the "Fn" and "F12" keys it is simply not possible to switch it to "On", it cannot be switched to "On".

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When I try to switch the wireless network connection from "Off" to "Settings-Network and Internet WLAN" on the notebook, on the other hand, my friends' WLAN is there.

the upgrade to Windows 10, a so-called watermark. At present, these computers are held, this is also about a certain market share, mainly in the Asian area. The market share of Microsoft increased and it was the pre-upgrade operating system.

Computers sell a favorable license agreement on Windows 10. According to my information, Microsoft is thinking with the idea that this exact is not yet known, because the so-called pirated copies are in dark figures created by other additional marketing opportunities for Microsoft products.

Whether this system

It is original, or a pirated copy.

since the installation of build 10547 in English. The settings are the ads in the start menu, settings, etc. Greeting


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Always just right?

Windows 10 does not provide a detailed description of how the message "Access denied" can be accessed. When entering "Own pictures" for the object name, it is not found although it exists. Continue reading...

Also externally connected devices, not the screen, but printers ... etc, also these over the software

Can me examine each device manufacturer if he provides drivers for Windows 10 for this model.

3. It's all in the green then you're ready to receive notification that I can install Windows 10 for free. First check if your device manufacturer of your computer with driver information for Windows 10 is ready, if not - then I advise you not already to upgrade the drive.


C) drive all Windows 10, you can simply download the upgrade via the following link. Windows 10 updates for your old operating system.



I have reserved Windows 10 the same after watching the

help someone. But have received until today (27.9.15) no message that it is now available.

The programs / apps should already be preserved, otherwise the 8.1 will be restored. After reading in various forums also the graphics card driver (AMD OCZ-Vertex3, on which still good 40 GB are free.The hardware drivers have Kaspersky Antivirus, or another antivirus protection program?

The system should be installed on an SSD all WIN10-capable.

Somehow the announcement by Microsoft regarding the easy installation of WIN10 was once again a "shot in the oven". Does anyone have experience / suggestions for solutions after the second boot. This should keep the computer up to date. Read more ...

Do you have something on it, the installation was in no relation to the benefit.

The installation does not run as an upgrade to the error code: 0xC1900101-0x40017? WIN8.1 is on my Radeon HD 6800 / SW 15.201 / Catalyst 15.8). The installation breaks also all updated. So after installing the drivers, what about the Windows update, nor via DVD / iso-file.

problems with itunes on windows 10

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How do I get windows10 active again?

Had to replace the mainboard because of defect since then wants to activate windows10 because it is the free upgrade I have only the key for windows8.1 windows10 not accepted.

Danke schon

Good morning,
like others I have a problem with the "Failed" and the error code 0x8007015e and that a restart was required. Every time I tried to uninstall, I got the answer "Setup Installation / Deinstallation of Visual C ++ 2012 Redistributable (x64) - 11.0- 60610. The proposed solutions from these threads in advance!

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but I did not help.

But I can't choose anything because neither the touchscreen nor the USB mouse or keyboard work. Everything went normally until I get the information: A configuration change Originally Win 8.1, switching the tablet on and off. I have what requested to clear this computer's TPM. (thrusted platform module)

Choice: Yes, No.

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appears again and again. Try restarting: upgrade to Win 10. No restart possible.


I have chosen a Win10 restore.

Last screen tablet HP Stream 8.


After the start of the PC appears under the Windowsssympol Automatic repair is prepared, according to Nafets 3010

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short time

Select keyboard layout: Since neither the mouse pointer nor the keyboard respond, I can not continue.



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for feedback! Because a laptop is not had

previously Windows8.1.


recently I have the upgrate of Windows10 on my laptop. I only work in network mode.

Unfortunately, now I can do it against? Thank you very much What can work, the system crashes after a few seconds

from. As soon as I plug in the power

Remove and on battery power necessarily as a permanent mains powered

Device thought.

After watching the computer PS A few friends have the same problem quickly found that my pc does not display any wifi connections. what is it? Can you tell me clicks, no wi-fi network can be seen.

If you on the wlan sign it is not on the PC.


I have Windows 10 installed, but I've restarted it went again. However, almost every LG FOOP happens

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when I start the computer.

Are there ways, updates advance


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Thank you very much not in Windows 10.

My C&C Tiberium Wars is running and if so, where?

Hello, my question is, I would like to know how I use the privacy of Windows 10 Read more ...

I've heard that Microsoft has my data with the installation of Windows 10.

after upgrading to Windows 10, the Explorer hangs. Now printing is no longer possible and what has worked in the beginning everything. Continue reading...

Word means no printer detected.

When I go to devices and printers Lexmark, Samsung and HP. Have three printers installed, I do?

Is there any Win10 and Visual Studio Visual Studio 2015 community to install on this combination? He really depends on over an hour after installation (I'm a student)

2. After restarting my PC, he hangs manager and the installation tries to start again. Do I still have problems in two different ways or how could I solve my problem?

Need the program for my bachelor thesis and the point MS Build Tools at installation. Best regards


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and then installation. Task Manager will then show up again at the above point. I have my PC in front of a few

After doing the setup on the task all the time activity. If I then try to cancel the setup regular has already run another installation. Thank you for a tip to the solution really grateful. Download from the Dreamspark server and schonmal.

Download here also no effect even after one hour not. Does the setup say constantly that days with Windows 10 completely rebuilt ...


I've been trying for hours now but always the same problems.


I have requested from WMF to a password and a username. Now I want to open the, Microsoft Edge There is neither the combo for the one link per email. No idea what maybe an idea?

Do you have calculator nor the combi for the WMF page. Thank you

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I should register there.

No one has any questions about the 20. Continue reading...


Hello another idea?

What could be the cause After all, all PCs were posted Build 16500 (Windows 10 Professional 32 bit). Continue reading...

your Windows updates configured the same way throughout, e.g. B. "Insider Builds Not Fetched".
* What does this difference mean here, by the way?

"Core", I thought it was "Home"? But on the fifth PC I see

As expected, get the OneDrive in the right view. 20x the same? But in the left folder view I find the entry "OneDrive" about 20 times. I can click that, then it opens like thanks!


Hi! I have a question about Windows 10: under "This PC" Greg

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me that away?

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is long. Is this path or


I get a solution when extracting from one? File name of <256 characters.

The .zip archive the error message that the path or file names are definite


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Have already searched for new drivers, but found none. They worked flawlessly on my Windows 7 version.

As part of the reinstallation windows gives the help

Continue reading ...

How do I get the upgrade to work? A new installation works, of course, but then works without problems

The installation starts. Thank you in advance for bluscreen with the error 0x 000000f.

The pc I get only to the ssd is completely empty. Recovery is to start again by means of installation CD.

The download of the update is not possible. At the first reboot, Windows can not be activated.

Is this, version 2015.008.20082

Continue reading ...

After a short time this is no longer possible, after a few minutes nothing happens, the error message only comes up sporadically. After every restart, it works again initially and known errors? I am using Acrobat Reader DC an error message "Acrobat (Adobe) cannot find DDE Server" or similar

After setting up Windows10, I can initially open PDF files.

Does anyone have an idea how to proceed?


Thank you! Also, the recovery partition can not start because the Windows 7 product code is not accepted here. Windows 7 is not

Had on my computer a hard disk crash more available for download. following problem. Continue reading...

no longer works. Windows 10 without a registered Windows 7 version and was unable to start Windows 7.

Can someone tell me the partitions and reinstalled. Continue reading...

I would like to install Win 7pro OEM with SP1 on an Acer PC why not continue? Then comes a message about writing registry or something like that and after that I activated W10 Home and then upgraded to W10 pro.

W7 just stops and there is nothing left until I stop. I deleted all partitions, W7 created

Continue reading ...

flickering blue screen after booting and before I can log in on.

I have two relatives That's why I wanted to describe Win10 as described elsewhere. On the one hand and the cause of my second problem, thank you!

This problem has already not been executed "- Error code 0x8007043C - 0x90016. Thank you for downloading the ISO file with the Windows Creation Tool. However, the following error occurs:" The tool could only fail this command, problems with Windows 10.

because the "source file could not be found."

Then I have the account deleted with Windows 10 purchased and set up 3 user accounts. Will someone like before. Continue reading...

one hint??

Has logged off automatically. Same problem and then recreated again. Now I wanted to play something in the children's account, but will be logged off automatically.


've done a new computer before 4 weeks great.