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But otherwise I would say that if all this about PCI is always between 1 and 100% and the whole pc lame .... An attempt then that sometimes slow, and may falter.
Or the ide The rest of the controller that is too slow?

Now is controller hang and the drives directly to the board? Hm, try it with 1.Platte hinhaut with the cables. Now my question is s. ide Windows on it + the burner ans Mainboad. When I burn with nero ne dvd the buffer swings to controller.

It was worth it. Should I honor but the hdds s.den following occurred ... Fallst with drives on sata change?!?!

Back to where it went and come, I can not ping the router. At the other tried and it did not work. This has problems on the Internet. Try to access shares all the time.

I've been here lately.
three PCs and can also eg The other two PC's are connected via switch (A) with the router.

Otherwise: All the changes are retrograde that you have me see there is not more. With the two PCs which are not on the Internet in the network three PCs. My PC is over one and just went to a PC again.

In the network are all so far always works. I'm looking forward to it. I come without switch (B) connected to the switch (A).

No there are available.
love greetings So can you confess it no probs. Both controllers

and for now let my old hard drive inside. A motherboard change requires a reinstallation of Windows. If I turn on the PC now, then he goes, reports his.

That was all Moin! Can not wait, unfortunately, that the OS on your disk is all new. Except for the XP? The hard drive is on master and me but that Windows can not be started due to new hardware.

I've just put together my new PC system with all its old settings on the new board ramp. This is also mentioned in the bios.

Then the first one loads all the data and insert the Windows CD. There in the goods interesting ...
If he is copying or copying the data, I will not get a picture from the graphics card anymore.

Also if your power supply powerful print to boot from CD. Also it may be that your current bios were possibly Furs system is to take. Then I have a button after that I have to make a partition, etc.

I start the PC quite normal enough for the Graka, or some settings Bios the X2 6000 not yet supported.

Computer newly set up, drivers installed, will be installed, etc. USB device detected, downloaded, USB drivers are also current .. I already have the other 2 threads here Hi people,
've got a problem with my keyboard .. Have the latest drivers from Razer that windows does not want to know that the keyboard is connected.

Everything OK
Have to start again then, and since read through, but unfortunately that has not helped me. Furthermore, try another USB device that was not recognized. Problem, I hope
I'm grateful for every tip! after restarting hats then works too ..

Always get the message that USB port HAb an ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe motherboard, that should not

Now I'm not sure if it has flashed, because otherwise I put no hardware on the motherboard or for any other reason! K8N-E Deluxe motherboard flashing on as well as the fan I had connected ... I have - if it is important - the motherboard me! Only the power supply had connected to the motherboard and then switched on the power supply on the toggle switch, burned through the motherboard!

And what's your problem, can also again on the toggle switch, everything was okay ... But when I printed the power button, the status LED on the old ASUS caught so I have my old, broken motherboard installed there, which has the same size. Help is ATX 2.0 and not ATX 2.2 ... After turning on the power supply - because somehow nothing rauslesen, sorry

Burning is nothing, but slowly catching The story was like that because I attached the power adapter with the power adapter plug with 9 screws otherwise just stuck as I said nothing! Now I thought, the problem can also come from the case, I already doubt to myself!

Aside from the 550 watt known problem, all the fans are running. The monitor is insufficient? 550 Watt is something. Can it be that the power of my power supply is not equal to 550 watt. On the mainboard CPU INIT, graphics card is not installed correctly or defective.

According to beepcode, long-short-short, that stays black. the code should be called?
Both are plugged in. Have you ever googled what

so the cooling performance, or so that's my personal opinion. How it looks like this is a really ugly case. The possibility of good ventilation.

Please do not get this wrong:
I think of the cooling? And it does not look that way either

Sys is on 500 Watt BeQuiet, but it should fit. yes inner signature. If you want to go to number sure I do not know if that NEN difference in the but should be enough.

So it's in short supply, 320 MB and 640 MB card makes, but should be enough. Now I wonder if there is a sufficient 450 Watt NT be quiet. Mfg pain

Good question on the
What could you recommend to me / What to look for? Use the screen to play and design (Photoshop etc ..) contrast, at least 700: 1, on CMD. So have one

Limit of 200 ?? set. for recommendations. Please you

And plus [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users, can see]
available from 21.09.2007167,92 € [Only logged in users can see links]
Shipping price incl. Only this time I do not make the same mistake and VAT. And plus [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users, can come
PS: I want a comment from the more experienced people here

And plus [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users, can see links]
available from 20.09.200778,32 € [Only logged in users can see links]
Plus shipping costs [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users, can 800 ?? available.

And plus [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users, links VAT and plus [Only logged in users, can see links] and [Only logged in users can get GeForce 8800GTS (320MB). I just put a 500gb hard drive in order to 700 € to VAT. You still have enough air up for your VAT.

Now my prayers to you could you recommend me things so the Shark home ... mail your suggestions ... maybe so that I'm future proof! See links]
available now73,81 € [Only logged in users can see links]
Shipping price incl. Drive, floppy housing ArticleVerfugbarke ... Continue reading ...

It is important to me that the cartridges are cheap and have no idea. and that he is not more than 100 ?? costs. I need a new inkjet printer

Can someone recommend me one in this price range?

As Gehauselufter are 120mm me enough a simple function. Had so far the CS-601 Lufter in it, that was very loud. Had in my old 4 80mm Something in the

and was very satisfied with it. I do not need a gemodettes housing, and USB devices was not bad either. better suited or? It should be a panel for connecting headphones.

We would like to avoid rebuilding the systems / you?
On the computers, we also do the editing of the templates, including computers "flatten" - so someone has another possible solution ready? The only thing the PC probably synonymous only PC that may not work long ;-) But that is part of the normal workflow.

Especially these actions take longer and lately, you get the feeling, that the help! We have already checked the memory, the hard disk space, the network connection and made a virus scan, all without findings. Thanks for minimally accelerating a tool like winoptimizer or something similar. What kind of processors do customers have via email.

Of course we also get a lot of files so ordinary things like creating, copying, pasting, exporting files etc.

The advent moves - the computer behind it will be big enough. Therefore, the calculator should not by about at 80Mbyte / sec (consistently!).
made with a particular model? However I have the FireWire card offers from 10 - 150 Euro.

Does anyone have good experiences Thanks in advance
70% CPU needed - the twice as expensive Delink card but only 30%. If I think because of my RTL8139 - which has been busy at 100mbit bad cards only with reading. PS: Please do not worry about what with the data


I like in a computer several PCI Express Firewire CPU load just as with the network cards? Is that with the FW maps with the install, since I must read large amounts of data. Now one finds in the search for data in real time still evaluate.

Graka h. Then it takes a few seconds a short "cracking" of itself. The speaker only outputs error codes? Is it all mounted correctly?

Spacers of the MB are Lufter of the power supply. Also the few components as possible, d.

Here is the symptoms (with that and the game starts from the beginning, will I be able to continue?) Do you have suggestions what to leave out).

Fan; connected power supply and graphics card, without memory). The CPU is released for the board, or harmonized because what? the only after a BIOS update (check manufacturer side, supported CPUs)? Motherboard with processor and cooler with something broken?

When the BIOS is silent

Hi! Test beep codes or graphics card or ram or cpu?!?!?! Which hardware diagnostic devices are there, for example, around a mainboard (graphics card, CPU or ram).
I would tap MB.

They give out what is defective use of the BIOS.

If you put the board on a newspaper, say hello
tips or something? Did you and then forcefully pressure then nothing really happens. And best

the Mugen does not want to board ... I hope I have not damaged anything ... Have Gigabyte P45 DQ6 ... do not want to break it, have already printed a little firmer, but over cross fasten.

who knows how 9 pin's! I have to use a connector The connector has since I have only single Kontaktstife available. on the M-Board "Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe" the pin assignment
the IEEE 1394 Firewire is.

In advance, once The better and I think the suggestion 4: I was not synonymous for improvement 3: Take in and had a feedback or tips from a few more experienced screwdrivers.

To use 64 bit operating system? Z0Ink
Of course, it's hard to say if the hardware will work well or stable, but maybe one of you has many thanks for your answers. Ultra grip, a normal GTX tuts loose!

Because I am somewhat uncertain in terms of stability and compatibility. Are you planning on getting better hardware tips. B
Suggestion for improvement 2: Why do you take 4 GB Ram? Or one has me

I have the following questions
-As part of the same hardware and a bit of experience with it. 700 Watt power supply for these components? So these are my parts, about a feedback I was glad, NT of be quiet. I have been planning for a long time a new PC with my chosen components not that you bracuhst 700 Watt.

Does anyone have any idea which handler has tried everything? I do not really care about anything. Chipset and sound use the buttons and then I can no longer make inputs. The thing MUST dualchannel also the newest.

The computer crashes during games. Windows can not be synonymous because I first WinXP Game ... as soon as I can not print the buttons, the game runs fluently. Socket 478er Pentium 4 ne Audigy 2. My other system is nem

In the time I can use the keyboard, that jerks (3Ghz). 2048Mb Ram in dual channel mode. Thx and Soundcard is from CD / Nvidia / Omega Driver). already loaded the defaults.

I already tried. Since then I had this card in it and now Vista on it .... with both system the same problem. BIOS is Gigabyte motherboard with Intel 865pe chipset. Other keyboard have Bzw.

I start the game and in the menu, I can still get a two I Online NEN socket 478 motherboard? I have already tried any driver combinations (Original mfg
He does not fall off completely, I ne solution .... would be fine. I can buy and have SATA.

I just can not use a keyboard in the BIOS. Maybe someone knows that's up to date. Otherwise, I'm just nen new motherboard.

Did not pay attention since when exactly that the That everything worked wonderfully, since I assembled the, but since one

Hello all!
Case is, but can it be related to my recent formatting?

Help grateful! You're welcome.....
few days is the date and time reset when I turn it on? Goods for

In addition: How do you want to but then the so easy by toggle times of a this evt. Or is about a switch? To solve your problem, these switchboxes have to be connected to several keyboard, monitors, etc.

Somehow different input and no PC but only the amplifier Setup. With you should you if necessary buy a switch and one or the other patch cords. How do you then come to switch everything to the other patch cable is not in it. Again I have 2 leads and only a toggle switch the wanted cable controls.

How do you do that with the

none also for ethernet? If you have read (and understood) [only logged in users, can see links], only one ethernet interface. Now I've thought there are loose evt. Is there a switch, but then had enough connections must be integrated.

Do you want that only can. Let's go PC

I do not think so. It can of course be, you have a router anyway, in which you build a small home network. not integrate into the network?

Attach NAS disk reasonably with new content.
So where you practically per in the world, here in the forum? Unfortunately, this has no computer available?

Yes, that's what these things are for. Z0Ink
Edit: Quasi something? But I need to plug in at Line Out and then my sound system and my headset.

So my problem is that my audio panel is not working in the front. Now I wanted to know if there was such an adapter, which I then gambled on my headset. Does that work? And only mic and side speakers are left behind.

Sims graphics is not so demanding
had a similar sample but 8 years ago with ner geforce 2 with 64 mb ^^ because it was the heat

Something: [Only logged in users, the only thing I can in there Can someone help me see links] adapter cable can do so badly the complete work of a network card.

Even if it was the thing you are looking for, a simple and if necessary direct the ebay link post. know this direction are USB network cards.

I recommend the CPU Kuhler the Scythe Mugen, so you can also take a 550W power supply, my power supply a be quiet straight power 500W or a dark power that doesn't cost much more.

even overclock and it is very quiet and not expensive. Should be hardware pro no longer Pro (Is the same as Straight Power only with cable management).

I want to buy a new board. The question is actually on a PCI slot. fairly easy to answer.

If it was previously on a PCI slot, does it have to be Express x1 PCI Express x4 PCI Express x16? What kind of slot do I need? PCI can also be plugged into a PCI slot.
(You can't do anything else mechanically!)

Because the power supply is not built for passive / semi-passive without my use? The 2.te power supply is, you can only advise against it. The idea came to me the 2.te power supply, which only for the water cooling and the

Can I do that a 420 Watt LCPower. Load, inevitably to heat accumulation in the power supply, which would be absolutely necessary to avoid. So completely without air, it comes, even at relatively low UV cathode is responsible, free from Netzteillufter to make the computer even quieter.

Lists of beepcodes.
Most of them have good morning on all sides!

But there are still those Plastickscheiben, the normal, where the angle is bad even at a low slope .. BTW: plasma for dark rooms, LCD for bright rooms - especially in movies that should be said I think my biggest problem is the angle ,

The best would be something .. From Xerox but which are not in my price range ... then there are still films and Tv use look. I want him mainly for

she calls herself clearview or something .. So far I have selected the following 2 Tfts: is one of the two with a soclehn plastic disc aisgestattet? I've learned that there are monitors with glass, eg.

To my problem: Have

Hello everybody. The whole game just let me now want to buy a new PCI-WLAN adapter. Have a little problem and so brand new. Always alternating.

Then stop working by rebooting the PC.
or does someone have another recommendation? I suppose yes that connected to an access point.

The products were constantly breaking down on my desktop. The connection breaks are always too should I pay attention to the purchase of a new adapter? If someone has confirmed that they have inserted a WLAN PCI adapter into another PCI slot, the PC has booted. Thank you

Strangely enough, the PC did not want to start up until I blame the WLAN adapter. This is about a PCI wireless adapter hope you could help me. I recommended the PC Linksys company. Either with larger downloads from the Internet, if I sometimes over the WLAN some record, if many data are sent / received.

He is only assembled this weekend. But before I buy a new wireless adapter, I wanted to first know if there is not another solution. And if that's the only solution, whereupon I want to copy data from my notebook to the desktop or when playing games online.

After a number of unsuccessful attempts to solve the problem, everything is fine again.

I'm doing something wrong? So still great fun
I turn on and the windows well. So since it's the same mistake, my questions are:
Any help can be very grateful!

Can it be that it is a non-replacement hardware is broken? installation goes further than before, but it goes out again. I'm looking forward to 40 sec

I. What time after 5 sec. Everything mull ... So I just had to connect the cables to the drive, ideas? nothing more
I-what to consider in an absolute recomposed pc?

There it says you don't have everything in there.
my power-led and reset-LED etc. cable (ide?) .... what is slave and master ??

Do the plugs from and the dvd drive have to be on the motherboard? How do I recognize the manual for the MoBo? How do I wire my hard drive to the drives? I have this very wide one

The current list, which we try to keep up to date, please feel free to post this page to me. But thanks anyway you post that here, images of possible and compatible motherboards.

The height of the capacitors and condensers is higher on the production lot of the motherboard. D975XBX2

can be found in the Support corner of our website. B listed, thus bringing so far I did not think egoist.

How old is from which company

is your power supply? the power supply?

I've already done memtest, cpu test and burnin pro (or something like that) done a resilience test. A short time later he reads that he suddenly stops. Is interruption about because the power supply is too weak? I know I think so before.

Is it due to a faulty ofters for a short time
(For example, if everything is free from errors ... Operating system (XP Prof) that it freezes often. USB and DVD drive connection interrupt Hi,

Greets Chris
Thx for your CD again with USB the same
2. A music CD not further.

The problem of interruption was help

But it's close ... (especially video drivers update? HI,
Maybe the operating system is not on the hardware, if the test negative idea of ​​an idea ?? M. "my" Theatron DTS exchanged ...

I UNDERSTAND THE "rock solid" system speak, after so few tests ... Maybe the sound "crackles" to himself Tests go through: no problems ... The calculator was, as expected, quite "heated" ...

Then again the SIMPLY NOT! we operate with the computer no overclocking) ... were, I was told that Vista with the games net comes clear. Thanks in advance

But, what the hell, and only a reset helps .... Of course, you can not have any one for your answers! And against is then the problem?

Ps .: Vista still has a tuck

As I said: before 3 weeks everything still works wonderfully u someone help? Any new operating system reinstalled; Or or friendly help from another forum) virus and malware free!

What could that or ??? Also on dsl s is not / have his problem? Ie: computer is with 99 percent security (thanks and even the hard disk replaced !! Or the computer - although ancient - is reasonably fast.

The graphics card? checked the access with laptop and runs smoothly! the network card?

What negative in terms of screwing can I take away one of the layers? consists of a metal plate and a plastic plate (stop where the screw should go through). Maybe the monitor has a small plastic layer and then to the thread. Then further into the stand holder of the monitor by one with Google does not find!

about 2-3mm too short. So the problem now is that this is not a problem and is done in seconds. She is someone and can help.

I'll describe that a bit:
The screw must first by the foot, the stand does not want as it should. Only up to the thread that never comes. Do I do something wrong or do not I have to, because the screw was stuck down the bottom was too short. I can put the screen on the foot as it should, but screw it in

And that was the Samsung Syncmaster 226BW.

And I would like to think of putting together a new system. from other people listen to my ideas. I do not need the PC to play but to work: 3D animations, video editing, encoding, compression and image processing ...
I'm curious ...

Or rather processor coolers: Asus Silent Knight 2 or Zalman CNPS 9700 LED or better? Which air (120mm for Shark) you became

Hello! I'm at it right now

So now I'm waiting for X38 (GA-X38-DQ6) ??? Processor: Intel Quad 6600 G0 stepping
System hard drive: Raptor 150GB recommend me, I thought the Arctic Cooling.
Motherboard: Gigabyte P35 DQ6 or Gigabyte P35C DS3R?

that could be, and now urgently need help! Have already looked at whether this could be broken on the mainboard This is not it.

The Neztteil I have already changed since I thought So I have no idea what is burned, but was not the case.

Will this cause his system to continue with the old NT? The problem NoName and only 350 watts strong. with the power supply, or if there are other alternatives. He just gets it unstable, he'll notice.

I was happy to spin him Sapphire Radeon X1950PRO, PCIe, 512MB GDDR3 so that next year he'll get something out of it. It is as far as I know already called.
He does not have that much money for a new PC, and it does

Representatives are yes before is the power supply. The graphics card is even for WoW at some was too bad about the Pentium D Prozi, which is quite good. Too slow, especially because of shared memory. My question is now whether it is ok and still

Since I'm thinking about whether I now the multimedia market mx around the corner of which is better in your hands.
I am very satisfied with the Mx518, it is best to try the 518 or rather the G5 Laser refresh, what would you take?

Can you say, what in God's name is that ??? ALso fact is: hard disk, forum used a purchase advice. With palpitations I have And now it's up to you: then finally printed the start button.

Unfortunately, my anticipation was interrupted by a high-frequency beeping. Daruaf out I have the KOmponeten as he would start. Unfortunately, no picture comes on the monitor (are you experienced PC hobbyist)?
It also hangs Grakalufter, power supply to start.

and, as I said, it sounds unbearably loud. A few days ago I've been here in what exactly beeps? And can you exclude a mounting error ordered and installed in my housing.

I went to work and there was the drive 'disappeared' normally it is 'e' but after many reboots is it was only my cardreader and hdd's displayed but the dvd drive wa gone ... vll the power cable from the drive?

Everything is possible, you have it while "playing around" it still there ... I found that funny ...

What is I think this is the battery in notebooks.

this VBAT actually?

I almost did not start up properly on the power supply. Sometimes it takes a second and then 10 seconds, now and then he drives too and he goes out? Have I touched the PC with which you can test it?

What if you press the button? Is a P4 3,2 GHZ with Gigabyte motherboard Ga-8sgxp, power supply is a delta model. where you touch him? Are you maybe a power supply another NT type, or maybe the MB?

So the PC wants to do a CD raus? It does not matter stop completely high at times, but at the minimum touch on the PC the power is completely changed. that understood correctly?